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100 Best Valentines Gift Ideas for Him of 2019

Men can be so difficult to buy for come Valentine’s Day, especially if you are looking to touch his soul with your valentines gift (wether through laughter, ‘Wow-factor’ or something personalized and from the heart). This diverse list of over 100 hilarious, fun, unusual and epic valentines ideas for him will help you find exactly what you’ve been looking for; something that is completely unexpected and unique to his personality and interests.

Grab his heart with this selection of gifts to match the male psyche.

Kikkerland Beechwood Crab Multi Tool

This multi tool with a difference grabs the imagination as a Valentine’s gift as the sturdy beechwood shell encompasses a mini scissor, bottle opener, screwdriver, can opener and rope saw. Measuring only 2.5×1.5×1.1 inches, the casing is easy to grip allowing simple and effective use of the tools inside.


Sun Pleasure Tahiti Floating Canopy Island

For a special man who loves to relax, get him an island of his own that floats in the swimming pool, allowing him and friends to simply chill out. Big enough to accommodate 6 adults, the island comes with comfortable seats and armrests and the essential built in cooler and cup holders.

Prices Vary

Taco Serving Kit And Storage Box

For a man who loves to cook, this set of taco holders and bowls will delight, allowing him to serve up this favorite of treats. The bright color rimmed, glass bowls are hand blown in Mexico and come in 2 sizes to fit either small condiments or taco fillings.


Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

There’s nothing better than a romantic game of foosball on Valentine’s night, but make sure you let him win! This attractive coffee table, which doubles as the table version of foosball, has inlaid wood veneers with hand painted foosball men on telescopic rods, octagonal handles, and also has adjustable leg levelers.


Toast Heated Pillow

For those nights when he’s without you, give him a warm slice of toast to keep him going. Quickly charged via the micro USB cable, this luxurious piece of cuddliness stays lovely and warm for up to 4 hours and won’t leave a lot of crumbs over your bed.


Portable Camp Grill And Charger

If your man is of the outdoors type then this integrated generator system will let him boil, cook, and charge using the power of a compact, smokeless furnace. Including a lightweight and portable grill with “KettlePot” attachments, there’s also a built in charger for your smartphone or other devices.


From Crook to Cook Snoop Dogg Cookbook

Inspire your partner to get busy in the kitchen with this rapper inspired cookbook that will reach his level and tone to drive him into being the chef. Including 50 recipes from the Boss Dogg’s kitchen, each chapter also features a playlist to accompany his cooking and help him chill out.


Mosaic Weighted Blankets

If your man suffers from restless nights or anxiety, then these weighted blankets could be the best gift you have ever given him. Designed to replicate the effect of a mother’s womb, they have been shown to drive sleepers to a better quality and more sustained level of sleep.

Prices vary

Turkey Mug

This comedy mug is a fantastic apology gift if the run up to Valentine’s day had been somewhat fraught. Usable and operating like a conventional mug, this comedy piece comes with a detachable Fez and is a better way of saying sorry than sticking a real turkey on your head.


Harry Potter House Trunk Sets

For the lover of fantasy and magic, this collectable set of all seven of the Harry Potter books will be a dream come true. Complete in Hufflepuff colors, this hardback edition published by Scholastic includes a Harry Potter trunk to store and carry the set in.

Prices Vary

Samuel L Jackson Teaches Acting

Let your beloved prepare himself to step out onto the boards and take his first steps on the big screen by getting lessons from none other than Samuel L Jackson. The popular masterclass series allows students to benefit from the wisdom and experience of leading talents in their field.

Prices vary

Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

If your partner has a dog that he cherishes, then this DNA dog testing kit will bring a smile to his face. With a simple cheek swab, experts will determine which breed his dog comes from including wolf and coyote, and will be able to trace his dog’s family tree, back to grandparents.


DIY Synth Kit

For those with busy hands, this DIY synth kit will allow your beloved to create his very own synthesizer no matter whether he is an intermediate or advanced builder. There’s no soldering to complete and the synth is perfectly reusable to keep those musical notes flowing.

