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32 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men Who Love Good Food

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so get him his favorite food delivered on a monthly basis. Whatever he likes, you will definitely find it in this collection of food subscription boxes for men, guaranteed to deliver happiness on a regular basis!

How to Make a Charcuterie Board

Worldwide Treats

With each box being delivered with 8 or more snacks included, it’s hard to resist. Get your own mouthwatering map of the world with this awesome food subscription box for men; with tons of cookies, chips, candy, drinks and more from all over the globe, nestled comfortably within.


Bojerky Beef Jerky Subscription Box

Are you looking for the best, premium cut, beef jerky in the United States? If so, you’re in the right place. This Bojerky subscription box offers either 2 or 4 packs of jerky a month, that can be delivered straight to your door. Thanks to Bojerky, you are in for a unique eating experience.


Pizza of the Month Club

Join Clubs of America’s Pizza of the Month Club. This legendary subscription box delivers 3 gourmet deep dish pizzas made in Chicago. With so many different toppings, all created with the freshest and highest quality ingredients, these pizzas will have happiness delivered to your house on a monthly basis.

Price varies

Olive A’ Sudden

Olive A’ Sudden, your life just got a whole lot better. This spectacular subscription box offers you the chance to receive specialty olive oils and balsamic vinegars every month. With a surprise gift in every box, you can enjoy different flavors every time. High quality, high taste.


Piquant Post

Spice up your life with this flavorsome food subscription box for men. Open your kitchen to some new flavors from around the world when you receive 4 freshly ground spice blends, and 4 recipes developed by professional chefs, every month. Open your taste buds to more, and wow your friends and family.



Do you live for the thrill that only the spiciest, tastiest of foods can deliver? Well now they can deliver, once a month…to your own front door! This great subscription box for men provides subscribers with 2 bottles of unique craft hot sauces that offer tons of flavor and spice in every bite.



Are you a wannabe pit master? Stoke up the fire, it’s time for a barbeque. This cool subscription box gets hand picked by Myron Mixon, and delivered at your convenience. Containing 1 sauce or marinade, 1 rub or spice, 1 edible, and 1 sample pack of wood chips; you even get a special recipe card.


Best of Mouth Club

Get the best of the best with this best of mouth club food subscription box. Full of 4-5 of the highest rated products to cross the Mouth tasting table. With new and exciting foods delivered to you monthly, you can welcome some new flavors to your palate as you open the door.

Price varies

MiamMiam Box

Some of the best food in the world originated in France. Invite some French flavor into your life with this subscription box for men. Full to the brim with the best and most popular French snacks and treats that are hard to find here in the States, hand picked by French experts.


Grill Masters Club

Spark up the BBQ, it’s subscription box time. This epic monthly delivery supplies you with all of the grilling essentials to have the best, tastiest and smokiest grill in the neighborhood. A qualified and competent BBQ judge selects the products each month, and you even get tips, tricks and recipes.


Jerky Snob

Become a cured meat connoisseur when you subscribe to Jerky Snob. This great food subscription box for men interjects some jerky joy into your life in the most tender, high quality way. With the option as to how much jerky you want delivered, you can fulfill your meat needs, every month.


All You Can Spice

Flavor is all around us, just some of the best flavors are a little too out of reach. Let this All You Can Spice food subscription box bring it a little closer to home with a mouthwatering spice mix every month. Create recipes from all over the world and bring some taste to your town.



Spice up your meal time with less of the hassle when you subscribe to this SpiceBreeze Culinary Spice Kit subscription box. With recipes from all over the world delivered to your house, along with the spice blends to make them come to life. A great way to globalize your grill.


Gusto di Roma

Discover the Gusto di Roma (taste of Italy) with this Mediterranean food subscription box. Delivered monthly, you can benefit from 5-6 Italian appetizers that are specially selected for your dining decadence. With huge variety and the highest of quality, you even receive a free bottle of Balsamic vinegar from Modena.


