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92 Best Etsy Christmas Gifts for Women of 2016

Welcome to the 100 best Etsy Christmas gifts for women of 2016. Many of these gifts are handmade and there are even some gifts that are do it yourself to prove that you took the time to plan and make something on your own. There is a gift in this list for every woman!

Women make the world go round', it's time we started to get them gifts that show appreciative we are of them!

Knit Infinity Scarf

This hand knit infinity scarf if made from hypoallergenic wool yarn and it is extremely soft and warm. This wool is suitable for cold weather and will surely keep you cold and look great!


Purple Flower Ring

This ring is a great gift for your significant other. It is beautiful and it will look great with any outfit. This ring will surely put a smile on the face of whoever you are giving it to. It is unique and hard to find.


Women’s Slippers – Eco Leather Moccasins

These moccasins are handcrafted from natural leather. They are not only soft and light but they are very breathable and comfortable to wear. They are suitable to wear around the house or out.


Wallet Iphone 6s Plus Case

This is not just an iphone 6 case, it is also a wallet. Your phone can fit perfectly into this wallet and it can be carried like a purse. It perfectly fits into everyday apparel and is the perfect gift for the woman in your life.


Camomile Print Bag – Blue

This camomile print bag comes in blue and it can turn into an essential decoration to any woman’s wardrobe. It is an ideal gift that can be used for everyday recreation. It is made from Italian textile.


Beaded Red and Grey Bracelet

3 sizes available for this beautiful red and grey beaded bracelet. The bracelet will come custom made depending on your preferences of length. This bracelet is a great gift for a girlfriend!


Women’s Newsboy Hat

Keep your head nice and warm while also looking your best with this woman’s Newsboy hat. It takes the style of a 1920’s newsboy and modernizes it with the comfort ability and the stylish trend of today’s clothing.


Bohemian Czech Flower Earrings

Bohemian Earrings that sparkle are an incredible gift for any woman. These earrings come in aqua blue with a metallic pink center and antique brass. The reviews prove that people absolutely love these earrings.


Necklace Hanger

This necklace hanger is a great gift to any woman who has so many necklaces she does not what to do with all of them. This hanger can also be used for scarves and other articles or clothing or other jewelry.


Scented Soy Candles

When we think of Jamaica we think of citrus fruits, lots of sand and scents of the ocean so we’ve combined those things to create perfect scent to remind you of Jamaica. This candle smells just like the tropical air of the Jamaican beaches.


African Print Shoes & Clutch Set

This set comes with shoes with a cultural African print and a clutch with an African print. This set features Ankara wax print flats and it is made in the USA. Great gift for a wife or any woman who values cultural clothing.


Large Glass Barrette

Beautiful barrette for a woman who loves to try different styles for her hair. this barrette is a timeless piece of art for your own hair! The barrette is made especially for girls and woman who have thick hair.


Phone Stand

Phone stand is perfect for any woman who loves to watch netflix or read on their phone. This stand gives you the ability to set your phone up to a tilt for your ideal viewing pleasure. Very easy to use.


Women’s Wrist Watch

Rustic looking wrist watch that is a great gift for the modern woman. This watch is very trendy and the brown synthetic leather makes it even more appealing. It is a multi-layer watch that will last for a long time.


Gold Chain Black Leather Camera Strap

Beautiful and uniquely designed camera strap that is made with an emphasis on fashion, comfort and function in mind. It comes with a golf plated chain, gold-tone accents throughout, thick leather neck and adjustable nylon straps.


Car Trash Bag

No more filthy car with straws and wrappers covering the bottom of the floor! This trash bag will help to keep your car nice and clean. This is an ideal gift for the messy woman in your life, even if she won’t admit it!


Cherry Treasury Box

American Cherry inlaid with a variety of thick hardwoods including the styles of padauk, walnut, maple and rosewood. Red leather lines the bottom and supports the lid. This treasury box is immaculate and a great gift.