PyroPet Candles Kisa Candle

Burning this starkly pink candle will unleash the beast inside, giving a metallic skeleton whose eyes will blaze with fire. Lasting up to 20 hours in the burn, the candles are made from paraffin wax, cotton wick and aluminum, and come in a beautiful gift box.

Prices Vary

Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production

Get to watch this talented music producer take apart his own music so that your partner can learn to make his own. Teaching an approach that uses melodies, mixing and unique sounds, you’ll not find any of this instruction in some cookie cutter music class, or high school classroom.

Prices vary

Freestone Fly Fishing Company

For a Valentine’s Day gift that lasts the year, check out this monthly fly fishing service that hooks you in from the start. Each month subscribers receive 12 premium trout flies and a bonus fishing item, along with some wicked stickers and 1 year Trout unlimited membership.


Personalized Gold Lp Record

Made from an upcycled vinyl LP that’s finished in dazzling gold, this custom wall art is sure to please any music lover. Chose lyrical words to appear on a 2 tone label, along with up to 5 songs that resonate with your relationship, and see them framed on this cool memento.


Fibonacci Golden Spiral Clock

Inspired by Fibonacci’s Golden spiral, this artful bamboo clock is a wonderful piece of geeky decor that’s sure to get any visitors talking. Perfect for a man that likes his geometry, he’ll be touched that you can see his intellectual side and inspired to read the time accordingly.


Underwater Disco Lightshow

Let him get his groove on in the bath with this disco lightshow that operates under the water and makes bath time a boogie time. Battery operated and 100% waterproof, the device projects multi-colored light patterns, turning your dull tub into an Atlantean dance sensation to scrub your back to.


Homping Portable Indoor/Outdoor Charcoal Grill

Site would not load.

Prices vary

Sleepy Head Personalised Pillow Case

When he puts his head on his pillow at night, make sure he’s putting it on top of your face with this personalized pillow that’s machine washable and super soft. Fitting all standard size pillows, it ‘s the gift that means he will be never be alone.


Loot Crate Subscription Box

If unsure what to buy a geek of a partner, then a subscription to this clever monthly service will hit the mark. Sending out packages based around topics such as Harry Potter, the Marvel comics and Fallout, he’ll get a different gift each month to remember you throughout the year.

Prices vary

Duradry Kit to Stop Excessive Arm Pit Sweats

Deal with a partner’s more embarrassing side by introducing them to this armpit sweat control package that claims to eliminate sweat almost completely after 3 days. Honesty may just be the best policy to keep a loved one from a difficult, awkward and smelly problem.

Prices vary

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Connect with your partner on a different level by each having one of these friendship lamps that are in sync with each other. When one lamp turns on with a touch of a hand, across town or across the country, the other lights up with the same glow.

Prices vary

Storm Cloud Weather Predictor

Never miss out on what the weather’s doing with this fabulous weather predictor that comes in the shape of a storm cloud. The crystals inside the cloud react to different weather conditions, allowing you to make an assessment of the weather and plan ahead to avoid bad times for outside dates.


Professional Bartender Kit

Let him take to the bar he’s always wanted to tend with this professional bar tender’s kit. With everything to make bar tending simple and classy, such as a Boston shaker and a Cheater cup, and 12 other quality tools that would be at home on any tender’s shelf.


Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Making Kit

Men just love to prove they can make their own alcoholic beverages, and with this red wine kit he’ll be right at home. With all the ingredients he’ll need to make one gallon of robust Cabernet Sauvignon, you can give him the joy of producing a deep, full bodied wine in his own home.


French Bulldog on Tricycle Shirt

If your man is a guy who likes to see himself as a bit of a joker and adores clothing that plays into this role, get him this cheeky t-shirt featuring a dog on a tricycle. Punchy but inoffensive, he’ll love the classic color and humorous quality of the shirt.


