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42 Hilarious Gag Gifts That Will Make Them ROFL

Sometimes the best gifts are gifts that make them laugh. Take a look at our list of hilarious gag gifts that will make their day brighter 🙂

42 Funny Gag Gifts that Will Make Them LOL.

Bacon Bandages

Cover your cuts and scrapes with bandages that mimic your favorite breakfast item. These bacon bandages are just like traditional sterile adhesive bandages, but so much more fun. Each bandage measures three inches in length and covers a width up to three-quarter inches. Bandages come in a package of 15 in a reusable printed tin.


Butt Station

Looking for a way to add laughs to your boring office cubicle? The butt station organizes your office supplies with an eye toward humor. This comical gift holds pens, tape, and sticky notes or business cards. It is available in three different colors.

Prices Vary

Batman Snuggie

Stay warm this winter covered in the garb of your favorite super hero – Batman! This cozy blanket measures 71X48” and features convenient arm slots. It fits more snugly than many snuggie blankets, contouring to your body and appearing more like a costume than a blanket. Fun for Batman fans of all ages!


Toilet Mug

If the idea of drinking your morning coffee from a toilet brings a smile to your face, the toilet mug is for you. The bowl of the toilet holds your beverage and the handle is the piping under the toilet tank. The toilet mug is capable of holding 12 ounces of liquid.


Emergency Clown Nose

Now you can bring the incredible healing power of humor to any occasion with the Emergency Clown Nose. Few things bring joy to a situation like a clown. This convenient red nose can be worn for any situation where you need to produce a smile. The Emergency Clown Nose is also useful in situations in which you need to terrify those around you.


Creative Cursing Profanity Generator

Having a difficult time stringing together the perfect curse phrase? The creative cursing profanity generator helps you create the perfect curse for any occasion. Creatively mix together bawdy phrases for just the right expression of how you feel


Animal Butt Magnets

Animal butt magnets add fun to any magnetic surface. These plastic half-characters are fun for kids and adults of all ages. Butt magnets come in a package of six with a variety of animals. Each measures between one and two inches.


The Zombie Survival Guide

Need help surviving the impending zombie apocalypse? This book can help. It contains all the tips and tricks you will need when the zombies attack. Nothing you know right now has prepared you for a zombie attack, but the Zombie Survival Guide will help you make it through what is sure to be history’s most dangerous time.


The Best Gag Gift for Dog Lovers – ‘Dogs on Bikes’ Tees

Available breed-specific designs include- black lab, boston terrier, corgi, golden retriever, french bulldog, beagle, english bulldog, yorkie, chihuahua, jack russell, shih tzu, husky, dachshund, rottweiler and pekingese.

The Official Bullsh*T Button

Who doesn’t know at least a few people who are full of sh*t? The next time they are running their mouths and you detect something stinky, push the Official Bullsh*t button. It alerts everyone in the area to the fetid crap spewing from your friend’s mouth. The button works especially well in an office cubicle.


Passive Aggressive Notes

Love reading notes from disgruntled people barely managing to make it through life without a psychotic break? This book is for you. It is packed with dozens of biting, sniping notes that will make you laugh.


Emergency Underpants

Worried you will not be wearing clean underpants when emergency strikes? Prone to disasters that leave you feeling less than fresh? Emergency underpants are the solution for all of your underpants related problems. They come in a convenient carrying case the fit in your pocket, purse, or glove compartment.


Happy Man Bottle Stopper

Nobody is happier about your bottle of wine than the Happy Man! This tool helps you keep even the finest vintage fresh and fruity between glasses. Happy man is made of sturdy red plastic and the black rubber rings ensure a tight fit when inserted in the wine bottle spout.


Giant Fist Can Holder

Show off your brute strength while keeping your beverage icy cold! The Giant Fist Can Holder is the perfect styrofoam can cooler. Impress your friends at your next party with your inability to not crush your can!


Camera Lens Mug

Every sipped your drink from a camera lens? Now you can. The camera lens mug is ideal for photography buffs and those who enjoy quirky mugs. The mug holds 15 ounces of liquid and is perfect for hot and cold beverages.