Trifold Wallet

The Red Tulip Wallet has a scalloped flap that closes securely with a silver tone snap. The wallet has plenty of pockets for any type of cards and it also has an interior pocket with a zipper. This tri-fold wallet can also be used as a clutch. It is an ideal gift for a girlfriend or wife!


Crochet Bracelet

This comes with a set of two bracelets! Great gift for a woman who loves bracelets and values the authenticity of a handmade one. Made for woman of all ages and goes with any outfit.


Wine Work Holder

Wine cork holder that gives you the ability to remember all of the bottles you have had over a lifetime with friends and family. Make it personalized to give an even greater sense of togetherness and memory!


Women’s Felt Hat

This women’s felt hat is great for the fashion of every season. This hat is perfect for any woman who is looking for a new style to add to their wardrobe. The color is made into two different parts and the colors are picked when you buy.


Personalized Classique Silver Jewelry Box

This jewelry box is a great symbol for the love that you have for the person you are getting it for. You are able to personalize it to what you believe they would like the most and they are able to think of you every time they open it!


Sandals w/ Pearls & Rhinestones

These shoes are beautiful and are perfect for someone who is soon to be attending a wedding or attending anything formal. Each pair is customizable and individually handmade for your liking!


Leather Bag

Designer hand made large leather tote bag with a rough yet feminine look. It is great for ever day use. It is functional, lightweight, big and strong enough to carry everything that you may need!


Perfume Oil

Handmade perfume oil, the materials it contains are coconut oil, essential oils, aromatherapy and perfume oil. Perfume oils are known to enhance your mood and feelings of well being! Great gift for women.


Laptop Stand

This laptop stand is great for organization because it organizes everything! You are able to keep everything handy and even dock your phone while working on the go. Great gift for the busy woman in your life!


Gold Tear Drop Earrings

Tear drop earrings that come in gold are an amazing gift to the woman in your life. These amazing teardrop studs are made from 22k gold plated brass and they are inlaid with sparkling Swarovski Crystal. Talk about Fancy!


Vintage Hat Rack Photograph – 12×24

This photograph portrays a hat rack from what seems to be a simpler time in the world. The picture is black and white but has that feeling of being an old movie poster. Great gift for the woman who loves art and artistic photos.


Stone Turquoise Ring

This beautiful ring features a variety of blue stones set in a large and open sterling silver ring. Great gift for the special woman in your life. This ring is an incredible way to show someone how much you care about them.


Women’s Pom Pom Hat

This beautifully stitched two tone beanie is comfortable with the slouchy look that is getting more and more popular especially with the younger modern woman. This heat is easy to wear and it makes a great gift!


Floral Watch

Beautiful design within the watch. This floral design is a perfect watch to wear at anytime but especially in the warmer months like summer, fall and spring. Would love perfect on a woman who loves wearing sundresses!


Milk Glass Earrings

Incredible milk glass earrings! These white earrings will have you wanting to wear them again and again due to their uniqueness. Amazing Christmas gift for the woman who just can’t get enough earrings.


Premium Wool Dryer Balls

These dryer balls are made entirely from New Zealand Romney wool. The wool is naturally white and the long fibers in it add to the felting process which creates a strong fiber bond. Cool gift!


Tortoise Shell Print Iphone 6S Case

For any lover animals, this tortoise phone case is a must have. It is unique and fashionable and also gives off the notion that you are supporter of animal rights. It is not made from an actual tortoise shell.


Estee Lauder Cosmetics & Perfume Set

6 different kinds of cosmetics or perfume that come in this set. What woman would not love a makeup set for Christmas?! This set comes with super cologne spray, herbal cologne, lipstick, mascara, liquid makeup and eye care cream.


Women’s Leather Bracelet

Leather bracelet that is perfect for the woman who wants to stand out, not fit in. Every woman has a nice gold or silver bracelet around their wrist, so get the woman in your life something different!


Three Stone Thin Gold Ring

Subtle gold ring that will make any woman go crazy, this ring is a modern day classic and it goes nicely with other rings as well due to its solid coloring and size. The ring is 18k gold plated on 925 sterling silver.