Daily Harvest Smoothie Subscription Box

For a partner who is into healthy eating and fitness, check out this subscription service that delivers superfoods to his doorstep, ready to be consumed on his schedule. Balanced by a nutritionist and made delicious by a chef, these fun collections will set him up for the year.

Prices vary

Wrestle Crate

If your partner gets his thrills watching the high flying antics in the square ring as muscled machines throw each other around, then this wrestling subscription package may be a winner. Sending out various items of quality merchandise every month, you’ve pinned him to the floor every time.


Absinthe Making Kit

For a man who likes to make his own tipple, this absinthe kit will take him one step further on his brewing path. With a blend of 11 certified organic botanicals from around the world added to his favorite high proof neutral spirit, he’ll make his own complex and heady brew.

Prices vary

Cabin Porn

This delightful book will be the inspiration for a simpler life and a get away to beat all nature holidays. This tome shows remarkable, handmade homes in the backcountry of the USA and all over the world, spawning ideas and purpose for those who love an outdoor and natural life.

Prices Vary

Rude Hand Gestures Of The World

This comic book will show your beloved how to travel the world, offending the populace with simple, but definitely crude or abusive, hand signs. Ideal downtime reading, he’ll chuckle along with the ridiculous lengths the author has gone to to make this novel piece of literature accurate.


Planet Erasers

This little gift has the solar system in small form with a delightful set of erasers that also show the planets. A perfect, fun gift for budding astrophysicists or any astronomers, the erasers are not to scale but can be used for explaining the solar system around us or to simply rub things out.


Fresh Face

Show your beloved just how lovely you smell by getting your face on his in car air freshener. You can now travel everywhere with him, all the time renewing the stale air with your zing and festive scents. Comes in a pack of 3 to be available long past Valentine’s Day.


Commodore 64 Mini

If your beloved is a middle aged man then take him back to his childhood with this retro version of the classic Commodore 64 that features a fantastic 64 games from yesteryear. If the words ‘California Games’ and ‘Speedball 2’ mean anything to him, he’ll be head over heels for this blast from the past.


23andMe DNA Ancestry and Health Test Kit

With everyone worried about their genetic health and where they originally came from, this gift of a DNA test with helpful results is a must. Producing accurate and reliable reports through a rigorous process operated by world class scientists and medical experts, he’ll be deeply enlightened about his forward health and family past.


Personalized Astrological Date Clock

When two people fall in love sometimes something special happens and a child is born. This clock celebrates that moment by showing the position of the planets the day the child was born, creating a precious memento of the love between you and your partner in a laser cut design.


Escape the Crate

For lovers of escape rooms, this subscription service brings that very feel and “panic” to your own kitchen table. Each bimonthly game will last around an hour and test your mental abilities and emotional nerve to the maximum, as you work with friends and partners to crack the puzzles.


Edge Light Clock

This dual purpose light clock allows for reading at night in bed and is then able to be flipped over when ready for sleep, displaying a simple non-intrusive clock. There’s even a shake function to enable you to have just a snooze before the light beams bright again.


Coop Eden Pillow

If your partner struggles with sore necks or creaking jaw after a poor night’s sleep, then this pillow can help. Adjusting to his sleeping position and supporting his unique contours to ensure that his head and neck are held in the correct position, this pillow will soon make nights peaceful again.

Prices vary

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

This clever box is a way to communicate with your beloved when they are a distance away and far from your embrace. Through a Wi-Fi connection, this heart box responds to an email by spinning the heart on the front and when a reply is received, the original sender’s screen is covered in hearts.


Coconut Fiber Hedgehog Planter

This delightful hedgehog planter is perfect for a prickly succulent or a cactus. As the coat of this particular hog is ideal for such plants, you can be sure of a great grow in this hedgehog skin that uses native coconut coir fibers to develop such a cute character.


Bread Slippers

Available in brown and white, and gluten-free of course, these bread slippers will cause a stir wherever they are worn. Superbly realistic, these slippers are lovingly kneaded and baked to perfection by slipper experts to be cozy and comfy, and with butter only as an optional extra.


