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57 Christmas Gifts That Turn Boys into Men

Ideal for the guy who’s just off to college, coming-of-age, or in a hurry to grow up, this list of gifts should give you the inspiration you need to find his perfect gift. They’re hand-picked to help him make that all-important leap into manhood with rugged style.

These helpful gifts help turn boys into men. So fun and unique!

Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit

When the whiskers start coming through, it’s time to invest in a razor. Electric shavers may be quick and convenient, but nothing is better than a wet shave, and every man should know the technique. This set has everything he needs for a smooth, close shave.


Stanley 94-248 65-Piece Tool Kit

This tool kit carries everything he should ever need for a spot of home DIY, and more. If he doesn’t yet know his screwdriver from his wrench, then it’s about time he learned some new skills. Fixing up the home is far cheaper when done yourself, and this gift will pay for itself.


Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit

Train his fighting spirit with this fixed MMA punching bag. He’ll learn the art of self-defense, whilst increasing his overall physique and fitness. The confidence gained from training on a punching bag can boost his confidence in the corporate world, too, where the competition pulls no punches.

Prices Vary

America’s Great Hiking Trails Guide

Road trips aren’t the only right of passage for any young man; the USA has a tonne of hidden and well-known trails that turn boys into men and challenge even the most physically fit. If he thinks he’s up to the challenge, this book has plenty to keep him busy.

Prices Vary

Crescent CTK170CMP2 170-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set

Perfect for the young man who’s just bought – or been bought – his first car, or for the long-time car nut. Anyone who’s into cars would love this 170-piece mechanic’s set. Encourage him to learn the basics of car maintenance, and you’ll never have to drive him to the garage again.


Handpresso Wild Hybrid French Press

We’re willing to bet that there are many office workers who would love the power to shoot espresso from their hands on a cold winter Monday. Well, now they can. With this hand-held espresso machine, he’ll never be more than an arm’s length away from a shot of rocket fuel.


Carbon Telescopic Fishing Rod Kit with Reel

Everybody can gain something from a relaxing fishing trip. For father and son, it’s truly the best way to chill out and bond over a beer and the great outdoors. For a group of friends, it can easily turn into a competition to bag the biggest catch.

Prices Vary

Otter Wax Leather Care Kit

In the world of work, you’ve got to look your best and outshine the competition. With this otter wax leather care kit, he’ll never have to worry about sporting a dull pair of shoes. The special compound treats and restores any leather to looking good as new.


SOL Original Survival Tool

This is the ultimate survival tool for active men, combining lock-blade knife, ultra-bright LED torch, a fire starter, rescue light and more. It’s an essential safety aid for any extreme sportsman, hiker or adventurer. Don’t let him out into the wild without one of these handy.

Prices Vary

The Only Bluetooth Shower Mirror Radio

For a quick life hack, to save time in the morning, just shave in the shower. This Bluetooth mirror radio will make sure he never nicks himself, and he can even sing along to the radio. Probably best not to do both at the same time.


Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

Working out at home doesn’t have to mean being restricted to a small pair of hand-held weights. This bench has all the bells and whistles of a piece of professional gym equipment, so he can get ripped in the comfort of his own home.


Black + Decker 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Drill and Project Kit

With a lithium ion battery capable of holding a charge for up to 18 months, this drill is always ready for anything, just as he is. Though it includes 66 hand tools and accessories, that doesn’t make it any less portable, with a carrying case included for portability.


Flint and Steel Fire Starter Kit with English Flint

Our ancestors learned how to create fire from nothing. Though he may not have a need to do that any time soon, nothing is more satisfying when camping than lighting your own fire without conventional fuel. With this flint and steel kit, he can do just that.


Trademark Poker 500 Dice Style 11.5-Gram Poker Chip Set

Nothing says boys night like a night round the poker table, with a few drinks. This set will give him everything he needs to host his own poker night in the comfort of his own home, whilst entertaining his guests. He’ll soon have a full house.


Battery-Powered Rotating Tie and Belt Closet Organizer

Ties are a real favorite when it comes to buying a Christmas, father’s day or birthday gift. When he’s inundated with ties and has nowhere to store them, give him a tie organizer. It’ll keep them pressed, well-presented and tangle-free.


How to Boil Water: Life Beyond Takeout

We all love takeout, but nobody wants to eat it every single day of the week. For the college sophomore living away from home for the first time, or just those who just plain can’t cook, this book is a gentle introduction into how to put food together in a way that tastes half-decent.

