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107 Most Unique Valentine’s Gifts for Him of 2015

It’s almost that time of year again when you get to express your love on Valentine’s Day with these unique Valentines gifts for him. Here’s a knock-out list of gifts that are sure to show him just how much you love him.

107 Most Unique Valentine’s Gifts for Him of 2015- I love these ideas! No. 34 is my favorite.

Sriracha Cookbook

Does he love the spicy hot sauce known as sriracha? Find a bunch of recipes designed to put that sauce to use in a variety of different ways. He’ll love that you are catering to his tastes, and he’ll get introduced to plenty of spicy new dishes.


Luxury Shave Set

With this shaving set he’ll have everything he needs to get a close, smooth shave. This pays dividends for you if you don’t like to get roughed up when you kiss him. It goes beyond what’s available on most store shelves and is a way for him to pamper himself.


Rocket Skates

Secretly every guy wishes they could tap into their inner child more often. These skates let him do just that. They fit over his shoes and are self-powered so he can get around town or just have fun with them for the sake of having fun.


Love is Art Kit

Make art from your lovemaking with this Love is Art kit. It includes everything you need to make a work of art from the two of you, including the canvas, the paint, and plastic sheets to put down so you don’t make too big of a mess.


Memory Foam Spa Slippers

Give his feet a break with these memory foam spa slippers. The memory foam makes it feel like you’re walking on a cloud, making them a great slipper to wear around the house. He works hard, so help him take care of himself with these amazing slippers.


Modern Valentine

This card tells it like it is, and is a refreshing card if he’s used to getting the same old same old on Valentine’s Day. It’s also a way to poke fun at the situation if you find that you’ve each been on your technology a little too much lately.


Jack Black Face Moisturizer

This moisturizer has nothing to do with the actor Jack Black. It’s just a high quality moisturizer that will make the skin on his face soft and supple. Guys forget sometimes that they need to use some product on their face, and this is a great reminder.


A Funny T-Shirt

Guys love t-shirts and when you get him one that is in line with his sense of humor he’s really going to appreciate it. Busted Tees is the place to go to find funny and oddball tees and there’s such an assortment you can find one he’ll like in no time.


Ultimate Survival Kit

The perfect gift for any guy that is even somewhat adventurous. It shows you care about him and want him to be safe, even if he finds himself in a survival situation. Developed by Bear Grylls this has an assortment of useful items.

Prices Vary


With the Chromecast you can broadcast whatever’s on your smartphone onto your HDTV, including a live feed of whatever the camera is pointed at. Guys are sure to get a kick out of seeing themselves in real time on the silver screen.

Prices Vary

Triple Lasagna Pan

Make him three types of lasagna at once with this triple lasagna pan. You can also use it to make two different types if he’s a meat eater and you’re not. It’s a pan that encourages more lasagna making, which is sure to put a smile on his face.

Prices Vary

Jigsaw Love

Here’s a pair of necklaces that come together perfectly, just like two puzzle pieces. Wear them separately to be reminded of each other and the special connection you have. A fun and somewhat cheesy gift that will resonate with the right couple.

Prices Vary

Premium Underwear

A pair of underwear from MeUndies is just the ticket to help replace some of his old worn out stuff. They even have a package where you can get an entire year’s worth of new underwear, but that may be going a bit overboard.


FitBit Charge

The FitBit Charge is the latest fitness tracker from FitBit and not only helps him keep track of what he does throughout the day, but how well he’s sleeping at night. With this one tiny tool he’ll have an objective look at his fitness.


Bespoke Post Box

Get him a box from Bespoke Post and he’ll be set with amazing items that he otherwise probably wouldn’t have found on his own. It will keep him up to date with the latest in men’s fashion without making him look ridiculous.


8-Bit Rose

Is he a bit of a nerdy gamer? If so, win his heart with this 8-bit rose! It’s modeled after retro video games that he grew up playing, and is totally cute. Show him that he’s rescued the princess and his mighty quest has finished.


Tandem Whiskey Set

This is a great set if he likes to sip his whiskey slowly, and especially if you like to join him. It includes two glasses, as well as special stones that keep the whiskey at the right temperature without watering it down.

