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100 Cool Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teen Boys and Girls

Buying Valentine’s gifts have turned into more than just getting them for your significant other. This day is now used to show anyone you love that you care about them and this can extend to your teenagers. Check out this list for some great inspiration on what to get them on 14th February.

These gifts will make the perfect Valentine’s Day presents for your teenage sons and daughters.

Giant Vermont Teddy Bear

It’s one of the most classic Valentine’s Day gifts – a cuddly teddy bear for your sweetheart. If you want to remain traditional but be different to everyone else, this 4 foot tall Giant Love Bear is perfect. With his soft fur and cuddly arms, it’ll be the perfect replacement for when you’re not there.


Polaroid Zip Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

While smartphones are amazing for capturing memories whenever you feel like it, how many of us still have photos we want to print out but haven’t got round to? Connect your phone to the Polaroid ZIP and your precious photos will be transformed from digital image to actual prints in minutes.


LAONATO Crescent Moon and Black CZ Earrings

Jewelry has to be one of the most popular gifts to give to a woman on Valentine’s Day, but don’t go for the typical gold, heart shaped pieces. Go for something less traditional with these crescent moon shaped earrings, filled with black Cubic Zirconia beads. She’ll love that you’ve thought outside the box.



Whether you both love to camp or you just enjoy gazing up at the stars on a clear night, this hammock will make a perfect Valentine’s gift. It’s so lightweight, you can use it in many different environments, and the mosquito net will keep you safe from any unwanted visitors.


BUBM Desk Pad Protecter

Perfect for doing homework on or maybe just some casual writing, this desk pad protector will keep your hands and wrists comfortable as you work. It’s made from soft PU so it’s waterproof, easy to clean and it’s smooth enough for both your mouse and wrist to glide across.


Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing console, mainly thanks to its ability to allow you to play on the go. There’s nothing more annoying than having to switch off when you’re in the middle of a game but with the Switch, you can pick up the controllers and play wherever you’re going.


Cork Globe

Owning a globe is something everyone should do but why go for one of the traditional styles? This one is made from cork and it allows you to push colored drawing pins into it, marking out where you’ve been, where you’re going, and where you’d like to go one day.

Prices vary

Laundry Punch Bag

For whatever reason, teenagers lack the ability to put their dirty clothes into the laundry. Use this Laundry Punch Bag as somewhere for them to put their sweaty socks and stained sweatshirts while you use it to take out your frustration. Rather the punch bag than your teen!


Ripple Junction Sriracha Water Bottle

Fool everyone with this Sriracha Water Bottle; they’ll all think that you’re drinking the real deal! The outside of this bottle looks remarkably like the hot sauce we all know and love, and when they realize you’re fooling them, they’ll want one of these for themselves.


100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

There are so many classic movies out there and everyone’s opinion is different when it comes to the best movie of all time. However, we can all agree on the top 100 movies on this poster. Watch them one by one and then scratch them off, revealing the beautiful artwork underneath.


Hockey Stick Snow Brush

It’s always cool when you receive an item which has been made using something which is past its best. This snow brush has been made using the handles of old hockey sticks – ones which were used in the professional league – and because of this, each brush is unique.


Glass Tea Cup with a Lid & Strainer

Ideal for any hot drink, such as tea, coffee or even cocoa, this cute cat cup will make a perfect Valentine’s gift. If you want to brew a cup of tea, put your leaves into the strainer, add hot water and then watch the tea brew to your preferred strength.


Amazon.com Gift Card in Gold Hearts Box

Is there a more perfect gift for someone when you don’t know what to buy them? This Amazon gift card will arrive pre-packaged in a gold heart patterned box and finished with a red ribbon, so it’s up to them to choose the present they want the most.


Studio Oh! My Thoughts Leatheresque Journal

Everyone should have a journal or a notebook where they can jot down any thoughts, to do lists, or everyday musings. This leather style one is available in six colors, including gold and bright blue, and the words “My Thoughts” on the front will make it clear what’s inside.