Knock Knock WTF Nifty Notes

WTF ever happened to the art of passing notes? Save time talking with these Nifty Note pads by Knock Knock. Abuse the convenience of check boxes and get straight to the point. This hilariously funny gift is sure to get you the answers you need.


“Bring Me Some Wine” Novelty Socks

You really will be blessing your cotton socks when you start getting handed wine left, right and center. The original “bring me some wine” socks allow you to simply put up your feet and let them do the talking. The ideal gag gift for the wine lover in your life.


RainBowl Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light

There are many things that go bump in the night, including the dreaded midnight toilet run. Illuminate your throne with the RainBowl and evacuate your bladder under the gentle glow of your favorite color. An extremely useful, yet funny, gift idea that will save countless arguments the morning after.


Crap Taxidermy

Whether the recipient laughs in hysterics, or is stunned with bewilderment, Crap Taxidermy is the gag gift they will not be able to look away from. The book showcases the very worst examples of this art form in all their morbid glory and includes a DIY guide on stuffing a mouse. It’s dead funny.


Mom Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Moms are the best, period. Show the Mom in your life that you appreciate her with this hilariously relatable adult coloring book. The pages showcase the ups and downs of Motherhood in the form of beautiful yet hysterical artwork that she will adore coloring in, long after the gift giving season.


Inflatable Magical Unicorn Horn For Cats

Give the gag gift of magic to the cat lover in your life. From pussy to pony, this inflatable unicorn horn will transform their beloved feline into a majestic, mythical creature, worthy of the regal life they live. Standing tall at 5.25” long, the cat (unicorn) will also revel comfortably in their new look.


Prank Pack Bathe & Brew

Aristotle once said that the secret to humor is surprise. Well wrap up the perfect gift with the Bathe & Brew. Watch eagerly as your loved ones tear open the paper to see the most ridiculous product ever laying in their hands, only to find out it was all a joke at their expense.


The Screaming Goat Book and Figure

Have everyone laughing like a kid again with The Screaming Goat. Sat proud upon a tree stump, this silly Billy screams every time he is pressed. This gift is not only insanely funny (which it really is), but also informative, and comes with an illustrated guide of goat facts.


BigMouth Inc The Great Garden Gnome Massacre

Give this gardening gag gift to the green thumb that you know and love and watch their garden come to life (and death) in horrific fashion with the hilarious Great Garden Gnome Massacre. The T-Rex has gnomercy and gnome man can ever stop his evil wrath.

Prices Vary

Accoutrements Split Cam Novelty Camera

Fuse together two images and create one very unordinary, very funny and sometimes very disturbing final image with The Split Cam. Get creative with your merging as The Split Cam can produce some crazy cool effects and is the ideal funny gift to give to the photographer of your family.


Prank Pack Nap Sack

Napping. One of life’s simple pleasures that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime with the nap sack. Of course, this is not a real product. Simply a decoy box that will have the recipient bemused and bewildered. A hilariously simple prank that is sure to have the whole family in hysterics.


Archie McPhee Grump Things That Annoy Me Notebooks

Who comes to mind when you think of the word Grump? Thought of somebody? Now buy them this. The three in one grump notebooks set is the perfect gag gift for the moaner in your life. Titled: Things that annoy me, daily disappointments and fresh rants; they are bound to fill them up in no time.


Evolving Tadpole

Witness the lifecycle of a frog from tadpole to fully grown adult frog with the Evolving Tadpoles set. Give this gift to a loved one and watch them hop with joy as they discover the transformation this creature must go through in its life. Comes with an illustrated blister card.


BigMouth Inc Grenade “Take a Number” Mug

Don’t pull the pin on your gift giving until you have seen this enormous “Take a number” mug by BigMouth Inc. Shaped like a grenade, this mug has its very own ring pull with number tab. This would be a great gag gift for anyone that works in, or has to deal with, complaints.


BigMouth Inc. Inflatable Pool Party Drink Floats

Pool up to the party and swan in like a boss with this three pack of inflatable, bird inspired, novelty drink floats by BigMouth Inc. Keep the head of your beer above water and enjoy a nice cold one (or three) without having to go pool side.


