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28 Expensive (And Thoughtful) Valentines Gifts for Her Over $200

A price cannot be put on love, but sometimes an expensive gift is a great way to make your other half feel truly special. This Valentine’s Day, treat your loved one to something from this list of gifts, all of which cost over $200. From jewelry to wine, it really is all divine.


Globe Trotter Charm Bracelet

Vintage inspired and perfect for anyone that loves to travel, this beautiful charm bracelet is ready and raring for Valentine’s Day. With the silver, gold and rose gold charms representing a trip around the world, it is ready to help feed the wanderlust of the person that you love most.


Chunky Knit Blanket

Suitable for vegans, stunning to look at, and simply sublime to touch, this handmade chunky knit blanket is perfect for those people who love comfort. With so many woolen alternatives available, this one is for those who are conscious of the planet, as well as their relaxation.


Aquamarine Ebb and Flow Cuff

Wow, how incredibly unique is this? Made from brass and aquamarine, the beautiful cuff conjures up images of the ocean itself. Rustic yet pretty, the handmade accessory is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of your loved one and has to be seen to be fully appreciated.


State Side Table

Cleverly crafted from reclaimed poplar wood, these cool tables are unlike anything else! Cut to the shape of your chosen state, and stamped with the things that your state is well known for, these tables can make a brilliant gift for just about anybody in your life!


Bloomsy Box Flowers Delivered Monthly

If you’d love to be able to brighten your love’s day on a regular basis, this subscription service is how to do so. Select the subscription that suits your/their needs and watch on as they open their door to receive fresh, bright and colorful bouquets of flowers.

Prices vary

Traveler Rolling Tote

Does she spend a lot of time on the road? Whether she travels from state to state or continent to continent, she will be in need of a travel bag. Treat her to something extra special this Valentine’s day in the form of this deluxe and stylish travelling tote bag.


Infinite Seashell Wall Sculpture

Wow, with all of the shells included found in the Hamptons area of New York, this piece of art is worth every cent. The infinite sea shell wall sculpture has been created using a vast amount of sea shell fragments and is a handmade masterpiece that is guaranteed to be the focal point of any room.


Family Moon and Stars Necklace

We all know that family is important, so if the woman that you love adores hers, this is the gift for her. Perfect for a proud mother, these stunning moon and stars necklaces come with the option to choose how many stars (family members) you would like included, along with the birthstone to adorn each one.

Prices vary

Poppies Stained Glass Panel

Stained glass has the ability to produce seriously amazing and colorful effects. Thanks to this stained glass panel, you can ensure that your significant other reaps the rewards of this artistic design. Featuring a field of poppies, this mosaic will bring magic into her life.


Diamond Fairy Dust Necklace

Simplicity can certainly be key when it comes to buying gifts. If you are searching for a way to make her feel special, cover her in fairy dust with this gorgeous necklace. The subtle, gold necklace boasts two golden cylinders whilst also being decorated with sprinkled pave diamond to give a wonderful effect.


Constellation Quilt

The night sky has so very much to offer anyone who takes the time to gaze up at it. If your lovely lady loves the stars, pick her up one of these wonderful constellation quilts, which has been created to look like the infinite universe and the beautiful array of stars that can be found within.


Custom Beach Charm Bracelet

Whether they have a special attachment to specific beaches, or they simply love to be by the ocean, this awesome bracelet will be right up their street. With each of the 7 charms containing sand from a real beach (either pre selected or sent in by you), they will be close to the sea at all times.

Prices vary

Amethyst Dice

A pair of dice can make an unusual gift; however, they are normally a lot less cool than this pair. Supplied with a beautiful reclaimed wood constructed stand, these dice are unlike any other as they have been made from solid amethyst. If ever there was a pair of lucky dice, it has to be these.


Definition of Love

Everybody has a different definition for the word ‘love’. Help your special lady to find out what love means to you by ordering her one of these unique canvasses that can be customized with names, dates and, of course, definitions for love. Choose from almost 100 words to make it specific to your own journey of love.


Brown Leather Tote

Wow, if they want to look good whilst transporting their things, this is the tote bag for them. Handmade from Cognac brown leather in Poland, the stunning bag has a choice of closures and is definitely going to suit her travel needs for years and years to come.


