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108 Most Unique Valentines Gifts for Her of 2015

Be the hero of the day with these top Valentine’s gifts for her. You don’t have to rack your brain wondering what to get her and if she’ll like it, just choose from these Valentine’s day gifts according to her unique style and taste.

108 Most Unique Valentines Gifts for Her for 2015- the holy grail for unique Valentine’s Day gifts for her!

5-Foot Roses

You’ll really impress her when the roses are almost as big as she is. These roses have full 5-foot stems and the traditional rose smell you’d expect. This is one gift that she won’t see coming, and it will be part shock and part giddiness.


Picnic for Two

With this backpack you two can go on a picnic and have everything you need for a good time. It has room for all the supplies of a first class picnic for two. She’ll be excited because she’ll know that a picnic is on the horizon.

Prices Vary

Yoga Paws

This is a way for her to bring her yoga mat wherever she feels like doing yoga. The pads go on her hands and feet creating a cushion and allowing her to strike a pose wherever she sees fit. Fun for an on-the-go workout when she doesn’t want to lug a mat.


Wine Preserving Carafe

You won’t have to rush to finish a bottle of wine when you use this wine preserving carafe. This is a nice gift if you’ve noticed that you don’t tend to finish the bottles that you open, but want to keep it fresh for next time.


Wishing Ball

This wishing ball lets you put wishes into it rather than just keeping them in your head. Once the wishes go in, they don’t come out. They’re designed to be like birthday candles, and once you wish the wish you send it off into the universe and let it do its thing.


Vintage Love Scrapbook

Preserve the love you have for each other in this vintage style scrapbook. If she’s a known scrapbooker this is a sure bet, but even if she’s never scrapbooked in her life she’ll still love documenting your relationship, the places you’ve been and the things you’ve done together.

Prices Vary

Heart-Shaped Umbrella

She’ll think of you every time it rains when you get her this heart-shaped umbrella. Not only is it super cute but it is functional as well, and will keep her dry and warm when the day is otherwise wet and gloomy. It will definitely be the best umbrella walking down the street.

Prices Vary

I Love You in 120 Languages

Show her how much you love her by giving her this pendant that has the phrase I love you written in 120 different languages. One fun way to give her this gift is to memorize I love you in a few different languages and impress her with your knowledge.


Birchbox Subscription

A subscription to Birchbox makes a great Valentines gift because it will supply her with all sorts of goodies that are handpicked and tailor made for her style. These are high-end items, and the beauty is you don’t have to pick them out, they’re selected by product professionals.


Heart Wind Chime

Valentine’s day is the perfect time to give her this heart wind chime because spring is right around the corner and she can hear it along with the other wonderful sounds of spring. It’s a great gift that will remind her of you each time she hears its chime.

Prices Vary

Pajamas Warmer

With this pajama warmer she’ll never have to know the feeling of slipping into cold pjs again. It heats them up just right, not too hot and definitely not too cold. This is one of those gifts that is purely a luxury item, and one that she won’t know how she lived without.


Wish Lantern

Make a wish together and send it soaring with this wish lantern. You don’t have to worry about it damaging the Earth because it’s completely biodegradable. It’s an unforgettable experience that the two of you can share as you watch the glowing wish soar through the sky.

Prices Vary

FitBit Charge

This is the latest release of the FitBit tracking device, and it will help keep tabs on the fitness activities she does during the day, as well as show when she’s getting the best sleep. Showing an interest in her health and fitness shows you care and want her to live her best life.


Bamboo Heart Shaped Spoon

This simple bamboo spoon can be just the thing she’d never expect on Valentine’s Day, but that totally makes her smile. Shaped like a heart, it’s unlike any spoon she’s ever seen, and if she likes to cook will be a reminder of you often.

Prices Vary

Drinking Fudge

Forget hot cocoa, this drinking fudge ups the ante on what it means to have a drinkable chocolate. It’s going to be the perfect thing to have on Valentine’s night when you two are keeping warm and sharing time together. Pairs nicely with her favorite movie.

