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50 Awesome Stocking Stuffers That Don’t Suck

Stuffing stockings can be hard work, especially when you spent the lion’s share of the Christmas budget on the gifts that go under the tree. But all of the items you see here are affordable, and can really get things started off on the right foot, or give a proper finish to the day depending on when your family does their stockings.

50 Stocking Stuffers That Don’t Suck- these are awesome! Tons of unique stocking stuffer ideas.

Origami Sticky Notes

These are just like the Post It notes you’re used to, except they can be made into origami by following the included instructions. This allows you to turn those old memos into works of art instead of straight into the rubbish bin. You can even improve your origami skills as both beginner and advanced models.


Hedgehog Dryer Balls

These cute little guys will really do a number on your clothes, making them less staticky and softer. Your clothes will also dry faster, and these can replace fabric softener sheets so they can save you money over time. They’re just great to have around, and they come as a pair for $7 which is awesome.


Hand Held Scalp Head Massager

These scalp massagers come in a pack of three, and are designed to give your scalp a real treat. It’s important for the health of your hair to massage your scalp on a regular basis, as it improves the circulation. Plus it just plain feels good and can be a very relaxing midday break.

Prices Vary

Robot Tea Infuser

This robot pal will hang onto the rim of your mug or cup while the tea seeps out. This makes it really easy to take him out once the process is finished. He can be contorted to fit many different sized mugs. There’s also a drip tray so you won’t make a mess, and he’s stainless steel for years of use.


Tabasco Spicy Chocolate

The spicy taste of Tabasco hot sauce is waiting for you inside each of these wedges of dark chocolate. The great thing about this is that dark chocolate is actually good for you, and the Tabasco sauce itself is just made from red peppers mostly so this can actually be a healthy way to have chocolate.

Prices Vary

Tab Notebook

This notebooks is separated into tabs making it easy to flip from one facet of your life to the next. It’s all color coded to keep everything organized, and allows you to go right to the section you want quickly and easily. It’s actually four notebooks in one, with plenty of pages to store all of your notes, recipes, and checklists.


Public Toilet Survival Kit

This kit will help you survive anything that comes your way in the next public toilet you need to use. There are antiseptic wipes to clean things off, a seat cover so you don’t have to make direct contact, and gloves to keep your hands clean. When a public toilet is your last resort make sure you come out unscathed.



This manatee hangs out on the edge of your cup in a classic manatee pose, while your tea steeps down below. He’s a great way to remind yourself of your last warm trip to Florida, or just nice to have because he’s so cute. He’s made of silicon and won’t add any taste to your tea, making him a perfect tea time companion.


Classic Survival Tool

This might not look like much at first glance, but there are actually 11 tools in one flat metal device. You can open cans with it, cut things, use it as a screwdriver or a wrench, and even saw things with it. Forget the Swiss army knife, if you’re lost in the woods this is all you need to make it out.


Waboba Balls

These balls bounce on the water and are a lot of fun to throw and catch. You can come up with your own games or try out some of the officially sanctioned games from Waboba. You throw these like you would if you were skipping a stone and they bounce along the water right to your partner, at least that’s the plan.


Doomed Crystal Skull Shotglass

This shot glass is shaped like a skull, and when you pour in the shot it really makes the skull stand out against the clear glass. These will definitely be some of the most original shot glasses that you could add to your collection, and they can come in handy next Halloween or any other shot drinking event.


Retro Pens

One day pens will go the way of the dinosaur, but for now they’re still being used, though not as much as before. Give a nod to the retro feel of a pen with these retro pens that look like a blast from the past. They still feel good in the hand, and write smoothly, so why change a good thing?


Shakespearean Insult Bandages

These bandages feature classic insults from Shakespearean times, which means there are few that will actually get offended by them because they won’t understand what they mean. But oh boy, if they only knew the zingers your Band-Aid was flinging their way they sure would be upset.


Stache Silicone Drink Markers

These drink markers are a fun way to remember whose glass is whose, it’s just a matter of remembering which style of moustache you had. It somehow gives the glass a bit more sophistication, and if held the right way gives the appearance that you have a mustache while sipping your beverage.