EasyPAG Desk Organizer Set

There is nothing worse than going to work at your desk and finding it in complete disarray. This five piece set provides you with everything you need to keep your workspace tidy, including a letter sorter and pen holder. Everything will match and you’ll never have to search for a pen again.


Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set

There’s no better relationship than the one shared between a mother and her children. Use this book to create some amazing memories with your daughter, ones you can look back on long after you’re apart, and it’ll be a great thing for her to show her children one day.


Sunflower in a Bag Grow Kit

Looking at sunflowers is guaranteed to make everyone feel happy, so if you want to add some happiness into your life, use this Sunflower in a Bag kit. It contains everything you need to grow your own 10 foot sunflowers, and when they’re big enough, just transfer the jute bag into the soil.


Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace

We still have such a long way to go when it comes to true equality for women, in both their personal lives and in business. Give her this Shattered Glass Ceiling necklace and remind her that she can smash anything she sets her mind to, regardless of what people tell her.


Print-Making Kit

There’s nothing better than creating your very own pictures with your children and this kit could even be used to create Valentine’s Day cards. It contains 24 pieces of brightly colored paper, cut out stencils and a foam brush which can all be used to be creative.


Random Acts Of Kindness Kits

We could all do with being a bit kinder, and there are so many things we can do to make the world a better place; from holding the door open for someone to paying for someone else’s coffee. With these cards, you’ll be inspired to be kinder and hopefully become a nicer person.

Prices vary


If you want to have the movie experience at home, you need a good quality TV. This one is 49 inches and 4k ready, giving you the most from your viewing experience. It offers you over 4000 streaming channels and TV channels via the compatible Roku TV.


Prism Light

Rainbows are absolutely enchanting when they appear in the sky, but don’t waste your life waiting for them to appear; make some of your own! This prism light will cast your very own rainbow bouncing over the walls of the room you’re in, making it feel magical.


Sleepy Cat Pillow

Made from 100% cotton which is grown in Texas and filled with recycled, hypoallergenic fiberfill, this feline pillow is something you won’t be allergic to. Snuggle up with it wherever and whenever you feel like having a nap and you’ll always drift off into Dreamland with ease.


Crosley Dansette Junior Portable Turntable

Making a comeback, these Dansette turntables used to be all the rage in the 60’s. In a nostalgic pastel blue and tan colorway, you’ll be able to play all of your favorite 7”, 10” and 12” records in high quality sounds, bringing a touch of the past into the future.


adidas Originals Women’s Gazelle Sneaker

Available in 10 different colorways, these Adidas Originals Gazelle sneakers are huge at the moment. The soft lining ensures breathability so her shoes will always be comfortable, no matter what she’s doing. Believe it or not, this design has been around since 1966 but it’s been modernized for the youth of today.


Guitar Pop Chart

If you or someone you know are into their guitars, this pop chart will take pride of place on the wall. It features 64 brightly colored illustrations of some of the most iconic guitars in rock history, including the name, model, and who played these symbolic instruments.


Miss Sweet Small Led Lighted Tri-Fold Makeup Mirror

As we all know, looks and image are very important to a teenage girl. She has to look her best at all times, otherwise her world is going to fall apart. This small compact mirror has 8 LED lights surrounding it, so she can make sure she’s looking on fleek at any given time.


Natural Henna Temporary Tattoo Freestyle Kit

Tattoos are becoming more mainstream and more widely popular every day, because so many people are getting them now. Unfortunately, you have to be 18 to have one so in the meantime, let your teen experiment with this natural henna temporary tattoo kit. At least they’re nor permanent if they make a mistake.


Aoloshow Customized Custom Name Necklace

This personalized necklace would make a beautiful Valentine’s Day for the teenage girl you know. You can choose the length of the chain so it sits nicely around her neck and, as it doesn’t fade, it’ll make a lovely keepsake for her to treasure for years to come.