Prices Vary

Skyline of Love

Pick the city where you two live or met and make an amazing skyline picture of it, customized with your names. It’s a thoughtful way to give a deeper meaning to where you came together and shows that it was a really special moment for you.


Twilight Forever

If she’s a Twilight fan and doesn’t own all of the movies yet, you can get her this complete collection of all the films, as well as a bunch of extras and commentary so she’ll be totally caught up with it. Of course this one only works if she got caught up in the Twilight craze.


Aromatherapy Gift Set

Here’s a way to transport her to another plane of existence without having to leave the house. With this gift set she can choose from an array of essential oils, each with their own distinct scent that elicits different reactions when you smell them.

Prices Vary

Twister Bed Sheets

Have some fun in bed with these Twister Bed sheets. The rules are the same and it’s a lot of fun when it’s just the two of you. Right leg green, left arm blue, and the next thing you know you guys are tangled up kama sutra style.


Gourmet Jell-o Shot Guide

Don’t just make Jello shots at your next party, impress your guests with these gourmet creations and they’re sure to rave about them. It’s a fun gift if you two like to entertain or host parties. These come out looking so good you almost don’t want to eat them.


Lovely Perfume

She’ll smell absolutely lovely when you get her this perfume. It’s a highly rated offering from Sarah Jessica Parker so it’s perfect for a fan of Sex and the City. Perfume is a classic gift, but if you can tailor it to her tastes and get her one that is universally accepted it’s even better.


Sari Scarf

This scarf goes with many different outfits, and does a good job of keeping her neck warm too. It’s made from vintage saris in India, so it feels like the real thing and each one will have its own unique design and look to it.


Amazon Fire TV

When you hook up Amazon Fire TV to your television you’re getting access to millions of titles and even new releases that you can rent without having to leave the house. It’s a fast and easy way to access just the right Valentine’s movie that you can cuddle up with.

Prices Vary

Elegant Pajama Set

A pair of elegant pajamas will always be well-received, and these are soft and luxurious so she’s going to really love wearing them. Made from bamboo viscose it’s sleek and comes in a variety of colors so you can custom match it to what you think she’ll look great in.

Prices Vary

iPhone 6 Plus Gold

The iPhone 6 was a big hit, and if she hasn’t gotten one already you can surprise her with this gold edition. It’s the Plus size, so she’ll have a big screen for watching movies for Facetiming with you. If she uses her phone a lot she’ll think of you a lot. Score!

Prices Vary

Sexy Truth or Dare

Take Truth or Dare to the next level with this sexy edition. It includes everything you need to move things along, either with a tantalizing question that they have to answer truthfully, or a sexy dare that will get them to do something you wouldn’t otherwise have the nerve to ask for.


Speaker Blanket

This speaker blanker lets her listen to her music while relaxing in a park, the beach, or anywhere else she sets up shop. The portability is the best feature, allowing her to play her music and relax at the same time, plus its small size means it can go with her wherever she goes.

Prices Vary

Secret Flask Brush

She’ll be able to conceal her drinking a little better with this James Bond style hairbrush that’s also a flask. This is a fun gift to get her if she likes to drink on the sly and maybe already has her own flask, but would like to be a little more discreet when she uses it.


Bleeding Hearts Flowers

Get her these bleeding hearts flowers and she’ll be blown away by your thoughtfulness. Each one looks like a heart, and they’re really pretty once they fully bloom. They’re perennials, so once she plants them they’ll come back year after year as a reminder of your gift.

Prices Vary

“To the Moon and Back” Necklace

This necklace sums it all up by letting her know that you love her to the moon and back. That’s 477,800 miles if you were wondering, which is a pretty far distance indeed, but it’s the act of going there and coming back that really drives the message home.