Prices Vary

Magnetic Wristband

Perfect for the guy that’s always doing little projects around the house. It keeps screws, nails, washers, and bolts right where he needs them and frees up both of his hands so that he can get the job done more easily with less dropped items.

Prices Vary

Bose QuietComfort 20i

These headphones are from Bose, the company that is famous for making noise canceling products. These go in the ear and are super comfortable, making them great for an on-the-go guy that wants to take his music with him and have quiet anywhere.


In My (literal) Heart Pillow

This pillow features an image of a real heart and has an arrow pointing to the middle of it that says “You are here”. Rather than the cartoon heart that is so prevalent on Valentine’s Day you can take things a bit more literally.


Moustache Tie Clip

A fun tie clip, this moustached shaped clip is sure to be a winner, especially if he wears a mustache as part of his look. It’s a stylish addition to his wardrobe, and subtle enough that it can be worn in a professional setting.

Prices Vary

Game-Used Baseball Cufflinks

These cufflinks are made from baseballs that were actually used in a game, which makes them much more special than ordinary cufflinks. Perfect for any baseball fan, they add a nice sporty twist to an otherwise drab suit.


Love You More Pillowcases

Here’s a fun gift to give him if he’s a fan of the mushy stuff, or if it’s a cute inside joke you do between each other where one person says I love you, and the other says love you more. It’s a great big display of affection that will brighten any bedroom.


Retro Candy Gift Basket

Take him back to the days when candy was candy and you’ll tap into nostalgic part of his brain. This basket features some of the best and most popular candy from the good old days. If he’s got a sweet tooth, you can’t miss with this one.

Prices Vary

Viking Drinking Vessel

He’ll feel like a Viking of old when he drinks from this horn glass. It makes whatever is in it taste better because you’re drinking it out of a Viking horn. If you want to go all out you could make him a big feast to eat along with his drink.

Prices Vary

Smartphone Garage Door Opener

Ever get out of range of your garage door and wish you could just close it from wherever? Now you can! With this garage door opener for his smartphone he’ll be able to open and close it from his phone no matter where he is.


Loaded Questions Adult

This is the adult version of Loaded Questions, so you can take things to the next level and have a lot of adult-themed fun. It’s a great game for an intimate gathering of your closest friends, and is sure to push the limits of what can be said out loud.


Loot Crate Subscription

Once he gets his first delivery from Loot Crate, he’ll be looking forward to his next one. You don’t have to break the bank in order to get him an awesome monthly subscription box, so if it looks like the sort of things he likes, go for it!


Unbreakable Shoelaces

These shoelaces are touted as being unbreakable, so even after the shoes wear out he’ll be able to reuse the laces on the next pair of shoes. It’s nice to know that they’ll never let him down and can stand up to the wear and tear he puts them through.

Prices Vary

Beer Tumbler

This is like a sippy cup for beer lovers. It makes it so he doesn’t have to babysit his beer and can have fun without worrying if it’s going to spill. It has the appearance of an upside down beer bottle, but it will keep things watertight for his enjoyment.


What I Love About You Book

Break down all the things you love about him with the help of this book. It walks you through a sort of guided exercise so that you can emote as best as you can. It all comes in an attractive book that he can keep and look back on when he needs to.


Superman Compression Shirt

If he’s the Superman in your world, let him know with this compression shirt. It will show off his great physique and there’s actually a whole collection of superheroes so you can tailor the shirt to his favorite one and he can embody them.

Prices Vary

Meat Claws

Watch him go to town on chicken, beef, or pork to make a shredded meat sandwich. These meat claws are like giving him a pair of bear claws that will make quick work of any type of meat. He’ll want to help you out in the kitchen when he has these.

Prices Vary

His Own Driving Range

Set it up so that he can go to the driving range whenever he wants with this gift. He can blast golf balls as hard as he wants and the net will make sure that they don’t go soaring off to the neighbor’s windows.

Prices Vary

Spiderman Snuggie

Even superheroes need time to snuggle. With this Spiderman Snuggie he’s going to be able to stay nice and warm when he’s not web slinging. It’s a great gift for any Spidey fan, and is sure to get a lot of use this winter.