Prices Vary

Folding Travel Guitar

Anyone who’s ever played guitar will know how bulky they are, especially when you need to take it with you. This portable folding guitar definitely doesn’t look like a traditional instrument, but with its 19 frets, it certainly sounds like one – it’s just easier to transport.


adidas Women’s Superstar Track Top

Sportswear isn’t just worn for going to the gym, people wear them as their everyday clothes now. It’s fashionable. This Adidas Women’s track top is simple with it’s monochrome colorway, but it’ll be exactly what she’s looking for. She probably won’t wear a regular jacket or coat again.

Prices Vary

Deep Sea Sand Art

Place this frame on your desk or bookcase and every time you rotate this piece of art, new patterns emerge and they’ll instantly mesmerize you. The everchanging streams of sand will twist and turn into each other, creating deserts, clouds, and mountains inside the frame, capturing everyone’s attention who walks by.


Orbit Charging Dock

Finding somewhere to charge your phone is difficult, especially if there’s multiple people trying to charge their gadgets too; no one wants to have their phone stood on or get the cables tangled. This charging dock will keep both your cord and phone out of harm’s way as it’s charging up.


Black Cuboid Cube Twisty Puzzle Smooth

Everyone has heard of a Rubik’s cube, right? Well, take a look at this. It’s the same puzzle solving concept but the shape is a cuboid. It’s basically a 3D rectangle version of the original. Whether you’re new to it or you want to challenge yourself, this is what you need.


Kikkerland Bedside Caddy

This bedside pocket is the ideal thing to have next to your bed. It can hold magazines, books, remote controls and even your midnight snacks; pretty much anything can fit in here. Not only will it stop you losing things but it’ll keep your room nice and tidy, too.


Flashing Bike Light Kit

If you’re a keen cyclist, you’ll know that it’s important for you to be visible at night time so other road users and pedestrians can see you. Use this STEM kit to build your very own flashing bike lights; you’ll learn something while making yourself safer on the road.


Felt Succulents Kit

Succulents look amazing but they’re yet another thing for you to remember to water and feed. If you’re not ready for this level of commitment, why not have a go at making these felt ones? They look just as beautiful, maybe even more colorful than the real things, adding a touch of nature to your workspace.


Ceramic Phone Amplifier

Most speakers are dark and plain, not really something you want to display on your desk or shelf. Take a look at this ceramic one; it’s definitely different to the ones you normally see. It’s been shaped to give your music a richer sound, and because it doesn’t need any cords, you can place it anywhere.


18K Rose Gold Cubic Zirconia Ring

Rose gold is very fashionable at the moment, you’ll see it everywhere. Get your teen this adjustable ring which is 18K plated and adorned with sparkling cubic zirconia, the perfect thing to give this beautiful piece of jewelry some bling without it being too flashy; she’ll want to wear it every day.


Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane

Have you ever tried to make a paper airplane and then watched with disappointment as it flies through the air and heads straight for the ground? This kit allows you to attach a Bluetooth device to the plane and then control it via a compatible app so you’ll never have a nose dive again.


ARCTIC Paw Cable Knit Beanie

The only way you’ll get your teenager to wear a warm hat is by ensuring you get them something fashionable. This cable knit beanie from Arctic Paw is perfect as it’ll go with any cute outfit they pull together, and the pom pom “ears” are very on trend at the moment.


Color Changing Cinema Lightbox

Lightboxes have been around for a while but here’s one with a twist. The light behind the message isn’t only plain white; it changes, showing you all the colors of the rainbow. It’ll add some drama to any message your teen leaves you, and you won’t be able to miss it.

Prices vary

Music Playing Cards

Everyone should own a good set of playing cards and there are so many designs out there at the moment. If you know someone who loves their music, this deck is adorned with beautiful illustrations of famous musicians and singers, such as Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie.


