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31 Terrific Retirement Gifts for Women

Retirement is an important time for any woman. You can choose the best retirement gifts for women from the choices below and feel confident that you made the right choice. From clocks to cute items that will put a smile on her face, there’s something for every retiree below.

When it comes time for her to retire let her know that you acknowledge what a special time this is for her by getting her the perfect gift for the occasion. These gifts are things she's sure to cherish as she finds herself with lots more free time than she had before. Help her turn the page on the next chapter of her life and show her you care.

Scratch Travel Journal

Traveling is one of the best parts of retiring and with this travel journal, she will be able to plan the perfect trip. She will be able to plan, make a checklist, keep a diary, and have maps and a translator. This is the ultimate must-have for anyone whotravels.


Hydro Luxury Spa Experience

Another great relaxation gift is this spa basket that includes all that a woman needs to drift away. This
basket is inspired by Scandinavian therapeutic soaks and includes lotions, exfoliates for the face and body,
and other great stuff to make your body relaxed and rejuvenated.


You’re Only Old Once!

Many know Dr. Seuss’ children’s books but this one is dedicated to the aging group of children whonever grow up. This is a great gift for a man or woman and they can reminisce about reading his books when they were younger. It is also a fun gift that no one else will think of getting them.


I'm Done Retirement Forks

Feed them full of good wishes for their retirement with a fork which states ‘I’m done’ under the prongs, and can be personalized with their name, date, or number of years.


50 States, 5,000 Ideas

Now that they’ve escaped the corporate treadmill, help them to see all 50 states in 5000 different ways, from well-known attractions to places which are well off the beaten track.


Custom Bookmark

Life is like a well-written book, with twists and turns on every page. This aluminum bookmark will remind them to enjoy the next chapter, and can include their special details, too.


Funny Retirement Mug

Help them celebrate their retirement with this 11oz mug which spells out the fact that nobody can call the shots anymore, because they’ve become a lady (or lad) of leisure.


Retirement Signature Gift

In color, b&w, or sepia, the word ‘retired’ is surrounded by a blank white background which has been designed to hold the signatures or best wishes of their colleagues and friends.


Retirement Coloring Book

If relaxation is part of their retirement plan, this coloring book will be a great start as it includes 30 pictures to color in, to encourage mindfulness (with a sneaky glass of wine?)

Prices Vary

Retirement Party Wine

These wine labels are a lot of fun and will make a great gift for a retiree, whether it’s for a farewell office party or a celebratory meal at home.


Happy Retirement Artisan Painted Wine Glass

Every sip of wine will be a celebration with a hand-blown Lolita glass. This one is embellished with hand-painted decorations from the bowl right down to the bottom of the stem.


Cheese Don't Go Retriement Card

Don’t forget a card when looking for retirement gifts! This one is cheesy in every sense, with a funny play on words in the sweet but silly sentiment on the front.


Hilarious Retirement Mug

We’re all the authors of our own stories, and the one on this ceramic mug – which is available in 2 sizes – is short but sweet, with the happiest ending of all.


Bangle Bracelet

This pretty bracelet is expandable to fit onto the wrist, and is graced with four sweet little charms which will remind her that retirement is definitely something to be happy about.

Prices Vary

Retire-MINT Party Favors

These adorable party favors feature a small mint in a tiny plastic bag, topped with a fun label which can be customized to include one of a long list of colors.


Never Forget The Difference You've Made

This lovely journal makes a thoughtful retirement gift for someone who will be sorely missed. With space for both drawing and writing, it’s a great place for recording their thoughts.


What You Don't Know About Retirement

Some people see retirement as something to lament, but it’s really a cause for celebration. Add some fun to the party with this hilarious quiz book that pokes fun at getting older.


Retirement Party Sash

They might have hung up their employment hat, but they won’t want to hang up this sash as it announces to the world that they’ve finally left the rat race.


I Don't Give A Retirement Mug

There’ll be no reason for them to clock watch now that they’ve stopped working, and this mug explains exactly why, as they can finally live by their own rules and timetable.


Retirement Dilemmas Card

Retirement is a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it! Help them see the ‘difficult’ choices ahead of them with this fun card which celebrates all the freedom they’re about to enjoy.


Retirement Sundial

Swapping workplace tension for their retirement pension is definitely something to be celebrated, and this brass sundial (which is fully customizable) will help them to enjoy all the fun ‘times’ ahead.


Bath and Body Invigoration

This basket is full of all of the best Burt’s Bees products that will cleanse and relax the recipient. Not only does it come with all of these great products but also a loofah, pumice stone, and other things that can be used everyday.


Congratulations Chocolate Collection

Just about every woman loves chocolate and this gift is great for the chocolate lover. As they enjoy their retirement, they can sit back and enjoy milk chocolate with raspberry, chocolate-covered cashews, white
chocolate pearls, chocolate-covered pretzels, and so much more.