BigMouth Inc The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Dress right with the grill sergeant BBQ apron. This funny gag gift is perfect for the barbeque enthusiast in your life and will give them a fighting chance at being the best back yard chef this summer. Equipped with multiple pockets and camouflage, they definitely won’t be marching home in defeat.


Giant Flask

Regular flask just not enough to get you through a miserable event? The Giant Flask holds a whopping 64 ounces of liquid. It is exactly like a regular flask, but more than twice the size. The flask makes a great gift and is perfect for getting through family gatherings during the holiday season.

Prices Vary

Beardski Ski Mask

The Beardski Ski Mask provides a humorous way to stay warm during your trips down the slopes. It measures six inches long and features adjustable flaps so it fits all sizes. The mask is made with thermal fleece and a vented neoprene mouth and chin piece. It is water resistant and adds a humorous flair to any ski ensemble.


Blinker Fluid

If you know a car lover whose knowledge doesn’t match their passion, play a prank on them with this Blinker Fluid. Tell them to take the empty bottle to a garage and ask for a refill – then watch them go red with embarrassment at the response.


Racing Grannies

Who knew grannies could move so fast? A fun stocking filler for both kids and adults, race them against each other across the dinner table – after you’ve stuffed yourself with turkey – to see whose granny has the finish line in her sights and whose is taking a nap after being on the booze.

Prices Vary

Accoutrements Inflatable Turkey

If Mom stresses over the turkey every year, make her laugh with this inflatable one – the vinyl bird is already dried out, so it doesn’t matter how long she leaves it in the oven. It’s sure to be the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving table.


Edible Insects Bag of Mixed Edible Bugs

So your mate will eat “anything”, right? Dare them to try these edible bugs from the Newport Jerky Company. They can chow down on grasshoppers, crickets and silkworms – and if they’re watching their weight, they’ll be pleased to know the bugs are boiled not fried.


Total Vision Table Games Potty Golfing

If your husband, dad or mate is golf-obsessed, give them this Potty Golf game so they can practice wherever they are – even in the bathroom. The green ‘grass’ fits around the toilet, while the knee-length club is the perfect size for the ‘King of Golf’ to swing whilst seated on his porcelain throne.


Accoutrements Yodelling Pickle

Are you unsure what to get a mate for Christmas? Surprise them with the gift they’ve always wanted (but didn’t know it): a yodelling pickle. Press the button to hear this pickle yodel until it’s green in the face, transporting those in earshot to the mountains of Switzerland.


Portable Pizza Pouch

Pizza lovers rejoice! With this Portable Pizza Pouch, dough aficionados can carry around a slice with them to make sure they never go hungry. The zip-lock pouch can hold a standard slice of pizza (or a slice of the larger New York or Chicago-style pizzas with a bite out of them).


Memory Mints for Senior Moments Fun Gag Tin

Does your friend or colleague often have what can only be described as a “senior moment”? Never let them forget it (even if they might have forgotten what they said to you) with this tin of Memory Mints. They’re extra strong to help reverse memory loss in the over 50s.


ArtCreativity Squirt Wee Pee Boy Set

Watch out, these plastic figures don’t have any bladder control – when their shorts are pulled down, the Squirt Wee Boys ‘pee’ without warning. Catch out your family or your colleagues, who will look like they’re the ones who have had an ‘accident’ after being squirted with water.


How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety

An essential read for cat owners, this book addresses the important questions, such as “Why does my cat need to use the Internet?” And forget the neighbor’s dog, the biggest threat to cats nowadays is knowing how to survive an apocalypse. This book will educate them so they can enjoy each of their 9 lives.


People of Walmart.com Adult Coloring Book

Coloring books aren’t just for kids; adults can sit back and relax as they color the designs in this 37-page book. And what subject matter is helping to de-stress Americans when they pick up their marker pens… landscapes? Animals, maybe? It’s the People of Walmart, of course.


Forum Novelties Grow a Boyfriend Novelty

Got a single friend who’s looking for a winter boyfriend? Her wish for a man this Christmas may just come true with this Grow a Boyfriend novelty toy. Once he’s submerged in water, this 2-inch fella will grow to 12 inches in size. The perfect man does exist.


