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23 Unique 21st Birthday Cake Ideas for a Colorful Boozy Birthday

Whether they’re playing it safe or going all out for a boozy birthday, they need a cake, and not just any cake, either. These cakes can all be made at home and are ideal for a 21st birthday – some are filled with booze, while others are filled with fun, but one things for sure, every single one of them is colorful, unique, and will taste absolutely fabulous.

21st Birthday Cake Ideas

Drunken Chocolate Truffle Cake

Get their 21st birthday celebrations off to a flying start with this totally decadent Drunken Chocolate Truffle Cake, which is infused with delicious Godiva Chocolate Liqueur for a naughty but nice twist.

Jello Shot Cake

Half dessert and half aperitif, this jello shot cake looks absolutely incredible, and as it contains 3 cups of vodka or rum, it will go down a treat at any 21st birthday party.

Homemade Butter Rum Cake

The days of character cakes might be long gone, but there is still plenty of opportunity for making their birthday cake; this delectable homemade butter rum cake is the perfect example.

Margarita Cake with Tequila Lime Buttercream

Carry the cocktail theme through from the bar to the baking with a margarita cake, which is made by adding frozen margarita mix to the batter, and tequila and lime to the frosting.

Rainbow Cake Trifle

Who needs booze when you can have beauty instead? This rainbow trifle makes a stunning dessert for any party, and uses rainbow colored cake slices for a delightful visual effect.

Pinata Cake

Okay, so they might be too old for a normal piñata, but just check out this piñata birthday cake which features colorful cream cheese topping and opens up to reveal a bounty of M&Ms.

Black Forest Cake

Pay lip service to the legality of drinking without going overboard with this incredible Black Forest cake, which is oozing with sweet and sour cherries and contains just a hint of rum.

Sprinkle Heart Birthday Cake

It doesn’t matter how old they are, sprinkles will always be fun, and this beautiful cake manages to combine that fun with love in the shape of a perfect heart.

Rum Cake

Forego the fancy frosting and go for rustic with a beautiful rum cake, which is topped off with a very adult reduced sugar rum glaze and then sprinkled with crunchy pecans.

Cake Batter Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Cake

Celebrate them reaching adulthood with a cake which looks and tastes super impressive, and encompasses all of their favorite childhood treats – ice cream, brownies, fudge sauce, and delicious funfetti cake batter.

Chocolate Mudslide Poke Cake

Possibly one of the most decadent cocktails around, the mudslide combines chocolate with Irish cream, Kahlua, vodka, and milk, and this rich poke cake makes full use of this delicious combination.

Green Velvet Cake

Aside from the fact that this cake tastes absolutely delicious – light, fluffy, and moreish – the visual impact is simply amazing, from the bright green sponge to the wonderful rainbow buttercream.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Drip Cake

A 21st birthday cake should be luxurious, tasty, and totally sinful, and this drip cake is all three (and then some), as it uses chocolate, ganache, and thick peanut butter…delicious.

Funfetti Cake

Just look at how pretty this birthday cake is! With all the fun and flavor of a funfetti cake, gel coloring turns it into a vision in turquoise and pink.

S'mores Cake

Bring all the flavors and textures of S’mores to the birthday table with this fabulous cake which is surrounded by chocolate bars on a Graham cracker base, and covered in toasted marshmallows.

Rainbow Heart Cake

They may be 21 but that doesn’t mean they no longer like surprises, and this beautiful cake is covered in pristine white frosting which conceals a colorful rainbow heart.

Candy Covered Cake

Keep a little bit of childhood in the celebrations with this chaotic but cute cake, which is absolutely covered in all kinds of kid-favorite candies such as sugar lips and ice cream cones.

Double Chocolate Whiskey Cake with Whiskey Ganache

Give chocolate cake an upgrade by following this recipe, which uses flavorsome full-bodied bourbon, good quality chocolate, and a decadent ganache that’s just oozing with sweet indulgence.

Birthday Cake Pancakes

Mix buttermilk pancake batter with yellow cake mix and you will have the ingredients for these totally awesome funfetti birthday pancakes which are perfect for an indulgent birthday breakfast.

Ferrero Rocher Cake

Some candies are wasted on children, which is why this cake will be perfect for a 21st birthday – hazelnut sponge, Nutella buttercream, and very grown-up Ferrero Rocher chocolates sitting on the top.

Mint Cookies N Cream Cake

If they can’t choose between mint choc chip and cookies ‘n cream, why not combine both in this fabulous mint frosting layered cake which has cookies added to the dough?

Birthday Crepe Cake

If they prefer crepes to cakes, you might want to consider making this super fun birthday crepe cake, which uses layers of delicate crepes held together with fluffy whipped frosting.

Purple Ombre Cake

You could use any color for this stunning ombre cake, although the purples used in this recipe look absolutely awesome, and add a wonderful twist to a classic birthday cake.

5 Good 21st Birthday Cake Topper Ideas:

Personalized Happy Birthday Cake Topper

Of course, what makes a 21st birthday cake even better is a personalized topper, and this one makes a real statement in a range of beautiful glittery colors to suit the theme.


Cheers to 21 Years

21 is a pivotal age, because at last they can have their first ‘legal’ alcoholic drink. Mark the occasion with a glittery cake topper which says ‘cheers to 21 years’.


21 Cake Topper

If you’re looking for a topper which will add a touch of simplicity to a birthday cake, this one comes in a range of glittery colors and sizes, and reads simply ‘21’.


Legal AF 21st Birthday Cake Topper

Choose from a range of sparkling colors for this funny but stylish cake topper, which announces to the world that the birthday boy or girl is now as legal AF!


Twenty One Cake Topper

Choose a glitter finish or a mirrored one for this simple cake topper, which is available in either gold or silver, and uses a pretty script to spell out their age.


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