Prices Vary

Impossible Collection of Motorcycles

He’ll never be able to own all of these motorcycles, which is how this collection got its name. But that won’t stop him from drooling over some of the bikes they have in this book. A thoughtful gift for the motorcycle lover in your life.


Sport Massager with Heat

This massager will give him a massage whenever he wants one or needs one. It’s heated so it’s great for relaxing sore muscles after a workout. Of course you can still give him a massage, but this helps fill in between those sessions so he stays nice and relaxed.

Prices Vary

Zip Light and Bottle Opener

Here’s a handy gadget that he can clip to his jacket and never be without a light to see or a bottle opener. It’s light and small enough so that he can basically forget about it until he needs it. When he does need it it’s always easy to find and use.


Bluetooth Car Radio

If his car isn’t Bluetooth equipped you can fix that with this car radio setup. He’ll be able to listen to Pandora or anything else on his smartphone once this is hooked up to the car’s audio system. Expand his driving playlist and free him from radio commercials.

Prices Vary

Touchscreen Gloves

These gloves are touchscreen enabled so he doesn’t have to take them off in order to message you. They’re also stylish, so he can wear them in a number of different winter scenarios and not have to worry about changing gloves.

Prices Vary

Glow in the Dark Duct Tape

You might not have any ideas for what he could do with this glow in the dark version of duct tape, but guys always have something they could use it for. The glowing in the dark part just makes it more fun and potentially more useful.


Race a Ferrari in Vegas

Give him the thrill of racing around the track in a real Ferrari, in Vegas of all places. He’ll get training on how to drive the car at higher speeds, and then he gets to take it for a spin. Beats the price tag of buying him a Ferrari.


Portable Tailgate Party

He’ll be able to carry the party around with him with this specially designed bag. It includes a cooler to keep all of the necessary beverages cold, plus a grill to cook up tailgate friendly meats and other goodies. Anyplace makes a great party venue.


Snore Activated Nudging Pillow

Tired of giving him a nudge when he starts to snore really loud? This pillow does it for you and is designed so that when he starts snoring it gives him a bump so he’s woken up just enough to switch sleeping positions.


Valentine Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Guys like chocolate too! Make sure he knows just how much you love him with these chocolate dipped Oreos. They’re super chocolatey thanks to the dipping, plus they’ve got real Oreos on the inside with their classic chocolate and cream flavor.

Prices Vary

Hidden Message Tie

He’ll be able to keep a message from you close to him when he wears this hidden message tie. On the underside of the tie is a special pocket for you to place special messages of your choosing, and he can discover new ones again and again.


Retro Gaming System

This gaming system will remind him of all of his childhood games, and plays titles from three of the most popular systems from the golden age of video games. It plays NES, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis games for hours and hours of classic enjoyment.

Prices Vary

Sonos Play Wireless Speaker

He’ll be able to put his music wherever he wants, and it will sound great with this Sonos wireless speaker. He can stream his favorite playlist, Pandora station, or more when he gets it all linked up wirelessly. A great way to help him get the most from his tunes.


Hand Light

Put a handy light right where he needs it most: on his hand. This is perfect for those tight jobs where holding a flashlight and doing the job might be hard to do at the same time. It frees up his hands so he can get work done and see what he’s doing.

Prices Vary

Kama Sutra Weekender Kit

Make Valentine’s weekend as romantic and sexy as possible with the Kama Sutra Weekender kit. It includes lubricants and oils for massages and more, but one of the funnest items is the honey dust with a feather to apply it.

Prices Vary

Jerky Gun

He’ll be able to make thin strips of jerky with this jerky gun. After that he can place the meat in a dehydrator or the oven on its lowest setting and wait for a delicious snack. Give him a healthier option to store bought jerky.


Pocket Tripod

With this pocket tripod he’ll always be ready to take the perfect shot on his smartphone without having to hold the camera. It’s great for traveling because it doesn’t take up much room at all, and works wonders on those group selfie shots.

Prices Vary

Barware Set

If he likes to make drinks let him do it with more ease when you get him this barware set. It has everything a bartender uses to concoct delicious beverages, and will let him get the same sort of results at home that you’d get from a bar.