MorisMos Big Cute Plush Teddy Bear

Buying your significant other a teddy bear is pretty traditional on Valentine’s Day so there’s no reason why you can’t buy one for your teen. But this one is on another level, it’s huge. Standing at 47 inches and made from soft white cotton, they’re sure to absolutely love it.


Apple TV

If you’ve considered making the jump to Apple TV, now is the time. There are so many apps which are available now and it’s only going to keep getting better. You can view photos on your TV, as well as listen to your music from iTunes and watch your favorite shows on Netflix.

Prices Vary

Walking Talking Dino Kit

It’s not just little kids who love dinosaurs, teenagers can like them to0. This kit will show everyone that dino’s are cool as you can use it to build a wooden walking, talking T-Rex. It’s not as difficult as they make it out to be on those famous movies about a dinosaur inhabited island…


Tune Out Musical Sleep Mask

Traveling is amazing but there’s one problem which seems to rear it’s ugly head every time, and that’s disturbed sleep. Use this travel sleep eye mask which will block out any unnecessary light while playing your favorite tunes to help you drift off into a relaxing slumber.


Magnetic Dry Erase Weekly Calendar for Fridge

Organization is the key to your teen getting through those all-important exams, and this magnetic weekly planner will help them keep track of when they are and which pieces of homework they need to get done. Keep it in the kitchen on the refrigerator to help them stay on track.


Calligraphy & Hand Lettering Notepad

Calligraphy is a form of art and it looks beautiful when done properly. Give your teen this hand lettering notebook and she’ll soon be an expert. It shows how to perfect four different lettering styles as well as plenty of space to practice your strokes.


Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbits are a great way to get your teen interested in fitness and keeping themselves in shape. This pink band will be perfect for your teenage daughter – it’ll go with every single one of her outfits and she’ll be able to keep an eye on her heart rate, sleep patterns, and more.



With the GoPro HERO, you’ll be able to capture many memories while you’re on the go. Whether you’re climbing a mountain or cycling through the forest, this camera will record everything you get up to and because it’s waterproof (down to 33m), you’ll be able to take it nearly anywhere.


HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

Any gamer will know that you need a good headset to get the most out of any gaming experience, especially if it’s an online multiplayer game. This one is compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U so they can switch it between every one of their consoles.


Tetra LED Betta Tank With Base Lighting

This tank from Tetra is perfect for people who are new to keeping fish as pets. It’s easy to set up and it also looks good, either on a desk or shelf. The lid features a convenient feeding hole and you can use it with either AA batteries or a Micro USB cable.


Seavenger Adult and Junior Diving Snorkel Set

There’s plenty of ways for you to see what life is like underwater and they don’t all involve visiting an aquarium! If you live near the ocean, you need this snorkel set which includes everything you need to get up close and personal with the aquatic sea life who share our shores.

Prices Vary

Guitars Socks

Joke about it or not, socks actually make a very practical gift for any occasion. These guitar patterned ones are perfect for anyone who plays that instrument or even if they’re just a lover of music. They’ll certainly jazz up a boring uniform for either school or work!


Whole Heart Earrings

The Japanese have a tradition of mending broken pottery with gold, showing off the break and not trying to hide it. These heart earrings are beautiful and are made even more beautiful by the golden joinery, acting as a reminder that the hard times only make us stronger.


Joligrace Makeup Train Case

As we all know, most teenage girls love their makeup and would buy it until they had no more space to store it. Help them try and find some kind of order with their cosmetics with this lockable makeup case, which has three trays and a brush holder.


Portable Table Tennis Set

There’s nothing worse than being bored but there is a solution; this portable table tennis set will be ready to play whenever you are. You’ll get the net, two paddles and a ball so you can set up a tournament anywhere you like. Just make sure someone is keeping score.


Tile Mate Key Finder

The worst feeling in the world is when you’ve lost something, whether it’s your keys or maybe even your phone. Tile Mate is here to make it easier for you to find something you’ve misplaced, simply put the tile onto your precious possessions, and then use the app to ring those things.