Brussel’s Live Green Mound Juniper Outdoor Bonsai Tree

Grown in a state of the art greenhouse under precisely controlled conditions to arrive in maximum health, this bonsai is a low growing plant producing lush greenery. There’s blue berries on top of interesting bark that adapts well to creative manipulation as your recipient begins to understand his bonsai more.


The Mug With A Hoop

If your partner is a fidget and doesn’t know what to do with himself at the breakfast table, then offer up this clever alternative. This ceramic bowl has a basket attached so he can lob his favorite cereal into the hoop and celebrate wildly with his coffee and OJ.


Dragon Stapler Novelty by Pacific Giftware

For the fantasy lover, this clever stapler will be a welcome addition to his office. Using standard staples, the dragon is made from cold cast resin and aluminum, hand painted, polished and detailed, and is easy to refill. Noone will dare steal a stapler that looks this fearsome.


M A T T E R Science Subscription Box

This scientific subscription service reaches out to minds that want to explore the universe around us. Part museum, part lab project, your partner’s curiosity will be fed as 4 to 6 items are delivered each month of some of the most interesting pieces of matter in our world.


Cufflinks Monthly

When your man is a snappy dresser, he’ll need a range of cufflinks to fit with those designer shirts that make him look so good. This subscription service delivers a classy pair of cufflinks each month, in a leather storage case, that are sure to get noticed and commented on.


DNA Poster

Give the gift of life itself to your partner with this DNA poster that’s appropriate to him and him only. After collecting a sample of DNA from your partner via a swab, he’ll choose a frame, style, color and size of the picture which is then delivered to his door.

Prices vary

Superfood Lattes-to-Go

Send him onto a healthy food choice and lifestyle with this alternative to a caffeinated latte. These individual serving packets make it easy to serve up a superfood latte and contain ingredients such as turmeric, charcoal, maca root and coconut milk, to add the perfect nutrients to his drink.


Baseball Stadium Blueprints

For the baseball fan in your life, this stadium blueprint of his team’s home stadium is a great gift to be hung on his wall. Giving details of the stadium specifications and highlights of major events, the print is on museum grade, archival paper and is framed in black BonzaWood.


Melting Toht Candle

For those of us brought up on Indiana Jones, the figure on this candle will bring back instant memories of one of the greatest screen deaths. Now you can watch the same Gestapo officer melt away as your candle burns, but in a slower fashion than in the film.


Food In My Beard Face Plates

Highlight your partner’s beard with this clever set of plates that make fun of the difficulties of maintaining a clean chin when eating. Made from quality porcelain, these plates will make a fun addition to any table and give a loving tribute to your partner and his hairy friend.


Rapid Drink Chiller

If your partner loves a cool drink then this rapid chiller will be a welcome addition to his beverage armory. With 3 nested chambers, this device will chill a freshly made coffee to cold within one minute and will work with wine or other drinks, except for carbonated ones.


Roadie Tuner Smart Guitar Tuner

Difficulty in tuning instruments is not an uncommon problem for any musician and if your partner suffers from this common curse, then check out this special tuner. A fully automated tuner for string instruments, it delivers quick and easy tuning that is 3 times more accurate than the human ear.

Prices vary

Mini Cloud Toilet Paper Dispenser

There’s nothing more important to a man in a toilet than to have his loo roll handy to him at all times. This clever design allows for the toilet roll to be close by but also shows it off as a cloud on the wall, adding to the aesthetic of any bathroom.


Sexy Truth Or Dare

Spice up Valentine’s Day with this sexy version of the well known game that features 100 racy seductions printed on double sided sticks. Simply draw a stick and watch the embarrassment and fun begin, as you end up telling all or risking a saucy diversion with your partner.


Deathly Hallows Projection Light

Bring the Deathly Hallows to his room with this battery or USB powered light that’s officially licensed. Show him as a one of a kind wizard, as the light projects the Deathly Hallows sign onto any wall or ceiling, to scare off any flat mates or friends.