Prices Vary

Let’s Play Doctor

Here’s a game that’s great for lovers on Valentine’s Day. It helps introduce some new fun things you can do with each other in a non-threatening way to spice things up or have an extra sexy time as a special treat.


NFL Flask

Combine his love of football and love of booze with this NFL flask. There’s a wide selection of teams so you don’t have to go with the Patriots (pictured) you can pick his favorite. If you don’t know his favorite team, he’s probably not a big football fan.

Prices Vary

Samurai Sword Chopsticks

On Valentine’s Day you can order Chinese food with your sweetie and break out these samurai sword chopsticks as a fun and relevant gift. They’re chopsticks that have samurai sword handles on the end that you hold. He’ll never see them coming!


Very Sexy for Him Gift Set

Victoria’s Secret wants to make guys even sexier with this Very Sexy for Him gift set. It includes an aftershave lotion, cologne, and a body wash and shampoo combo so he’ll come out smelling amazing on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Prices Vary

Nice-Looking Watch

This watch looks great, and no one has to know that it doesn’t cost a lot. If he’s been saying that he wants a watch, or you think he’d look good with one on, this is one option. It looks expensive, but isn’t, so everybody wins.

Prices Vary

Gaming Chair

Support his love of video games with this highly rated gaming chair. It puts the sound right in his ears thanks to speakers in the back of the chair. It’s also super comfortable so he can sit for marathon sessions and not get tired.


Hot Stuff Peppers

These peppers are grown by him, but the fun part of this gift is the box labeled Hot Stuff. If he loves the hot stuff, hot sauce, hot peppers, etc. this is a great gift because he’ll eventually be able to eat the peppers once they’re ready.

Prices Vary

Carbon Fiber Wallet

This carbon fiber wallet is the last wallet you’ll ever have to give him. It’s super durable, yet remains lightweight. It has a great look to it, so it won’t go out of fashion, and is perfect for the guy that seems to wear out his wallets on the regular.


iPad Pen

If he likes to draw or paint you can help him put his works onto on iPad with this special pen. It lets him draw or write right onto the iPad, with precision detail. Much better than a finger or a stylus, and he can share his work much more easily.


Heated Softshell Jacket

Keep him toasty warm without the need of a big bulky coat with this heated softshell jacket. If he spends long times outdoors, such as for hunting or for work, a jacket like this makes a great inner lining and he’ll never worry about getting cold.


Mosquito Thwarting Hammock

Mosquitos have finally been outsmarted with this hammock. He’ll be able to sleep in peace and comfort without getting bitten repeatedly by mosquitoes. Keeps him off the ground too so it’s more comfortable and stays drier if it rains.


World’s Best Boyfriend Trophy

Give him this award if he has given a great performance this year as your boyfriend. He’ll appreciate the accolades, and don’t be surprised if he wants to give an acceptance speech. Let him know that there’s always room to improve on his performance this year.

Prices Vary

Kenneth Cole Travel Kit

If he travels a lot you can keep him thinking about you by getting him this travel kit to hold all of his toiletries. It has plenty of room and different features that make it extra convenient, like a front zipper and a size handle for easy carrying.

Prices Vary

Steak Cooking Stone

Place this stone in a very hot oven and you’ll have one amazing cooking tool at your disposal. Slap a steak on the stone and it starts sizzling right away and cooks to perfection before your eyes. It gives you the thrill of cooking right at your table without going out to eat.

Prices Vary

Salami and Cheese Collection

Salami and cheese go together so well that this collection is sure to be a big hit with him. It’s great for watching the big game with, and with March Madness just around the corner this can be a great snack if he can wait that long.


Amazon Fire TV

Turn a regular TV into a fully equipped media machine when you hook up the Amazon Fire TV to it. You’ll be able to access the entire Amazon library full of free movies for Prime members, and new releases that you can either rent or buy.

Prices Vary

Queen Size Sleeping Bag

Camping is a lot more fun when you have a sleeping bag big enough to fit the both of you. Snuggle up with your Valentine in this queen size sleeping bag and you’ll never go back to individual sleeping bags again.


Executive Valet Stand

He doesn’t need to be a CEO to feel like a million bucks, just get him this executive valet stand. It makes laying out your clothes the night before cool instead of nerdy, and will have all of his needed items ready when he wakes up in the morning.


