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42 Hilarious Best Friend Birthday Gifts She’ll Talk About for Years

Somewhere in our lifetime, we are blessed with a friend who is there for us during good times and bad. And so, the careful, heartfelt – and sometimes humorous – selection of best friend birthday gifts is of paramount importance. Laughs, hugs, love, and mutual respect are priceless benefits, available through/to you and your dear compatriot.

From tawdry pendants to sweet BFF mugs, discover an amazing collection of best friend birthday gifts right here!

Drinking Buddies Cocktail/Wine Glass Markers

THE best friend birthday gifts ever are these six Speedo-clad hunks that safeguard your beverage at parties and any time wine and cocktails are flowing. These oh-so-sexy muscle dudes named Brad, Chad, Cody, and other cool names are sporting banana hammocks and are at your service to add giggles and winks to your Gal-Pal jubilee.

Too low to display

Best Effin Friend Coffee Mug

Speaking of great ways to kick off a great day, how about gifting your best pal with this 11-ounce-mug which discreetly professes your undying affection and devotion for them? Fillable with their favorite hot or cold brew, rest assured knowing that the ink on your mate’s cup is eco-friendly, lead-free, and awesomely dishwasher- and microwave-safe.


You’re The Monica To My Rachel Mug

Dearest friends will fill their cups with love, affection, and both warm and cold beverages when you gift them with one or more special best friend birthday gifts that declare “You’re the Monica to My Rachel Mug.” Handmade of beautiful ceramic and available in four sizes – 11 ounces to 17 ounces – these mugs guarantee affection.

Price varies

Best Friend Llama Charm Necklace

The beauty of a handmade gift shines and shimmers and in the case of these pewter charms – fashioned as a set of two gentle llamas – your friend or loved one will share your happiness and mutual love. Made to order and hand-stamped, this best friend necklace and its charms speak to companionship and lifelong admiration.


Don’t Be A Salty Bitch Coffee Mug

There are times when clouds are gray and funk prevails. This super cool mug brings about cheer, giggles, and perspective with an oh-so-appropriate mantra that begs, proclaims, and states: “Don’t Be a Salty Bitch.” So, please fill this 11-ounce mug with coffee, tea, wine, or favorite libation, and know that friendship and love are yours.


Green Avocado Bff Friendship Necklace

Yes indeed, avocadoes are healthy and good for you, as is the affection of a dear friend. So, seize the moment and honor your sweet companion with one or more of these best friend birthday gifts, created as avocadoes: one with seed, one without. Handmade with a nickel-free, silver-colored chain, health and happiness are irrefutable.


The WineRack

Before embarking on a run, fill your comfortable sports bra with 25 ounces of your favorite beverage: is it the magical hydrating power of water or the rewarding graces of wine? Your choice! The medium-sized bra is equipped with a drinking tube and easy-to-use on/off valve, so cheers to your oenophilia and athletic prowess!


Best Friend Keyring

For our cherished, forgetful pals, honor them with a solid brass, copper, or stainless steel keyring that will negate the question: “Where did I leave my keys?” Engraved with the feeling that “We’ve been friends for so long I can’t remember who the bad influence is,” your BFF will keep your humorous affection close by.


Monster Mushions

Surprise, delight, and shock your bestie mate with a gift that highlights their best feature – their face! The 60cm by 40cm (24-inch by 16-inch) Monster Mushion is both a cuddly and huge gift for the oh-so-humble-not-so-humble friend in your life, with guffaws, giggles, and heartwarming laughs guaranteed. Fun, unconventional, and a must-have for good friends.


You’re The Bomb Enamel Pin Badge

The perfect complement to a bottle of Jägermeister and an energy drink chaser is a “You’re the Bomb” enamel badge. These saucy pins add cleverness and effervescence to hats, lapels, and scarves for friends who welcome best friend birthday gifts with playfulness, grace, and aplomb. Raise your glass of Jägerbomb and Prost!


