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23 Funny (And Clever) 21st Birthday Shirts

21 is such a monumental milestone in anyone’s life, and it should be celebrated in an equally monumental fashion. Talking of fashion, they will need an awesome shirt to wear on their big day, so we’ve put together this catwalk of cool, funny, and clever 21st birthday shirts that they can wear whether they’re going out or staying in to mark the occasion.

21st Birthday Shirts

Personalized Friends TV Show 21st Birthday Shirt

A fun idea as a gift from ‘friends’, this tee plays on the episode where Emma turns one, but will be personalized with the birthday boy or girl’s name and the age 21.


Birthday Babe Shirt

Whatever color you choose for this t-shirt, it will add a splash of fun to the day as your BFF, daughter, or sister celebrates her 21st birthday in cool and casual style.


Birthday Squad Shirts

Are you planning a girls’ night out for your bestie’s 21st? Then kit the party out in these fab shirts which are made for the birthday queen and her special squad.


21 and Legal Squad Shirts

Show the bartender (and everyone else in the club) that the birthday girl really can drink alcohol with these fun t-shirts which are made for the now-legal birthday girl and her BFFs.


Go Shorty Birthday Shirt

This simple but stylish tee costs a little bit more than ’50 cents’, but it’s perfect for any girl who wants to celebrate her 21st birthday in cool comfort.


Hello 21 Shirt

Have her greet her big two one with enthusiasm and excitement by giving her this tee to unwrap and wear on the big day – whatever color you choose, it’ll look stunning.


Age in Tree Rings 21st Birthday Shirt

You can tell a tree’s age by counting the rings, but this particular tree holds the secret of the birthday boy’s age, because there are 21 ever decreasing circles to count.


Unicorn Birthday Shirt

There’s nothing like a healthy dose of self-confidence, and this fun 21st birthday shirt will give it in droves as it compares other 21 year olds to the beautiful unicorn the wearer is.


Damn I Make 21 Look Good Shirt

If they wear their age well, they’ll wear this tee even better as it comes with a big, bold statement that shows everybody how well 21 suits them.


Level 21 Unlocked T-Shirt

Age would seem way cooler if it was measured in levels and not years – for instance, look how cool this t-shirt is as the gauge shows the wearer has reached level 21.


Cheers to Twenty One Years Shirt

Charge your glasses and say ‘cheers to 21 years’ with this pretty birthday t-shirt, which features subtle heart detail and is available in 7 gorgeous colors, including the beautiful peachy sunset.


Finally 21 Birthday Shirt

If the birthdays before have really dragged in their impatience to reach legal age, this tee will make the perfect big day attire as it says it all in just two words.


21 Today Hungover Tomorrow Shirt

Certain occasions call for a certain level of celebrating, and a 21st birthday is definitely one of them, but as this fun vest shows, tomorrow might not be quite as joyous.


21st Birthday Shirt for Math Geeks

Math geeks will adore everything about this shirt, from the soft spun cotton to the totally nerdy math equation on the front which shows that 21 is the square root of 441.


Tequila Lime & Sunshine Shirt

What more do you need when celebrating a special birthday with your gal pals than tequila, lime, and sunshine? This gorgeously bright shirt has all three, and comes in 9 fab colors.


Sip Sip Hooray 21st Birthday Shirt

Never mind hip hip hooray, on a 21st birthday it’s definitely sip sip hooray all the way, and this champagne themed tee is the perfect shirt to do it in.


Kiss Me I'm 21 Shirt

Give them the luck of the Irish on their big birthday with this fun-guaranteed t-shirt which features 4 leaf clovers and an invitation to celebrate with a cheeky kiss or three.


Best Birthday Ever Shirt

Make sure she has the most incredible birthday by taking her out on the town, sharing a few cocktails, throwing some shapes, and buying her this pretty ‘best birthday ever’ vest.


Clever 21st Birthday Shirt

If he likes his graphic tees a little more cryptic, this one will definitely appeal as it displays a series of tally marks across the front, which add up to twenty one.


21 and Legally Drunk Tee

It’s the moment she’s been waiting for, well, all her life, and now that she can legally drink she’ll want the world to know, and they will…with this pretty ‘legally drunk’ shirt.


Look Who's Twenty One 21st Birthday Shirt

Simple and leaving no room for doubt, this t-shirt – which comes in black, white, or gray – tells everyone that the wearer is 21, which will be handy when he’s slurring his words.


No. 21 Shirt

Looking rather like a label from a world famous and very French designer, this simple tee bears just 4 characters – No 21 – so everyone will know what they’re celebrating.


I'm An Adult. Na, Not Really Birthday Shirt

21 is a great age, with all the perks of adulthood and the added bonus of still being young enough to get away with being childish now and again, just as this t-shirt shows.


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