Marvel Meta Mugs

Based on the heroes of the Marvel comics, these fun mugs are officially licensed and have original vintage style art on each one. Pick your partners favorite character and give him an anytime treat to hold his daily coffee in, that will impress any other geeks around.


Mini Karaoke Microphone

For the man who feels there’s always a good moment to break into song, this karaoke microphone that attaches to his mobile will bring a new circle of friends to his life. Now he can gather others to him and wail out those top songs they all love and enjoy.


1000 Dot-to-Dot: Cities

For those idle moments, or just for some relaxing downtime, this book of dot to dot puzzles brings together a classic range of cities. Let him satisfy his inner child, doing an activity that has been proven to increase short term cognitive acuity, hand eye co-ordination and concentration skills.


NYKKOLA Knit Octopus Hat

Wrap him up warm in the cold weather with this stylish ski mask that is suitable for 3 seasons out of 4, and is also reminiscent of the Lovecraft creation, Cthulhu. This octopus style will be a particular favorite amongst animal lovers and covers all extremities above the shoulders.

Prices Vary

Finders Seekers Mysteries

If your partner enjoys fun puzzles and an exploration of the globe and its cultures, this subscription box will be right up his street. Delivered monthly, this package includes dastardly clues and mysterious codes, as you explore a new city with this family friendly romp chasing persons and cyphers.


Toggle Switch Plate

Showing off the steampunk culture, this clever light switch will make a bold impact in any room as it seems to be a Victorian design. However, your normal modern day switch is hidden underneath, and operates as normal, but is also activated by the clever overlay with its elaborate workings.


Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess

Part of the popular Masterclass series, your partner can now unleash his scheming brain as he gets taught how to be a strategic genius by chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov. With comprehensive video instruction, he’ll build his game by demonstration and practice from one of the greatest players to ever live.

Prices vary

Morgan Silver Dollar Money Clip

If you are with a man who like to show off his fortune then this silver dollar money clip is an essential item. Featuring the vintage coin atop the clip, this device has a 3-prong setting that secures the coin on the clip without damaging it and reveals the date when viewed from the back.


mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets

If your partner struggles with foods that are too sour to taste, or just needs a perk up in the taste department, then these food tablets are ideal. Using Miraculin which modifies taste perception, the glycoprotein binds to the taste buds to make sour foods become extra sweet.


Handmade Fish Sandals

These are possibly the catch of Valentine’s Day and will let your man enjoy real flipper feet which don’t smell of the sea. Made from PVC, they are soft and light, and will capture the imagination of all onlookers whilst maintaining an anti-skid function to keep him upright and balanced.

Prices Vary

Neuro Gum Nootropic Energy Gum

Give your beloved some energy, focus and clarity with this special gum and its quick release formula that contains the ideal balance of nootropics for a clean and balanced boost. This gum is so good it delivers energy 5 times faster than coffee or energy drinks.


Cheep Eats Food Truck Bird Feeder

Attract the birds to you as you sit together romantically on a riverbank or park bench, with this one stop shop for bird seed. Made of ceramic with an easy to clean steel tray, the gift comes packed in a sturdy, full color gift box and is roadside delivery for the avian community.


Travel Gym Adventure Kit

When your man is on the move, he may find it difficult to work out and stay in trim shape for you. Now, with this clever portable gym, he’ll always be in great shape for you, and will find it easy to take, as this pack folds away to the size of a water bottle.


James Patterson Teaches Writing

Give your beloved the gift of writing from the master of suspense, James Patterson. The international best selling author takes you through the ways and means of novel writing in this Masterclass course, consisting of video and helpful written material, and designed to inspire the writing urge in all of us.

Prices vary

Shrimp Neck Pillow

Everyone likes a neck pillow to support our heads on long travels by car, rail or plane, but now your partner can rest happy on a large prawn. Detailed to look just like an oversized crustacean, this pillow will cause howls of laughter from fellow travelers in the cabin or car.