Prices Vary

Vaultz Locking Personal File for Legal Documents

Make sure he keeps all of his important affairs in order and his identity safe, with this lockable storage for legal documents. It’s completely portable so he can easily take his work to and from home, or lock it up and forget all about it.


Men’s Vintage PU Leather Briefcase and Messenger Bag

Your guy can get a lot of use out of this vintage leather bag. It can be used as briefcase for work, a laptop carry case for those chilled-out study days, or a vacation bag, for long weekends away. We know which we’d prefer.

Prices Vary

Daveliou Calligraphy Pen Set – 12-Piece Kit

Write with style using this 12-piece calligraphy set. In an increasingly digital world, remembering the origins of written word has never been more important. When he lands that new job, he’ll love having this set to sign off important letters with style.


Bourbon Glass Barrel Decanter

With a decanter, that relaxing post-work drink is never more than a stopper away. This decanter is styled like a barrel, with the bonus of an intricate glass ship inside. He can feel like a rum-swilling pirate whilst filling the barrel with his favorite bourbon or scotch.


Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

This military-themed crossbow comes with the whole package; with 3 arrows and a quiver, and firing0 bolts at 315 feet per second it’s just perfect for fighting off the walking dead. Or, you know, for hunting; whichever takes his fancy.

Prices Vary

Gearbest Bewell ZS – Men’s Wooden Analog Watch

An attractive watch can be the crowning jewel of any suit, whilst a unique watch can set him apart from the crowd. This watch is crafted from wood, giving it an attractive, eye-catching look. Where everyone else is sporting metal, he’ll be wearing something nobody else in the room has.


Thermos Foogo Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel 10-Ounce Food Jar

Packed lunches can get boring fast, which is why we recommend this thermos food vacuum. When there’s a whole heap of dinner left over from the night before, he can take a little of home into the office and keep it warm til lunchtime.


Black + Decker 24-Inch 40-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer

A yard is a blank landscape that he can style any way he sees fit. If he’s starting to get serious about gardening, then he’s going to need a power tool to wield. Say goodbye to cords with this cordless hedge trimmer, packed with a powerful but lightweight lithium battery.


Suncast BMS6810D Everett Storage Shed 6 x 8 “

Every home should have a place to lock away the unnecessary bits and pieces when they’re not needed. This shed can be turned into storage for all of his tools or ride-on mower, or turned into a mini man cave.

Prices Vary

Large Leak-Proof Silicone Travel Bottles

Keeping hydrated is important to maintaining alertness and concentration. Be it traveling to the office, jetting off on a business trip, or just hiking in the great outdoors, these silicone leak-proof water bottles will make sure that everything else in his bag stays dry.

Prices Vary

Landing Leathers Men’s Air Force Leather Flight Bomber Jacket

He may not be a pilot, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be Tom Cruise with this Air Force leather bomber jacket. Made from 100% leather and with authentic U.S branding, he’ll feel every bit the part wearing this jacket, which is made to the same standards as the authentic military-issue version.


HDE Silver Swan 10 Hole Blues Harmonica

If he really wants to impress his buddies and learn a skill that isn’t so widely seen, then buy him a harmonica for Christmas. Easily stored and super-portable, he’ll soon be playing the blues on the go. Great for campfires, or nights in the bar.

Prices Vary

Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener

Weightlifting is a sure-fire way to tone up the arms, but it’s all too easy easy to neglect the hands, which take a great deal of the strain. Give him a means to improve that vice grip with this pair of grip strengtheners. Exercises that you can do in front of the TV are the best kind.

Prices Vary

Amish Heavy Duty 600lb Classic Pressure Treated Rocking Chair

Any guy with outdoor porch space or a decking area should have rocking chair made to a specification as detailed as this. Refined and aged, the chair still has the oomph to withstand a fully grown adult. This chair would couple perfectly with a cold beer when the weather starts to warm.

Prices Vary

Doublju Men’s Wool Slim Double Breasted Trench Coat

The trench coat is a classic look for men who are interested in style and looking their best. Though they may not be the ideal coats for heavy rain, they’re just perfect for keeping out the cold whilst maintaining a stylish, dapper look.

Prices Vary

Small Canvas Shoulder Messenger / Work Bag

This canvas messenger bag is ideal for the college student or office worker who wants to leave the briefcase at home. Designed with a suede-look, it’ll keep all of his essentials safe, whilst maintaining a hint of style if he’s keeping it casual.

Prices Vary

The 25 Pair Shoe Turntower

If he has enough shoes to justify this gift, then there’s no denying he needs it. Organizing all of his pairs into a neat tower formation, this unit is perfect for clearing up his hallway of clutter. Searching through a heap of 50 shoes to find a pair will be a thing of the past.


Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

When the zombie apocalypse comes, he’ll be thankful that he has enough weapons to go around. This kit contains 3 knives, 2 machetes, an axe and a parang, so nothing undead will get near him. Alternatively, for the realist, it makes a fantastic hunting companion.

Prices Vary

420cc 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower

Mowing the lawn is hard work, particularly in the harsh temperatures of winter. It’s easy to neglect the yard until the mercury starts to climb. With this mower, he can throw on something warm and keep the grass in good shape, without freezing his backside off or throwing his back out.

Prices Vary

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

Made from quality leather, the Venum Challenger is a pair of lightweight gloves, designed for anyone from beginner to advanced level. Whether he’s a boxing ace, or just starting out, give his hands and wrists the proper protection they need for long sessions sparring in the gym.


Genuine Leather Handmade Journal with Aged Paper

A good journal has heaps of uses. He could use it as a travel writing book, a scrapbook for photographs of his college or travel adventures, a recipe book, and more. The paper has an aged look for that vintage feel and the whole thing is bound in leather for a touch of class.

Prices Vary

6 Oz. Stainless Steel Golf Flask with Golf Case

This stainless steel flask has a holder for his golf tees and ball markers, whilst being snugly fit into a leather pouch, too. Of course, like any flask, it also has the obligatory compartment for his liquor, ready for when he misses a shot.


13” Tactical Survival Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

If he’s into hunting or fishing, then he needs a solid, reliable blade. Complete with a sheath, this knife has a 12.5” blade and is designed in simple military green and black. Whether he’s using it out in the wild, or slicing up steaks for the BBQ, he’s guaranteed a clean cut every time.


5 USB Port High Capacity Car Charger

Mobile phone; check. Tablet; check. GPS; check. If he has about fifty different gadgets with him at any one time, then it pays to have a way of charging them all, too. This charger sports a whopping 5 USB ports to ensure that his lifelines don’t run flat.

Prices Vary

Sonic Alert SBB500SS Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

One of the hardest things to adjust to when entering into the world of work is the earlier starts. With this gift, he’ll never have to worry about sleeping through his alarm. Extra-loud and aggressive enough to shake the mattress, there’s no way this piece of kit will let him be late for work.


California Basics Home Brewing 16 oz Glass Bottles – Set of 12

When packaged with some freshly-picked berries, we think that this could make the perfect gift. He’ll just need to add liquor, berries or fruit, and sugar, and hey-presto – by next Summer, he’ll have his own homemade booze to impress the friends and family at the BBQ.

Prices Vary

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016

At some point, he’s probably going to have to take his work home with him. Make sure he’s prepared to hit those deadlines with this Microsoft package. Nobody wants to work long hours, but at least with the right kit for the job, it won’t take any longer than it has to.

Prices Vary

Oversized Extra Large Giant Beer Glass – 53oz

When you’ve landed the best spot at a BBQ, you don’t want to make the long walk to the cooler for a beer, and risk losing your seat. With this beer glass, he won’t have to worry about a thing. Capable of holding 4 bottles-worth of beer, the only thing he’ll be moving for is the toilet.


Manly Indulgence Bachelor Pad Scented Candle

This candle promises to have his apartment smelling like a bachelor pad once lit; don’t worry, that’s a good thing. With hints of cologne, cedarwood and freshly-groomed hair, it’ll make sure that his pad smells great even after a workout or a long day in the office.

Prices Vary

BigMouth “One Cup of Coffee” Giant Mug

In the corporate world, keeping caffeine intake to a healthy level can be challenging. That’s why this cup exists; he’ll never need more than one mug of coffee, even if that mug does contain 64 fluid ounces. Probably best not to drink it all in one go.

Prices Vary

Oceanstar WR1132 12-Bottle Dark Espresso Bamboo Wine Rack

The Bamboo Wine Rack will blend easily into his home decor, with a minimalistic design that almost mimics Japanese architecture. With enough storage to hold 12 bottles, he’ll be completely spoiled for choice when it comes time to crack one open.


Cave Dweller Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Learning to cook from scratch is an essential skill. As he explores the kitchen and ventures into recipes unknown, save him from the risk of food poisoning, with this meat thermometer. Under or overcooking meat will be a thing of the past.

Prices Vary

Men’s Rugged Flex Mud Wellington Work Boot

These rugged work boots are weatherproof, waterproof and life-proof. They’re the ideal gift for any guy working in the trades, or simply for anyone who likes to throw themselves at nature. Be it working, hiking, or camping, he’ll appreciate the protection these boots offer.