Prices Vary

Gin & Titonic Ice Cube Tray

Iceberg, right ahead! There’s no way the passengers of Titanic would know that someday people would be drinking Gin and Tonics with Titanic shaped ice cubes, but here they are. These trays not only make a ship, but they make iceberg shaped ice cubes, so you and actually watch the ship hit a cube and then sink.


Hexbug Scarab

These scarabs are just plain creepy, there’s no denying that, but at the same time they’re a lot of fun to watch scurry all around. Their legs move super fast, and if they get flipped onto their backs they know how to flip back right side up, just a like a real scarab. Makes your skin crawl to watch them in action.


Monsters Bag Clips

These bag clips feature cute monster designs that bite down on your bags to keep the food inside fresh. There are three-eyed monsters, one-eyed monsters, happy and sad monsters, and they all come in different colors. There are six different ones so you can keep plenty of bags closed with these.


Misto Olive Oil Sprayer

Spraying foods and salads with olive oil is a great way to make them healthier, and it’s much more effective than pouring olive oil out of a bottle. This sprayer makes it so an even amount of olive oil coats the food you aim it at. You can even use it to coat pans for baking.


Schwing Shoe Wings

These shoe wings allow you to alter the appearance of your shoes without effecting the way they perform. It’s a way to make your shoes Hermes style, and they immediately set you apart from the crowd. They say this is a way to make older shoes seem new again, or to make new shoes look even better.

Prices Vary

Mini Crime Scene Tape

This resembles a normal roll of tape, except that it’s not ordinary tape but crime scene tape. This lets you set a miniature crime scene wherever you can think one up. It also helps you keep people out of certain areas, and you’ll know if the site’s been breached if the tape is broken.

Prices Vary

Leafkeepers Cable Ties

These ties are shaped like two leaves and are made to bundle up cords so they’re neat and tidy. They’re designed to stay on permanently, and you’ll need to cut them off when you want to free the cord. It’s a way to make order out of chaos when it comes to your cords.

Prices Vary

Flip It

Let everyone know what your status is with just a flip. All you have to do is flip between your different daily activities, and that way you don’t leave everyone wondering where you’ve gone off to. It can attach to several different places on and around your desk, so you can put it where it makes the most sense.

Prices Vary

Wooden Drumstick Pencil

This pencil doubles as a drumstick, so when you’re not writing with it you can be pounding out the beat to your favorite song on your notebook. Face it, you do this anyway with an ordinary pencil, so why not make it legit with an actual drumstick. It’s even sold as a set of two so you can really replicate drumming.

Prices Vary

Grenade Screwdriver Set

This grenade transforms into a screwdriver set, both Philips head and flathead as well as others. Pop the top off to reveal the screwdriver, and open it up to make changes to the type of screwdriver you want to use. They’ve managed to sneak 7 different pieces to this set so it’s very handy.

Prices Vary

MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband

If you’re tired of dropping screws on the ground, this magnetic wristband will keep everything right where you need it. You can load it up with screws or nails, and have them in the perfect location rather than having to fish them out of the box, or go find where they’ve rolled off to.


Inflatable Beard

Here’s a beard that could only be worn on one occasion: silliness. It has strings that attach it to your ears, and with its plastic sheen you’ll have trouble fooling anyone into thinking this is an actual beard. But it’s fun to goof around with, and if you need to do an impromptu Abraham Lincoln impersonation you’ll be all set.

Prices Vary

Owl Kitchen Timer

You’d be hard-pressed to find another kitchen timer that’s as cute as this owl. He just stares innocently at you with his big owl eyes as he accurately counts down the seconds until it’s done. Will definitely add to the decor of any kitchen that has a whimsical or rustic feel to it.

Prices Vary

Dog Stapler

This stapler has taken the form of a dog, why? Because dogs are cute so everytime you use it you’ll feel good and he’ll be able to bite the staple right into the paper. It uses regular staples but loads like a staple gun. Compared to a traditional stapler this pooch can’t be beat. That’s a good boy.