Chill Maintaining Pilsner Glasses

These pilsner glasses reinvent the idea of a chilled beer glass. They don’t get all warm so soon after you pour the beer in, and they maintain their chill much longer than a regular glass. He can savor his beer a little longer with glasses like these.


Love Tokens

Give him a token of your affection, literally. These tokens are like mini coupons so he can select the one that he wants to use and when he gives it to you you should obey the token. When it’s things like kisses, hugs, and rolls in the hay everyone’s happy.


Mr. Beer Brewing Kit

Get him started down the path of brewing his own beer with the best-selling and highest rated beer brewing kit for newbies. He’ll get a drinkable batch of beer on his first attempt because they’ve made it easy to follow and still includes all the steps.


Ax Multi-Tool

With this multi-tool he’ll be able to do all sorts of things, and unlike most other multi-tools this one includes a mini-ax, so it’s just a little more awesome than the others. It’s not like he can chop a tree down with it, but it could definitely come in handy.


Try Something New Book

Pump a little more excitement into your relationship with this Try Something New book. It is filled with new ideas of places to go and things to do with each other. It doesn’t mean your boring, it’s a good idea to keep things interesting all the time in a relationship.


Canvas Satchel

This satchel will be able to hold all of his things and has a stylish look to it. It has the storage space of a backpack, but looks more professional and is better suited to more situations. Easy to carry with its shoulder strap and made of canvas for durability.

Prices Vary

Coen Brothers Collection

A lot of guys are fans of the Coen brothers films, and this collection contains four of the most popular, including Raising Arizona, Blood Simple, Fargo, and Miller’s Crossing. It’s a great set that will help get him up to speed on some of their best work.


Get Him a Goat

For the guy that has everything how about donating a goat to parts of the world that need it most? Goats are a sustainable piece of livestock that can provide for those in need on an ongoing basis. A gift he really will never forget.


Australian Kangaroo Wallet

This wallet is made from kangaroo hide straight from Australia. Even though they may be a rarity in America, kangaroos are as common as deer so they’re not endangered by any means, and they even show up in grocery store meat departments there.


Sexy Lips Boxers

Give him these boxers to spice things up a bit this Valentine’s Day. They are see-through, so they don’t leave a lot to the imagination, and they feature red lips all over them which may give you some ideas. There’s three different versions to choose from.

Prices Vary

Beer Soap 6-Pack

This six pack is actually soap, but soap that was made using beer. It’s a variety pack, so he’ll be able to try them all out and see which scent he prefers. There’s soaps like vanilla, honey, and apricot wheat made from different styles of beer.


Nose Hair Trimmer

This is a godsend for any guy that has too many nose hairs or has his ear hair coming in. It trims away any excess hair and leaves nostrils and ears hair free. He’ll appreciate it because he won’t have to pluck the hairs or use scissors which can be dangerous.

Prices Vary

Silicone BBQ Gloves

These BBQ gloves won’t be winning any awards for style, but as far as functionality goes they’re top-notch. They’re made from silicone so they bend to his hands so he can get a good grip without the need of bulky oven mitts.


Heart Rocks Print

If he’s ever found you a heart rock on the beach you pretty much have to get this print. Of if you just want to be reminded of the fun times you’ve had outdoors, or want to signify that your love is like a rock, this is the way to go.

Prices Vary

Wireless TV Headphones

When you want to sleep and he wants to watch a little more TV you can finally both get what you want with these headphones. They’re wireless so he can sit in bed and finish up the late show while you get your beauty sleep.


Epic ID

Make sure he always has his ID with him by getting him this USB enabled smart ID. You load it up with all of his pertinent details and if anything should ever happen to him the info is easily accessed by any computer.

Prices Vary

Orange Whip Golf Trainer

This little device will help his golf game, which he will definitely thank you for again and again. It is specially designed to help him correct his own stroke, without the need of a golf instructor or private lessons. He can use it indoors or out for year round practice.

Prices Vary

Anywhere Fireplace

Let him put a fireplace just about anywhere with this new invention. You can put it on a coffee table or anywhere else in the home and it emits no smoke and burns clean so you don’t have to worry about ventilation.