Golden Body Chain

Amazing gift for the woman who wants to take her jewelry game to the next level! Goes perfect with a bikini or even every day clothing. This chain can be made either in sterling silver or 14k gold.


Black & White Slippers w/ a Red Bow

These slipper are extremely and cozy and cute! They are pretty, comfortable and they will have a snug fit so you don’t have to worry about them flopping all over the ground when you walk in them. Great gift for a mother or family member.


Pet Angel Wing Bracelet

Incredible gift and a great idea by the creator. You can get this bracelet specially made for you in remembrance of a pet that you have lost. It is custom made to what will make you remember the most about your beloved pet.


Ipad Sleeve

A brown classic linen blend cover with sharp orange lining to contrast. Headphones and moleskins dive into the full front pocket. Linen string loops around a wood button to secure your tablet inside. Lining is orange cotton fabric.


Leather Satchel

Handmade satchel with than brown leather and hand stitched waxed thread. Great gift for women. This bag goes great with any outfit and it is comfortable to carry on anywhere you may be going.


Gray Arrow Shopping Bag

Tote bags will never go out of style! The outside features a pocket perfectly sized for a cell phone and keys, the bag has a magnetic snap closure and the inside is fully lined in a coordinating cotton material.


Silver and Golf Toe Ring

For the woman who wants a change from her usual jewelry, this toe ring is a great idea! Toe rings are not for everyone, but they are an incredible addition to style, especially this ring which comes in 14k yellow or rose gilled. This purchase also comes with a free pair of sterling silver mini hoops!


Hawaiian Perfume w/ Plumeria

This Hawaiian inspired perfume will give the small of the islands without having to be there to smell it. It is designed from all the natural smells of Hawaii like plumeria, white ginger and mandarin flower and a pinch of ocean spray. Great gift for any woman who can’t get enough of the tropical feel.


Fabric Billfold Wallet

This wallet is made from acrylic fabric and inside lining. It has small cases for credit card and other assorted necessities. It has a magnetic snap to close and it is durable. Great unique gift for women that will last.


Inverted Wine Rack

Very cool idea that features the wine bottles upside down and the wine glasses also upside down. This gift makes an awesome addition to any home, especially that of a wine lover! Very unique way of storing wine bottles and glasses.


Silver leaf Anklet

Perfect for any occasion. this anklet is subtle and will only add to the outfit of the woman who is wearing it. It is great for summer time because it will be seen perfectly in the sun light. Surprise someone with a perfect gift for the upcoming spring and summer.


Nightstand Organizer

We all know sometimes the women in our life can lose things and get a little unorganized. well not anymore! This nightstand organizer allows you keep everything that you need right by your bedside. Has room for phones, perfume, sunglass, glasses, watch, bracelet and anything else!


Crossbody Hand Bag

Great gift that is for any season and can be used year round. This wallet comes in a few different colors so you have options as to what you believe is the best. This wallet is durable and is made from high quality vegan leather.


Butterfly Lamp

This butterfly lamp is much more elegant and beautiful than it sounds! This is a great lamp for a bathroom or a bedroom where you want to relax without anything shining too brightly around you.


Bralette Body Chain

This body chain/harness is a great gift for any woman who values different jewelry. This is very versatile and it goes perfectly with a low cut v neck shirt or even with a swim suit!


LightWeight Slippers

Lightweight slippers that are perfect for wearing around the house when you don’t feel like doing anything but relaxing! These slippers are antiperspirant for the warm months and keep your feet nice and warm for the cool months!


Antique Wreath

Beautiful wreath that will have you feeling like one of the best seasons; the fall! This wreath can be hung on a front door or even inside the house to bring the fall spirit to the entire household.


World Map Watch

This watch contains the map of the world within it. Great gift for someone who values history and culture and loves watches. Great gift for a girlfriend or wife that loves to travel or has plans to travel the world.


