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16 Christmas Gifts Your Mom Will Love and Use Everyday

The best Christmas gifts for mom are the ones that come from the heart. The second best are the ones that she’ll use everyday, so that she’ll think of you each time she uses them. Here are some of the best, most useful picks we could find.

Getting mom a useful gift is the best way to go, since she’ll think of you each time she uses it. We’ve scoured the globe to find gifts for mom that are totally useful, and ones she probably doesn't have yet. We start things off with a purse that comes with a special compartment for her phone, and include such items as an indoor herb garden and sunrise alarm clock.

21st Century Purse

Bring your mom up to today’s technology with this purse designed for the modern woman.

It has a slim profile, all of the usual compartments a purse has, plus a special place for her to put her phone, tablet, or phablet.

Deluxe Make-Up Kit

Help mom look her best each and every day with this deluxe make-up kit. It has a wide array of different shades and brushes so she’ll be able to pull off just about any look. With YouTube videos she can try new looks or keep her same look.

GPS Windshield Projector

Mom will be able to see where she’s going without having to take her eyes off the road when you get her this GPS windshield projector. It puts turn by turn directions right where you can see them easily, on the windshield, without obstructing the view.

Wusthof Classic Knife Set

Every mom needs a good pair of knives, and these knives are professional grade so they’re sure to be an upgrade unless she’s a chef. Help her take her culinary skills to the next level with knives she’ll use every day.

FitBit Charge

This is an activity tracker that will help mom get more walking in, climb more stairs, and sleep better each day. When she wears it while she’s sleeping it will keep track of how often she is woken up and how much deep sleep she’s getting.

5-in-1 Griddler

Here’s one of the best Christmas gift ideas that will help mom whip up some amazing meals in less time. It takes the place of five different kitchen appliances and pans so it will take up less space on the counter tops and be less for her to clean up later.


Start mom off with a delicious espresso with this hand-sized espresso maker that does the job of those big bulky espresso machines.

She’ll be able to be a virtual barista with this, and come up with amazing tasting coffee in no time.

Pebble Smartwatch

This Christmas gift is the perfect companion to mom’s smartphone, and will put all of the important information at arm’s length. She’ll be able to read text messages, get weather updates, and much more without using her phone.

Kindle Voyage

This is the latest and greatest reading device from Amazon, the pioneers when it comes to ereaders and ebooks. With better lighting, crisper text, and a super long battery life, mom will be able to read her favorite books even more.

Pandora Charm Bracelet

Show mom how much you love her with this pretty pandora charm bracelet. It comes with plenty of different charms that accentuate the bracelet, including some sections that read MOM and Love You. She’s sure to love this bracelet and wear it daily.

Aerating Wine Glasses

If mom loves a good glass of wine you can make the experience even more enjoyable by getting her these aerating wine glasses. They help aerate the wine while it’s being poured, and also as it is swirled around in the glass.

Indoor Herb Garden

Give mom the gift of fresh herbs all year long with this indoor herb garden. She won’t have to venture outdoors to get just the right herb for the meal she’s cooking. It grows the herbs in its own special indoor space so they’re ready when she is.

Spiral Slicer

The spiral slicer is the perfect gift for the mom that loves to cook. It gives foods a new shape and texture, and allows her to make different meals like pasta made from zucchini or squash. It’s also great for garnishing a plate of making fruit salads.

Aromatherapy Sampler

Mom will be swept away by this aromatherapy sampler which features some of the most uplifting and revitalizing scents around. A sampler is great because it lets her try out 6 different scents and see which she likes best and then she can get more of the ones she likes.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

This is a great give to give mom so she can have an easier time of waking up. Instead of a harsh alarm it gradually gets brighter and brighter, mimicking the rising sun and helping the right hormones kick in to naturally wake her up.

Leather iPhone Wallet

This is the best iPhone case to give mom because it doubles as a wallet and it’s made out of leather. Most iPhone cases simply protect the phone. This one has storage space for her credit cards, cash, and other essentials.

8 DIY Christmas Gifts for Mom

Mommy’s Time Out

Give mom her own time out with this wine gift package. It flips the tables so that instead of giving the time outs she’s taking one for herself. It’s a cute gift to give a mom that enjoys a good glass of wine, but rarely has the time to drink it.

Rosemary Lavender Bath Salts

These bath salts are the perfect gift to give mom so she can unwind after a stressful day. When added to a bath it fills the air with the wonderful scent of lavender mixed with rosemary, and it helps her body relax even more.

Classic Stamped Mommy Necklace

This tutorial shows you how to give mom a classic stamped necklace like the kind you can buy in stores, but without the extra expense. The finished product looks like something you would have to buy, only you did it yourself.

Mail Messages to Mom

If you can’t be with mom this holiday season, you can let her know you care by sending these messages to her in the mail. The cards they show are for Mother’s Day, but you can follow the same steps with Christmas cards.

Bottle Decoration and Ornament

Add on to that bottle of liquor with this photo that adorns the bottle and doubles as an ornament for the tree. She’ll love that you took the extra time to make something special, and every mom loves a touching Christmas ornament.

Mom Necklace

This necklace says it all with just one word. Give mom a gift that she’ll love to receive and that you’ll actually have fun making. You could spell her name out if it’s short enough or her nickname if she has one, to personalize it even more.

Etched Glass Casserole Pan

Does mom make a mean casserole? Give it props with this etched glass casserole pan. She can use it to whip up her famous enchiladas, lasagna, or other culinary masterpiece that she’s famous for.

Honeysuckle and Rose Soap

This soap is a great way to give mom something she’ll use every day, that also keeps her away from the chemical-laden soaps found in stores. It’s the gift of waking up to a wonderful smell in the shower that you’re really giving here.

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