The Freebird Mullet Wig Skull Cap

If your mate needs help growing their mullet, this is the gift for them. From Mullet On The Go, the Freebird Mullet Wig Skull Cap includes luscious, black, shoulder-length locks, attached to a Stars and Stripes skull cap. (It’s also the perfect accessory if they’re off to see a Guns N’ Roses tribute band.)


Chia Pet Donald Trump

Donald Trump is known for his thick crop of hair; now your friends or colleagues can grow crops on his head with this decorative pottery planter. As well as a handmade planter, the novelty gift also comes with a pack of Chia seeds and instructions on how to achieve full growth in just 1-2 weeks.


Zombies Hate Stuff

There isn’t much zombies don’t hate. This hardcover book is filled with images of zombies dealing with all the things they hate. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves zombies, but is not too fond of actually reading books.


Pickle Lip Balm

Tired of moisturizing your lips with strawberry, cherry, or mint? Then Pickle Lip Balm is for you. This dill flavored delight offers all the moisturizing of a traditional lip balm, but without the pleasant taste.

Prices Vary

Go The F**K To Sleep

Goodnight, moon? Not tonight. This hardcover book is filled with humorous passages all parents will enjoy. Parents need a reminder they are not alone when it comes to dealing with the dark side of parenthood. This book offers a lighter view of the stress they endure.


F In Exams

If you are going to get it wrong, you might as well make the most of it. F in Exams is a book that explores some of the best wrong answers ever given on tests. Sometimes the dumbest among us are the wittiest and this book shares their insightful humor.


Akward Family Photos

This book is filled with some of the most horrific, uncomfortable family moments captured on film. What were these people thinking? And to memorialize it in a photo? This book helps you feel better about your own family’s dysfunction. It seems wrong to laugh, but do it anyway.


Damn You, Autocorrect!

How many times has autocorrect prevented you from making your point in a text message? Not to mention the times it created a completely different, inappropriate message. This book is filled with the best instances of autocorrect taking over and turning a normal conversation into a terribly awkward moment.


Beard Book

Love bears? Want to see more of them? The Beard Book is for you. These photos were taken at the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Anchorage, Alaska. There are beards of all shapes and sizes featured, providing great inspiration for growing and styling a beard of your own.


Flair Hair Visor

Wish you still had a head of hair full enough to wear the latest hairstyles? The Flair Hair Visor can help. Worn just like a traditional visor hat, it features a head of hair sprouting from the top. Both hat and visor are available in a variety of colors and fit most heads.


BigMouth Inc The Beer Mitt

One of the greatest problems facing humanity has now, finally, been solved. How to keep your beer cold and your hands warm. The Beer Mitt is the answer we have all been waiting for and is the perfect gag gift for the lover of lager in your life.


Images You Should Not Masturbate To

Take a load off and relax with “Images You Should Not Masturbate To”. This funny gag gift will have everyone who peeks inside busting their nut with laughter. The simple concept behind this paperback is what makes it so hilarious, just remember with all that howling, you may still be left reaching for the tissues.


BigMouth Inc The Mini Curbside Trash and Recycle Can Set

Need a funny gift for the office worker in your life? Don’t think big, think small, really small. This set of two office organizers come in the shape of a trash can and recycling bin; perfect for ensuring they do not trash their desk during the working day.


VBIGER Octopus Beanie Hat

Oct out of the societal norm in the colder months with this Octopus Ski Mask. Buy this for whoever is octopi-ing your mind this gift giving season, show them you care and ensure they never ever knit pick at your gift buying abilities again.


The Farting Animals Coloring Book

As stated on the cover of this hilarious book, farts are funny. No if’s, no butts, they just are. What’s funnier than people farting? Animals. Have fun creating a rainbow of rump rippers yourself, or buy as a great gag gift for someone you love, that loves farts!


Tiki Tumblers Ceramic Hawaiian Luau Party Mugs Glasses

Hawaii drink out of a normal cup, when you can drink from these? The ceramic Tiki mug is the perfect addition to any sun lovers home. Bring paradise to them in the form of a gift and watch their face light up with tropical joy.