Pink Tool Set

With this pink tool set you’ll be empowering her to handle small tasks and projects around the home or her place. At the very least you’re making it so you’ll have the tools you need to do the small tasks and projects she asks you to do around the home or at her place.


Love Birch Cuff

This beautiful cuff will look great on her, and it is something she’ll be able to wear with a number of outfits. You may want to make sure that she likes to wear bracelets before getting it, since it may go unused if she’s not really into having anything on her wrists.


Pink Heart Post-It Dispenser

Brighten up her office with this pink heart Post-It dispenser and she’ll always have it close to her side while she’s at work. When she wants to write a love note to you she’ll have just the right tool for the job. Expect to see more pink memos telling you how great you are.

Prices Vary

Space Saving Massage Chair

Give her a massage without actually having to do the work when you get her this space-saving massage chair. Just don’t be offended when she says it does a better job of massaging her than you do. Even though it’s a space-saver, it’s still big enough to get comfortable in.



Everything she needs for a luxurious spa experience is contained in this basket. The best part is she might get to have two or three treatments before the supplies run out, rather than just a one-off spa trip that will feel just as good. You can also offer to help pamper her.

Prices Vary

Bean Bag Pool Lounger

Lounging in the pool is a lot more comfortable when you have this bean bag lounger in your arsenal. It’s like sitting on a bean bag chair while floating in water, the ultimate relaxing experience. Once she’s in it it may be hard for you to get her out.

Prices Vary

To the World Mug

A heartfelt and touching sentiment, this mug is sure to be her new favorite, with a message that reads: “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” A message like this can brighten her day not just once but every day she uses it.


Glitter Nail Polish

Help her get all prettified with this glittery nail polish. Sometimes it’s the little things that can really make a great gift, and if you know that she loves doing her own nails, you can show that you’re paying attention with a thoughtful gift she’ll actually use.

Prices Vary

Chicken Soup for the Soul: True Love

The Chicken Soup for the Soul books are well-reviewed and a big hit, so when you get her this edition that is specifically about True Love, you know that there’s going to be some very special stories in it that the two of you will relate to.


Close Curves Shaver

This may not be the most glamorous gift you can give her, but if you know she’s been struggling with a close shave or is tired of nicking herself when shaving her legs, it could be the best thing she’s ever received but be sure you’ve known each other long enough for a gift like this.


12 Ways to Say I Love You

The perfect gift if you know what you want to say but have trouble expressing it. This will help you tap into your creative side and get you over any writer’s block when it comes to letting her know how you really feel. The emotions it elicits are genuine, from you, it just gives you a nudge.


Heated Hand Cozy

If you’ve noticed she’s always trying to keep her hands warm, get her this heated hand cozy and she’ll never have to go another minute with cold hands. Hey, you can’t hold her hands all the time, so give her something that can fill in for you when you’re not around.


His and Hers Massage Kit

This is a gift that you both get to enjoy, a kit that includes massage oils and supplies for both him and her. It includes a wooden massager which means you’ll be able to massage her longer without getting tired and really break up those knotted tissues.

Prices Vary

Happily Ever After Wall Sign

Bring all of those fairy tales to life with this happily ever after wall sign. It’s a great sign to put above the bed or anyplace else in the home. It’s a reminder to treat each day with a magical quality and bring out the best in each other.

Prices Vary

You & Me Picture Frame

Pick the best picture of you two from the last year and put it in this You & Me picture frame. It has a whimsical quality to it, almost like Christopher Robin and Pooh or Calvin and Hobbes. It’s sure to get placed in a high-traffic zone so that everyone can see it.


Sculpted Jewelry Tree

Help her sort through her jewelry with this sculpted jewelry tree that features spots for all of her different items. The branches make a great place for rings, bracelets, or necklaces, and each little twig can hold rings or more necklaces or bracelets.

Prices Vary

Try Something New Book

There’s always something new to try when you have this book at your disposal, and every great relationship is made even better when you keep things interesting. Get out of the rut or avoid one altogether when you have a list of ideas to choose from.


