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37 LOL Funny Retirement Gifts for Men – Send Them Off With a Laugh

For the best, funniest and coolest retirement gifts around, look no further than the following collection of items. From funny clothes, to useful presents it truly is the ultimate place to find them something they can receive alongside their pension. Check it out here, you will not be disappointed.

Retirement Gifts For Men

Official Retirement Survival Hat

The Official Retirement Hat is just that. Filled to the brim (ha, get it?) with funny advice and retirement essentials, it is a lighthearted gift that the retiree in your life will find hilarious after an eternity of working. They will definitely want to wear it at their retirement party.

Prices Vary

Official Retirement Papers

This hilarious gift is completely self explanatory, and seriously funny. If there is someone in your life close to retirement, get them this brilliant toilet roll that has the words ‘Official Retirement Papers’ printed onto it. One way or another, they will appreciate it.


Thingamagift Out of Business Cards

What happens when you retire and have to throw away all of your business cards? Re stock your business card holder with these out of business cards. These funny cards would make an ideal gift for any retiree that has a good sense of humor and is looking forward to the no obligation life.

Prices Vary

Retired Under New Management T-Shirt

If someone in your life has gone from working for the man to working for no man, you should treat them to something extra special. This truly funny t shirt would make an excellent retirement gift thanks to the hilarious message printed on the front! Check it out here.

Prices Vary

The Man The Myth The Legend Has Retired Coffee Mug

Show the retiring man in your life just how much you appreciate him and make his retirement special with this personalized mug. Add his name to the words ‘The Man-The Myth-The Legend has Retired’, making this a truly personal touch that he will appreciate not from his work desk, but from his favorite chair.


Uroclub Portable Urinal Funny Gag Gift

Unfortunately, when you are on the fairway you don’t have a fair chance of making it to the toilet in time; this can be a problem for our senior players! This amusing retirement gift is perfect for the retiree in your life and is a hilarious way to send them into the relaxing world of not working.

Prices Vary

Retired Lives Matter T-Shirt

Retired lives matter, and this t shirt believes it too! If you are looking for that perfect gift but you cannot find anything, you should get them this. A fun way for them to enjoy their retirement, they can wear this t shirt and proudly share the message with the entire world.

Prices Vary

Honey Do Company Apron

If the person in your life that is reaching retirement age likes to bake, cook, or grill, you should treat them to one of these hilarious aprons. With a funny retirement message printed on the front, the apron boasts pockets and even an adjustable strap! Awesome.


Retired Under New Management See Spouse For Details

When a man retires, he doesn’t stop working, he just switches management. This brilliantly fun t shirt reads ‘ Retired-under new management-see spouse for details’ and is a perfect gift to give to your other half when they reach that magical age. They will definitely see the funny side.

Prices Vary

You Can’t Scare Me I’m a Retired Government Employee Mug

Do you have a loved one that has recently retired from a lifetime of working for the government? If so, this is the gift for them. If you want to make their retirement even better you should get them this fun mug that has a side splitting message that you know they will love and enjoy.


Retirement Weekly Schedule Mug

Everyone’s favorite part of retirement is the fact that they can do whatever the hell they want (within the law) and they will not be punished or held accountable; their time is their own. This mug displays that fact in fun form that they can read over and over again with their late morning coffee.


The Legend Has Retired 2018 Coffee Mug

Has the coolest person that you know and love just retired from their working life? If that is the case, make sure they know how cool you think they are with retirement mug. Reading: ‘The legend has retired 2018′, they will always remember the year they left the imprisonment of the working world.


Retirement Coffee Mug Where Every Day Is Saturday

Are you looking for retirement presents that are a little on the gag side? If so, you will have hit the nail on the head when you buy this funny mug. With the words ‘Retirement where every day is Saturday’ printed onto the ceramic, they will be able to rejoice at their new-found freedom for years to come.

Price varies

Relax You’re Retired Personalized Afghan

Are you searching for a slightly unusual, yet awesome retirement token that you can have personalized? Look no further than this high quality and 100% cotton Afghan. Alongside the words ‘Relax you’re retired’ you can have their name sewn into the material for that added touch.


The Legend Has Officially Retired T-Shirt

The legend has officially retired! Rejoice in this fact and grab them this fun t shirt for their retirement present. Comfortable and great to look at, it is a truly personal gift that will help them ease into the relaxing world of retirement in style. Check it out here for a closer look.

Prices Vary

I’m Not Retired I’m A Professional Grandpa T-shirt

Not all retirement tokens have to be serious; it is a fun time in their life, so why not get them a fun gift? This t shirt could be that very present as it states quite clearly ‘I’m not retired I’m a professional Grandpa’; the perfect gift for the man in your life.


Oh Look It’s I Don’t Give a Damn O’Clock Coolers

These drink coolers are ready and waiting to be thrust into the hands of the newly retired person in your life. If they like spending their new-found free time drinking beers, you can help them keep them as cool as ice by grabbing them a set of these – they will love the funny message.


I’m Retired Personalized Retirement Coffee Mug

Be it family, friend or colleague, you want to congratulate them on their retirement but you just can’t think of how to. The answer lies in this mug! With 9 verses to choose from and the space for your own message, you can make it a truly personal way to wish them all the best.


I’m Retired! Pint Glass

Every man needs a good quality pint glass, every retirement man needs an extra special good quality pint glass. This particular one features a man flipping the bird with the words ‘I’m retired’ etched into the glass. A fun and lighthearted gift for the retiree that can’t wait to flee their work place.