MLB Limited Edition World Series Beanie

Our children deserve the best, even when they become teenagers. If your teen is a big fan of baseball, he’ll love this limited edition beanie. Made using the wool found inside MLB authenticated balls used in the World Series, the hats are also lined with alpaca wool to keep them extra warm.

Prices vary

GoldCoast Skateboard

Not every skateboard has to be covered in bright colors and graffiti style art. This one from GoldCoast is made from a bamboo and maple hybrid and has been shaped into a pintail. Your teen will look amazing performing their tricks and stunts at the skate park.

Prices Vary

Couch Guestbook

Our couch offers more than just somewhere to sit. You can share secrets, watch movies, and even have your dinner on them. Use this guestbook to remember precious memories you share with your friends and family; it’ll make a great keepsake for you all to look back on when you’re older.


Socks with Gift Box

Socks are a great practical gift – everyone wears them. These Valentine’s themed socks will come presented in a gift box and they’ll make a great present for your teen on 14th February. Adorned in hearts, these 9 pairs will be great to wear all year round.


Marshall Compact Fridge

Perfect for lovers of music, this Marshall compact fridge will make a fantastic gift for someone this Valentine’s Day. It will keep any food and drinks super cold and it also has the ability to turn into a freezer if you want to keep things really cold. It’ll look amazing in any man cave.


Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare, having someone steal something from your backpack as you’re just minding your own business. This anti-theft bag makes it virtually impossible for someone to get into as the zipper is hidden from sight. It also has a charging port built in so you can charge your smart devices on the go.


Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

In the on-trend rose gold, these Beats wireless headphones not only look fashionable but they also offer top quality sound without the hassle of cables or wires. They offer up to 40 hours of battery life from one charge, making them perfect for any music loving teen or adult.


Ooma Bowl

Whether you use these at a party or simply for movie night, these ergonomic bowls make snacking easier than you ever thought possible. The two separate compartments keep snacks apart so you could have chips and dips or maybe popcorn and beef jerky; the combinations are endless.


Edge Light Clock

This gadget is the perfect thing to have on your bedside table. On one side, there’s the perfect nightlight for reading in bed and when you’re done, simply flip it over to reveal the clock. It definitely make your bedtime routine easier as well as helping you get up in the morning.


essie nail polish

A nude nail polish is perfect for everyday wear, especially if you have to go to school or work. This one from Essie promises to be long lasting and the shade, mademoiselle, is a classic pale pink shade which will go with any outfit and occasion.


Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags

A cheese toastie is a delicious snack at any time of the day, but the mess it can leave behind is unbelievable. From gooey cheese to toast crumbs, it’s not fun to clean up. Luckily, these toaster bags will allow your teen to enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich without you having to tidy up after them.


Ticket Stub Diary

As teenagers grow up, they start to discover the things they’re interested in and will spread their wings a bit. Concerts, sports games, and even movies, all of these things offer ticketed entry. Gift them this Ticket Stub Diary and give them somewhere to store them all.


Harry Potter Golden Snitch Necklace

Anyone who is a fan of the Harry Potter movies will know what a Golden Snitch is; it’s the ball which will win you the Quidditch match but it’s not easy to catch. This necklace looks as though it’s come straight from Hogwarts and it means you’ll always have the Snitch with you.


Wood Magnetic Balance Lamp

Not only does this lamp look super cool but it’s also pretty fascinating. There are no switches with this lamp, it works purely through magnets. All you need to do to turn it on is to lift the lower sphere up to meet the top one and, as if by magic, the light comes on.


Worry Doll Necklace

Based on the old Guatemalan tradition, this worry doll necklace is here to ease any anxiety or stress you might be feeling. Just tell your new friend any worry you might have and she’ll take the load from you, letting you enjoy your everyday life without anxiety.


USB MIDI Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller

If your teen wants to learn how to play an instrument but they’re not sure which one to go for, this keyboard is perfect. It can be powered through a USB connection to your PC and all of the functions and software are great for learning how to get the most from their new keyboard.