Prices Vary

Grime Writer

If you want to send the perfect Wash Me message, the Grime Writer is the way to go. You can fill it with cleaning solution to really make the writing come out clear, and at the same time you won’t have to dirty up your finger in the process. You’ll actually be helping to clean it up at the same time that you write what you want to say.

Prices Vary

Crayon Necklace

This necklace looks just like the candy necklaces you had as a kid, but instead of candy these are crayons that you can use to color with. You may have seen DIY crayon necklaces before that come out all strange looking with different sized crayons, but this one is nice and uniform with six different colors.

Prices Vary

USB Hubdog

This loyal companion will make sure that everything gets hooked up properly, thanks to the multiple ports he has. His legs all serve as ports, and his tail is what gets connected to the computer. His head is just for looks and earns him some serious style points. Just don’t ask him to do any other tricks, he’s busy.

Prices Vary

Keep Calm and Carry On Desk Notes

Get a constant reminder that you need to simply keep calm, and carry on with your life. This case holds desk notes so you can write any memo you want in a calm manner. The box itself is well crafted, and you should get years of use out of it. It has a ribbon to help you open it, and magnets to help keep it closed.


Emergency Underpants Dispenser

When there’s an emergency regarding your underpants, precious seconds count. That’s why this dispenser is designed to give you quick access to a fresh pair of emergency underpants. These will get you through the day until you can swap them out with a fresh pair of your normal ones.


Pixel Heart Morphing Mug

As this mug heats up the heart changes color to a nice red, and as it cools or gets emptied it retains to its previous all black state. The images of the heart is made out of pixels, so it has a sort of 8 bit feel to it, and is the sort of mug that can add a bit of novelty to your mornings.


Mustache Cork Coasters

These coasters come equipped with their own mustaches, all in different styles so each person can have their own designated coaster. They add a bit of refinement to an otherwise plain cork coaster, and are a sure to way add a bit of class to your favorite cocktail or beverage.

Prices Vary

Temporary Animal Hand Tattoos

These hand tattoos will let you add an animal to your hand, and enable you to make them take using your thumb as the lower jaw. You get 24 of them in a pack, with animals such as a snack, eagle, shark, frog, wolf, and more. They feature vibrant colors and each one is over 3 inches long.

Prices Vary

Zombie Cookie Cutters

If you’re looking for a creepy and scary way to enjoy your cookies you can’t go wrong with these zombie cookie cutters. They feature three different zombie poses, all hunched over and arms outstretched. They’re made of plastic but are safe for use with food.

Prices Vary

Wooden Ballpoint Pens

If you want the classic feel of a wooden pencil, but the reliability and smooth permanent writing of a pen, you need one of these wooden ballpoint pens. They are made of natural wood but are retractable, and have a pen on the inside instead of lead. You get three in each pack for these great stocking stuffers.


iSTUCK Phone Stand

This stand makes it look like you set your iPhone down on a wad of gum and now it’s not coming off without a fight. But really it’s just a plastic phone stand that uses suction cups to adhere itself to a flat surface as well as your phone. It props it up at a nice angle so you can use it from the stand.

Prices Vary

Magnetic Light Mine Hands-Free Task Light

This light goes right where you need it thanks to the magnets it has all over it. When you’re not sticking it to something metallic the magnets serve as legs to hold the light in place. It features bright LED lights so you’ll be well-lit and can get the job done that needs to be done and see what it is you’re doing.


Handy Notes

These handy notes really are handy, and they take Post-Its to another level. You can get creative with them by folding the fingers in any number of ways to get your message across. You can make the sign language sign for love, or the sign to “hang ten, dude” to add meaning to your note.


Nose Paper Cups

These cups give you a different appearance when you drink from them, because they depict other people’s noses. Some have mustaches, others have rather large noses, and there is a mix of men and women for hilarious effects. Be sure to pick one that doesn’t resemble you for maximum fun.

Prices Vary

Thought Cloud Sticky Notes

Make your next memo resemble the source from where it came. These are in the form of thought bubble, and come in different shapes and sizes to fit the size of the note you want to write. You can really have fun with these by putting them next to pictures of people and getting them to say things.