Intersection of Love

A stunning way to portray your love, with your respective names displayed as street signs at an intersection. It has a classic look to it, and it becomes a talking point if you ever have company over and they notice that the street signs have your names on them.


Love is Art Kit

Make an amazing piece of art just doing what you do naturally. This kit includes all the supplies needed to paint on a canvas using just your bodies as you express your physical love for one another. They even include plastic to put down so you don’t make a huge mess.


Heart-Shaped Silicone Mold

With this heart-shaped silicone mold you can make all sorts of things in the shape of a heart, like chocolate, Jello, muffins, and more. Your only limit is your imagination, since the silicone material means nothing will stick to it and it’s safe for the oven.

Prices Vary

Murder Mystery Party

Insure a night of fun the next time you host a dinner party with this murder mystery pack. It comes with everything you need to put on a fun and entertaining party that people will be talking about long after it’s done.


Organic Soap Set

Pamper her with this set of organic soaps and she won’t be putting anything on her skin that could irritate it. Organic is important because it means she won’t be rubbing insecticides and herbicides onto her skin, which will be absorbed into the body.

Prices Vary


By getting her underwear from MeUndies you’re showing that you care enough to get the good stuff. They make high quality and fashionable underwear that she’ll appreciate. They have a pretty wide selection of different underwear to choose from.


Deep or Light Pressure Neck Massager

Does she get all tense and knotted up in the neck area? A lot of women store the stress of the day in the neck area, making this a great gift that will show you care and will help her de-stress after a rough day.


Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

With this fruit infuser water bottle she’ll be able to ditch the sports drinks and sugary flavored waters sold in stores for refreshing water that is sweetened and flavored by real fruit. The bottle is specially designed to help extract the flavor and nutrients from the fruit into the water.

Prices Vary

Coupons from the Heart

By giving your sweetheart coupons you’re showing her that you’re ready and willing to do anything she wants, all she has to do is present the coupon. Of course these are things you’ll want to do, so it will be fun for you too and you’ll get a kick out of how much she appreciates it.


Heart Stones Poster Print

Here’s a great print to give her if she collects heart-shaped stones she finds at the beach or on hiking trails. It’s a heart made up of smaller heart stones, and looks great framed and hung on the wall. It’s a touching gift even if she doesn’t collect these types of stones.

Prices Vary

Learn to Fly a Plane

Give her a big burst of adrenaline as she learns how to fly a plane! If she’s ever mentioned that she’d like to learn how to fly a plane this is your chance to make one of her dreams a reality, and she’ll never forget you for it.


Get Her a Flock of Chicks

Donating a flock of chicks to a region in need is a great gift that she’ll remember forever. A flock of chicks can help a town in need by providing meat and eggs not just once but over and over again. A fun way to present this is with a stuffed animal chick and the card you can print out.


Funky Veg Kit

Does she love to garden? If so you can get her this funky veg kit which will allow her to grow vegetables that don’t often find their way into the local grocery store. But that doesn’t mean they don’t taste good and can’t brighten up a plate. She’ll enjoy growing and eating them!

Prices Vary

Wine Tasting Flight

If she’s more of a wine drinker than a beer drinker, get her this wine tasting flight which will allow her to sample a variety of wines to see which ones she likes best. It’s fun to get different bottles of wine you’ve never tried and sample them just as you would at a wine-tasting tour.


Kama Sutra Weekender Kit

Take the weekend to explore your relationship even further and enhance the bond you share with this kit. It comes with oils and lotions that will help you give a great massage, and even an edible honey dust that you sprinkle on with a feather.

Prices Vary

Exercise Belt

This is the perfect spot to hold her ID and some cash while she’s working out. Yoga pants and other workout attire often doesn’t have pockets, and if they do it’s too easy for things to fall out. Solve all of those problems with one convenient belt that lets her work out without worrying.


