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10 Hilarous (And Sassy) 21st Birthday Sash Ideas

A 21st birthday is a time to let her hair down, go wild, and indulge in a spot of perfectly legal cocktail drinking when she’s out with her BFFs. Let everyone know who and how old the birthday girl is with one of these hilarious and sassy sashes which will put the perfect finishing touch to any party outfit.
21st Birthday Sash

Personalized The One Where Turns 21 Sash

The perfect 21st birthday sash to wear with F.R.I.E.N.D.S, this TV show themed version is available in a range of different colors and will be personalized with the birthday girl’s name.


Glitter 21st Birthday Sash

It’s been a long time coming, but finally…finally she’s 21. This adorable sash comes in 6 pretty colors and can be personalized with their name or special message, too.


I Solemnly Swear That I’m 21 Birthday Sash

No-one is too old for a touch of magic on their birthday, and this Harry Potter inspired sash uses the ‘I do solemnly swear’ phrase to state that they are, indeed, 21.


21 and Making Poor Decisions Sash

This classy looking sash can be made in a range of different colorways, and lets the world know that it’s all about the alcohol…the hangover will be SO worth it.


Personalized 21st Birthday Sash

Available in black, white, pink, or navy, this sash will arrive personalized with the birthday girl’s name and ‘21st birthday’ in a choice of stunning glittery colors.


Twenty-One Y’All Sash

Southern belles will adore wearing this pretty statement on their 21st birthday night out, and they can tell everyone their age without having to utter a single word.


Twenty-One AF 21st Birthday Sash

Add some sass to the sash with this delightful version which states that they’re twenty one AF, and is the ideal accessory for a girls’ night out on the town.


Legally Shitfaced Birthday Sash

On any big birthday pretty much anything goes, and even if she doesn’t normally curse, this sash will let her unleash her potty mouth in the cutest way possible.


Birthday Queen Sash

Even if she’s your little princess every other day of the year, on her 21st birthday she should be promoted to Queen, and this satin ribbon is certainly fit for royalty.


I’m 21 Bitches Birthday Sash

She will be fierce AF when she’s wearing this vibrant birthday sash, which announces to the world (and her b*tches) that she’s finally reached the legal age of 21.


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