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36 Good Christmas Gifts for Married Men

We’ve put together a list of the best Christmas gifts for married men, a combination of gifts just for him, gifts for him and his wife, and gifts that she will just love to steal. There’s nothing like a good relationship and there are plenty of ideas in this list to strengthen the bond between them.

This list has some really good gift ideas for married men! Love it.

Conversation Starters For Husbands and Wives

This pack of conversation starters will lead to great conversations even for couples who have been married for many years. There are 88 in total that cover all sorts of unique topics. It can also be a fun party game to play with other couples to get to know each other a bit better.


Libbey Punch Bowl Set

If you or your husband like throwing parties or just like having people over then this punch set is a very classy way to keep everyone drinking. It includes a big 14 quart bowl and 12 small glasses. All that’s left to do is to spike the punch!

Prices Vary

Landmann 23-1/2 Inch Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit

This fire pit is perfect for creating a peaceful ambiance out on the deck during family dinners or a get-together. It’s the ideal centerpiece of any party and will provide light and heat well into the night. Ideal as a makeshift campfire for toasting marshmallows or telling ghost stories. The kids will love it too.

Prices Vary

Black and Decker 3.6-Volt 3-Position Rechargeable Screwdriver

If there’s one thing that’s certain in life, it’s that there is never a screwdriver handy when you need one. Make that a thing of the past with a rechargeable screwdriver. There’s no need for elbow grease, as the tool will take care of all the DIY for him.


Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100

Nothing beats a wet shave, but when he’s running late, it pays to have an electric shaver and get out the door sooner. He’ll appreciate the time saved when he doesn’t have time to break out the razor and shaving cream. Great for use on other areas of the body, too.

Prices Vary

T-fal Hard Anodized Scratch-Resistant Titanium 17-Piece Cookware Set

If he hasn’t learned how to cook yet, then now is as good a time as any. This cookware set is the perfect kit to get him started in the kitchen, so that he can show off his new-found skill set to the wife and kids.


Dyson V6 Cord Free Vacuum

For those hard to reach spaces, a cordless vacuum is the ideal tool. Cutting out the wires means far more maneuverability, whilst also being lightweight, which will make reaching those cobwebs and dusty spaces far easier. He’ll even get a workout lifting this unit all over the place; even more reason to get involved in the housework.

Prices Vary

Mr. & Mrs. Wooden Ring Holder Box

No matter how much he treasures it, sometimes wearing a wedding ring 24 hours a day just isn’t practical, or it can get in the way. When cooking, gardening, or working out, he’ll appreciate having this cute keepsake box in which to store his ring, keeping it safe from damage or getting lost.

Prices Vary

Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

This greenhouse is a suitable introduction to the world of gardening for any man, or a great addition to a garden or patio space for existing green fingers. There’s plenty of space for growing fresh fruit and veg, and nothing tastes better than home-grown produce.


Samsung UN55KU6300 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

He probably already has a TV, but the question is, does he have 2? When the game’s on, but the wife wants to watch something different, he can retreat into the bedroom or study with this wall-mountable TV, and catch all of the action in full HD.

Prices Vary

Amazonia Arizona 9-Piece Eucalyptus Square Dining Set

For hosts and hostesses, this dining set is an indoor or outdoor base for setting up a party for friends and family. There are plenty of seats to go around and a heap of table space for the buffet, crockery, and of course, the drinks.


Super Soft Fuzzy Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Some days, you just want to curl up on the couch together and throw on a movie or two. Christmas is cold, so when it’s blowing a blizzard outside, he’ll appreciate having this faux fur blanket to share with his wife on the couch.


Black Vintage Style Chalkboard Message Board

This chalkboard can be mounted to or hung from the wall. It’s perfect for hanging in the kitchen for a rustic, vintage theme. He can use this chalkboard as a memo or to-do list, shopping list, menu, or simply as a means of leaving notes to the other-half.

Prices Vary

Home Styles Orleans Executive Desk

If he’s looking for the perfect desk to prop up his home office, or has recently started working from home more often, then this desk is a solid choice. Drop the boring cubicle look and go for something vintage. He’ll soon be styling his dream office around it.

Prices Vary

Sleep Master Cool Gel Memory Foam Sleeper Sofa

Doubling up as both a sofa and a spare guest bed, he’ll be able to have buddies stay after sharing a few beers over the game, or invite family to stay the weekend. There’s no expense spared on the mattress, which is topped with super-comfy memory foam, too.

Prices Vary

Badger Basket Lightweight Three Drawer Hamper/Storage Unit

Married men have to learn to share their storage space with the wife. If he’s struggling to find a place to put everything, then this bathroom storage unit is ideal, though we can’t promise that he’ll get to put any of his things in it.


Acer Chromebook 11.6-Inch Laptop

Even when there’s work to be done, he won’t want to spend every waking moment in the office. With this laptop, he can get work done from home, or on the move, whilst not sacrificing on family time. It’s powerful enough to run some games, too, for when he should be working.