Accoutrements Shakespearean Lip Balm Set

Shakespeare and his characters have brought joy to our minds and our hearts. Now let them spread that love to your lips. Thy man himself, Macbeth and Hamlet have all been condensed down to pocket size and filled with moisturizing goodness for those luscious lips.


Awkward Family Photos 2018 Day-to-Day Calendar

Ahhh, the awkward family photo. We’ve all had one, that one picture that gets brought up every year to an astounding chorus of giggling. Well feast your eyes on the motherload. This book showcases the very best of the worst family photos out there. The gag gift the whole family can enjoy (and relate to).


Witty Yetis Dehydrated Water

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Prank the prepper in your life with this hilariously funny gag gift from Witty Yeti. Dehydrated water does exactly as it says on the tin, has an insanely long shelf life and is more than worth its weight in laughs. Simply add water!


Archie McPhee Giant Wooden Pencil

Whoever said size doesn’t matter had obviously not seen this giant wooden pencil. A simple, useful, funny gift idea that you will not want erased from your life. This enormous piece of stationery stands tall at almost 14” long and works just like any other pencil (only bigger).


Squirrel In Underpants Ornament by Accoutrements

Decorate your tree this year and add a nutty flair to the mix. This squirrel will feel so comfortable amongst the candy canes that he will relax in his underpants through the festive season. The funny gift idea for the squirrel, underpants or ornament lover in your life.


Women’s Cute Cat Socks

The Puuuurfect gift for the feline fanatic. This pack of 5 pairs of cute cat socks is ideal when shopping for the cat lover in your life. Comfy, cute and cat related, you could not want any more from a product like this. Paw your way into someone’s good books this year.


BigMouth Inc “I need a HUGE glass of wine” Glass

“I need a huge glass of wine”; this is something we all hear on a daily basis. Be it our boss, wife or uncle, someone we know loves popping open a bottle. This great gift will ensure that they no longer need a top up as the glass holds an entire bottle of their favorite tipple.


BigMouth Inc “Game of Gnomes” Garden Gnome Statues

Even though winter is coming, your garden can still be as entertaining as ever. A great gag gift for the Game of Thrones lover in your life. Armed with a shovel, this gnome can protect your yard year round as he sits upon his throne of tools.


Accoutrements Squirrel in Underpants Deluxe Air Freshener

Do you want your car to smell the nuts? Look no further. This aptly scented air freshener gives off a forest fresh smell and is accompanied by the picture of a squirrel. But do not be alarmed, the squirrel has covered up for your convenience and is donning a pair of underpants. A funny gift idea.


Accoutrements Crime Scene Sandwich Bags

Are your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches getting too much of a look in before they reach your belly? Ward off any unwanted attention with these hilarious ‘crime scene’ and ‘quarantine’ sandwich bags. Seal up your favorite food to ensure that nobody tampers with the evidence.


Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook

Those breasts! Those thighs! Those…wings?! This hilarious parody book would make the ideal gag gift for the lover of 50 shades, and cooking. Containing 50 chicken recipes, it brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘food porn’. It’s time to turn the heat up.


BigMouth Inc Tiny Hands “Little Tricks up Your Sleeves” Toy

Great gag gift idea that will have everyone involved laughing for hours. Tiny hands are just that, tiny hands. At a mere three inches long, you can fool those around you into thinking you have shockingly small digits. Funny as a prank or perfect as the final touch to a costume idea.


BigMouth Inc The Beast Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler

A big beer lover needs a big beer cooler. This gigantic foam hand will keep you looking cool and your beer even cooler. A hilariously funny gag gift for the appreciator of ale in your life. Keep their lager love strong and their fist looking stronger.


Go Girl

Tired of having to find a bathroom when the boys can just go anywhere? Now you don’t have to. Go Girl allows you to empty your bladder even when a toilet is nowhere in sight. Best of all, it prevents embarrassing accidents that occur from employing the traditional emergency squat method.

Mysack Golf Ball Storage

Need to rely on humor because your golf game is so awful? The MySack golf ball storage will leave them in stitches and oblivious to your slice. The bag is the perfect way to carry extra balls and attaches conveniently to your golf bag.

