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38 Tasty Healthy Food Subscription Boxes (Try These)

Take care and treat not only yourself, but your health to some new and exciting food with this list of healthy food subscription boxes. With flavors from around the world, different diets and a ton of superfoods, you can fuel your body with something fun and good for you.

Diy Peanut Butter and Banana Roll Ups Snack Box

Fuel My Fitness

We all know a workout is wasted without the right food to fuel your progress. Fill up on the good stuff every month with this cool subscription box. Fuel My Fitness is a fun box that will help you reach your goals with snacks, workouts and even fitness motivation.


Veggie Buds Club

Get your little ones excited about eating their veg with this healthy food subscription box. Delivered monthly, Veggie Buds Club will help to teach children about the vegetables they are eating, through growing, eating and all kinds of activities. They’ll be eating all of their greens in no time.


Louisville Vegan Jerky of the Month Club

The lack of good jerky can be one of the hardest things about being vegan, until now. With this food subscription box, you can receive 3 bags of Louisville Vegan Jerky once a month. Delivered directly to your door, you can pack your protein without damaging the environment. Convenient compassion.


Conscious Box

If you love your body, opt for Conscious Box. This health food subscription box is the right way to treat yourself to some nutritional goodness once a month. Conveniently delivered to you, you can expect hand-selected food, drinks, bath, beauty and home products that have all been approved by specialists.

Prices vary

Fermented Farmacy

Go organic with this awesome subscription box. Full of healthy food straight from the farm, the Fermented Farmacy is the perfect way to give your insides a service. Full of pro biotic goodness, these tasty raw foods will do you the world of good. A great and healthy investment.


Roost Crate

Do you simply love the fresh, nutritional goodness you get from the farmers market? If so, bring the market to your doorstep with the Roost Crate. This food subscription box allows you to receive carefully curated artisan food and items that are perfect for bath, body and even home.


Brotein Box

It’s all about those gains when it comes to the BroteinBox. This fully packed subscription box ensures that you always have some high protein snacks on the go. Hand picked and healthy, these protein snacks taste awesome and are delivered on a monthly basis, making sure you are constantly fueled.


Butcher Box

Get pure, clean and great tasting meat delivered to your house every month with Butcher Box. A great example of a healthy food subscription box, this service allows you to have the best quality, hormone free meat for you and your family. Wellbeing starts within!

Prices vary

Fruit Gift of the Month Club

Join Clubs of America’s Fruit Gift of the Month Club to receive a delicious and handpicked treat every month. With boxes containing fruit specially picked from only the best orchards, high quality fruit and even exotic fruit, that will last between deliveries. Healthy and delicious all in one.


My Keto Snack Box

Cut down on carbohydrates with My Keto Snack Box. This subscription box is the go to box if you are on the hunt for the best Ketogenic snacks and treats. Delivered on a monthly basis, you will receive 6-8 high protein, low carb snacks that taste great, and will get you trying new food.


The Robin’s Nest

The Robins Nest is one of the best healthy food subscription boxes that help you on the way to guilt free snacking. With great tasting snacks and drinks, you can even expect to receive some of the best beauty aides and even samples of trending supplements.


Rosehive Superfoods Box

Get super healthy when you start eating more superfoods. This tantalizingly good food subscription box delivers different themes each month, hand selected by a wellness practitioner. Each box includes 1 snack, 1 drink, 1 herb, 1 superfood powder, 1 cooking ingredient, 1 surprise, and even a recipe; all of which is vegan too.


Raise The Bar

Imagine a healthy food subscription box that catered to your needs, oh wait, you don’t have to as Raise the Bar is here already. This awesome box supplies you with some of the best and most healthy protein bars and teas. Receive products that have your goals in mind, every time.


Simplicity Teas Tea With Intentions

We are all aware that tea can have a marvelous effect on the human body. This subscription box will ensure that you always have a supply of some of the best, organic and healthy teas. With 3-4 new teas in each box, you can get straight on to brewing (they even send a reusable tea infuser!).



The continent of Asia is home to some of the most nutritional food in the whole world. Bring that wellbeing to your home with this healthy food subscription box. Full of organic snacking goodness, you can beat the hunger with great tasting healthy food from Asia.


Acai Bowls Direct

Hard to get elsewhere, this awesome subscription box ensures that you can always make Acai Bowls whenever and wherever you are, with 25 packs of wild harvested and organic Makai Acai being delivered to your door. Convenient, healthy and great tasting; what more could you want?