Vintage Suitcase Locket Necklace

Whatever small item they love and cherish, ensure that they can keep it with them at all times thanks to this locket necklace. The locket itself has been designed to look just like a vintage suitcase and actually opens, revealing a special space for sentimental things.


Recycled Wine Barrel Side Table

Created from a beautiful recycled wine barrel, this side table is ideal for anyone that likes to sit down with a delightful glass of wine at the end of the day. If that sounds like your Valentine, head over to the following page and pick up this oak and iron table now!


Goto Venetian Wine Glasses

If you are on the hunt for a new set of wine glasses for the loved one in your life, you should take a look at these. This set of 6 Goto Venetian wine glasses are colorful, creative, and incredibly unique – in fact, they’re perfect for raising a toast to your beloved Valentine this February.


A History of Existing Life

If the woman that you love has a special interest in biology, this is the watercolor print for her this coming Valentine’s day. The beautiful family tree shows the journey life has taken from bacteria to mammals, and even features a timeline explaining each new stage of evolution, making it a wonderfully geeky gift.

Prices vary

Bird of Luck Speaker & Light

Artistic and elegant, this present will make her proud of her home this February. Reminiscent of a bird in a cage, this Bluetooth speaker is ready to bring music and light to her house thanks to the included ambient light! A one of a kind way to tell her how much you love her.


Speak Your Truth Mantra Necklace

If you would love to empower your girlfriend/wife, this is a great way to do so. This lovely necklace contains the mantra ‘seek to understand, always take sides, watch us rise’ and is a guaranteed way to make her know her value! With a variety of hand shaped charms, it really does look awesome.


Caymus Special Selection Cabernet Sauvignon Set

Wine makes a terrific Valentine’s Day gift, especially when your other half enjoys a tipple at the end of her day. Treat her taste buds to this Caymus special selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 private cellar gift set, and watch on as she falls more in love with you (and wine) than ever before.

Prices vary

Personalized Movie Marquee Illuminated Art

The bright and colorful signs that used to hang above movie marquees are awesome, and definitely romantic. If you know that your other half would love to see both your name and hers in bright lights, this illuminated art is definitely the way to make that dream come true.


Emerald Crystal Earrings

Made using a new and exciting sustainable way to produce emerald crystals, these earrings are ready to make your girlfriend giddy with glee come the 14th. Deep in color and simply awe inspiring, the crystals have been set in recycled brass prongs that are ready to be worn with pride.


MLB Game Used Uniform Handbag

Is she a huge fan of baseball? Brilliant, then this gift is for her. The interior lining of this awesome handbag has been made from an actual game used MLB jersey! All you need to do is choose her favorite team and wait for the awesomeness to arrive.

Prices vary

Custom Pet Portrait Pendant

Are you her second favorite thing in the entire world? If her pet is top of the table, check this out. This terrific sterling silver pendant can be embossed with an actual portrait of her pup or puss, plus your choice of words and numbers. A truly personal gift that you know she will love.

Prices vary

Wise Blinking Owl Necklace

Take a look at this gorgeous necklace in action, and you won’t be able to resist! Designed to look just like a wise owl, this sterling silver necklace offers more than meets the eye! Not only does it look absolutely amazing, but upon movement the owl will blink to showcase its beautiful gold eyelids.


Lunar Ring

If you would like to get her a piece of jewelry that is as stunning as it is unique, this could be it. This rainbow moonstone ring wonderfully symbolizes the best things that we associate with the night time. Boasting gold, sapphires, and more, she will want to wear it each and every day.


3 Relaxing Diy Gifts for Her

Diy Herb Candles

Have you ever thought about creating your own candles? This Valentine’s Day, use the information you find on the following page to make your loved one a series of candles that are as natural as they are beneficial. Made using herbs and essential oils, they are simply gorgeous.

Diy Spa and Pampering inn a Jar

Mason jars are a crafter’s best friend, and this brilliantly simple DIY gift idea is no exception. Give her a night off and the means to truly pamper herself with everything she needs, all contained in a reusable jar. Customize it to suit her tastes and she’ll love you all the more for the effort you’ve gone to.

Diy Apple Cinnamon Sugar Scrub

Would you love to find a way to make your loved one have the best bath ever? The only thing that you need to make this come true is this apple cinnamon sugar scrub. With the recipe available to you behind this link, you will be ready to treat her in no time at all.

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