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27 Epic Junk Food Subscription Boxes – Guilty Snacks and Desserts

If the idea of your favorite snacks and treats being delivered to your door on a monthly basis fills you with joy and excitement, you will love this list of junk food subscription boxes. With awesome food from the United States AND the rest of the world, you can satisfy that appetite.

Diy Box of Sunshine

Match Made Coffee

Smile, you’re in heaven. This Match Made subscription box is definitely the way to anyone’s heart. Delivered monthly, you can enjoy the perfect pairing of craft coffee and gourmet cookies. Delicious and high quality, you even get a pairing guide in every box. Convenient coffee and cookies, every month.


The Best Box Ever Bakery

Get sugar cookies delivered to your door every month, and drool every time the doorbell rings. This awesome junk food subscription box contains 2 premium and delicious sugar cookies, a cool cookie cutter and even a surprise. Unwrap the secret to cookie perfection with The Best Box Ever Bakery.


Great One Cookie Company

Open your mail and find this awesome job lot of cookies just waiting to be eaten. Containing 2 cookies of the month, 2 exclusive cookies and even 2 traditional cookies in every box, you really will be drowning in cookie goodness. A great example of a food subscription box.


My Bakers Box

My Bakers Box is the subscription box that every baker needs. Period. Including edible and non edible treats and products, your baking will come on leaps and bounds every month. Recipes are even included, so you can improve and create new things all the time. A great investment.


Chocolate of the Month Club

Subscribe to Americas number 1 Chocolate of The Month Club to get the most delectable and indulgent chocolates around. With 1 whole pound of gourmet chocolates delivered to your home on a monthly basis, along with a newsletter. High quality you time, 12 times a year.



Snack on with this awesome food subscription box, perfect for granting all of your junk food needs. With candy and treats delivered directly to your home on a monthly basis, you can enjoy the best of the best from around the States. Tuck in and get feasting with Hyperbellies.



You more than Desserv this junk food subscription box. With monthly deliveries, you can get comfy and relax as you enjoy your treats. With cookies, chocolates, specialty drinks, baked goods and a whole lot more included. You even get a surprise gift in each box.


Japan Crate

Open up your world to the cool culture of Japan. Full to the brim with awesome and exclusive Japanese products, snacks, drink and candy, you can be sure that you are receiving the authentic taste of Japan. A great food subscription box that you can look forward to each and every month.


Asher and Bee

The Asher & Bee subscription box is a chocolate and coffee inspired food box that can indulge your junk food needs once a month. With different flavors monthly, and different themed subscriptions, you can sit back, relax and enjoy gourmet flavors once every calendar month.


Peggy Jean’s Pies

Get a subscription box full of Peggy Jean’s Pies delivered to your house every month, when you subscribe to this awesome box. With 6 homemade, gourmet pies coming to your door every month, what’s not to be happy about? Something to look forward to every month.


Exploration Crate

Explore the snacks of the planet once a month with this epic and jam packed junk food subscription box. Containing both sweet and savory snacks, you can feast on some new flavors as you globalize your taste buds. With a new country each month, you are bound to find some new favorites.


Pizza of the Month Club

What is there not to love about pizza? The melted cheese, the delectable toppings, the crust; it’s just a perfect combination. If you love pizza as much as us then you will definitely love this cool food subscription box. Get 3 hand picked gourmet deep dish pizzas delivered to your doorstep every month.


Jackie’s Chocolate

Chocolate could easily be crowned the best junk food of all time. With all of the different flavors available, it is loved all around the world. Feed your chocolate cravings and subscribe to Jackie’s Chocolate. This awesome subscription box will give you a supply of high quality chocolate delivered once every month.



SoBakeable is the junk food subscription box that lets you have a little fun before you eat. With 2 delicious baking kits delivered to your house once every other month, you can tie up your apron and get baking. With the ingredients, recipe and toppings included, you cannot go wrong.


Nostalgic Candy Club

Kick it old school with your new junk food subscription box. Delivered to your door every month, you will receive nostalgia in food form with sweets and candies from the last 10 decades. With 6-8 different candies, information and even a surprise, you will keep your sweet tooth sweeter than ever before.