Prices Vary

Meat: Everything You Need to Know

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and this book will show you everything you need to know about many guy’s favorite type of food: meat. Whether or not he likes to cook he’ll enjoy learning about this food group.


Pocket Screwdriver

With this pocket screwdriver he’ll never have to wonder where he put his screwdrivers because it’s small enough to take with him wherever he goes. Includes four precision screwdrivers so he can take on a myriad of different jobs.


Romantic Coupon Book

If you don’t have time to make your own romantic coupon book, or want one that looks a little more professional, this is the way to go. It has plenty of different coupons in it that he can redeem as he sees fit, and each will show him how much you love him.

Prices Vary

Headphone Ear Warmers

With these ear muffs he’ll be able to listen to his music without having to sacrifice his ears to the cold weather. Great for guys that like to stick to their running regimen even through winter. With warm ears and great tunes you can just run and run in the cold.


Compact Key Holder

Make that giant keychain a lot easier to handle with this compact key holder. It organizes and stores the keys so they aren’t a big jarbled mess anymore. He’ll easily be able to find and use the key he wants saving him time and hassle.


Exercise Belt

Here’s a great gift for the man that takes his workouts seriously. It’s a belt to hold his IDs, cash, and other small items while he works out. It’s a good idea since many workout shorts don’t have pockets and stuff falls out easily when working out.


Sand-Free Beach Blanket

Made out of the same material they make parachutes out of, this sand-free beach blanket is designed to leave the sand on the beach instead of having it tag along with you. Relax without worrying about getting sand all over the place.

Prices Vary

Smartphone Fish Finder

For the fisherman in your life, give him the biggest edge possible with this fish finder that syncs up to his smartphone. Fishing is a lot more fun when you catch something, so make it a probability with this fish finding system.

Prices Vary

Lynx Hooks

He’ll be able to keep all of his gear secure with this strap and hook system. It’s very versatile and can be maneuvered in many different ways to accommodate stuff of all sizes. If he struggles with conventional straps and pulleys, this is the answer.

Prices Vary

1000 Ultimate Sights

Help him build an epic list of sights to see with you when you get him this list of 1000 Ultimate Sights from Lonely Planet. Lonely Planet guides are a trusted source of travel information and they do a great job on this book.


One World Futbol

When you get him this soccer ball you’re also getting one for kids in an impoverished country. The ball itself is meant to be indestructible and never needs to be inflated. It’s a great gift with a positive twist to it that he’s sure to appreciate.


Beard Wash

If your man has grown himself a big beard get him this beard wash to keep it in pristine condition. Scraggly unwashed beards are just not a good thing, but he might not know whether to use shampoo or soap on it, so get him this and problem solved.


Clamp Light

With this clamp light he’ll be able to put the light right where he needs it and have it stabilized so he doesn’t have to keep readjusting it. It clamps on to just about anything make it very useful and a dependable source of light.


Oilless Fryer

Fried foods taste great but all that oil can really take a toll on his health. Give him all of that flavor without the need of oil using the oilless fryer. Foods cook up and taste really good, almost as good as fried but with far less fat.


Foot and Calf Massager

After a hard day’s work his feet and calves are tense and sore, and if you’re tired of being the go-to foot rubber this is the gift to give. And of course you can use it too, so it’s really a Valentine’s gift for the both of you.

Prices Vary

Ultimate Disc Game

Here’s the game that is loads of fun to play at picnics and tailgate parties, or any other time everyone gathered around outside. Just get the disc in the can, it’s easier said than done, but that’s the goal of the game.


Guide to Urban Moonshining

Show him how to make his own moonshine whiskey with this book. It also includes instructions on how to drink and appreciate whiskey. Great for whiskey lovers or guys that like to make their own stuff, like beer and jerky.


Solar Lamp

For guys that love the great outdoors this solar lamp is something to add to their collection. It produces enough light to see at night and charges up during the day from the sun. It’s lightweight and made to last without the need of batteries.

Prices Vary

20 DIY Valentine Gifts for Him

DIY Silhouette Throw Pillows

These throw pillows have an old school Victorian feel to them, and feature two silhouette his and her heads on them. Since they’re made from scratch you get to use the two of you as the models for the silhouettes, so it’s totally personalized.