For The Retiree Personalized Bud Vase

This crystal plaque that has a built-in bud vase is perfect for the woman wholoves keepsakes. This vase allows you to include the retirement date and name of the woman who is receiving it. And you can include a real or fake flower to display in the vase.


Retirement Engraved Marble Keepsake

This keepsake is great for a man or a woman and can be customized with block or script lettering. After the
inspirational quote on the plaque, you can include information like name, service, title, years, and so on.
You can personalize it with everything that you want to include.


Personalized Photo Award

Find your favorite photo of the retiree and put it in one of these picture frames. These frames tell them that you appreciate their work and you can personalize it to the person whois receiving it. You can include years, names, and much more and she will love it.


Retirement Memory Book

What really caught my eye about this gift was the wonderful black and white picture that covers the book. It
is beautiful and will hold all of the new memories that will be made during their retirement. The pages are all blank so they can fill them with whatever they want including pictures and text.


Woodgrain Music Box

This music box is the perfect gift that will look great on a dresser or displayed anywhere in her home. Although it holds jewelry, which is convenient, it also tells them to enjoy their retirement and has a great quote from the book of Jeremiah on it.


Retirement Mug with Message

Every morning with their morning coffee or tea they will remember this mug and who got it for them. They will also remember to enjoy their retirement and to spend it at home and with their loved ones. And the cute pictures and lettering really make it a must-have.


Retirement Tote Bag

Whether she is going on a road trip, enjoying a day at the beach, or even just taking a stroll in the park, this retirement tote bag will come in handy wherever she goes. She could also use it as a reusable grocery bag; you can’t go wrong with something with that many uses.


Sweet Reward Clock

What is a better gift than a clock that can tell her time and give her an inspirational quote to read every time she looks at it? This clock has a beautiful frame and is perfect for a man or a woman whois about to retire.


Travel Mug – Retirement Blessings

Travel mugs are something that just about anybody will love and with the blessing on this mug, she will remember when she got it and who got it for her every time she uses it. It is practical and spill-proof and it will go with her during all of her journeys after retirement.


Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension

This handmade wine glass is the perfect gift for a newly retired woman. She can sit back and relax with her favorite wine and enjoy the fruit of her retirement. You could also include a bottle of her favorite wine with the glass to ensure it will be put to good use.


Personalized Garden Tool Set

If the woman who is retiring is a gardener or wants to pick up the hobby, then this is the perfect gift. You can personalize the handles of the spade and fork to say whatever you want. Including some seeds and dirt will ensure they will be used.


Personalized Retirement Keychain

A retirement keychain is simple and is functional. This one lets you include their name and comes in pink, blue, and purple, so you can pick the best color. There are different beads and charms on the keychain and is something that they can use everyday.


Premium Spa Gift Basket

You can bring the spa to her at just a fraction of the price. This gift basket has everything that a newly retired woman could want: lotions, washes, scrubbers, massager, and more. After a long day of working in her garden, she can come in and have a spa night right from her home.


Say It In Color Sampler

If you don’t want to get a gift that tells her that she is retiring, try this sampler that has some great snacks in it. With three different kinds of popcorn, jelly beans, cookies, peanuts, and more,she won’t know where to start when she opens the box.


Love Nest Measuring Cups

Does your retiree friend love to cook? If so then this gift will be enjoyed by her. The heart-shaped measuring cups are adorable and will remind her every time she uses them that the food is made with love. And they stack together for easier storage.


Retirement Angel Figurine

Every woman will appreciate the sentiment and the beauty of this angel figurine that she can display in her home. This angel blesses her retirement and reminds her of all of the work that she accomplished over her years at her job and to look forward to the future.


Enjoy Retirement Wooden Plaque

This plaque uses the word retirement and gives each letter its own meaning. She will really enjoy reading over the letters and remembering all that she can do now that she doesn’t have to work. It is also a reminder that she can look at everyday totell her to have fun.


5 Thoughtful DIY Retirement Gift Ideas

Diy Retirement Gift Basket

It’s easy to throw a few items into a box, but if you want a gift basket with a bit of flair take a look at these examples to get some inspiration and ideas.

Diy Personalized Wood Sign

Homemade gifts always mean a little bit more, and this wooden sign is truly something special. Follow the step by step instructions to make a fabulous retirement sign they’ll absolutely adore.

Diy Retirement Basket Ideas

Whether book lover, baker, or homemade gift maker, this blog post has ideas for putting together a unique gift basket full of all the things they’ll have more time to enjoy.

Diy Sharpie Written Mug

This easy retirement gift idea will probably be their most-used item once they leave the workplace, and because it’s written in your own hand, it will be even more special to them.

Diy Acronym Retirement Gift Basket

Putting together a gift basket is as easy as A.B.C, or rather R.E.T.I.R.E.M.E.N.T, as each letter represents an activity they’ll be able to do once they’ve left the world of work behind them.

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