Tride ‘N Chew

Do you simply love to chew? ‘Cause we do. Keep your gum stocked up with Tride ‘N Chew, the subscription box designed for gum connoisseurs. With a huge variety of different and often hard to find gum, your jaw muscles will certainly get a loving working out once a month.


Delanas Baked Goods

Go on, treat yourself with this full to the brim box of treats. Delana’s Baked Goods is the food subscription box that you can look forward to every month. With each box containing the blondie of the month, along with other fun treats, you can relax and enjoy whenever you choose. Bliss.


Contessa Nics and Nacs

Natural and organic junk food sounds far too good to be true. But it isn’t. Contessa Nics & Nacs is just that, a subscription box that allows you to receive artisan French food in the mail once a month. Containing a mix of sweet and savory French treats, you can enjoy trying something new.



Anyone that has been to Disney World knows that the snacks there are truly out of this world. This food subscription box puts the power in your hands as you get to eat and try authentic Disney World treats without ever leaving your house. Convenience and taste guaranteed.


Bakers Krate

Bakers Krate sounds enticing without even seeing the contents. But once you see the contents, you will be hooked. This delicious subscription box contains gourmet desserts and sweets that are delivered to your home. Handcrafted by Canadian Artisans, you know you are getting good quality.


Red Velvet NYC

Home baking truly has never been easier. With 2 baking kits delivered to you each month, containing not only recipes but ingredients as well, you can start baking delicious treats that will keep the whole family smiling. All you will ever need to add is eggs!



Get sweets in the post with Postsweet, the candy subscription box that will bring the flavors of the world right to you. Full of candy and snacks from all over the planet, you can indulge in new flavors and treats that you have never experienced before on a monthly basis.


Candy Castle

Candy Castle sounds like somewhere we’d like to be, but luckily, this subscription box ensures that the magic is delivered directly to the subscriber’s house every month. Full of junk food and candy, in bulk, you can sink your teeth into some sweet, sweet action.


The Baker’s Dozen

Get your foot in the bakery door (not literally), and start mixing up some delectable treats. This junk food subscription box ensures that you have all of the ingredients and instructions to create some delicious, mouthwatering treats once a month. Perfect for any and every baker, no matter their skill level.


Mix Box by Homemade Bakers

Get inspired to bake with this subscription box. Containing all the ingredients needed, and the recipe for awesome baked goods, you can create your very own mouthwatering masterpieces without ever leaving the house. Delivered on a monthly basis, it will definitely give you something to get excited about.



Bring the best of Mexican snacks north of the border when you subscribe to MexiCrate. This food subscription box will land 1lb of Mexican candy on your doorstep, every month. Whether you are looking for something new, or some old favorites, it will all be here, ready and waiting.


Snacks of the Month Club

Do you love snacks? Feed your habit with this junk food subscription box. Filled with the very best snacks you can find, you will soon be counting down the days till your next box. Chow down on the cream of the crop with these hand picked and high quality snacks and treats.

Prices vary

9 Diy Ideas to Satisfy Every Sweet Tooth

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Diy Candy Mason Jars

There’s nothing better than candy in a jar, even the name is tempting! Make this DIY gift for someone you love, and they will be more than appreciative. With free printable labels, you can fill with their favorite candy and watch as they smile and indulge.

Diy Date Night Basket

Create the date night that won’t cost a bomb with this cool DIY gift basket idea. With film, food and drink all included, this budget friendly date will definitely be remembered. The perfect way to show your loved one you care, without having to break the bank.

Diy Movie Lovers Gift in a Jar

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Candy Bouquet with Candy Vase

Flowers are a nice gift idea. Stick them in a vase and you have something bright to look at for a few days. Replace the flowers with candy and the gift instantly becomes better, replace the vase with candy and now we’re on to something. Check out this guide that shows you just how to do it.

Chocolate Bouquet Tutorial

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20 Easy Recipes For Mason Jar Gifts

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Diy Mason Jar Pies

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Diy Box of Sunshine

Yellow is the color of summer, and surprisingly the color of a lot of snacks and snack brands. This cool tutorial shows you how to send a box of sunshine. A fun gift to send and receive, you can fill the box with all those snacks and candies that are colored yellow!

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