Philosophy Amazing Grace Collection Set

You can’t go wrong with a good bath set as a gift for women, especially if it’s made from a perfume or scent they love. This Amazing Grace set from Philosophy contains a shampoo, shower gel and an eau de toilette for her to use every day.


Prismacolor Quality Art Set

Every artist knows that they need good quality tools to get the best pictures possible. These Prismacolor pencils come in a set of 48 so you’ll get every color you could need, as well as a sharpener and an eraser; it’s the whole package if you want to create amazing pictures.


DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone

Drones are still as popular as ever, with new and improved ones being brought onto the market every day. This one comes with a camera so you can view a live feed of what your drone sees from the air sent straight to your smart device. Imagine the things you’ll see!


ILNP Juliette Holographic Nail Polish

Having perfectly manicured hands is necessary, especially when you’re going to a party or an event. This glittery polish will add another level of sparkle to your outfit, no matter what you’re wearing. It needs to be a staple in your nail polish collection.


Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Being apart from your loved one is hard. If you have to spend long amounts of time away from your other half, this Lovebox Messenger is an essential you both need. Send them a message and the compatible app will alert them to open the lid and read the note on the mirrored screen.


Overwatch Origins Edition

Knowing which game to get your video game loving teen is difficult. You don’t know which games are new or which ones they won’t be interested in, but this one is a pretty safe bet. It’s filled with soldiers, scientists and adventures, so there’s something for everyone.


Pehr Designs Multi Pom Pom Hamper

As you get older, you start to have a sense of pride about your bedroom as it’s the only space in the house which is truly yours. Help your teen make their room their own with this gorgeous pom pom hamper; it looks beautiful and it’s somewhere for them to store things.


Build Your Own Pinball Game

Bring a taste of the arcade into your home with this kit. It provides you with everything you need to build a pinball machine of your very own, powered by rubber bands. Once it’s been put together, you can set about decorating it any way you like, and then it’s game on!


Scratch Map

We want our children to explore as much of the world as they can – there are so many beautiful places out there that it’s a shame for them to stay on home soil. Give them this map as inspiration; they can scratch off anywhere they’ve been to reveal a pop of color.

Prices vary

Fujifilm Instax Mini

The Instax is a camera which everyone wants. While our smartphones can take some amazing photos, you often forget to print off physical copies of them. This Mini 8+ prints pictures almost instantly, and it even comes with a self-shot mirror so you can take perfect selfies.


Nevertheless She Persisted Puzzle

With feminism such a hot topic in the media, it’s important that you show your daughter how far women have come. It’s still not far enough, but this 1000 piece jigsaw has some beautiful illustrations of 24 powerful women who have helped inspire and change the future for females.


Safavieh Paris Shag Collection

Give your teen her first proper piece of “grown up furniture” with this beautiful shag pile rug. Available in eight colors, it’ll turn her room from a child’s bedroom into a young adult’s one, something which she’ll thank you for, especially when she feels how soft it is underfoot.


Pick Punch

As a guitarist, you know how annoying it is when you lose your picks. They seem to disappear whenever you need them most. Lucky for you, this Pick Punch allows you to turn old credit cards and loyalty cards into picks with ease. You’ll never be short of one again.


Succulents Puzzle

Succulents look beautiful, they’re available in so many different colors now that you could literally get one to match any décor. Show your love for these miniature plants with this jigsaw. Made from recycled materials, the 1000 pieces come together to build a plant based puzzle.


Yarn Unicorn Kit

Unicorns are on trend and have been for a while. There’s not much out there that hasn’t been touched by unicorn fever and if it’s something your daughter suffers with, she’ll love this kit. It shows her how to make two beautifully sparkly, rainbow unicorns which will sit pretty wherever she puts them.