Two Dozen Floating Candles

With this set of two dozen floating candles you’ll be able to create just the right romantic setting, the kind you see in movies when the guy wants to be ultra romantic. Draw her a hot bubble bath, play her favorite chill out music, pour her a glass of wine and she’ll be in heaven.

Prices Vary

Bamboo Bath Caddy

This bamboo bath caddy is the perfect gift to get along with the floating candles above because you’re totally setting the scene for her to have some much-needed me time. It has a special spot for her favorite book so she can let the bath do its job on her senses while she reads.


Acupressure Foot Massager

Let this foot massager do the hard part for you and you’ll still come out looking like the good guy because you’re the one that got it for her. Of course you can still rub her feet to show affection, but this foot massager will already have worked out the major soreness.


Full Length Hooded Bathrobe

There’s nothing like coming out of the shower, drying off and slipping into a full-length bathrobe. When it has a hood even better, especially in cold months like February. This is a microfiber fleece offering, so it’s extra soft and has lots of drying action in case she’s still a little wet.


Sexy Bubble Bath

Drop some of this sexy bubble bath into the tub and it not only fills it up with bubbles, but releases an aroma that’s sure to be pleasing. It says it’s infused with aphrodisiacs and pheromones so it should be the sort of bubble bath you’ll want to share.

Prices Vary

Best Things in Life Comfort Candle

Here’s a candle that reminds her of the best things in life, and also provides a warm, soothing glow that acts as mood lighting. A candle like this may not seem like a big deal, but when you combine a warm message and soothing light it can be something she really enjoys.


Cardinal Bird Feeder

With this cardinal bird feeder you’ll be attracting cardinals with their deep red color, the perfect bird to have around on Valentine’s Day. All she needs to do is fill it with bird seed and put it up. The red color attracts the cardinals, and of course other birds will feed from it as well.

Prices Vary

Smartouch Gloves

These smartouch gloves have fingertips that will allow her to be on her smartphone without taking the gloves off. They’ll help keep her fingers nice and warm even while she’s texting and sending emails in the cold. They’re stylish and sleek while still keeping the hands warm.

Prices Vary

Porn for Women

Be aware that she just might want you to re-enact some of the scenes shown in this Porn for Women book. It’s full of images that are sure to get her hot and bothered, but not in the way you might think. Guys are cooking, cleaning, and doing other chores around the house in this one.


French Press Tea Maker

If she’s a tea enthusiast you can further her enjoyment by getting this French press tea maker. It will keep the tea leaves and the tea separate so she doesn’t get any bit of leaves in the cup, while allowing it to fully seep and soak up all of the goodness from the tea.


Handbag Handcuff

With the Handbag Handcuff she’ll have a nice invention that allows her to carry many bags at once, or keep her purse securely fastened to a table or chair. Its small size means she can carry it around in or on her purse and use it only when she needs it.

Prices Vary

Alaska Glacial Mud

No need to travel to Alaska to get the benefits of this Alaska Glacial Mud. Making a mud mask with it is the perfect way to cleanse and beautify the skin on the face, helping to wash away impurities and making the skin feel great.


Bose QuietComfort 20i

These headphones are from Bose and they’ve mastered the art of noise-canceling headphones. Instead of resting on the ear these are in-ear buds that not only feel very comfortable when wearing them, but help to block out outside sounds so all she’ll hear is her music.


Couples Pillowcases

Show how much she means to you by getting her these pillowcases. It reads “All of me loves all of you” and is just the right phrase to melt her heart and have her drift off to sleep with happy dreams of you. The subtle design is not in-your-face, so she can use them all the time.

Prices Vary

Jewelry Box

A jewelry box is just the thing to keep all of her jewelry organized and available at a moment’s notice when she’s getting ready. If she currently doesn’t have a solution for her jewelry and it’s sort of all over the place, this is going to be the best gift she’s received in a long time.