Bigfoot Air Freshener Pine Scent

Don’t venture too far when you’re on the watch for a Sasquatch. Keep Big Foot close with this air freshener and take him everywhere that you go. With the scent of Pine drifting through your nose, you will almost feel as though you are in the forest with him.


Good Day, Bad Day Glass

This gorgeous gag gift idea is the perfect all purpose glass for your loved one to enjoy their favorite poison. This glass has been etched to the highest quality and will stand the test of time whilst being able to hold up to 11oz of liquid.


Ring Bell for Service

We all want to be waited on hand and foot. Well now, we can! This call bell cuts out the need for shouting or begging and should enable you to get what you want, when you want it. Perfect gag gift for couples, or as an improvement to your own life.


BigMouth Inc Coffee Connoisaur Mug

Jurassic times call for Jurassic measures (of coffee). This pun-tastic mug can hold a whopping 20oz of your favorite hot drink and can take you from feeling prehistoric to feeling coffee-aholic. Beautifully finished it would make a funny gift idea for the coffee connoi-saur in your life.


Accoutrements Enchanted Unicorn Bandages

It is well known that unicorns have magical healing abilities. Spread this magic to the unicorn lover in your life with these Enchanted Unicorn Bandages and harness the healing power. Perfect gift for young and old alike, these bandages even come with a free prize to distract one from the pain. Magical.


How to Traumatize Your Children Book

This hilarious book is the perfect gag gift for any expecting parents, new parents or even veteran parents that you know and love. It is a very tongue in cheek guide on how to raise children that is bound to raise some laughs and even offer some valid parenting tips.


I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats

Some people like dogs, some people like cats…a lot! This very clever book is essentially an anthology of poems, written by cats. ‘I could pee on this’ offers a very valuable and equally humorous insight into the whimsical creatures we share our lives with and would make a funny gift for any feline fanatic.


Accoutrements Bacon Soap in Tin

Bacon, it really is the nectar of the Gods. Crispy, streaky, smoked perfection. And the one thing that sets it apart from all other meat? The smell. That scent of frying bacon has now been captured and thrown straight into a bar of soap. You end up clean, and you smell bacon all day. Result.


BigMouth Inc Winter Unicorn Snow Tube

It’s hard to find two things more magical than unicorns and a crisp white blanket of snow. Put them together and you have this great gift from BigMouth Inc; an inflatable unicorn, designed to soar down a snow covered hill. What’s more, the unicorn has been safety tested and is even suitable as a pool float.


Rosie The Riveter Lip Balm

Behind every great set of lips, is an even greater lip balm that will keep your lips strong and tough in even the coldest of weather. With a delightful cherry flavor, and the graphic of Rosie on the side, it’s a fun gift idea for the woman in your life. Together, ladies, we can do it


BigMouth Inc SPAM Can Diversion Safe

Shopping for a funny gift that will serve its owner some purpose? This Spam can safe is just that product. They say that it is best to hide things in plain sight, well the canned goods cupboard is just that place. Simply pop your valuables in the can and they will be safe well past the expiry date.


Prank Pack Earwax Candle Kit

Wick away the tears of laughter with this box from Prank Pack. What seems to be a delightfully gross way of creating your own candle, is simply a hilarious decoy from whatever gift you decide to keep inside. Simply wrap it and see how long before the recipient notices. The definition of a gag gift.


Bum Shorts

Make your friends and family laugh with these naughty shorts. A fake bottom makes it look as if your pants have exposed your body to everyone around you. These are great as a gag gift or for a Halloween costume.

16 DIY Gag Gifts

Alien Head in a Jar

Surprise the heck out of them when they open their refrigerator and find an alien head in a jar. It’s the perfect way to freak them out and give them a real shock. They show you exactly how to make this epic sight gag.

DIY Boyfriend Pillow

If you know that they’ve been a bit lonely lately, give them a shoulder to cry on. Not yours of course, this boyfriend pillow that provides a comforting half hug with a stuffed arm and half of a torso for snuggling.