Boho Crocheted Slouchy Beanie

A comfy and cozy Slouchy Beanie is exactly what you need on crisp fall and winter days. The rust color goes with a lot of different outfits too. Great gift for the modern woman who wants to stay stylish but comfortable when going out in the cold.


Opal Necklace

This opal necklace shines a rainbow of colors when it catches the light just right. It is a unique yet subtle piece that is perfect to wear for many different occasions. The necklace comes in different sizes and you can 14k gold filled, sterling silver or rose gold filled!


Waxed Canvas Tote Bag

Vibrant and colorful tote bag that brings out the exuberance of the person carrying it! Great gift for the woman with an excited personality who just can’t get enough of life! This bag is sturdy with comfy nylon straps and has pockets for phones, keys and any other necessities.


Kindle Paperwhite Cover

With all of the macbook and phone covers that we always see, it is nice for someone to finally give the kindle some love. We love our kindles and they deserved to be treated with the most care even when we are not using them!


Color Changing Sterling Silver Ring

The coolest aspect of this ring is that it actually changes colors under different sources of light. This ring is a gift that will provide entertainment for as long as it lasts! This is a great gift for any occasion.


Infinity Scarf

Not your average infinity scarf, that is for sure! This scarf is elegant and made from the famous brand Necklush which is based in Brooklyn, NY. Every piece is handmade to perfection and makes an amazing gift.


Silver Plated Jewelry Box

This beautiful antique style jewelry box can be personalized with your favorite girl’s name right on it. This elegant custom engraved jewelry box is perfect for holding any jewelry that is the most important to someone.


Tan Leather Laptop/Document Bag

This leather briefcase is designed to bring a feminine side to the business world. Women sometimes can have trouble finding the right accessories to wear into the office, but this bag is a perfect gift for the any businesswoman.


Petite 14k Gold Necklace

A stunning necklace that would drive anyone woman crazy opening it. This tiny 14k gold fill virgin Mary hangs on a 16 inch chain. This necklace is made to order and comes in many different sizes which gives you the option to decide the best length!


Wine Bottle Opener

Unique wine bottle stopper for any bottles that are unfinished. This stopper is a red, black and white acrylic material. The pearlescence in the pigment gives this stopper a shine and makes for a great conversational piece. Great gift for the woman who loves win, so great gift for any woman!


Zipper Bag

Perfect bags to carry smaller supplies like pencils or other school or work supplies. Great gift for the woman is very busy and needs something light and small to carry the essentials in.


Essential Oil Display

For all of your essential oils, this display is the perfect gift. This display has 6 holes that will fit your oils perfectly and keep them where they should be. This display is handcrafted and fits with 1 ounce oil bottles.


Black & White Stripe Bag

This is a simple everyday bag that carries class with it. The subtle colors gives it the ability to match with almost any outfit that you want to wear. The bag also stands freely when put down for easy access to your needs inside.


Foldable Ballet Flat

Great gift for the dancer in your life. These solemate shoes are cute and comfortable and they fold up and are able to fit perfectly into your clutch for those times when you need to take off heels and put on something more bearable!


Double V Shaped Ring

This double V shaped ring is an incredible gift for a wife or girlfriend to show how much you care about them. It is 100% handmade and available in sizes 3 to 16. Options are yellow, rose or white 14k gold fill!


Faux Fur Coat

Wrap yourself in luxury with Whimsical B.’s new line of faux fur B. Wear this winter! This chic jacket has a full length sleeve and more structured silhouette. Use the belt to customize the fit to your frame. This handmade, stylish, anti-pill fleece outerwear is effortless to wear and care for!


Leaf Lariat Silver Necklace

This elegant necklace is made from a sterling silver chain and it is decorated with a rhodium plated leaf pendant to enhance the look. Great gift that the special woman in your life is sure to enjoy.


Home Sweet Home Pears

Unique and heartwarming gift that is a great one for someone who has recently moved away or moved back home. This set comes with three pairs that spell out the sentence home sweet home and they will make you smile every time you look at them.