Peanut Butter And Jelly Heart Keychain Set

While some may beg to differ, this artist proclaims that one of the best combinations ever created was peanut butter and jelly. If you are of the same ilk and are seeking tokens of joy that your best mate will appreciate, gift them with a handmade keychain of their choice: peanut butter, jelly, or both.


Novelty Grow A Boyfriend

Tired of your man sitting in front of a TV watching sports and not paying attention to you? Here’s an easy, affordable, funny-as-heck, no talk-back solution: Grow a Boyfriend. Just drop this new consort into water and within 72 hours, he will grow to be six times his original size and your new buddy. Outrageous!


Dear Best Friend Mug

The search for best friend birthday gifts ends here. Tea sipper, caffeine guzzler, or water aficionado, your pal can, and will, find a use for an 11- or 15-ounce white ceramic mug with text that expounds upon your eternal devotion and affection for their utter awesomeness. Wow, that’s deep.

Price varies

I’ll Bring The Alcohol I’ll Bring Bad Decision Shirts

Song lyrics remind us of who we can count on and the words on this T-shirt set mirror those sentiments with grooving goofiness and a thumbs-up to fabulous friends. These two unisex-sized T-shirts add fun, lovin’, and hilarity to a long-overdue party night while the 100% cotton fabric adds warmth to heart, body, and soul.


Kim Kardashian Crying Coffee Mug

Bid adieu to a colleague or someone who would appreciate this beautiful, glossy mug that is appropriately embellished and elaborately garnished with a boo-hoo portrait of everyone’s favorite faux celebrity, Kim Kardashian. Begging for 10 ounces of a Beverage of Choice, this ceramic mug is dishwasher- and microwave-safe, ensuring KK’s weeping visage remains forever untouched.


MOLFROA Best Friend Printed Crop Tops

An ideal partner for a hamburger is French fries. And that is an [un]documented fact. Some may call the two best friends and so, the pairing of fries with a burger bears stating on a pair of gal-pal T-shirts. The cartoons are super cute, super funny, and the cotton-blend, scoop-necked, short-sleeved T-shirts are super comfy.


I Love Lucy Inspired Lucy And Ethel T-shirts

The renowned comedy classic, I Love Lucy, featured Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz as best friends who lived in New York City during the 1950’s. Bursting with subtle humor and loving friendships, the gift of a pair of I Love Lucy inspired T-shirts will bring smiles and fond memories to those who graciously receive them.

Price varies

Yas Button

Created for distinctly open minds, the Yas Button is intended for the tolerant and broadminded. Glutted with six rainbow-hued responses – each guaranteed to garner giggles and guffaws – the Yas Button is a pleasant accessory for a desk, an accompaniment to a conference call – “mute” is your choice – and at the Reception Desk. Ahem, “colorful” language.


Wine Glass Set

The concept of “yes please, I’ll have another glass” propels to a level of Ultimate Bliss with this two-piece wine glass set that, quite simply, allows two people to share a 750ml bottle of wine without having to refill their glass. Stock up on your favorite red, white, or both, and invite your pal over.

Prices Vary


Your soulmate has everything they need, want, and desire, and, you’re scratching your noggin wondering about best friend birthday gifts. Chill, relax, find a high quality photo of your mate’s face, and order a squishy cushion that pays unbelievable homage to your darling pal’s best features. Up-close, personal, and loving visage on a Mushion.

Price varies

Best Friends Thelma And Louise Shirts

Ah, the epic tale of two friends who embark on a road trip with unforeseen circumstances lives on in many hearts and DVD trays. Demonstrate your friendship by bestowing your bezzie mate with a super-soft Thelma or Louise T-shirt, available in myriad forms: racerback, tank top, crop top, V-neck, and more. True friends live on.

Price varies

Tequila Tacos & Best Friends Tank

TTBF. The new go-to acronym that needs to be on your newest, hottest, and swankiest tank top. Everyone loves tequila, tacos, and best friends. And, these comfy tops are hand-crafted and screen-printed with non-toxic, water-based inks that will last a lifetime and won’t crack or peel. Celebrate TTBF with food, bevvies, and huggy love.


