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18 LMAO-worthy Retirement Cards for Good Coworker Friend

Retirement gifts are always welcome, especially if they have been well thought out and are personal to the retiree, but the card is often the most treasured of keepsakes as it has usually been signed by everyone in the work place, and carries a piece of every single co-worker in it. These cards have been hand-picked for the colleague who appreciates sentiments with a side of sarcasm and wit.

Retirement Cards

You Will Be Missed Card

Whether your departing co-worker has a sense of humor, or you really don’t like them, this card will make an unforgettable token of your fondest (or not) farewell.


Stay at Home Dog Mom

The perfect card to go with that retirement gift, any fur mom will adore this reminder that she can now spend all the time in the world with her favorite pooch.


Thank You… Card

If you’ve had that one colleague who has been instrumental in keeping you sane while everyone else has been losing their heads, this is the perfect thank you and goodbye card.


Retirement Dilemma Card

If she’s dreading retirement, point out all the win-win decisions she will have to make now that her working days are done, from what to eat to what to wear.


Ignoring Your Emails

Has the art of conversation been lost in your office now that everyone uses emails? Let your co-worker know that despite their annoying messages, you’re going to miss them anyway.


Won’t Miss You

First impressions count, but it’s what’s written inside that will really matter. Say goodbye in a sarcastic/sentimental way with this fold out retirement card that can be taken two ways.


Seize the Retirement

If your colleague is the type of person who has always ‘seized the day’, then this simple monochrome card will let them know it’s time to embrace their retirement, too.

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Dog with Dentures

We’re not saying that retirement means they’re getting old, but this card might be! With a gummy pooch on the front sans dentures, it’s a humorous dig at the golden years.

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Funny ‘Escape Plan’ Retirement Card

Left blank inside for your own message, this multi-colored card puts a fun spin on them reaching retirement age, and their subsequent bid for freedom! Personalized with the retiree’s first name.


Don’t Leave

It’s always gut wrenching when a favorite colleague leaves, so show them how much you value them with this retirement card which tells them that they’re one of the good guys.


Drop the Mic

Help them see out their final day in style with this simple card, which gives them their very own mic drop at the end of their outstanding performance.


One Day Closer to Retirement

Retirement is a time for kicking back and putting their feet up, just as this card shows. Remind someone that their time is coming with this vacation-themed greeting.


Hallmark Funny Retirement Card with Removable Button

Let them tell their boss exactly what he or she can do on their last day of work, with this cheerful card which comes with a removable ‘kiss my ass’ badge.


Overflowing Paper On Desk

If they have done more than their fair share of work over the years, let them know how much you will miss their effort with this funny retirement card.


Most People Card

Round robin cards – the bane of office life. Acknowledge the fact that they don’t really mean a lot (but they do, really) with this card which says what everyone’s thinking.


6 Diy Retirement Card Ideas

Diy Triangle Fun Fold Card

If you’re into card making, or fancy having a go, this tutorial comes with a step-by-step video guide on how to create this unusual card which can be adapted for any occasion.

Diy Smiling Face Card

This card is incredibly easy to make, and uses just black card and a gold Sharpie pen to create a greeting with a hidden message. Perfect for kids and adults alike.

Diy Foil Cards with Printables

If you happen to have a foil applicator machine at home, you can make cards with beautiful glittering accents using the free printable included in this blog post.

Diy Pop Up Cards

Fun to make and even more fun to receive, these pop up cards can be made to suit any occasion and recipient, and only need colored cardstock and paper glue (plus imagination).

Diy Fingerprint Card

Super fun to make, these fingerprint cards can be made by both children and adults and can be as simple or extravagant as you like. Perfect for group or family cards.

Diy Going Away Card (Cricut)

This DIY idea uses a Cricut machine, but it’s so pretty that you might want to follow the example and make one by hand, instead, as the shapes can be cut with scissors.

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