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27 Retirement Party Ideas to Send Your Coworker Off In Style

If you want to send your co-worker off in style, these incredible party decoration and props ideas will certainly hit the sweet spot and let them know how much they will be missed. In years to come, they will look back on their last day with a smile on their face, and that has got to be the best retirement gift of all!

Retirement Party Ideas

Officially Retired Retirement Party Tiara

She’ll be the Princess of the party if you give her this fun tiara which features the words ‘Officially Retired’ in bright red lettering, among the ‘jewels’ and other sparkles.


Retirement Tic Tac Labels

Have all the guests kiss the departing co-worker goodbye with fresh breath, thanks to these personalized labels which fit on a Tic Tac box full of retire-mints for unique party favors.


Personalized Wood Engraved Gift

Available in 3 sizes, this wooden sign is completely customizable with the number of years worked, year of retirement, names, and any other details you would like to be included.

Prices vary

Rose Gold and Pink Retirement Party Decorations

Set the scene for your favorite co-worker’s leaving party with this complete pack of office decorations, including balloons, pom poms, paper flowers, foil curtain, and a sash for the lucky lady.

Prices Vary

We Will Miss You Banner

Whether you choose the pre-strung option, or decide to do it yourself, this glittery ‘we will miss you’ banner will make a delightful backdrop for anyone’s last day at work.

Prices vary

Retirement Party Foil Swirl Decorating Kit

These paper swirls will transform any workplace into a party space as they hang from the ceiling in bright colors, along with retirement-themed cut outs, and multi colored stars.


Retirement Photo Booth Props By PartyGraphix

Set up a props table and people will be queuing up to have their pictures taken! Much better than cheesy grins, these black and gold props will add pizazz to the pics.

Prices Vary

Birthday Galore Retirement Photo Booth Props Kit

Retirement is a celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with this party props package which features tropical-themed hats, glasses, and cocktails to make those pictures perfect.


Happy Retirement Party Set

This pack contains everything you would need to turn any room into a beautifully decorated party venue. With pom poms, swirls, banner, and sash, it’ll send them off in style.


Retirement Party Advice Well Wish Cards

These wishes cards make an unusual retirement gift for the ‘one who got away’, as each member of staff can write down their hopes and wishes for the lucky leaver.


Adios Bitchachos Gold Banner

Have her say goodbye in style with this fun banner which reads ‘Adios Bitchachos’ – those who know her well will know she’s kidding, while those who don’t will be left wondering!


Happy Retirement Mini Wine Bottle Tags

These mini wine gift tags will make wonderful keepsakes for both the guests and the guest of honor, as they can be personalized with the retiree’s name and date of leaving.


Gold Retirement Party Decoration

Leaving work for a life of leisure is a golden opportunity, so keep that glittering theme going with this party decoration pack which includes bunting and paper fans in shades of gold.

Prices Vary

50 Retirement Party Advice and Wishes Cards

People will be full of advice as their co-worker finishes their final day, so have them write it down on these Advice and Wishes cards which they can read again and again.


No Work Zone Party Tape Party Accessory

Cover their work station, desk, or even them in this bright yellow and black ‘No Work Zone’ tape, to mark their final day as a slave to the wage.


Chalkboard Retirement Party Welcome Sign

Mounted on board or not, this chalkboard-style welcome sign is perfect for showing guests the way to the party, and can be personalized as a quirky retirement gift keepsake, too.


Goodbye Tension Hello Pension Gold Glitter Banner

Remind them that reaching retirement age is a good thing with this wall banner which reiterates that they’re letting go of stress and can now embrace the easy life.

Prices Vary

Retirement Guest Book

With a number of different layout and style options available, this guest book is a thoughtful gift for anyone as they leave the rat race and take their memories with them into retirement.

Prices vary

Retirement Party Word Search Game Cards

These black and gold word searches contain a whole heap of words related to retirement, and come with a smear-proof surface for guests to write on as they enviously ponder their own futures.

Prices Vary

Happy Retirement Celebration Doorway Curtain

Like the doors to Narnia, this bright and colorful door curtain marks the gateway to a world of fun, frolics, and glorious adventures as they leave their working life far behind.


Retirement Party Selfie Photo Booth Picture Frame & Props

This fun party pack contains a cardboard photo frame, as well as various retirement-related props to make every photo taken at the leaving do meaningful and fun.


Allejoy Fabric Happy Retirement Backdrop

What a fantastic backdrop this will make for those all-important photographs to mark a beloved colleague’s retirement. Available in 2 sizes, it will take photos from mundane to magnificent.

Prices Vary

The Legend Has Retired Party Decorations

If office life is going to be considerably more boring without him, let him know with a send-off fit for a legend. Decorations include balloons, banner, sash, and an all-important air pump.

Prices Vary

O-Fish-Ally Retired Banner

If you have a friend or colleague who works in the fishing industry (or even if they just really like to fish), this burlap retirement banner has a fun play on words.


Huge Retire Party Sign

This gigantic ‘Happy Retirement’ sign is made from sturdy vinyl, and can be displayed in a number of ways to best mark the retiree’s final day of work. For indoor and outdoor use.

Prices Vary

8 Creative Diy Retirement Party Ideas

Diy Ice Cream Sundae Bar

If you’re throwing a retirement party, or any kind of party, this DIY Ice cream sundae bar will add a sweet touch to the event. Follow this blog post to find out more.

Diy Tassel Garland

With just tissue paper, twine, and glue, you can create a tassel bunting that can be adapted to any event or décor, or even the star guest’s favorite colors.

How to Make a Fancy Balloon Arch

Check out this guide which shows you how to create your own balloon arch at home, using balloon decorating strip, balloons (obviously), and a helium tank, at a fraction of the cost.

How to Make Party Poppers That Pop

Party poppers can be expensive, and they’re a little samey. Try making your own by following the simple steps in this tutorial, and yours will be the most elegant by far!

Diy Ferrero Rocher Pineapples

These Ferrero Rocher pineapples make the most adorable centerpieces for the table or buffet, or can be handed around the room for a taste of the tropical. Just add ‘leaves’.

Diy Paper Pinwheels

These paper pinwheels are so easy to make, but use coordinating colors and different sizes and you could create an impressive backdrop or garland for the next big party.

Diy Mini Mylar Letter Balloons

Foil balloons are cute, and mini foil balloons are even cuter, but what about these adorable little versions which aren’t really balloons at all, and can be used again and again?

Diy Confetti Placemat

Table confetti is awesome, but it can make an awful lot of mess. Solve the problem with this super quick idea which shows you how to create gorgeous reusable confetti placemats.

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