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30 Best Monthly Snack Subscription Boxes of 2018

We all know that rush of excitement we get when order something online and finally receive the package at our door. Now imagine that happening to you every month, except now each box is full of edible surprises! A monthly snack subscription box will keep your taste buds guessing month after month.

We all know that rush of excitement we get when order something online and finally receive the package at our door. Now imagine that happening to you every month, except now each box is full of edible surprises! A monthly snack subscription box will keep your taste buds guessing month after month.

Love With Food

Inexpensive and delicious, Love With Food is a fantastic monthly snack subscription for anyone who likes to snack healthy with organic and all-natural treats. For every subscription box you receive from Love With Food, they will donate one meal to a child in need. Get into the holiday spirit with this fantastic gift.



A monthly subscription box from Treatsie will get you a delicious loot of gourmet sweets from up to 3 different vendors per month. From chocolates to caramels and everything in between- a box from Treasie is a welcomed gift anyone would be glad to receive.



The name of this monthly snack subscription box says it all! Graze snacks come in the perfect box which doubles as a serving tray. Flip open the lid to reveal sections of snacks like pretzels or dried fruit and pluck them out one by one. You can customize your subscription by telling Graze if you have any allergies or foods that you simply don’t like.


Wine Down Box

There’s nothing wrong with loving to pair your snacks with a nice bottle of wine. Order a monthly subscription box from Wine Down Box and you’ll be delivered a 750ml bottle of small-batch wine along with perfect artisanal pairings of wine and cheese. This is classy snacking, indeed.



Possibly one of the most clever monthly snack subscription boxes, Bestowed runs by the motto, “Discover Healthy”. They offer a snack box for when you get cravings at home, a snack box to fuel you at the office, and a snack box to sweeten anyone up as a gift. Every snack is well balanced and nutritionist-approved.



Gluten-free snacks have arrived! From small bites to yummy drinks, every delicious snack you put in your body from UrthBox contains no gluten, is non-GMO, all-natural, and organic. You’ve never snacked so healthy! Ranging from $9-$49 per box, you can snack as much or as little as you’d like.


Cocoa Runners

If you know someone whose go-to snack is of the chocolate variety, then a subscription to Cocoa Runners’ Tasting Club is exactly what they need. The recipient of this snack box will be one of the first to try new gourmet chocolate creations made by the chocolatiers at Cocoa Runners. A taste of heaven is just $30 per month.


Cookie Tourist

How does a box of assorted cookies delivered to your door every month sound? Cookie Tourists finds the most delicious cookies from around the world and puts them together in one box month after month! This is your chance to be the favorite aunt or uncle to a kid that will go crazy for this sweet snack gift!


LOL Jerky

Can’t decide what to gift the man in your life this holiday season? Make things easy on yourself by ordering the manliest gift that keeps on giving- a monthly box of beef jerky! Each month, LOLJerky will deliver all-natural, American-made beef jerky to keep his inner beast feeling alive.



Join the Gourmet Chocolate Club of the Month with Compartes. Following yearly holidays like Valentines Day, Easter, Mother’s Day and so forth, Compartes sends you a festive box of chocolate perfect for some guilty pleasure snacking. Order 3 months at a time for a reasonable price of $50 per month.


Vegan Cuts

Vegans love snacking, too! Whether its candy, chips, pretzels, nuts, or more, there is a surprisingly tasty snack to please many vegan diets. $120 will get you a 6-month subscription box filled with 7-10 vegan snacks that can be delivered anywhere in the US, and well as Canada.


Healthy Surprise

You can’t go wrong with the monthly snack subscription box from Healthy Surprise. There is literally something in here for everyone! There are sweet treats kids will adore like Cookie Dough Truffles and handy on-the-go snacks for adults like bare fruit- all of which are gluten-free. Say goodbye to the days of hangry moods and hello to happy snacking.


Munch Pack

Give MunchPack as a gift to make sure that the one you care about never goes hungry again! Choose between three snack box sizes: Munchpack Mini with 5+ snacks, Original Munchpack with 10+ Snacks, or FamilyPack with 20+ snacks. You can customize their snack box by selection flavors they might like such as salty, sour, or even seafood!


Bellissimo Breakbox

Feel good about snacking with Bellissimo Breakbox. Inside every Bellissimo Breakbox is a balance of sweet and salty snacks, which are all-natural and nutritious. You can order a monthly snack subscription box just for you or choose the box big enough to feed the whole office.


