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11 Worthy Monthly Subscription Boxes for Foodies (So Addicted to These!)

The only thing better than food is having food sent to you automatically so you don’t even have to think about it. That’s the premise of these subscription boxes geared towards the food lover. It’s like Christmas comes every month if you love some good quality food.

11 Worthy Monthly Subscription Boxes for Foodies- the best of the best food subscription boxes. My favorite is the Nature Box!

Nature Box

Nature Box makes it easy to snack guilt-free. They pick out snacks that not only taste good, but will leave you feeling satisfied long enough to make it to your next meal. Don’t let hunger pangs force you off your healthy lifestyle. Put snacking on autopilot so you can focus on making healthy lunches and dinners.



HelloFresh is trying to make that weekly trip to the grocery store obsolete. They’re also trying to do away with the need to plan your meals. They provide the recipes, you choose which ones you like, and they send you what you’ll need to do the job. Get ready to eat some good home-cooked meals!


Taste Guru

This is the food subscription box to go with if you’ve gone gluten-free. They’ll send you a selection of great GF foods right to your doorstep that will help supplement your gluten-free lifestyle. The boxes are filled with an assortment of different foods and item types, but one thing they all have in common is that they don’t contain any gluten.


Vegan Cuts Snack Box

If your local health food store doesn’t carry enough vegan products, Vegan Cuts is here to help. They assemble boxes of vegan-friendly fare that you may not have tried yet, and make it easier to stick to your cruelty-free way of eating and living. You can be sure that each item is certified vegan so you don’t have to worry.



The step-by-step instructions sent with each Plated box make it easy to put it all together. This is especially true when you consider that everything you need to make the meal is included in the box. You’ll feel like a TV chef when you see how everything is pre-prepared for you.


Bestowed Box

Bestowed makes it so you always have a healthy snack or beverage at the ready. The items sent each month are hand-picked by a nutritionist, so you know you’re getting good foods that will help curb your cravings and feed your body what it needs to feel energetic.



Here’s a food subscription service for the fellas. It’s name is a portmanteau of man and pantry and it includes items that most guys would like to see their cupboards stocked with. Things like sauces, jerky, and easy-to-make mixes. It’s all artisan quality so you won’t be receiving mainstream items you can buy at the local supermarket.



Treatsie brings the sweet treats right to your door so you don’t have to seek them out. Not only that, these are treats you just won’t be able to find locally, they’re hand-crafted from sweet-makers around the country, and represent some of the tastiest things you can eat.


Orange Glad

This monthly box comes fully loaded with gourmet desserts so you’ll never be in need of a chocolatey treat when your sweet tooth acts up. With goodies like an Oreo cake pop, chai-spiced cookies, and chocolate-dipped macadamia cookies how can you go wrong? They even have an add-on bonus that lets you double the contents of the box for a nominal charge.



If you’re a fan of Japan you’ll love getting your monthly box of Japanese goodies delivered straight to you, without paying shipping charges! The line-up of items includes snacks, candies, and desserts that are pulled right from the shops in Japan so you can feel like you’re actually there without booking a flight.



The folks at Knoshbox guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the quality of what they send you. That’s because they’re choosing from small artisan producers so they know you’ll be impressed with what you receive. The items can range from chips and crackers to sauces and nuts and everything in between.



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