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21 ERMAHGERD-worthy 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Once they hit that milestone age, the world is their oyster, and what goes well with oysters? Champagne, of course, or any other alcohol come to that! Now that it’s legal for them to drink, you’ll need 21st birthday gifts that ensure that the party goes with a bang. From shots, to games, to blinged-up bolly, 21 is not a birthday to be taken lightly, so bottoms up!


DRINKO Shot Glass Drinking Game

When 21st birthday gifts include alcohol, it makes sense to turn them into a game. Drinko sees players determining which shot to drink next by dropping chips into the vertical board.


Mini Beer Pong Game

Shot Pong is Beer Pong’s little sister, and is a sure-fire way to get the party started. With 25 cups, 3 launchers, 2 balls, and game board included, just add liquor.

Prices Vary

Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies

Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies are serious candy for grown-ups who like to be kids! Each gummy contains half a shot, and they come in 5 different selections to suite every taste.


Blade Runner Whiskey Glasses

For the newly 21 year old Blade Runner fan, this pair of hand-made, mouth-blown crystal whiskey glasses are exact replicas of those used by Deckard in the iconic movie.


The Jellinator Top 100 Jello Shot Recipes

Turn the birthday boy or girl into a jello shot aficionado with The Jellinator – a spiral bound book which contains 100 recipes (plus tips) to make the best jello shots around.


Fruit Infusing Ice Balls

These ice ball molds come apart to enable fruits and/or herbs to be added, meaning as they melt they release a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the drink.


Golden Girls Shot Glasses

The Golden Girls are an institution, and what better way to celebrate them than by having their faces on a set of shot glasses, each with its own drinking prompt included?


The Hungover Cookbook

Possibly the most welcome 21st birthday gift you can give, The Hungover Cookbook is full of recipes tailored to different types of hangovers, as well as fascinating facts and information.


Drink Up Shot Glass with Breathalyzer

The morning after the night before can be a dangerous time to travel, but this neat 21st birthday shot glass comes with a mini breathalyzer to ensure it’s safe to drive.

Prices Vary

Rose Gold 21 Birthday Party Decorations

21 is a huge deal, so deck the halls with this fab rose gold set which includes all the banners and inflatables you will need to set the scene in style.


Jumbo Beer Pong Set for Outdoors

Go big or go home with an oversized game of Beer Pong, designed for use outdoors in the sunshine! With 12 buckets and 2 balls, all that’s needed is the beer!


Slushy Cuppy

Get the slushie deliciousness without the hassle of having to find a store to buy it from with the Slush Cuppie. Simply freezer the inner core, add juice, and enjoy.


Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

For a sophisticated take on an old favorite, try Jello Shot Test Kitchen – a hardback book which turns common or garden shots into gelatinous works of alcoholic art.

Prices Vary

I’m Just Here for the Drinks

Now that it’s legal, your 21-year-old can brush up on the history and how-to’s of both classic and modern day drinks with this book by the 2017 mixologist of the year.

Prices Vary

Wellin Turnt Drinking Dice Game

Have dice, will party! Easy to slip in your pocket or purse, this 2 die drinking game sees players follow the instructions each and every time they roll the pair.


Baseball Whiskey Chillers Set

Baseball and bourbon – what a great combo, and now he can chill his favorite tipple with a pair of glass baseballs, which will cool his drink without diluting it.


Musical Wine Glass

Hit the right note with this 21st birthday gift that makes sweet music as they drink. Marked with fill-levels on the side, this wine glass plays different notes as it’s emptied.


Lucky Feather 21st Birthday Bracelet

Pretty but precious, this bracelet holds twenty one 14k gold-dipped beads – one for each year – on an adjustable cord which extends from 7” to 8” to fit most wrists.


Top Shelf 21st Birthday Wine Glass

Not in the least bit subtle, this wine glass has been hand-painted with ‘Happy 21st Birthday’, along with festoons of color and bling to celebrate in style, loud and proud.


Geo Cocktail Glasses

Perfect for the modern Ms. or Mr., this pair of hand-blown glasses is inspired by the geometry of a terrarium, resulting in a unique set with which to toast any occasion.


3 Diy 21st Birthday Gifts

How to Decorate Mini-Champagne Bottles

It’s amazing what a little glitter can do to an ordinary bottle. Create these stunning glittered champagne bottles for a 21st birthday and you’ll be the most popular guest by far!

Diy Hangover Kit

If you’re planning to celebrate a friend’s 21st away from home, put together this great hangover kit to make sure the morning after the night before isn’t a complete washout.

Diy Jello Shots Basket

The ideal gift for a birthday (over 21s only) this DIY rainbow jello shots basket will be all they’ll need to get their milestone celebrations off to a flying start.

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