Conversation Heart Door Hangers

These door hangers are a subtle yet charming Valentine’s decoration, and you can use them to decorate his home or home office. It’s a nice reminder of Valentine’s Day without going overboard or making something gaudy.

TARDIS Cross-Stitch Valentine

For the Dr. Who fan you can’t go wrong with this TARDIS inspired cross-stitched Valentine. He’s sure to love it, and it’s mildly suggestive so it can even lead to a little romance on this special day.

Handmade Coupon Book

Here’s a classic gift that’s easy to make and speaks from the heart. It’s handmade coupons that you can tailor to his favorite things in the world. That way you know it’s stuff he really likes, and not just random or general things.

Valentine Heart Papercut

This papercut looks stunning once it’s made, and it’s something he’ll surely love because you took the time to make it for him. It features the beautiful message You make my heart sing, and is surely the best Valentine he’ll get.

Valentine Cookie Jar

Cookies are always a great gift, and if you’re looking for a last minute gift idea go with this one. You can make it in less than an hour and it’s sure to be just the thing that he’ll really like. The cookies are all heart shaped so it’s totally appropriate.

Modern Valentine with Sweets

This is one Valentine he won’t soon forget. It walks the line between homemade and commercial because it uses a print out so it always turns out great. You then customize it with his favorite sweets and you’re good to go.

Sweetheart’s Jenga

This is one fun way to doctor up a Jenga board so it’s totally personalized. On each block you write something about him or something sweet, or get each other to ask and answer questions that only you would know.

Valentine Countdown Calendar

Count down the days to Valentine’s Day just like an Advent calendar counts down the days until Christmas. This is a fun way to build anticipation for that special day when you’re encouraged to show each other how much you care.

Zombie Valentine

For the zombie lover in your life go with either one of these zombie Valentine’s and they’ll be on cloud nine. It features a witty play on words and he’s sure to get a kick out of the fact that you played to his interests.

Hand Stamped Spoons

These spoons are simply the cutest things you can make for him this Valentine’s, especially if he’s a coffee drinker or a cereal eater. Each one features a cute spoon related message on it like Let’s Spoon or Gimme Some Sugar.

Apple of My Eye Valentine

He’ll be able to grow his own apple tree when you make him this Valentine. It’s a way to watch your love grow along with the tree and see it bear fruit. It’s a fun gift to give because it’s something you can do together and are reminded of constantly.

Valentine Nuts

Nuts are always a can’t-miss snack with guys, and this is a great way to incorporate them into a Valentine gift. Take bags of his favorite type of nut and decorate them as shown and you’ve got a great way to show you care.

Valentine Ampersand Art

The and symbol, or ampersand is a popular way to show that you’re a team and in love. This Valentine ampersand art is something that he’s sure to appreciate because it’s a break from the overused heart symbol that’s so associated with Valentine’s Day.

You Are Amazing Valentine

Sum things up in just a few words with this Valentine. It says You are Amazing + I love you and is really all you need to say. He’ll know you love him and he’ll get a burst of positive self esteem from your awesome card.

I’m Donuts Over You

Guys love donuts, as evidenced by Homer Simpson. Take advantage of this knowledge with this clever play on words and get him donuts for Valentine’s. It’s a simple and quick way to go from no Valentine’s gift to great Valentine’s gift.

DIY Chocolate Heart Magnets

These chocolate heart magnets are super cute, and he’s going to love having them on his fridge. Be sure to make him more than one because they look best when gifted as a set, as shown in the picture it looks like a box of chocolates.

DIY Poster Hearts

These oversized poster hearts will show him that you’re crazy about him, and might make you look just a little crazy too. But that’s OK, this is the one day of the year where you’re expected to go over the top to show your feelings.

Rustic Love Coasters

Decorate his place with these rustic looking love coasters. Make sure they’ll go with his decore so he’ll keep them out all year long. They’re made with real slices of logs, and if you don’t have any she provides steps on how to make them.

Funny Unicorn Valentine

One of the funniest Valentines he’ll ever get! It features a cute picture of a unicorn and a funny saying about your love being as magical as unicorn farts. For the slightly immature guy out there, this is perfect.


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