Best Friend Mug

Whispers, confidential info, and stuff no one else knows personifies the safe haven that is your best friend. Add a touch of humor to your sweet mate’s morning coffee or evening tea with the gift of this 11-ounce, white ceramic mug adorned with witty, pleading comments that proclaim undying friendship and a pledge for secrecy.


Best Friends Poop & Toilet Paper Matching Hoodies

This, sweet ladies, is a set of hoodies that is meant for True-Gal-Pals. A hilarious and low-brow matching poop and toilet paper hoodie set is undoubtedly among the top BFF birthday gifts for those who love the attention, who face the world head on, and who are fearless, beautiful, and devoted to all good things.


Friends Will Help Sign

True friends come to your rescue when you need them and the gift of laughter helps heal wounds of many sorts. So, when you receive this esteemed message assuring you that your best friends will help you in your hour of need – hmm, sarcasm? – your love for them will bloom with fervor, wisecracks, and buffoonery!


Poop Emoji & Coffee Poop Spray

At the risk of raising a topic that is rather personal, the reality is that we, as humans, need to use facilities to perform bodily functions. When you are searching for humorous yet practical best friend birthday gifts, the Poop Emoji and Coffee Poop Spray solves multiple issues. Handcrafted, well-scented, high-quality, and practical. There, done.


Best Bitches Wish Bracelet

Vilified by some, idyllic for others, this perfectly sassy gift is made of hemp – also available in cotton – and is supreme for best friends who take no prisoners. Available in a 12-inch, double bracelet cord with zinc alloy or brass metal beads, the bracelets tie and are meant to be permanent. Triple/quadruple/more also available.

Price varies

Tall Best Friend Short Best Friend BFF Shirts

Dear confidantes who share a love of great coffee: unite for a steaming brew and celebrate ongoing friendship with the gift of complementary T’s. Super comfy and with a design that is expertly handcrafted, toast to continued excursions with your dear friend and to the ultra-cool nature of short and tall cafés-to-go.

Price varies

Funny Best Friend Magnet

A brazen statement, perhaps, yet there’s a friend who would likely appreciate this fridge magnet’s retro appeal. Or, there’s a corner on your own refrigerator that would welcome this flashy gal’s sauciness. In any event, let’s agree that this starlet is humorous – albeit cheeky –and for some, brutally, deeply, and hilariously honest. Best Friends Only.


Your Best Friend My Best Friend Unicorn T-Shirt

What’s not to love about a unicorn with a rainbow mane, tee dabbing on an ultra-cool T-shirt? Oh, and grooving next to a not-so-hip girl. Help further the Make-All-Gals/Girls-Hip. Ideal for a birthday party, available in funky colors, and perfect inside and outside, watch magic happen and grooviness and hipness take place. (It’s true.)


PB&J Best Friend Pillow

It cannot be stated enough: Peanut butter and jam bring simple delight in myriad ways. In this version of the Perfect Companion, PB&J are beautifully – and somewhat deliciously – portrayed on two 13-inch by 10-inch pillows with the catchy phrases: “It’s always better…when we stick together.” The ultimate companion for lounging, napping, and reading.

Prices Vary

Pinky Promise Necklaces Set

Demonstrate how much your dear friend means to you by gifting them with a Pinky Promise Necklace. As a set of two, the pinky charms and 18-inch necklaces are sterling silver, birthstones are also available, and necklaces are multiple lengths. Your abundant love and pinkies are free of charge.


Brunette Blondie Best Friend Tanks

Your bachelorette blowout is a fantastically groovy event that will be memorialized forever. Clothes for your gal pals means custom, group tank tops that pay homage to both brunette and blonde BFF’s, and that are replete with vinyl, foil, and glitter colors, and soft-to-the-touch fabric which radiates love. Good quality, low price, great for parties.

Price varies

Disturbed Friends Game

This game is not for the faint of heart. It is, however, for the brave of spirit. There are 250 questions posed – many considered offensive and disturbing according to public opinion – with the ultimate strategy involving a vote among your friends to determine strategies during horrible situations. Test, explore, and be prepared.