Scenic Cruise

Take her on a scenic cruise and it’s something she just won’t forget. They say you should be experiences, not things, and this is one way for you two to have a shared experience that is very romantic and can put the button on the perfect Valentine’s Day together.


Top-Zip Tote Bag

With this top-zipping tote bag she’ll always have everything she needs with easy access and a stylish look. It’s big but not too big, and with its “just right” size it’s able to fit just about anything she’ll want to lug around without making it look like she has a carpet bag.


Save Your Do

Help her keep her hair looking good even when she’s working out. It wraps around her hair so she can be as active as she wants, and when she unwraps it it will look like it did to start. If she’s always going to yoga or other fitness classes this is a must-have.


Photography Book

Nuture the photography bug she has with this book that will enable her to take better shots, no matter what level she is. Getting the right shot is a matter of know-how and after reading this book she’ll be able to put into practice what she’s learned to take better pictures.



She’ll be able to keep her hair neat and looking good with this new invention called Pulleez. It keeps her hair where she wants it, while looking better than a hair tie and doing a better job as well. It comes in a range of colors so be sure to pick the best one for her.


Sand-Free Beach Blanket

Take to the beach with this blanket and you won’t drag half of it back with you. It’s naturally resistant to sand so you can lay it down, have a nice time, and then give it a quick shake and it’s as good as new for next time.

Prices Vary

Full Heart Necklace

Here’s a stunning necklace that she’ll be glad to get, and one that she can wear with a number of different outfits. It’s shows your love for her in one of the most time-tested forms, the shape of a heart. Made of sterling silver and called the Full Heart necklace, it shows how you feel.


Bamboo Sampler Serving Tray

The next time you host a party together you can use this bamboo sampler serving tray for things like dips and salsas. This is a good buy if you’re both fond of hosting parties and get togethers as it gives you a range of new options for what to serve your guests.


Movie Cuddlers Gift Set

Cuddling up to a movie is just better with popcorn, and with this gift set you’re getting all the popcorn you can handle to power your way through a chick flick marathon. With so many different styles of popcorn to try, this is a gift you’ll both enjoy indulging in.


Natural Hair Makeup Brushes

With these makeup brushes made of natural hair she’ll be able to apply her makeup more easily and have that nice finishing touch that you don’t get with synthetic brushes. A great choice if she’s ever mentioned her make-up brushes and needs new ones.

Prices Vary

Himalayan Salt Lamp

This salt lamp does more than just light the room with a soft amber glow. As the salt heats it helps to purify the air, so you’re getting multiple benefits from one lamp, plus it looks great with just about any decor and creates an instant ambience with it’s light.


Sexy Camisole

‘Tis the holiday to give each other sexy lingerie and this camisole gets the job done. It’s see-through and form-enhancing so she’s sure to love wearing it, and you’re sure to love it when she does. It’s just the right color for Valentine’s Day as well and pairs nicely with other gifts.

Prices Vary

Taxi Wallet

This wallet is specially designed to hold everything she needs in a nice compact size. It can even hold her loose change and has a special compartment for her credit cards and ID. This is the last wallet she’ll need for awhile as it’s made out of leather and built to last.

Prices Vary

Inside Game of Thrones

If you two love watching Game of Thrones together you can delve even further into the series with this well-produced book. It’s the perfect way to bond even further through your mutual enjoyment of the show, with details that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Prices Vary

Surprise Her with a Sensual Massage

Watch these DVDs on your own and then surprise her with your newfound skills as you give her the best sensual massage you’ve ever given. A sensual massage combines elements of a real massage while at the same time arousing her interest and taking her sensations to new heights.


Butterfly Puddler

When spring arrives she’ll be ready with this butterfly puddler. It’s a way for her to attract butterflies to her garden or the backyard in general by giving them a food source they can’t resist. It’s going to be a real thrill to see so many butterflies that wouldn’t be there otherwise.


Burt’s Bees Head to Toe Kit

Take care of her body from head to toe with this special kit from Burt’s Bees. If you’ve seen her buy anything from Burt’s Bees you’ll know that she’ll love this package, as it contains products to help her from her feet to her face.