Repurposed Trophy

You can make them a trophy for all sorts of hilarious thing. Farter of the Year. Remote Control King. Nose Picking Champion. Least Punctual Person. You get the point. The sky’s the limit when it comes to a gag trophy.

DIY Poo Pouri

If they’re notorious for wrecking the bathroom you can give them this sprayer that’s designed to kill offending odors by spraying it before a session. Makes a hilarious gag gift, but also helps to solve the problem for everyone involved.

Choo Choo Train Massage T-Shirt

Give them the gift of a massage when you make this choo choo train massage t-shirt. It features a figure 8 track on the back so when the kids play, mom or dad gets a massage from the train’s wheels. Everyone wins!

Stress Relief Bubble Wrap

Take bubble wrap to the next level with this gag label. It provides instructions for a stress reliever we’re all already familiar with. It also says to see a doctor if stress symptoms persist, which is not a bad idea.

How to Make a Candy Letter for a Graduate

Funny gifts don’t seem so funny when you check your bank balance. Keep the laughing coming with this DIY guide on a candy bar letter. Designed for graduates, it is easily adaptable to any occasion possible and, let’s face it, everyone loves candy. This is no dud gift.

His and Her Sharpie Mug Diy

Mugs and a sharpie, that’s all you need to create this amazing homemade gift. This guide will show you the steps needed to end up with your very own personalized mugs, and considering you can write whatever message you like, they will be very personal to the recipient.

Men’s Apron Gift For Guys

Get your man in the kitchen with this comprehensive DIY guide on making a personalized apron. With the ability to add any message you like, he will be bound to love it and will cherish it forever. Cheap and fun to make, you can sublimate your way into his heart.

DIY Gag Gift for Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Fan

If you have ever read ‘A hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’, you will know that a towel is one of the most useful gifts one could ever receive. Make sure that the space lover in your life always has one to hand with this delightful DIY gift. DON’T PANIC, use a towel.

Diy Sleepover Gag Gift

Do it yourself this year with this hilarious DIY gag gift idea. Simple to make, you can trick anyone into thinking your thoughtful gift is merely a box of cereal. With the ability to add any personalized message you like, you can have everyone laughing around a bowl of lucky charms.

Newspaper Article Generator

Give a gift that is hot off the press with this personalized newspaper article generator. The website allows you to edit the text AND the pictures of a newspaper article to anything that you desire, allowing you to make a truly personal and unique gift on the cheap.

Reindeer Poop Stocking Stuffer

This fantastic instructional article gives you all the tips and tricks you need to make a hilarious festive gift that the whole family can enjoy. You simply need to download the poem, print off the labels, source your ‘poop’ and you’re in business, reindeer’s business.

Gift of “Nothing”

We all know someone that makes a fuss at Christmas and says they do not want anything, not even a mint bah humbug. Follow this comprehensive guide to get that person just that, the gift of nothing. A lighthearted joke that is sure to be well received.

Diy Babydoll Coat Rack

If your friend has just moved in to a new home, check out this post for a unique housewarming gift… to creep them out. Forget a vase, this DIY baby doll coat rack is made from the limbs of plastic dolls. It’ll certainly make them jump when they come through the door at night.

Diy Dinosaur Heels

Step back in time (to the Mesozoic era) with these DIY dinosaur heels. A fun gift for the fashionista in your life, in these shoes she really will be walking with dinosaurs. Have a look at this article to see how you can make them.

Diy Underwear Chip Bowl

If the man in your life enjoys nothing more than watching the game in his undies whilst drinking beer and eating chips, he’ll appreciate this novelty snack bowl. Have a go at making the fun stocking filler – check out the blog post to find out how.

How To Make A Bra Purse

If you’ve got a few old bras you’re thinking of chucking out, have you considered turning them in to gifts for your friends? Watch this video to see how to use the bra cups and straps to make cute purses. And with the money you save on gifts, you can treat yourself to new underwear.

Diy Fake Beard

Everyone has a mate who can’t grow a beard; give the gift of hair growth with this fake beard. Download the template in the blog post and follow the how-to guide to get started. You’ll make his Christmas when he feels like a man at last.

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