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31 Festive 21st Birthday Balloons Your Guests Won’t Forget

Balloons are as much a part of birthday celebrations as cake and gifts, and a 21st birthday is no exception. This collection of grown-up versions come in all shapes and sizes – from whiskey and champagne bottles, to tacos and tropical tipples – and there are also some DIY options so you can turn plain old balloons into stunning festive decorations that your guests will never forget.

21st Birthday Balloons

Champagne Balloon

There’s bound to be bubbles when they hit 21, but this huge 37” bottle won’t give them the hangover from hell, because all it’ll be filled with is helium.


Giant 21 Gold Balloon

As we get older we tend to keep our age under wraps, but not so with the 21st birthday! These giant gold mylar ‘21’ balloons are huge, and really make a statement.


Taco Balloon

The whole town will taco ‘bout this party for years to come, thanks in no small part to this delicious looking balloon which is enough to make the mouth water.


Whiskey Bottle Balloon

At last they’re old enough to drink! Treat them to this fun whiskey bottle balloon which measures approx. 2.8ft and declares that it, and they, have been aged to perfection.


Fiesta Balloon

This giant 32” sombrero and maracas balloon will add a fiesta feel to their 21st birthday celebrations, putting everyone in the mood for tequila, tacos, and toe-tapping tunes.


Rose Gold Balloons

Rose gold is such a beautiful color, and adds a touch of decadence to any occasion. Bling up a birthday with this bouquet which includes 9 coordinating rose gold and clear balloons.


Matte Blush Balloons

These matte pastel balloons are so unusual that they will add a unique twist to 21st birthday party décor, and as they come in various sizes, they’re perfect for making balloon arches, too.


Cloud Balloon

Super cute and highly unusual, this sweet balloon will be the only cloud allowed to cover their big birthday, and with that adorably happy face, it’s bound to make all the guests smile.


Margarita Balloon

Break out the cocktails with this fabulous and fun 39” 21st birthday balloon, which is shaped to look exactly like a gigantic margarita, complete with pretty lime garnish.


Matte Pastel Balloons

If shiny’s not their thing, think about decorating their birthday party venue with these incredibly pretty pastel latex balloons which feature a beautiful chalk matte finish for a totally different look.


Rainbow Balloon

There might not be a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow balloon, but use it for their 21st birthday party and there may be a glass of champagne, instead.


Donut Balloon

This pretty donut balloon has had a big bite taken out of it, which makes it all the more quirky and simply perfect for photo shoots and décor for a 21st birthday.


Marble Balloons

She won’t automatically stop believing (or just loving) unicorns just because she turns 21, so deck the halls with these absolutely stunning 11” latex balloons which feature beautifully marbled unicorn colors.


Tropical Drink Balloon

Bring the taste of the tropics to a 21st birthday with this bright and cheerful 39” balloon, which even features ice cubes, a slice of lime, and the cutest flamingo straw.


Yay Balloon

If their standard response to anything exciting is ‘yay’, this foil balloon will be the ideal addition to their party décor as it features their favorite word in silver cursive script.


Cactus Balloon

Instead of taco Tuesday, make it taco 21st by adding this fun cactus balloon to the party venue, or even have them carry it with them as they celebrate out on the town.


Jumbo Lips Balloon

Seal their big birthday with a kiss by giving them this pair of jumbo lips, which measure approx. 30” when inflated and will ensure that the lucky newly-legal will get noticed.


Flamingo Balloon

By the end of the 21st birthday night the whole squad will most likely be legless, unlike this vibrant flamingo balloon which will have at least one leg to stand on.


Pineapple Balloon

Fill this 37” pineapple with helium and it will be floating on air, just like the birthday boy or girl, and with those vibrant and sparkly colors, it will look great in photos, too.


Llama Balloon

Replace the drama with a llama and their 21st birthday party will go like a dream. Just look at the cheeky face on this adorable 32” alpaca – who wouldn’t want him there?


Animal Print Balloons

21st birthdays have a reputation for being a little wild, so play up to that rep with a bunch of 8 balloons which will make them feel like they’re on safari.


Pastel Green Balloon Garland

Turn the party scene green with this utterly stunning garland that is made up of every shade of green balloons, interspersed with white, for a fresh and vibrant party decoration.


9 Diy Birthday Balloon Ideas:

Confetti Dipped Baloons

If fancy schmancy glittery balloons are a little outside your budget, why not have a go at making them yourself by following this guide to creating confetti-dipped balloons for a fraction of the cost?

Diy Fruit Balloons

Bring some fruity fun to a tropical 21st birthday party by creating this incredible garland, which turns ordinary balloons into various fruits, such as pineapples, grapes, and juicy red and green apples.

Donut Balloons

Grab a pack of donut shaped balloons and some acrylic paint and you will be able to create these delicious looking decorations which can even be adorned with colorful sprinkles.

Gold Splatter Paint Balloons

Gold adds a touch of class and sophistication to even the most mundane of objects, which makes it ideal for this DIY project, which sees colored balloons splattered with metallic gold paint.

Pom-Pom Balloons

How cute is this little project? Super easy to do, this tutorial will show you how to add tiny glitter pom poms onto clear latex balloons to create fabulous polka dot decorations.

Diy Confetti Balloons

Decorate the party balloons inside and out with confetti by following this handy guide, which shows you how to fill clear balloons with confetti, or stick it to the outside of colored ones.

Balloon Chandelier

A novel way to use balloons, these ones have been turned into a chandelier with photos attached to the ends of the string, or they can be used as table number signs, instead.

Polka Dot Balloons

Polka dots turn plain things pretty, and balloons are no exception. Follow these suggestions for adding white office dots to prettily colored balloons for a gorgeously girlie vibe.

Ice Cream Cone Balloons

Print out this free ice cream cone template onto brown craft paper, and then assemble it into cones which can be attached to the bottom of balloons with a pretty ribbon and a staple.

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