Num-Nums Munch Box

Num Num’s Munch Box is the food subscription box that reaches out to those with special dietary requirements. With several different options available, you can find the subscription that suits your needs, and enjoy the monthly delivery of great tasting food that you CAN enjoy, whenever you like.


Hiker Crate

Hikers, climbers and mountaineers rejoice. This healthy food subscription box has been designed with you in mind. Containing high energy, high goodness snacks and treats that can fuel your adventures, you also receive very useful hiking gear to further support you on your travels.



Training hard and eating clean are the two main factors to getting fit, and getting the body that you want. With this subscription box, you can stock up on the best healthy food snacks. With all of it being plant based, you can expect supplements, protein bars and healthy snacks.



Herbs not only taste great, but can do great things for the body too! Open up your kitchen to the benefits of herbs with Herbly, the subscription box that delivers all things herb. Containing both exotic and common herbs, you even get information cards that teach you just how to use each one.


Hey Gluten Free

Don’t let that pesky gluten stop you from enjoying your favorite foods. Sign up to this brilliant food subscription box, and revel in the fact you can have 7-10 of the best tasting and highest quality gluten free foods delivered directly to your door every month. Perfect.


American Gluten-Free

With 4 different box options available, this healthy food subscription box is absolutely ideal for anyone that has an intolerance to gluten or dairy. The American Gluten Free sub box is the best way to indulge in your favorite foods, without worrying about what is in it.


Dig-In Online

Dig in to a great deal with this cool and fun subscription box. With this subscription, you can not only bring more healthy food in to your diet, you can grow it too! Full of everything you could need to plant, grow and prepare healthy, homemade and homegrown meals all year round.


HOWLinfuse Kombucha

Get your favorite fermented drinks delivered monthly with the DIY Kombucha Kit. Choose between the beginner and experienced subscription option to get your Kombucha journey started. Expect tea leaves, dried fruit and tons of information and recipes each and every month. Fun, healthy and great tasting.


Keto Can

The Ketogenic Lifestyle is one that can provide you with a load of health benefits. However, if you find it hard to shop low carb, high fat, this cool heathy food subscription box does it all for you. With snacks, recipes and activities delivered to you monthly, you can fully immerse yourself in the Keto life.



Pack on the protein power and sign up to this food subscription box. Containing a lot more than just protein bars, you will receive chips, jerky, drinks, supplements, gym equipment…even jerky! If your lifestyle demands protein, fuel it right with this monthly box subscription, full of healthy food.


clean.fit box

Get fit and healthy with the clean.fit box. Food subscription boxes aren’t always healthy, sometimes its hard to find a box that suits your lifestyle. Containing only clean, high quality and great tasting fitness snacks and supplements, you can be sure to stay on the right track.


SproutBox: Grow Your Own

SproutBox helps you to have fun growing your own food, in an easy, carefree manner. With some of the healthiest food on the planet, you can harvest in 3-5 days without any soil or sunlight. The easiest way to get yourself addicted to a healthy food subscription box.


Low Kalz

Do you love to snack and enjoy tasty drinks, but can’t seem to find any low calorie alternatives? Look no further, as this subscription box will bring the answer straight to your door. Containing a number of items ranging from 2 to 5 drinks and 3 to 20 snacks, you can enjoy some healthy food.



The Snack Sack is the go to food subscription box for junk free snacks and treats. Don’t go hungry ever again, go healthy. This box will ensure that you receive great tasting drinks and snacks on a monthly basis, that you can be confident is good for you.


HealthyMe Living

Get your snacks AND your portions right with this food subscription box. Full to the brim with healthy, great tasting snacks, you can keep your healthy diet going, even in a hurry! All of the portion sizes have been carefully calculated so you know you are always getting the right amount of goodness.


Powerful Keto

Specifically designed for men, this low carb, Keto subscription box is the way forward for any man living the ketogenic lifestyle. With tasty, healthy snacks included in every monthly delivery, you can be sure that you are feeding your body the right way. You even receive helpful tips and information about the lifestyle.


My Honey Crate

Honey is the tasty superfood, that can liven up most recipes. This healthy food subscription box ensures that you receive raw honey from beekeepers all over the country, along with a number of cool bee related products that you are bound to enjoy. Bee happy, bee healthy.



