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60 Creative Christmas Gifts for Men (When You Need a Good Idea)

Here’s a unique list of creative gifts for him, ideal for ticking some names off of your Christmas list this year. Some teach new skills, others teach humility, but all of them would make a great choice for any of the men in your life.

This is a great list of creative gifts for men! Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get him something special and unique.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This device makes breakfast much easier and faster to prepare so he’ll have more time to focus on his morning routine. It has separate heating pads for eggs, ham, bagels, bread, and anything else he wishes to load on his breakfast sandwich. Breakfast will be done in 5 minutes.


Wacom Digital Drawing and Graphics Tablet

The world is moving away from pen and paper design, and having the skills to move with the times is essential. This tablet puts anything you design straight onto your computer screen, so throw out the ink and sketch pad and join the revolution.


Beard Grooming Care Kit

As Christmas approaches and we all forget about Movember, it’s time to get that facial hair back under control. This kit carries all of the essentials needed to tame the wildest beards and make sure that there’s only one Santa Claus in the house.

Prices Vary

Royal & Langnickel Multi-Media Painting Chest

Including 80 pieces of high quality art materials, this painting chest gives him a safe place to store all of his equipment if he’s into painting. Whether he’s hanging his artwork in the home or in galleries, the chest has space to store all of his essentials, so he’ll never be left high and dry.


Back to the Future: Time Machine Model Kit

Anyone of the right age to remember and fully appreciate the DeLorean and Marty McFly will also be fast approaching a midlife crisis. This is the perfect gift to relive some memories you’d prefer to remember and travel back in time to re-do those you would rather forget.


Suck UK Drumstick Pencils

With these pencils, he can strike up a beat, whilst doing what he does best and designing or drawing. For those who are equally talented with a pencil and a musical instrument, these pencils make a simple stocking stuffer, or a thoughtful main present for friends or family.


Getting Started with Drones: Build and Customize Your Own Quadcopter

If he’s ever talked about starting his own business, why not get him started with a drone. When fitted with a HD camera, he’ll have the makings of an aerial photography business. Plus, he gets to build his own quadcopter.


StreetBeat Drumsticks for iPad and Android Tablets

These electronic drumsticks are the perfect way for him to practice his drumming, without waking the neighbors. They couple with Apple or Android devices, so when the drum practice is over, he can let loose on games like Garage Band.

Prices Vary

Grow Your Own Herbs

The right blend of herbs and spices can completely transform a meal, and growing his own will bring him far more satisfaction than buying them from the store. Now, the only question is whether he actually knows how to cook. If not, now he’s also got something for the New Year’s resolution list.

Prices Vary

Cedar Thumb Pianos

With Christmas comes stockings, and with stockings comes unusual stocking stuffers. These thumb pianos top the list of cool little gadgets, letting you create sweet music in the palm of your hand. Who has room for a grand piano in their apartment these days, anyway?

$30.00 – $50.00

Dura-Trel White Winchester Trellis

Crafted from white wood, this trellis can brighten up any yard or exterior wall, plus it gives him a place to grow whatever he likes. It’s also an ideal escape route for unruly teenagers. Probably best not to place it under their window.


Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Bundle

Fender have been making quality instruments for years, and this acoustic guitar is no exception. With an eye-catching design and included carry-case, even if he can’t play a single chord, he’ll at least look the part. And we’re sure he’ll learn in no time.

Prices Vary

Magnetic Wrist Tool Band for Steel Hardware and Parts

Trying to keep hold of a hammer, picture hook and nails, all at the same time; we’ve all been there. That’s why you should buy him a magnetic wrist tool band. It’ll keep hold of his nails, nuts and bolts, so that he doesn’t have to.


Modern Living Chalk Board Coffee Mug

There are a thousand and one personalized coffee mugs out there, all with their own slogan or motivational quotes. Throw out the mainstream mugs and give him this chalk board coffee mug. He can use his own quotes every day of the year.

Prices Vary

Alesis Recital 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano

Not every house has the space – or budget – to host a grand piano in the lounge, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t develop his musical muse. Turn him into the next mozart with his own digital piano and keyboard.