SereneLife Security Safe Box

We tend to accumulate an awful lot of important ‘stuff’ in our lifetime. If he’s getting to the age where he can’t be without his phone, wallet or keys, then he needs somewhere secure to store them. This security safe box will keep his belongings same from any would-be thief.


Men’s Warm Winter Leather Driving Gloves

A cold night can turn the car into a freezer. This pair of gloves combines the comfort of leather and sheepskin to keep his hands warm whilst he drives. The design even works with touch screens, so he won’t be out of touch whilst wearing them.


Nature’s Blossom Bonsai Growing Kit

One of the most important lessons to learn is how to look after yourself. If he can keep a bonsai tree alive, then he probably stands a pretty good chance of keeping himself in shape, too. This set comes with 3 different trees to grow, just in case he kills the first one.


The Only Automatic Cordless Tyre Inflator

Do him a favor; stop the fiddling around with those cumbersome tire inflators at the garage and invest in an automatic, cordless machine instead. With this tool at hand, keeping the air in his tires topped up will never have been easier.


Fossil Men’s Ingram Extra Capacity Trifold Wallet

Wallets grow quickly. Credit cards, store receipts, voucher books, and more; it’s a struggle deciding what to keep and what to leave in the car. This wallet is extra large, without sacrificing on quality or style, so he’ll always have that loyalty card with him when he needs it.


Meat Tenderizer Tool “XL” – 48 Razor-Sharp Stainless Steel Blades

Get him exploring in the kitchen with this meat tenderizing tool. If he’s starting to get into a heavy fitness routine or could benefit from learning the basics of cooking, then this tool is a great aid to creating protein-packed, delicious meals. Coupled with a meat rub, it’ll create some seriously tasty food.

Prices Vary

Hugo for Men by Hugo Boss Cologne

A staple fragrance for any man’s collection, this Hugo Boss men’s cologne will help him to stand out amongst the crowd in the office. What’s more, the fragrance’s bottle resembles a water canteen, in a design that just screams ‘rugged’.

Prices Vary

Standing Valet Home Office Suit Organizer

As his collection of suits grows, he’s going to want to keep them organized and pristine, ready for the working day ahead. Rather than cramming them in amongst the fall sweaters and scarves, this home office suit organizer will keep them pressed and easily accessible.

Prices Vary

8 DIY Christmas Gifts That Turn Boys into Men

Magnetic Bottle Opener

Anyone can carry a keyring bottle opener around, or store one in the kitchen drawer. This project will give him a long-lasting, mounted bottle opener, which will retain all of his caps. If he’s into craft beers with funky caps, this is a cute gift that will gain value with every bottle he drinks.

Rolled Paper Chess Set

Chess requires patience, intelligence and forward-thinking; 3 traits that any man should have. It’s also a great game for teaching those traits. This DIY chess set uses nothing but rolled paper to construct the chess pieces, creating a highly-detailed and thoughtful gift.

DIY Painted Hatchet

Though the project was originally designed for groomsmen, these hatchets would make an ideal, rugged homemade gift for him. It can be mounted for display, or even used to prepare wood for the fire. You could style it for Christmas, use fall colours, or just use his favorite patterns. He’ll love the sentiment.

Fall-Themed Balancing Wine Holder

As Christmas approaches, and the weather turns arctic, nothing warms you up like a bottle of red. If he’s hosting parties or having friends round, this DIY wine rack is sure to impress. Since it only holds one bottle, he’ll just have to make sure it’s a pricey one.

Homemade Moisturizing Coffee Scrub

When drinking coffee just isn’t enough to wake him up in the morning, now he can shove his face in it, too. This all-natural skin scrub exfoliates and removes tired skin cells so that his skin is left looking smoother and fresher. Remind him that he’s not really supposed to eat it.

Custom-Built Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Give him his own command station in the yard with this DIY outdoor kitchen. He’ll be right at home with the built-in BBQ, cutting board and counter top, as well as plenty of storage for the utensils – and the beers.

DIY Beard Balm for the Natural Man

There’s no denying that the rugged bearded look has exploded in popularity over the past few years. If he’s growing out his facial hair, then he’s going to want to keep it in good condition. This natural beard balm will make sure it doesn’t turn into a wiry brush.

DIY Rustic Tie Rack

Once he snags a high-flying job, he’s going to need to look his best suited and booted, which means having a variety of ties. The corporate look, the dinner-date and the wacky tie day ties are all going to need a place to hang.

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