Barbuzzo Alcohol Shot Gun

Perfect for parties or for an evening together, this shot gun lives up to its name by delivering a shot of your favorite tipple straight to your mouth. Made from high quality plastic, this gun will last for years and may still be with him as he celebrates the latter years of your relationship.


Buzz Lightyear Egg Cup & Toast Cutter

He’s got a friend in you when you deliver up this charming Buzz Lightyear egg cup for him to have his soldiers first thing in the morning. Along with a Star Command crest toast stamper and an intergalactic spoon, this egg cup will take him to infinity and beyond.


Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Let him bring a world of fire to his food with this hot sauce maker that produces a piquant variety of hot sauces to add a kick to the mix. With simple instructions to help combine spices and the included peppers, this really is the ultimate for a hot man who likes his hot food.


CBD Honey

Add a special touch to his sweet tooth by giving your partner this raw Vermont honey that has been fused with a dose of medicinal hemp. Extracted and distilled without chemical solvents, it’s blended with coconut oil before infusion into the honey, leaving you with a most delightful superfood.


Walabot See Through Walls

When you have a DIY enthusiast for a partner, you really need to embrace his creative side by helping him with useful tools. This application will help see into walls and highlight pipes and electrical lines to ensure you have a hot worker for many years to come.

Prices vary

Personalized Whiskey Barrel

For the man who loves his whiskey, give him this special oak barrel that’s more than just a fancy whiskey holder. The barrel will impart its own flavor to the liquid as it accelerates the aging process and delivers a perfect and flavorsome spirit that is uniquely his.

Prices vary

Stoneware Tv Dinner Trays

Make it a special night in with these stoneware TV dinner trays that separate out different foods so that picky eaters can have no cause for complaint. With no need for multiple plates, and a heavy dose of nostalgia, you can now make a healthy lap-ready dinner with ease.


Bigfoot Sasquatch Outdoor Research Kit Novelty Gift

If your man is a conspiracy theorist then help him on his hunt for Bigfoot with this excellent set of investigative materials that includes a field journal, membership card, stickers, and more. Don’t let him dwell on theories any longer, but instead send him into the field to capture this wild creature.



Hit your man with a game that’s right on his level as it’s turd versus turd to see who goes down the toilet first. Based on the popular battleship game, you can now giggle and give a cheeky laugh as you get to destroy all his shit.


Takada Collection Face Bank

Creep out your partner by giving him the scariest piggy bank the world has seen. With a mouth animation that sends a chill up your spine, this disturbingly yellow block sits calmly until you place some money in its mouth, at which point it freakishly gobbles up the added coinage.

Prices Vary

Daily Harvest Smoothie Subscription Box

Juice up your partner’s diet with this gift of a subscription box of superfoods that arrive ready to make at his door. Checked out by a nutritionist and brought up to superb flavor by a trained chef, you can be sure it’s not just his waistline that will benefit, but also his taste buds.

Prices vary


This comic toilet light has a total of 9 different colors to display and is activated by motion to help you find the correct target for your night time excursions. Perfect as a fun gift for your Valentine, it’ll cause plenty of laughs and make spending a penny a bright occasion.


Onyx and Lava Stone Essential Oil Bracelet

Give him the everyday benefit of essential oils as he goes about his daily work with this clever bracelet. With a strong, latex free, stretchy cord strung with black onyx and tiger’s eye beads, as well as lava stones to allow diffusion of the oils, he’ll look great and feel wonderful.


Galaxy Space Cat Fanny Packs

This cheeky fanny pack takes you back to the 80s and 90s, and with the elegant Star Wars design, you can feel the force calling you to wear one. With 2 large compartments, the pack is also water resistant, and has its artwork imprinted for both regular and UV light.

Prices Vary

Superfood Smoothie Bombs

Liven up his daily smoothie with these bombs that come with ultra healthy components that also give a boost to the smoothie’s flavor. Made from whole ingredients, they are gluten and vegan friendly and come in an eco-friendly packaging made from plants, not plastic, in Australia.