160 Amp Dual Voltage Input Welding / Soldering Machine

Metalwork can lead to a tonne of inspired, homemade gifts for the home. Fire guards, gates, or even decorations are possible with some metal and a welding and soldering machine. This tool is just ideal for engineers or welders alike and will give them the means to fill their home with DIY projects.

Prices Vary

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit

Tattooing is an intricate art form and not as easy as it may look. Whether he’s a qualified tattooist or a budding beginner, this kit will suit him down to the ground. Just remember, though it may seem a great idea, leave it packed away at liquor-fueled parties.


KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield

Nothing is as satisfying as creating hearty food from scratch. Owning a kitchen stand mixer is a real luxury; he’ll be able to enjoy homemade breads and pastries at home, without having to wear himself out mixing and beating dough. Release the creative chef inside him.


Shaveology Kit

Does he like to stay clean shaven? This is a gift he’ll definitely appreciate, quality razors that are much better than the cheap $1 ones. And if he nicks himself often then this kit is even better because the razors are designed to be safer than most others.

Prices Vary

Gardener’s Tool Seat

Christmas is always over in a flash and Spring doesn’t follow far behind. This gift combines the best of both worlds for those with green fingers; a place to store the gardening tools, and a seat to rest on after he eats too much Christmas turkey.

$30.00 – $34.00

8 Gallon Stainless Steel Water and Alcohol Distiller

Prohibition is a thing of the past, but he’s still welcome to start his own miniature home brewery with this distillation kit. Wine, whiskey and bourbon are just a few of the tipples he can brew up with this kit. It can also be used to distill water, for the morning after.


Make Your Own Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey

Everybody likes a drink at Christmas, so make sure there’s enough to go around by buying him his own whiskey distillery. In no time at all, he’ll be swilling home-brewed moonshine and speaking like Al Capone.

Prices Vary

Build Your Own V8 Engine

When a V8 muscle car is not quite within your budget, what could be better than building your own V8 engine. This kit will keep him busy for hours and be a real talking piece once completed. *Muscle car not included.


Magnetic Key Holder

Do you have one of those cluttered drawers that seems to lose more than it stores? This little wall mount is a great place for him to store his keys at the end of the day and he’ll never have any troubles finding them while he’s still half asleep the next morning.

Prices Vary

Car Trunk Organizer

This trunk organizer is a very clever way to keep the back of the car neat and tidy. It has many different compartments to keep everything in place and will protect the upholstery from damage from tools and equipment. Now you don’t have to worry about him tearing a hole in the fabric when he throws in his old toolbox!


Dreamweaver 4 / Fireworks 4 Studio Software

These days, everything is moving online, so it pays to keep up with the curve. Designing websites can be rewarding, not only personally, but also financially. Give him the gift of a skill set that he can use for life.

Prices Vary

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

There will be no tears with these specially designed gloves, guaranteed to ward off accidental slices from even the sharpest knives. If he’s just starting out in the kitchen, or he slices vegetables faster than a blender, these gloves will keep his digits safe, and attached.


WORX 16-Inch Chain Saw, 3.5 HP, 14.5 Amp

Sometimes, a regular chainsaw is just too big to get the job done. With this tool, he’ll have no trouble swinging through those overgrown branches. If he fancies his hand at carpentry or wood carving, then he’ll definitely find a use for this.


Wilton Dessert Decorator Plus

Nothing cures a sweet tooth like a well-presented dessert loaded with sugar and toppings. For fans of home baking, this set ensures a perfect finish every time, but just make sure that he saves some for you and the family.


Stanley 65 Piece Tool Set

This present has two great benefits. Firstly, every man should have a tool set in his home. Secondly, you’ll now have a free go-to person for all of your DIY tasks. Providing he knows how to use the tools.


3D Printing Pen

If he’s a technology buff, 3D printers are truly leading the field of new and innovative technology. What’s more, If he doesn’t get the presents that he wants this Christmas, at least with this pen he can draw and print them himself.

Prices Vary

Custom Leathercraft Suede Nail and Tool Bag

For the handyman or budding home project manager, this suede nail and tool bag is the ideal accessory. With places to store all of his equipment, and a stylish suede finish, he’ll love strutting the house with this tool bag in tow.