I’m Retired This Is As Dressed Up As I Get T-Shirt

When you’re retired, you get to ditch not only your tools and tie, but the idea of a uniform altogether. This t shirt is the perfect way to prove that to the world thanks to the humorous message printed onto the front; a simple and thoughtful retirement gift.

Price varies

How Not to Become a Crotchety Old Man

You’d think most men worry about what to do with their time when they retire, but if they are worried about getting too old too quick you should introduce them to this seriously funny book that will help them avoid becoming a crotchety old man…at least, it will try.

Prices Vary

Kiss My Putt Set Golf Balls

Retirement, the perfect opportunity for the man in your life to move onto the golf course and spend the majority of his time loving life on the green. Make him smile and laugh with these comical golf balls that he can treasure forever. Check them out here and see what you think.


I’m Retired Do It Yourself Coffee Mug

You can guarantee that the words that are printed onto this mug will be the retiree in your life’s new favorite words! They will have all the time in the world to enjoy as many mugs of coffee as they like out of their new gift. High quality and handmade, it’s a great present.

Price varies

Retirement Plan Fishing T-Shirt

Men all over the world count down the years to their retirement for one reason alone, fishing. They cannot wait to spend their time at the side of the lake enjoying the finer things in life. If you know somebody just like that, check out this t shirt as it is perfect for their retirement.

Prices Vary

I Said No Pen Black

This pen already knows the answer to every question you will be asked during your retirement, and that is the one answer that you will not have been able to use at work – that word is NO! This working pen will shout out different ways to simply say no at the push of a button.

Prices Vary

Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension Etched Pint Glass

The first pint as a retired man must be one of the best feelings in the world. If someone you know is approaching their retirement, make sure that first pint is sipped from this retirement themed pint glass that has a hilarious message etched onto the front. Follow the link to see the glass in full.

Prices Vary

I Work Periodically T-Shirt

Are you on the hunt for a funny gift for the retiree in your life that isn’t boring? If you grab them this t shirt, you can be confident in the fact that they will get a ton of use out it. Available in a wide range of colors, it is perfect for a retiring scientist.


Write Your Own Expressions Personalized Liquor Label

Spice up their liquor cupboard when they retire with this super cool gift idea. All of these liquor labels can be fully personalized with different colors, layouts, and texts so that you can decorate their favorite tipples with the label design of your choice.

Price varies

G. IM. OLD Retired Hero Shirt

If someone that you know and love is reaching the end of their military career and is approaching their retirement, you can give thanks to their service by buying them this t shirt and help them to know that they will always be an American hero. Excellent.

Prices Vary

Retired Beer Me Funny Socks

These cozy, comfy and downright cool socks are a perfect retirement gift. With the words ‘retired’ and ‘beer me’ printed onto the bottom, they will help the retired man to relax and enjoy his time in his favorite way; sitting with a frosty cold one in his hand.


I’m Not Retired I’m A Professional Papa T-Shirt

If you are in the market for a great gift to get your Grandad on his retirement, look no further than this brilliant t shirt that reads ‘I’m not retired, I’m a professional Papa’. He is bound to love it and will enjoy his new role very much! Take a look right here.

Prices Vary

Retired Teacher Shirt

Available in a wide range of colors, this t shirt is the ultimate gift for the retiring teacher that you love. Whether they were your teacher, family or even friend, they deserve to be treated to something extra special; the perfect way to ease them into their unlimited recess.


Retired Electrician Fix It Yourself T-shirt

Once you’re retired, you should have the luxury of never picking up the tools of your trade ever again. If you know a retired electrician, you can be confident in the fact that they will appreciate this hilarious t shirt that reads ‘retired electrician-fix it yourself’.


2018 O-fish-ally Retired T-Shirt

Fishing is every working man’s dream. Once their retirement comes, they can fish as much as their heart desires. Commemorate the end of their working life with this fishing t shirt that shows the entire world that they now have all the time they need to fish, fish and fish again.

Price varies

Retired Now I Just Work for My Wife Mug

Do you know a man that has spent his entire working life looking forward to his pension, but now just does what his wife tells him to do? Who can blame him, if he’s happy? Have a laugh with him and grab him this great retirement mug that comes printed with a hilarious message.


Retired Old Fart 2018

Give him something to laugh about with this retired old fart t shirt. Lighthearted, lightweight and comfortable, this stylish top is a great way to show him that you care about his retirement in a comical way. It is even available in a wide range of colors.

Prices Vary

I’ve Worked My Whole Life For This Shirt

Retirement is something that we all spend our lives waiting for; we work endlessly to secure ourselves a pension and have something to look forward to. Commemorate their achievement with this simple yet side splitting t shirt that you know they will love and laugh at.

Prices Vary

3 Diy Retirement Gifts He’ll Love

Diy Sharpie Written Mug

You may think that personalized mugs are extremely difficult to make; you couldn’t be more wrong. Using the following guide, you will be able to create a meaningful and extremely personal retirement mug that will make a great gift for any and every retiree in your life.

Diy Candy Retirement Poster

Candy posters are an ingenious way of giving a gift. Put a little time and effort into making one for the retiree in your life and see just how much they appreciate and value the time you have taken. With a funny message and lots of candy, it’s a win win. Follow the link now.

Diy Take it Easy Gift Basket

Using the following guide, you can create the ultimate gift basket that would make a great retirement gift. With all of the information you could possibly need all summed up into one article, you can get to work immediately and get them something they will genuinely appreciate receiving.

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