Astoria Trolley Canvas Bag

Trolley train comes to life on this beautiful canvas bag! Perfect gift idea for the woman that loves to show off her love of traveling the world. Big and durable enough for a work day bag as well as an adventuring bag.


Sterling Silver Flower Ring

Beautiful sterling silver flower ring. This is a great gift for the woman that you care deeply for. The rhodium is a very rare, naturally occurring member of the platinum metals which makes it a deluxe metal, which also makes it one of the most expensive.


Leather Journal Lined Notebook

This is a special notebook because you are able to personalize it if you want to, or can get it just the way it looks in the picture. Great gift for the woman who is always finding things to write about every day.


Topaz Heart Earrings

Sparkling, topaz November birthstone gift destined to be a favorite! These crystal heart earrings feature timeless Victorian earrings style. This rings come in many different styles and you are able to personalize it to your preference.


Lucky Horseshoe Necklace

A hand formed, hammered, 12K Gold Filled horseshoe charm is suspended from a dainty 14K Gold Filled chain and finished off with a 14K Gold filled spring ring clasp. Perfect necklace for everyday use for the woman in your life.


Knitted Legwarmers

Perfect accessory to the normally boring sock game! These knitted leg warmers add style to your winter appearances. You can wear these legwarmers with short boots, long boots, high heels and even sandals. They always compliment your outfit.


Crochet Boot Cuffs

It is always hard to make the transition from the top of the boots you wear to the pants or shorts that you are wearing. With these crochet boot cuffs, that transition is made simple. The subtle look of thee cuffs go a long way to complete an outfit.


Gold H Ring

Unique ring that is designed in the shape of an H, this ring is a great gift for the woman who is looking for some mix to her normal jewelry collection. This ring goes great with any outfit and certainly stands out on your hand.


11 DIY Best Etsy Christmas Gifts for Women

Belt Bag

This belt bag can be made simply with an old purse or an old clutch that you have no more use for. A belt bag is perfect for carrying items like a phone and credit cards when you don’t have any pockets. You are able to enjoy your time with your hands free.


Every girls loves a nice romper. How about making your favorite girl her own one-of-a-kind romper? This tutorial breaks down how to make the perfect romper and how to customize it to the liking of the recipient.

Eyelet Flip Flops

Do it yourself flip flops that are a great gift especially for someone with an upcoming wedding. These eyelet flip flops have an easy to follow tutorial that will have you whipping up these flip flops in no time!

Reversible Chair Cushions

Easy to make reversible chair cushions that are fun long lasting. Great gift for anyone who loves to throw parties, especially outdoor ones. These cushions will last forever and this tutorial includes a very easy to follow list of instructions.

Fall Wreath

Even though the fall is a long way away from Christmas, this fall wreath is a great gift to give for any woman to look forward to the great season of fall. This wreath can hung inside until the weather permits it to be outside!

Lavender Candles

Step by step tutorial to create these lavender candles which do not take much ingredients or time out of your day. The end product is an amazing candle that will give you the sense and the smell that summer and fall can hold on a little bit longer.

Wrap Lariat

This trendy piece of jewelry has been extremely popular since the beginning of spring this year and it is very easy to make. No need to buy a product like this when you can just get the materials and make it on your own!

Upcycled Shirt Tote Bag

This beautiful tote bag requires no sewing, so don’t worry about trying to learn how to sew to create it! It is actually made from an old men’s shirt and transformed into a bag. Great gift for any woman to carry along with her through her daily travels.

Wire Headband

Every woman wants a gift that proves that you put some time and effort into thinking what you got her, not that you just stopped at a store on the way over. This do it yourself headband is a great way to ensure she knows you took the time.

Votive Planters

Great gift for any woman who loves to garden. These planters are easy to make and they come out bright and exuberant when all is done. Great way to bring some life (literally) into any room that you want to put them in.

Ivory Ocean Beanie

Beanies are very popular and they are only going to be getting more popular, especially with younger women. Why not give the woman in your life something unique that you made to make her stand out compared to everyone else.

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