Instant Photo Camera

Owning a Polaroid or instant print camera is a whole different beast to a digital camera. The freedom of being able to instantly print out photos means savoring the moment and more carefully considering what he’s pointing and shooting.


Paper Airplane Fold-a-Day 2017 Calendar

For the big kids at heart. No matter what age, every man can remember the school days of throwing paper airplanes across the classroom. Give him a year of nostalgia for Christmas with this collection of over 300 paper airplanes.


Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It: And Other Cooking Projects

This book has a whole host of cool cooking tricks, including home made recipes for cheese and other savory snacks. It can inspire the urge to cook in even the most cooking-phobic man, or give a whole host of new ideas to the man that already knows his way around the kitchen.


Minipresso Espresso Maker

If he needs a strong cup of the brown stuff in the morning to get the creative juices flowing, this portable espresso maker is ideal. No mess, no fuss, just strong coffee. Get his New Year off to a bang with his very own cafe on the go. Ideal for dreary Monday mornings.


4D New York City Skyline Time Puzzle

Puzzles, as a gift, are often easily forgotten, but this is more than just a puzzle and spans 200 years of New York history. The design is inspirational and constructing it will be no easy task, but if he can carry that inspiration and determination into everything else that he does, he’ll go far.


Artists Adjustable Desk Box Easel

This easel fits right onto his desktop, giving him a comfortable place to perch whilst he designs his next masterpiece. There are nooks to store all of his art supplies and a mount for the canvas. Now all he needs is a home office to go with it.


Skilled Crafter 38-Piece Clay Tools Set

Creative minds often have a dabble in numerous crafts, expanding their skills in multiple areas. Clay crafting, or pottery, is easily overlooked, but he can sculpt a whole range of cool stuff like mugs or vases, which will make perfect gifts for friends and family.

Prices Vary

10-Piece Manuscript Sealing Wax Sticks

These wax sticks are an authentic way to add a vintage touch to any letter or contract, whether he’s responsible for mailing legal documents at work, or likes to keep in touch with friends and family in a more traditional way.


Leather Ratchet Dress Belt

Give him some extra class and style for his next business meeting with this ratchet belt. It’s made of soft leather which makes it look and feel very elegant and it rolls up into a nice coil for easy and convenient storage. It’ll look great with any suit.


Sony HD Video Recording Camcorder

This HD camera is perfect for capturing all of those home movies and storing them for years to come. With so much software available these days for video editing, he can easily put together a cute collection of home movies or a digital photo frame to give to family.


Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Integrated tablet Stand

We love the vintage feel of working with a typewriter, but unless you’re a stay-at-home author, these machines just don’t always cut it in the fast-paced, modern corporate world. That doesn’t mean that he can’t enjoy the feel of typing on a typewriter, with this wireless mechanical keyboard.


Framed Twenty6er Men’s BMX Bike

You’re never too old to own a BMX, and this Men’s BMX bike is the perfect example of this. For creative men, this is the perfect gift; they’ll love learning and owning tricks, and putting the younger teens to shame.

Prices Vary

Pictionary Game

Put his artistic talents to good use with this family-friendly game that is a treat to break out after Christmas dinner. If he’s a total artist with heaps of creativity, then he’s sure to drive your team to victory with his drawings.


The 55 Language Translating Scanner

This is a wireless pen that scans written language from a page, and then translates it onto a linked smart phone in one of 55 languages. If he’s multilingual and needs a quick translation, then this will do the trick. It’ll also save his butt if he’s eating abroad and can’t read the menu.


Wacom Bamboo Slate Tablet

Imagine being able to draw with the precision of pen and paper, whilst being able to retain your designs digitally, without the need for a scanner. This dream can be a reality for the designer in your life, with this slate tablet, which converts drawings into digital, straight onto a connected bluetooth device.


Tech Tool Pen

This pen is the ultimate addition to any handyman’s toolbox. It’s actually a 6-in-1 tool that helps with all of the most common carpentry tasks. He’ll always be prepared and ready to show off his crafting skills with this handy pen.


Men’s Dress Socks

If he’s always dressing up then he’s probably often trying to find new looks and styles. This sock set has 5 different pairs that’ll match pretty much anything he wears while keeping his feet and toes warm and cozy. He’ll be on point from head-to-toe with this gift.