Look after the eco system, and your body, when you go raw. This awesome subscription box allows you to live a clean, healthy and raw lifestyle, providing your body with a number of benefits! Containing raw snacks, household items and beauty and body products, you can guarantee you are getting goodness straight from the ground.


Natures Finest Produce

Mother Nature provides us with some of the tastiest, juiciest and healthiest of all foods. Subscribe to Nature’s Finest Produce to receive organic fruits and vegetables that are all in season. With monthly deliveries, you can expect to open up your sub box to see either 20 or 40 pieces of fruit and veg.


The Keto Box

Described as ‘the low carb care package for your body’, this subscription box is hard to disagree with. The Keto Box allows you to open up a box of low carb, keto friendly snacks, goodies and treats on a monthly basis. Keep the diet alive and do your body a favor.



We know that both raw and vegan food is exceptionally good for our bodies. Sign up to this great healthy food subscription box to introduce some raw, vegan friendly food into your diet. With sweet and savory snacks included, you can eat happy. You’ll be surprised how much better you will feel!


VegOut City Box

Delve into the delicious and delightful world of the vegan diet. This cool subscription box brings the very best vegan snacks and treats straight to your door, sourced from all over the world. With a featured city every month, you can travel the world from your own home.


12 Delicious Diy Healthy Meals and Snacks

How to Create a Sunshine Gift Box

Give the gift of sunshine and happiness with this cool DIY project. You’d be surprised at how many healthy snacks, treats and body products are in the bright colors of the sun. Follow the following guide to create your own personalized box of yellow and orange treats, and spread the sunshine.

A Month of Mason Jar Salads

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. This article shows you the trick to pre preparing salads in mason jars. These versatile, multi use jars are perfect for loading up with your favorite salad ingredients for convenient and awesome looking food. Brilliant as a gift idea.

5 Simple Snack Boxes for Busy People

Are you one of those people that can’t eat healthy cause you’re always on the move? If so, read on to find out how you can eat healthy on the go. These recipes show you how to make 5 healthy snack boxes for busy people. Full of flavor, color and healthy stuff, you can’t go wrong.

Diy Starbucks Protein Box

Inspired by the ever popular Starbucks, this bistro box is a healthy, fun and easy to prepare way to get some good stuff into your body. Stacked with protein, this homemade example is so so much cheaper than its retail counterpart. You can even customize to suit your needs.

Diy Starbucks Chicken and Hummus Bistro Box

You no longer need to spend a fortune on a healthy bistro box for tasty, convenient eating. Similar to the bistro boxes you can purchase in chain coffee shops, this version is a lot cheaper and allows you to fill with whatever you want. Easy to make, and definitely easier to eat!

Diy Breakfast Protein Snack Box

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and is a great time to load up your body with protein to get the necessary repairs done. This easy meal preparation guide shows you how to put together a high protein breakfast snack box for a convenient and healthy start to the day.

Diy Healthy Meal Prep Bowls

Prep all of your meals before the start of the week and ensure that you stay healthy all week long! This article will teach you how to make a very tasty and great looking lunch idea, that is extremely healthy and easy to put together. Check it out now.

Diy Lemon Chicken with Cilantro Brown Rice

Are you on the lookout for some new and healthy food to keep you going? This awesome recipe will give you a delicious way to keep the goodness going into your body. This great tasting lemon chicken is served with cilantro brown rice and stir fried vegetables. Yum.

20 Minute Meal-Prep Chicken, Rice and Broccoli

Chicken, rice and broccoli are the protein pros that will ensure you are getting a ton of healthy food into your body. This meal prep tutorial allows you to find out how to create great tasting, quick and easy meals that will do your body the world of good.

Diy Healthy Bento Lunches

Keep things simple with these awesome bento lunches for children. Lunch boxes don’t need to be filled with sandwiches and junk food, this blog post entry will prove to you that you can send your little ones to school with healthy, fresh food that will keep them going.

Diy Deli Snack Box

Do it yourself with this Damn Delicious deli snack box. Easy to make, these convenient little boxes allow you to get some healthy food into your diet whilst on the go. Whether you need a lunch to take to work, school or for after the gym, it will give you something tasty to look forward to.

Diy Peanut Butter and Banana Roll Ups Snack Box

Treat yourself to some healthy, convenient and awesome to eat snacks with this guide on making snack boxes. This particular one benefits from peanut butter and banana roll ups, celery, pretzels and fruit. Tastes amazing and is easy to prepare, you’ll always have something fun to snack on.

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