Wash Away Last Night Bath Soak

Oh dear, the shame of The-Memory-I-Should-Forget. Release Method: Immerse and steep that nasty energy with a rejuvenating and relaxing soak in a luxurious bath of pink sea-salt crystals. Glowing and glittering with girl-powered sparkles and premium bath salts, there are therapeutic benefits to this Bachelorette Party, Divorce Party, and Ladies’ Night party favor, including no guilt.


Kawaii Poop and Toilet Paper BFF Necklaces

Intended for a pal with a great sense of humor, this funny friendship keychain is the perfect best friend birthday gift. The renowned duo features hand-crafted keychains made from clay and fashioned as poop and toilet paper in pendant form, just under one-inch in size. Laughs, giggles, and hugs will be plentiful.

Price varies

Head Case Luggage Cover

Waiting in the Baggage Reclaim area amongst the Hundreds+ with black bags and colored tags? Change that here! Be your best pal’s new [S]Hero and put your – or their – favorite mugshot on their ultra-fav piece of luggage. Available in three sizes – ideal for Planetary Travelers – and those who are brave, forward-thinking, and self-confident (?)

Price varies

If Lost Please Return To Gift

It’s long been rumored that people with a sense of humor and self-awareness live longer. So, whether it’s time to find best friend birthday gifts or it’s a spontaneous Add-To-The-Cart event, this witty set of two badges is a must-have. Multiple options, lots of whimsy, and great packaging all make for heartfelt and memorable moments.

Price varies

Texts from Mittens the Cat Calendar

Whether it’s the beginning of January, mid-April, or the end of September, the illustrations of chats between kids and kitties bears reading daily, weekly, and annually. Mitty, a slightly neurotic, dog-hating, self-absorbed housecat is the star who releases their feelings and attitude on a daily basis and with delight and amusement, educates one and all.

Prices Vary

Yes, I’m Offended Bath Soak

Vexed? Insulted? A selfless, sustained soak with a packet of Yes, I’m Offended Bath Soak! will soothe, delete, and dismiss your furrowed brow, relax your tense muscles, and whisk you away to a happy place called Bliss. With a wonderful scent of lavender underscored by therapeutic sarcasm and giggles, rejoice in the gift of friendship.


Fresh Face Car Air Freshner

The best way to dismiss memories of What- Happened-Last-Night is to add Fresh Face personalized air-fresheners in your vehicle. Savor scents that include bacon, coffee, fresh linen, island breeze, and the ultimate fav: New Car Smell. With a pack of three (3), memorialize your Mom, pals, pets, or those close to you. Fresh face indeed.


Best Friend Trophy

Imagine your friend receiving this award of distinction and their reaction of complete and utter surprise, appreciation, and love: The Best Friend Trophy! This replica is renowned as one of the world’s most recognizable awards and your friend’s loyalty, devotion, and friendship is award-winning on every level within your heart and soul.

Prices Vary

3 Diy Gifts for Your Bestie

Diy Boyfriend Pillow

Yearning for a cuddle from an ultra-warm dude? Watch this easy-to-follow, tongue-in-cheek video that helps with the creation of a Boyfriend Pillow. Make it yourself for a very affordable price tag with a fuzzy flannel shirt, some stuffing, and hand-crafted loving. Voilà, your new snuggle pal. Be sure to check out this cool three-minute video.

Diy Painted Kitchen Towels

Spice up, rock on, and clean up your kitchen with hand towels that affirm and proclaim super cool lyrics and statements: Beat It, Whip It, Chop It Like It’s Hot. Brilliant humor borrowed from great songs of The Past will rev up your prized kitchen space and keep you and your cuisine pals grooving while sizzling.

Diy Best Friend Long Distance Mug

There’s a dear friend in our lives, close to our homes and always in our hearts, who one day moves away. This BFF long distance mug personifies, exemplifies, and memorializes the special place that this extraordinary person holds for us. Please check out the site for easy instructions on making this beautifully simple heartwarming gift.

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