Prices Vary

I Love You Toast Stamper

This stamps toast with a nice I Love You message so you it’s a great way to start their morning. You’ll want to make sure that you toast the bread long enough so the message comes out easy to read. It’s a really nice gesture, and is something you can start doing every time or on special occasions only.

Prices Vary

Pocket Pal Sharpener

If you’ve ever been in need of a sharpener but didn’t have one, you’ll soon have the fix. This pocket sharpener makes it easy to make a dull blade sharp again, and it is pre-set so you can more effectively sharpen some of the most common items. It’s lightweight and is made to go on a keychain.


Macaroni & Cheese Puzzle

Here’s a puzzle that will stump you for hours and make you quite hungry during that time. It depicts only a pile of macaroni and cheese, but here’s the kicker: it’s double sided. This means that you won’t have much to go on, and will have to try to connect different pieces based on their shape.

Prices Vary

Crime Scene Bandages

Your body sure would describe a cut or other wound as a crime scene, so what better way to help block it off than with these bandages. They feature the bright yellow color that crime scene tape is notorious for, with the famous black lettering instructing people not to enter.

Prices Vary


This ancient game is still fun to play, and can help you kill some time as you try to get the ball to rest in the different spots. There are even tricks you can master with this, so it’s really a toy that can be used as much as you want if you want to get really good with it. It teaches patience and determination.


Dead Mark Squashes Flat Book Mark

Here’s a bookmark that’s unlike any other you’ve seen before. It features a poor little guy getting squished between the pages. You’ll never lose your place with this guy holding it because he’s made of rubber so he’s less likely to fall out of the book when moving the book around.

Prices Vary

Inanimate Office Supply Stickers

Turn your office into a place where stapler, coffee mugs, and appliances come alive through the use of eye and teeth stickers. You can make a scary copy machine, or a friendly staple remover. It makes the workplace more fun, if that’s possible, and helps to pass the time.

Prices Vary

10 DIY Stocking Stuffers that Don’t Suck Either

Make Your Own Photo Puzzle

When you make them this photo puzzle you get to totally customize it according to them. Use a fun pic that’s of just the two of you or include the whole family. No matter which way you go they’re sure to enjoy putting it together.


This is a way for them to design their own robot out of robot parts. It’s easy enough to make this for a last minute stocking stuffer. They can make the robot as they see fit, but moving its arms and legs into funny positions.

Name Keychains

Everyone loves their own name, and with these name keychains you’re sure to have a winning stocking stuffer on your hands. You can use nicknames or their regular name, whichever one you think will resonate best with them.

Instant Comfort Boxes

These little boxes are really cute reminders for them throughout the day. Great to send along with them to school so they can get an instant comfort boost if they’re having a rough day. Small enough to be a great stocking stuffer.

DIY Stocking Stuffers

These stocking stuffers can be made at home but look like they were store bought. You take a tin box and upgrade it with some decorations. The best part is really what you choose to put inside it, either chocolate, candy, or another gift.

Snowman Poop

Make them laugh with this cute Tic Tac wrapper that says this is actually snowman poop. It’s funny because the Tic Tacs are the perfect size and shape to pull off the gag. It’s one of those quick and fun ideas that are easy to do last minute.

Glitter Globe

This glitter globe will really make them say wow because it’s good enough to give as a gift, but small enough to work as a stocking stuffer. It’s totally holiday themed so it can help complete a collection if they’re into snow globes.

Candy Stocking Stuffers

These wrappers are used to hold the candy that goes into the stockings. It gives the candy eating an extra step and adds a nice touch to the stocking. You can get creative with the design of the wrapper.

Winter Friends Felt Keychains

Make up this team of winter friends felt keychains and they’ll think it’s one of the coolest stocking stuffers they’ve received. There’s a penguin, a snowman, a mitten and a Christmas tree, so it’s all under the same theme.

Lego Soap

They’ll really enjoy using this Lego soap because they’re in the shape of minifigures. If you have trouble getting them to take a bath, this could be one way to entice them into the tub. You can easily make them in different colors, as shown.


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