Prices Vary

Dove Men Gift Pack

Your man is probably always busy doing manly stuff. Dove Men+ Care will help him stay clean and fresh and actually helps improve his skin and hair. It’ll tackle the worst odors and keep him smelling nice all day long which will actually make it nicer for you too!

Prices Vary

Calf Compression Sleeve

This one’s for the runners and bikers. Leg cramps can be very painful and can even prevent someone from continuing to train that day. These leg sleeves compress his calves to drastically reduce those pains and allow him to train long and hard to achieve his results much sooner.

Prices Vary

Survival Bracelet

Men don’t generally wear bracelets but he’ll definitely want to take this one along on his next adventure because it could very well help save his life. It has several survival necessities like a whistle, a compass, and even a fire starter. It also makes a great camping tool for when you both want to get away.

Prices Vary

Cufflink and Tie Clip Set

Your man will always be on point with this gift. A 2-tone silver and gold cufflink and tie clip set that’ll get him extra attention from those important executives at work. Maybe he’ll even get a raise and buy you something nice? If not, at least he’ll look sharp!

Prices Vary

Metal Ashtray

If he’s a smoker then he’ll always need somewhere to put his buds and ashes. This ashtray is about as manly as they get. It has tools, chains, and bits and bolts welded into it that give it a very rustic and mechanical look. It’s much better than having him stomp them out in the driveway.


Leather Beer Holder

He has a belt for his tools so why not get him one for his beer? This holster actually clips on to pretty much any belt and will hold one of his favorite canned or bottled beverages. It gives him complete use of both of his hands so he can do important things, like holding another beer!


10 DIY Creative Christmas Gifts for Men

Clay Christmas Decorations

These cute decorations for his Christmas tree are sculpted from modeling clay and will give his tree a rustic, homely look. Not only will he love the presentation, they might even inspire him to get involved in clay modeling himself.

Ombre Christmas Centerpiece

Every dinner table should have an attractive centerpiece at Christmas, and sometimes the best centerpieces are those you, or the family, make yourselves. This DIY centerpiece will mean that you’re always invited to Christmas dinner.

Spice Rack with Test Tubes

If he’s a budding chef in the kitchen, then he’ll need a whole range of spices to spruce up his dishes. Why settle for an ordinary spice rack, when you can create your own steampunk version with this nifty guide. It’ll soon have his workspace looking like a mad scientist’s laboratory.

Rustic Paint Cart with Old Sign Stencils

This is a beefy project, but one that will put a real smile on his face once it’s completed. This cart gives him his outdoor workspace in which he can paint, stencil, or craft just about anything he wants. It doesn’t have to be used for painting, there’s plenty of storage for any equipment.

Window Box Planters

Perfect for sprucing up the patio decking or a balcony, these DIY box planters can hold several small plants and are inexpensive, yet treasured by green-fingered homeowners. He’ll be able to plant their favorite seeds, or use the planter as an easily accessible herb garden.

Cutlery Pockets

These crafted cutlery pockets provide an easy means of taking cutlery long for a picnic outdoors, or just for decorating the dinner table. You could even add a Christmas touch to them, so that he can use them with the turkey this season.

Triple Knit Hat

If you’re preparing for a cold winter this year then it’s always good to have hats and toques to keep you warm. This is a hat that you can knit for him that’ll keep his noggin comfortable and actually keep his whole body warm. Some sewing skills required, but in the end you’ll have an awesome toque that he’ll love.

Man Candle

The man candle is a great way for any guy to stay warm, especially in the wintertime. This candles emits a spiced rum scent that’ll definitely catch his senses. Also goes great with a glass of rum, just don’t get the 2 mixed up!

Driftwood Sailboats

For the sea-lovers out there! These sailboats can be made from practically any piece of driftwood. They require a bit of very simple sewing but nothing too difficult at all. They make a great addition to his desk or man cave and will remind him of what and who he loves most.

Laptop Cover

There’s nothing more dissatisfying than getting that first scratch or dent in your brand new super expensive laptop. Any guy who uses his laptop for his work or his studies knows how important it is to have a good cover. This one can be tailored to fit his laptop perfectly and protect even the clumsiest man’s devices from minor damage.

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