Louisiana Mardi Gras Eats

Experience a piece of Louisiana with this food subscription box for men that will open your world to the wonders of Cajun and Creole cuisine. With some of the most flavorsome spices and seasonings included, you truly can let the good times roll as you tuck into some gumbo or jambalaya.


Abuela Mami

With every box containing 4-9 of the best Cuban culture products, you can be sure that this subscription box is worth the money. Containing all kinds of Cuban goodness, including candy, drinks, games and more, you really can experience and live the Cuban Culture.


Best NY Bagel

The Big Apple is known worldwide for being the home to some of the best and most delicious bagels on planet Earth. With weekly and monthly subscription boxes, you can get a taste of New York with fresh bagels delivered to your door. Pick your favorite flavors to personalize the experience.


Mitten Crate

How does the idea of Michigan made artisan food being delivered to your door on a regular basis sound to you? If you’re excited as we are, you will love this food subscription box. Containing 5-6 local food items, you can bring the taste of Michigan to your State.


GHOST Spice Supply

Ghost Spice Supply is the one stop subscription box for men that you need if you are looking to spice up your meal times. Containing 3 expert curated spice blends, and related recipes, you can introduce some new flavors into the mix. There are even vegetarian options available in every one.

Price varies

Chilli & Vanilla

Say hello to some artisan from Australia. With awesome food products being handpicked from different Australian regions each month, you can discover new and interesting flavors every time you turn a page on the calendar. A great gourmet subscription box for you to look forward to.


Butcher Box

Personally taste tested and approved by specialists, you can now have premium meat delivered to your door step on a monthly basis, without breaking the bank. The Butcher Box is the most convenient way to get high quality, fresh and tasty meat, into your diet. Lean, clean protein.

Price varies

Callaloo Box

Test your taste buds against the full on flavor of the Caribbean with this food subscription box that sources difficult to obtain food products, spices and seasonings from Trinidad and Tobago. Whatever state you live in, you can get the fresh taste of the sun, sea and spice in every bite.


Hot Sauce of the Month Club

Receive the highest rated, award winning and best loved hot sauces from all over. The hot sauce of the month subscription box allows subscribers to experience top shelf, artisan hot sauce each month. Choosing between different heat levels, you can really ignite your love of hot sauce and keep it burning on.


Boxed Wingman

Keep that spark alive with boxed wingman. This epic food subscription box for men contains a unique date night inside, every month. With food, activities and more, you can ensure that you keep things fun and exciting as you make memories that will stick with you for life.



Treat yourself once a month with this subscription box, aptly named “Treat!”, delivering snacks from all over the world to your doorstop. Get introduced to different cultures and countries as you immerse yourself in the flavors of the world with a different nation each month.


My Afghan Pantry

Add a bit of Asia to your appetite with this subscription box for men. My Afghan Pantry is the most convenient way for you to be able to taste the flavors of Afghanistan, without doing the leg work. With 8-10 items each month, you can happily enjoy your Afghan cuisine all month long.

Price varies

Country Cheese Club

Become the Encyclopedia of cheeses when you embark on a journey with this great example of a food subscription box for men. The Country Cheese club deliver specialty gourmet and artisan cheeses from all over the world to your door monthly, along with description, cheese producer and pairing notes.


Exotic Noods

Get oodles of noodles delivered to your door with this fun subscription box for men. Exotic noods really is something to look forward to every month, as you will be raving about ramen for the following 4 weeks. The different subscription options available make this box available to anyone and everyone.


Grandpa’s Jerky

Grandpa really knows how to make beef jerky. This food subscription box for men is the perfect way to spread and share the delectable flavors of Grandpa’s beef jerky. With different flavors delivered every month, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality jerky, from the best cuts of beef.


Culinarie Kit

Become the head chef of your kitchen, and open to some new and exciting flavors. This epic food subscription box is the perfect way for you to up your cooking game with ease. With the highest quality ingredients, tips and more delivered to your door, you can’t go wrong.


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