Ninja Master Prep Blender

The Ninja Master blender has a range of settings; soups, shakes, juices and more can all be whipped up in seconds. This is just the ticket for supporting his morning breakfast, post-gym routine, or for those special occasions he cooks dinner for his other half.


Hand-Painted Porcelain Popcorn Bowl

As if junk food and movie days needed any more encouragement, now you can give him bespoke, hand-painted popcorn bowls as a great home comfort. The ceramic design ensures that there will be no more of that annoying rustling when you’re trying to hear the television.

Prices Vary

Paper and Credit Card Shredder

With marriage comes responsibility – and bills. Make sure that he keeps his identity safe, with a home shredder. This machine will make sure work of any unwanted personal documents or letters, whilst also making sure that they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Prices Vary

SpaceSaver Vacuum Storage Bags

For married couples and growing families, storage space can quickly become a problem. This doesn’t have to be the case, as with this gift, he can reduce the space taken up by sealing clothes or other items into these vacuum-sealed bags. It might even get him doing the vacuuming.


LexMod Bentwood Bar Stool Set of 2 in Oak

Fitting breakfast in before work and finding time to sit down can be difficult. With these breakfast bar stools, he can enjoy time with his wife before jetting off to work, without having to settle in for a full breakfast.


Portable Parachute Nylon Fabric Travel Hammock

Whether setting this up in the yard, out on the front porch, or just in the house, he’ll love spending a lazy day in this hammock with some tunes and a cold beer. It also functions are another place to sleep in case of arguments.


The Jackbox Party Pack

Board games are enjoyed by thousands of families across the country, but sometimes you just don’t want to sit around a table. With the Jackbox Party Pack, him and his family can all hook up to the Xbox over WiFi and enjoy competitive gaming as its finest, all from the convenience of their smart phones.


Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Electric Can Opener

Opening up can after can with a manual opener is nearly as touch as an hour of weightlifting. She’s already married him, so there’s no need to play the macho man. Take the effort out of the little things and relieve him of this duty with an electric can opener.


Wind Up Pocket Watch with Photo Holder

This pocket watch adds a classy finishing touch to any suit and has room for a miniature photograph inside the clasp. He can store a treasured photo, or for brownie points, you can prepare one for him so that he has an extra surprise when he opens the gift.

Prices Vary

2-in-1 Mobile Phone Car Mount

Whether he is traveling away on business, or taking a quick trip to the store, his wife will always be able to get hold of him in the car using this hands free kit. He can focus on the road, without being cut off from the family.

Prices Vary

12-Piece Camping Cookware Stove and Camping Cookware Set

Encourage romantic nights spent under the stars with this mobile stove and picnic equipment, all compacted down into an easy to carry, portable set. This cookware set has everything but the kitchen sink, and we’re pretty sure he won’t need one of those out in the wild.


Sundome 2 Person Tent

There’s nothing like a romantic trip away and camping can be every bit as good as staying in a hotel. Camping out under the stars with cocoa heated on a fire and nothing but the company of his wife. This is one gift that she will come to love as much as he does.


Best Husband Ever Travel Mug

If your husband’s always on-the-go or likes to live an active life then he’ll love this travel mug. Fill it with anything hot or cold and it’ll keep its temperature for hours on end. Also, the big print at the bottom will always remind him of his significant other who was so generous to buy this for him!

Prices Vary

Koldfront 6 Place Setting Countertop Dishwasher in White

Getting married and starting a family means having more mouths to feed. More mouths to feed means more dishes to wash, too. Nobody wants to stand in the kitchen for hours after enjoying the Christmas dinner, and with this gift in the house, he won’t have to wash a single fork.

Prices Vary

Oral-B White SmartSeries Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Oral hygiene is super important and you can’t do better than an electric toothbrush for reaching all of those difficult spots. This toothbrush even has Bluetooth connectivity. Does he want to track his brushing technique and improve his oral hygiene over time? There’s an app for that.


Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Globe Bar

This isn’t just a drinks cabinet; it’s a drinks cabinet shaped like a globe. It’s the best cornerstone that he could ask for in his home office or study. When working from home, with no boss in sight, nobody has to know that he’s breaking out the scotch.


Rechargeable Extra-Bright LED Book Light

If he’s an avid reader and loves getting lost in a good book, then he’d better get used to finding another way to read when the wife wants to sleep. This LED book light is subtle enough to let her drift off, whilst still being able to see the page.

Prices Vary

Silicone Wedding Ring

These silicone rings are a great way to partake in physical activities without having to worry about losing your ring. He just needs replace it with his wedding ring while he swims, climbs, hikes, or does anything that would make him clench his fist at all times to prevent him from losing his ring.


BBQ Grill Mat

Does your husband love to fire up the grill and get his Gordon Ramsay on? Lots of men do, and this gift will give him even more cooking options than before. The mat sits directly on top of the grill and it’ll prevent smaller foods from falling in between the cracks. Perfect for any grill master.

Prices Vary

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