Prices Vary

Go Classic: Breakfast and Bed

There’s just no way you can go wrong when you serve your woman breakfast in bed on this classic tray. All that you’ll need to know is what her favorite breakfast is, cook it up and serve it to her on the tray so she can eat it in the coziness and warmth of the bed.


Ultra-Plush Warming Blanket

Valentine’s Day is right in the middle of winter for many who live in cold climates, and you can help the rest of the winter go a lot more smoothly when you get her this ultra-plush warming blanket.


Nest Learning Thermostat

With detailed stats on how often the heat runs, and the ability to set and change the thermostat from anywhere, the Nest learning thermostat is something she’s sure to be thankful for. Saving money is always sexy, and this gift shows that you want her to be comfortable all the time.

Prices Vary

I Dare You Cards

These cards skip the truth and go right to the dare. There are plenty of different cards here so there’s sure to be a handful that push you out of your comfort zone and get you to try new things with each other without being too uncomfortable or ruining any trust.


Heated Foot Bath

This heated foot bath will melt away the stress of the day and give her a moment of Zen that is sure to carry over to the rest of the night. The heat helps to relax tired foot muscles and keeps the water hot for as long as she wants to soak.

Prices Vary

Wrist Wallet

Here’s a handy spot for her to keep all of her necessities at close range, but still out of the way so she can jog or work out. It has a compartment on it that’s even big enough to hold some smartphones, making it a convenient place to store it.

Prices Vary

Sleep Therapy Mask

Here’s a way for her to sleep better just by getting ready for bed with this sleep therapy mask. A special blue glow is seen when wearing these, which helps to ease her mind and fall asleep faster instead of thinking the same recycled thoughts that can keep you awake.


Gardener Folding Chair

If she loves to garden get her this folding chair that comes with plenty of gardening tools and places to store them built right in. While gardening may be fun, it’s no fun to be stooped over or uncomfortable while tending to plants or pulling weeds.

Prices Vary

Let’s Play Doctor

Time to get randy with this Let’s Play Doctor game. This is sure to get your Valentine’s Day night off on the right foot, and it can be fun giving each other a check up. If you’ve never added a game to your sexy time this is a good one to start off with.


The Ultimate Duffle Bag

With this duffel bag she’ll be able to carry everything she needs for the gym, with spaces and compartments for all of her toiletries and clothing. No longer will she have to use a bag that doesn’t have enough room for everything she needs to bring.

Prices Vary

Roadside Emergency Kit

Keep her safe with this roadside emergency kit. You can’t be with her all the time, and if she ever finds herself stranded she’ll be glad you got her this kit. Includes everything she’ll need to get the attention of other drivers and also to make minor repairs to get back on the road.


Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Let her sing in the shower to her heart’s content when you get her this Bluetooth shower speaker. The Bluetooth connectivity means she can play her favorite music in the shower without worrying about getting the speaker, or her smartphone, wet.


Your Heart in Her Hand

Give her your heart in her hand with this hand-crafted gift. She’s sure to keep it on display all year long, and it will remind her of you and the love you share each and every day. It’s gifts like these that she’ll remember for a long time, and that will look nice on a shelf or mantle.


18 DIY Valentine Ideas for Her

Sweetheart Knit Valentine DIY

When you make her these knit Valentine’s you’re going to score major points because it’s something you made on your own from scratch. It means you took the time to make her a gift that’s one of a kind, and one that has a part of you infused into it.

Wooden Spoon Love Notes

A Valentine gift can be as simple as transforming an ordinary wooden spoon into something extraordinary just be stamping a cute message into it. Here they’ve gone with “wanna spoon?” and it’s these sort of subtle messages that end up paying dividends later.