Jacked Pack

Body builders and health nuts know how important it is to have healthy, protein-packed snacks and supplements on hand. Jacked Pack’ monthly snack subscription boxes were designed with exactly these people in mind. Identify your fitness goals, and they’ll send you snacks to help you achieve them.



Take a cultural trip around the world in the comfort of your own home with a box from Treats. This snack subscription company searches the earth far and way, from continent to continent; finding the most pleasing snacks you never know existed. Once you open your mystery box, you’ll agree that $13.95 a month is quite the reasonable deal.



This isn’t your typical snack box- Naturebox fills each delivery with the most gourmet snacks like guacamole chips and Asiago cheddar crisps. Although you are getting gourmet snacks, you won’t be paying gourmet prices. Eight to ten snacks per month is only going to cost you a meager $20!


Snack Crate

If you’re going to snack- make it fun! The goodies you’ll find in Snack Crate are unlike any snacks you’d find in your typical American grocery store because they come from all around the world! Every box is full of surprises for your taste buds with treats hailing from Asia, the UK, and even Eastern Europe.



Imagine Korean Almond Candies, Bulgarian Cookies, Japanese Cakes, and British Gummies all in one box! This imported medley is exactly the kind of indulgence you’re in for when you order The BoCandy Big Box. If you’re have more of an appetite for the Asian variety, The Asian Snack Box is another fantastic option from Bo Candy.


Skosh Box

If there is one thing to know about Japan, it’s that nothing they do is boring- especially when it comes to snacks. Skosh Box is one of the wackiest monthly snack subscription boxes filled with Japanese delights that look like they are made for children but are absolutely adult-approved.


Candy Club

If you have a child or grandchild away at college, then consider subscribing them to the Candy Club’s Monthly Snack Subscription Box. They’ll surely appreciate a solid sugar high from jellybeans, gummy bears, and lolly pops to help them power through a night of writing papers and doing homework.


Snack Nation

Being an office manager can be rewarding- especially if your staff are happy and look forward to coming into the office each day. One way to maintain this positive vibe is to order a monthly snack box from Snack Nation. This subscription box will feed the whole office! Bellies will be full and in turn, moral will be high!


Orange Glad

Kick those afternoon cravings with a little bite of dessert. Each month, Orange Glad will deliver a box right to your doorstep filled with artisan and gourmet chocolate treats like Vagabond Biscotti, Hot Chocolate on a Stick, and classic chocolate chip cookies. Whoever says dessert is strictly to be enjoyed after dinner clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about.


Snack Fever

Korea makes some of the strangest and most delicious snacks around! Broaden your snacking horizons with a monthly subscription box filled with Korean treats you might never find here in the US. Each month, for just $12, Snack Fever will deliver a box anywhere to the US or Puerto Rico so you can start snacking.


Hyper Bellies

Good ol’ American treats like Cheetos, snickers, and chocolate covered pretzels will surely hit the spot when you’re in a snacking mood. Once you subscribe online, your box will be shipped quickly, in 48 hours or less. Make it a one time care package or a monthly reminder that you haven’t forgotten about your loved one far away.


Mickey to your Door

I can’t think of a better incentive to get your kids to finish their homework, clean their room, or be nice to their siblings than the promise of magic in a box. With a monthly subscription to Mickey to your Door, you’ll receive a box packed with Disney snacks and toys that will please both parents and children.


Taiwan Treat

You’re in charge of your snacks when it comes to Taiwan Treat. Choose between the Tea Club box filled with teas and tea-related treats, The Original Box stuffed with 16 Taiwanese goodies like ramen or juice, or The Small Box with 7 Taiwanese treats ranging from ramen to tea. All of which ship for free to the US!


Hawaii Snack Box

How can you resist a little slice of paradise showing up right on your doorstep? Tropical treats will come to you when you subscribe for just $25. Hawaii Snack box will ship to any person anywhere making this a fantastic monthly subscription if you want to send care packages to send your soldiers overseas.


Japan Crate

If you’ve never been to Japan, don’t worry- Japan will come to you! Japan Crate will show up at your door each month filled with Japanese snacks galore. You’ll get a kick out of the whacky packaging and oddly creative snacks. You may not know what you’re putting in your mouth half the time, but that’s just part of the fun.


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