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25 Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Making a homemade Valentine’s Day gift for him is a great idea because it shows how much you care, and it is much more meaningful than a store bought gift. Guys love it when they know you’ve been thinking about them enough to take the time to make a gift on your own.

These gifts have been hand selected because they’re sure to put a smile on his face and you don’t have to spend hours making them.

Here is a great list of homemade gifts you can make for your man this Valentine’s Day…

12 Months of Date Nights

Never run out of date night ideas the whole year through. This craft has you come up with 12 different fun things to do on date night so that you always have something to look forward to with your man.

Bubble Gum Valentine Craft

This Valentine will be something he surely hasn’t seen before and it is easy to make while still being an eye-catching gift. You basically take bubble gum, a plastic bag, and a hot glue gun and make what appears to be a heart-shaped balloon filled with bubble gum.

Sharpie Mugs

Sharpie mugs are all the rage these days and they make the perfect gift for the coffee or tea loving boyfriend because the cute sayings you can put on them are nearly limitless. Even though they look great when you are finished, they are still relatively easy to make.

His and Hers Pillows

Here’s a pillow set that you can give to your man to help decorate the living room around Valentine’s Day, or keep on the couch throughout the year. The instructions include all the steps needed to make them look just like the picture.

Faux Wood Valentine’s Day Candles

These Valentine candles looks like they’re made out of wood, and they like they have carvings in them just like the classic initials carved into a real tree. It’s a simple way to show your love and affection without having to carve a real tree.

Pink Heart Bow Tie

Have your man looking extra stylish this Valentine’s season with this classic looking pink bow tie. It’s features white heart print, or you can choose your own design when picking the fabric to give it a custom look. Just right for Valentine parties and get togethers.

Sweetheart State Map

This is a great gift if you both met in the same state because you can show the paths that you took to find each other. Just locate your two different points on the map. The state cutouts are already available so all you have to do is connect the two dots.

Heart String Art

This Valentine’s gift gives new meaning to the term tugging at your heartstrings. That’s because it is made up of plenty of red string, all criss-crossed and held in place with nails. Looks great with a rustic interior decor and is something you can put up once a year or keep up all the time.

“Thumb Body Loves You” Valentine

This cute set of tacks is made to look like those classic chalky candy hearts that are so popular on Valentine’s Day. It features the pun thumb body loves you, and is great for any guy that works in an office or has a cork board near his workstation.

Chocolate Strawberry Pops

What’s better than chocolate covered strawberries? These chocolate strawberry pops are a lot easier to make, and they get to use the red color of the strawberries too look like hearts. They deliver the same taste as chocolate covered strawberries, so they make a great start to a delicious Valentine’s night.

Valentine Heart Art

This piece of artwork is made using upcycled materials so you’ll be able to turn unused items into artwork. Not only is it shaped like a heart but it also includes a special love message on the inside. This can be something you hang up every Valentine’s Day, which will remind you of this year when you first gave it to him.

Initial Carved Candle

This candle is adorned with your carved initials, and looks very sophisticated while being very easy to create. The great thing about giving your man a candle for Valentine’s Day is that you can use it to light up a romantic dinner with just the two of you.

Lemon Drop Valentine Mason Jar

Here’s a great gift to give your man, one that he can take to work with him and take a piece of candy whenever he gets the urge. It is filled with Lemon Drops and has the cute phrase pucker up on it, a double entendre since he’ll be puckering from the sour flavor and also for the kiss you want to give him.

14 Days of Valentines

Inundate your man with a full two weeks of Valentines and he’s sure to remember this Valentine’s Day above all others.

The recommendation is that each day you tell your man something you like about him, or relay a story that the two of you share from different points in your relationship.

Valentine’s Day Bottles

These bottles make a great decorative gift for the man who loves to drink wine. It takes old wine bottles and turns them into something really special. It will help decorate the house around Valentine’s, and remind him of how much you love him whenever he sees it.

Kanzashi Flower Frame

This craft project shows you how to hack a kanzashi flower so you don’t have to spend as much time making it, but it will still turn out looking great. Kanzashi flowers can be really hard to make, so it’s nice to know how to do it quickly and easily and it turns this ordinary photo frame into something awesome.

Geeky Photo Props

Own up to your geekiness with these geeky photo props that enable you to take some very cute Valentine’s pictures. It features the emoticon for a heart using a < and the number 3 to symbolize a heart.[/column] [hr] [column size="one-third"]His and Hers Hand Embroidered Pillowcases

His and Hers Hand Embroidered Pillowcases

These pillowcases have a retro style that he’s sure to enjoy, and they’re very cute because they feature a pair of boxer shorts for his pillow and a pair of panties for your pillow. It’s also a reliable way to make sure that you guys don’t end up using the wrong pillows.

Romantic Valentine Fortune Cookies

These fortune cookies will be right up his alley because they are custom made by you. They show you how to take the old fortunes out of a fortune cookie and place the new ones inside them so you can actually surprise him with them, potentially after a Chinese food dinner on Valentine’s Day.

Secret Message in a Bottle

You’ve probably heard of a message in a bottle but how about a secret message in a bottle? You get to write out whatever message you want for him, but then he has to decode your message before it becomes clear. This is a fun gift to give him and one that is sure to be different than anything he’s ever received before.

Valentine’s Day Candle Jar

This candle jar looks like it was expensive, but really it isn’t and you can make it in no time, making it a great gift to make at the last minute if you’ve been stumped on what to get him. It looks great on a bookshelf, or a coffee table.

Pop Up Photo Box

This pop-up photo book is a fantastic way to preserve and share photos of just the two of you. Pick an assortment of photos that you love of you two over the past year and put them in this accordion-style pop up box.

3D Wall Art

This piece of art is made to look like the writing is coming off the block and has the adorable saying that “Home is where my man is.” What a great way to make him feel special and to remind him that there’s no place like him.

Love Potion No 9 Bottle

This bottle is made to look like love potion number 9 from the famous song, and can be filled with whatever you want. When your man has taken a sip from this bottle be careful because he will be hopelessly enamored with the next person he sees.

Scrabble Love

If the two of you love to play Scrabble this is potentially the best gift you can give him. It repurposes Scrabble pieces into a unique and elegant piece of art that you can keep up all year long. It might entail ruining a perfectly good Scrabble game, but it will be worth it in the end when you see the look on his face.


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