Above The Horizon Watch

This watch with a difference sees time as operating above the horizon and has a clock face designed to meet that premise. Since the outer ring holds the hours and the inner ring keeps minutes, the watch’s hands never dip below the meeting point, giving the illusion of an endless skyline.


ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Device

Tired of all the loud snoring and endless restless nights that come from it? Treat your Valentine to a helpful remedy that will kick the snoring habit into touch with this dentist designed device, created to crush the snoring habit in a quick, effective and easy to use manner.

Prices vary

Ray Gun Nose Trimmer

Give those tedious but hygienic jobs he needs to do a comic lift with this “laser” gun hair remover. Men’s grooming tool meets space age weaponry, as nose hairs are dealt a quick and pain free death, and bogey ridden bristles are consigned to the oblivion of a waste bin.


Pooch Selfie

If your partner is struggling to take great photos with his dog, try this clever attachment for a camera phone that will focus the dog’s attention. The item comes with a squeaky tennis ball to attract the dog’s attention but it can be replaced with a favorite toy to further enhance its pulling power.


Playstation Controller Mug

Perfect for the serious gamer, or those that like the odd excursion into console land, this mug comes with a mini replica of a PlayStation controller as its handle. The chunky, weighty ceramic gives a satisfying hold as you don’t let go of your “controller” even for a cup of tea.


Llama Lap Warmer

When you can’t purchase a real llama for your beloved on Valentines Day, choose instead this cozy alternative that is just as cuddly and a lot less messy. Simply pop the llama into the microwave and then let it heat up his frozen core, in a safer way than a hot water bottle.


Natural Cork Bow Tie

Dress your man as the eco-warrior he is, with this smart and environmentally aware bow tie cleverly made from cork. Making a distinctive statement, there are thin and flexible layers of cork adorning this tie, showing off its warm, buff color, and organic variations to a tee.


Avocado Powerbank

While everyone knows the usefulness of power banks in topping up your mobile’s charge when on the move, few ever realized how an avocado was the best design for them. Packing a whopping 2000mAh of power, you’ll not forget or leave this device lying around without someone shouting about it.


Mustard Magnetic Paper Clip Dispenser

Help him keep his desk tidy with this extremely clever paper clip holder, that was so astute, they had to make it look like a genius. The magnetic head holds the clips perfectly whilst the cheeky face will cause the entire office to have a right good laugh.


Everly Well Food Sensitivity Tests

If your partner suffers from a stomach ailment or possible skin reactions, give him a chance to find out what’s wrong with this handy food sensitivity test. Featuring easy to follow instructions, sterile collection tools and pre-paid return shipping, he’ll soon find out what the matter is.

Prices vary

5 Unique Diy Valentines Gifts for Him

Diy Lyric Love Notes

Say it with a song by checking out this blog that helps you tap into your musical past, to discover song lyrics that will tickle the fancy of your Valentine. With printable material, you’ll be able to leave delightful love lyric notes for your beloved to enjoy.

Diy Coffee Gift Basket

For the coffee lover in your life, check out this blog post that helps you create enjoyable baskets that contain all a coffee lover needs. Featuring simple instructions and helpful pictures to guide you, you’ll build the perfect gift at a fraction of the cost of a shop bought gift.

Diy Beard Oil Recipe

Help your man take care of his beard and the skin underneath with this post that relates how to make a refreshing and manly beard oil. Perfect for taking care of the beard as well as the skin underneath, you’ll find this mix easy to create with the simple instructions included.

Diy Cookout Kit

For a man who likes to cook and eat outdoors, this blog will show you how to create a helpful kit, to add to the culinary creations he intends to make. With helpful suggestions as to what to include in this gift, you’ll find yourself led easily along to make a practical and thoughtful gift.

Diy Lumberjack Gift Printables

One of the best gifts for a man is simply to package up all his favorite foods and treats in a box. This blog will help you take that box and make it look like the perfect gift that has taken hours to prepare and that could be found in a shop front anywhere.

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