Heart Headphone Cord Wrap

With this headphone cord wrap shaped like a heart she’ll never have to detangle her cord again, and she’ll take a piece of you with her wherever she goes. It’s a simple enough design, she just wraps the cord around the heart and it stays tangle-free and ready for use.

Hand-Stamped Cuff Bracelet

Here’s a way to make a great-looking bracelet on your own and give her something meaningful that she’ll actually want to wear. The materials are easy to find and the steps are easy to follow, but she doesn’t have to know that, she’ll just be happy it’s hand made.

Valentine’s Day Massage Oil

You can’t go wrong with massage oil because the anticipation of getting a massage from you is going to drive her crazy. Put the oil in a decorative bottle and it will look nice on a bathroom sink or counter until you’re ready to use it.

DIY Bath Bombs

Instead of buying bath bombs make her some instead. She’ll be blown away by the fact that you not only knew enough to get her bath bombs, but that you made them on your own. When she places them in the bath they explode with bubbles, salt, and fragrance.

Valentine’s Day Pillows

These Valentine pillows are ones that she can use all the time, not just on Valentine’s Day. They have hearts on them but they also have a look to them that should go well in most living rooms. A snuggly gift like this is surely going to be something that makes her happy.

Heart Stamps

No matter what you get her this Valentine’s Day you can make it look more Valentine-y by stamping it with these hearts. A handmade card or a store bought gift wrapped up and stamped will be a big winner and you can keep using it after Valentine’s Day as a reminder.

DIY Heart-Etched Wine Glasses

With these heart-etched wine glasses you’ll be giving her a gift that looks store bought but is really your own creation. A great gift idea if she’s a wine lover, because she can use your glasses each time she has a glass of wine throughout the year.

Heart Necklace

Take the time to make her this heart necklace and she’s sure to cherish it, especially if you’re not usually the type to make crafty things. It takes a bit of a gamble and pushing yourself out of your usually routine to try something new and make something from scratch for her.

Homemade Chocolate Truffle Soaps

These soaps look and smell good enough to eat, but they are for the bath and shower. This is a sure thing because it combines two big loves, the love of chocolate and the love of a hot shower or bath. You can also combine this with the bath bombs or bath caddy above.

Easy Sew Valentine’s Kitty

Don’t be afraid of this project if you don’t know how to sew, it’s easy to follow the directions and the kitty comes out so cute she’ll absolutely love it. A no-brainer if she’s a cat lover. Taking the time to actually sew a cute kitten like this will definitely be well-received.

Homemade Lotion Bars

These homemade lotion bars are sure to make her skin smooth and soft, even when harsh winter dryness is on the attack. The benefit of using a lotion bar instead of liquid lotion is that it doesn’t leave your hands oily or full of lotion, it only applies what is needed.

“I’m Nuts About You” Walnut Valentine

If you want to make her laugh make her this cute Valentine from walnuts that says “I’m nuts about you.” As an added bonus if you know she likes walnuts it’s an even better gift. This sort of giggly gift is just the ticket if she has a good sense of humor.

Valentine’s Day Caramel Apple Kit

Play to her sweet side when you make her this caramel apple kit that is especially for Valentine’s day. She’ll not only get a cute message along with the kit, but she’ll be able to enjoy a caramel apple, just be sure it’s one of her favorite sweet treats.

Deck of Cards Mini Book

With this deck of cards you’re getting 52 different date ideas so you’ll never run out of options for something to do when it’s date night. It’s a cute way to assemble all of the date ideas, on a pack of playing cards so she can easily flip through and see all of the ideas that you came up with.

Seed Packet Valentine

Watch your love grow with this seed packet Valentine. It’s the sort of gift that not only shows you care but also shows that you’re interested in seed where things go, or seeing how your love grows in tune with a plant and all things of nature.

“I’m Sticking with You” Valentine

Here’s a cute play on words that goes with these bracelets made from wood. A great Valentine’s gift for her if she likes to commune with nature and loves all things that come from the Earth. It’s easy to make once you find the sticks and assemble the ingredients.


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