Wishing Ball

Some might say that wishing is for kids, but having a goal is something we should all have and this wishing ball will be a reminder of that. Once a week for a year, make a wish and put it into the ball and, if you’re struggling for inspiration, just look at the accumulating pieces of paper.


BORN PRETTY Nail Art Nail Polish

As a teenager, you’re trying to discover your style and what makes you “you”. Give your teen this 4 piece set of mermaid nail polishes and see if it’s something she’s into. Every time it catches the light, it shimmers and shines just like a mermaid’s tail would.


We’d Both Be Wrong Pillowcase

We all know that teenagers are famous for their sarcasm. It’s like as soon as they turn 13, they wake up with an attitude and have to be sarcastic to everyone. This pillow will be the perfect accessory for any teenager’s room and will show them that Mom and Dad can still be funny.


NIKE Men’s Sb Clutch Skateboarding Shoes

It’s not just teenage girls who want to look fashionable, the boys do too. With these NIKE skateboarding shoes, he’ll be the envy of all his friends. They’re available in a number of colors, from monochrome to brighter ones, so he could even have a pair for every outfit.

Prices Vary

Zojirushi Stainless Mug

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the human race is under pressure to change our disposable lifestyles if we want to save the planet. This rose gold travel mug is the perfect alternative to disposable coffee cups and it’ll keep your drink hot for hours.


Playful Sports Mugs

As children we’re taught not to play with our food, but it’s actually loads of fun to mess around with the food you’re going to eat. These sports mugs were designed by a child but they’re great for kids and adults alike. What’s better than shooting hoops while eating your cereal?


Mini Creature 3D Kits

These cute miniature creatures would make great decorations for a desk or a shelf. Choose from three designs; a llama, sloth, or narwhal, and get building using the eco-friendly, recycled cardboard pieces. It’ll only take about 20 minutes to make but it’ll be totally worth it.


PlayStation 4 Console

If you really want to treat your teen this Valentine’s Day, buying them a brand new PlayStation 4 is definitely the way to go. This console is in glacier white and comes with one controller, 30 day trial of PlayStation Plus and a copy of the game Destiny. It’s the whole package.


Baseball Stadium Blueprints

These baseball stadium blueprints will make a fantastic addition to any baseball fan’s bedroom. You can choose from a number of famous stadiums and see the architecture behind these amazing structures. Printed on museum grade paper, this is a gift which will last for years.


Bluetooth Headphones

In a choice of either rose gold or silver gray, these Bluetooth headphones are perfect for anyone who enjoys jogging, cycling or even someone who drives a lot. You can link two devices at the same time, meaning you can listen to music as well as speaking to someone over the phone.


5 Fun Diy Valentine’s Gifts for Teens

Diy Conversation Heart Pinatas

There’s nothing like receiving a care package, they’re the perfect antidote to stress and anxiety. This DIY heart pinata one is ideal for Valentine’s Day and because you’re making it yourself, you can fill it with all the things you know your Valentine will love.

Diy Valentine’s Day Bath Bomb

Bath bombs make a fantastic gift for any occasion but store bought ones can come with a hefty price tag. Make one yourself for a lot less, and the best thing is that you can mold it into any shape you like and add a scent you know is their favorite.

Diy Sweet Candy Jar Valentines

If you’re looking for a simple yet cute gift for Valentine’s Day this year, you’ve found it. Use the free printable inside this blog post to create the mason jar background, and then simply attach a few of their favorite candies. Voila, you’ve got your Valentine’s Day gift sorted.

Diy Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

We’re all familiar with egg hunts at Easter but have you ever thought of doing a scavenger hunt for Valentine’s Day? Take inspiration from this blog post and create something fun the whole family can do – it even has free printable clues for you so all you need to add is their favorite candy.

Diy Candy Jar

This easy DIY idea would make a lovely gift for someone you know this Valentine’s Day, whether that’s your teenage daughter or your best friend. Simply take a mason jar, then add some glitter and candy to create a super sweet present which they’re sure to love.

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