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30 ROFL-worthy Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids (These are Hilarious!)

Choosing the yearly Halloween costumes for kids can be a hassle. You need something which they haven’t had before but also something which is going to be amazing. Take a look at the ones in this list; they’re more funny than scary which will be great for both young and older kids.

halloween costumes for kids

T-Rex Inflatable Costume

Perfect for any dino fan, they can pretend that they live among these scaly reptiles this Halloween. They’ll literally be able to step into the shoes of a dinosaur with this inflatable T-Rex costume which will look epic on your kid as they go trick or treating.

Prices Vary

Monkey Costume

Children can be little monkeys so this Halloween costume couldn’t be more fitting. The fleecy all in one has a matching hood with ears which really finishes off the whole look. Add a banana too because after all, what’s a monkey without a banana to eat?


Woopie Cushion Costume

Kids love crude jokes, especially when it involves their behind! If they’re a fan of the woopie cushion, they won’t mind dressing up as one. This full bodysuit even has an illustration on the front to demonstrate what will happen if someone sits on your kid (or just an ordinary woopie cushion for that matter!)

Prices Vary

Kernel Popcorn Costume

If you’re trying to choose this year’s Halloween costumes for your kids, go for something a bit different with this popcorn outfit. The tunic is the box to hold the popped corn, and there’s even an added popcorn headpiece which has a chin strap to keep it secure.

Prices Vary

Peanut Butter & Jelly Costume Set

There’s no better combination than peanut butter and jelly. If you need to buy Halloween costumes for your twins, siblings, or even best friends, there’s nothing better than this PB & J on bread matching set. No one will be able to resist giving them candy!

Prices Vary

Sriracha Baby

If you have a small addition to buy for this year, there’s no reason they should miss out. Perfect if you’re a foodie or you love adding hot sauce to everything, this Sriracha outfit will make a deliciously cute Halloween costume…even if it does provide a lot of kick!


Pizza Babysuit

Everyone likes a slice of hot and cheesy pizza, although we all prefer different toppings. Whether you think pineapple belongs on a pizza or not, you’ll definitely agree that any baby would look adorable in this foodie bodysuit. A must have for any parents who love tucking into this Italian delicacy.


Rock Paper Scissor Costume

We’ve all played Rock Paper Scissors before, whether just for fun or to settle a dispute. If you want to buy a matching costume for your three children, there’s nothing better than this visualization of this classic game. Now you just need to decide who’s going to be what…

Prices Vary

Tortilla Baby

Newborn babies are adorably snuggly and vulnerable, so you wouldn’t usually think of taking them out trick or treating or even dressing them up for your annual party. With this tortilla wrap swaddle, though, they’ll be able to join in with the fun but still be comfortable and warm.


Tomato Ketchup Costume

Tomato ketchup goes well with so many things, like burgers or a big stack of fries. If you’re looking for Halloween costumes for kids, especially babies, this sachet of ketchup costume is sure to go down a treat, and now there’s no reason why they have to miss out on the fun.

Prices Vary

Inflatable Sumo Wrestling Costume

You’ll literally be rolling on the floor laughing when you see your kid in this hilarious sumo wrestler costume. It inflates so that they’ll get the full impact of this Japanese fighter, and if you get one for your other kid, they’ll have great (safe) fun wrestling each other.


Goku Dragon Ball Outfit

Any fan of Dragon Ball Z will instantly recognize this Goku costume. Perfect for babies and toddlers, you’ll be able to include them in the Halloween fun (even if they can’t go trick or treating). They definitely won’t get missed in this bright orange romper.

Prices Vary

Ride A Camel Costume

Going trick or treating is fun but after a while, it can get a bit tiring especially for little legs. Get your kid this camel costume to ride on and you won’t have to listen to his whining again. Alright, we know that it’s not a real camel but that doesn’t sound as good, does it?

Prices Vary

Ice Cream Baby

You won’t have seen a cuter swaddle before. If you thought babies were scrummy already, adding this ice cream swaddle will just make them even more adorable. The cone patterned blanket and the sprinkles hat go so well together, and your baby will sleep through the entire thing!


Forum Novelties Peas in a Pod Costume

It’s a regular battle fought by parents around the world; getting their children to eat their green vegetables. Show them that peas aren’t all that bad by dressing them up as a pod this Halloween, complete with three green peas going down the front.

Prices Vary

Forum Novelties Shark Attack Costume

Sharks have a bad reputation and a lot of people are scared of them, so that makes this costume perfect for Halloween. But with your child inside it, they’ll turn sharks into adorable creatures – everyone will forget about the movie Jaws and start to love sharks again.


Rubie’s Costume Shark Romper Costume

When choosing Halloween costumes for kids, you need to choose one which is going to be comfortable enough for them to wear all night. This plush shark romper is perfect for toddlers; they’ll be the cutest shark you’ve ever seen and be a hit with all of your neighborhood.


Honest Abe Lincoln Costume

If your child wants to join in with the Halloween fun but they don’t like the typical scary costumes, maybe this one will suit them better. They’ll be able to dress up as America’s 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, showing off their patriotism while they collect their candy.


Emoji Party Costume

The poop emoji is one of the most popular at the moment. We all know that kids find toilet humor funny so they’ll love dressing up in a giant poo costume this Halloween. No one wants to look like c**p in their costume but we feel this one makes an exception!

Prices Vary

Sea Turtle Costume

Since the film Finding Nemo, kids all over the world love the creatures of the sea. If your child is a fan of this movie, he’ll love this sea turtle costume. The green top has a hoodie with eyes as well as a shell on the back, and the pants finish off the whole look.

Prices Vary

Popcorn Babysuit

Popcorn is a delicious snack, but your baby can’t tuck into some while you’re watching a movie just yet. Reach a compromise with this popcorn bodysuit, complete with matching hat which looks like there’s popped kernels stuck to it. A perfect way for your baby to join in with the Halloween celebrations.


Princess Paradise Kids S’mores Costume

S’mores are a delicious American snack; marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers – what’s not to love? If your kid loves this snack, there’s no better Halloween costume than this. And if you think about it, is there anything scarier than a giant walking s’more?

Prices Vary

CreepyParty Cry Baby Mask

This face mask is utterly terrifying – can you imagine seeing this coming at you in the dark? Made from 100% latex which is non toxic and environmentally friendly, your children will love putting this on and going trick or treating, collecting their Halloween candy and scaring the neighbors.


Rasta Imposta Bacon Stripe Costume

Not many people can resist the tantalizing smell of bacon – there are even some vegetarians who say it smells irresistible. Dress your child up as a piece of this salty meat snack and you’re almost guaranteed that there won’t be another kid in the neighborhood in the same costume.


Forum Novelties Headless Costume

Kids love Halloween but sometimes they find the typical things – such as ghosts or zombies associated with it – to be super scary. You’ll be able to get them to enjoy dressing up with this fun headless costume which is designed to be funny rather than scary.


Fun World Hot Dog Costume

It’s a given that most kids prefer fast food over homecooked meals. Things like burger or pizza are more likely to get eaten than a casserole you’ve made yourself. Because of this, your child will love this hot dog costume, you probably won’t get them out if it.

Prices Vary

Bubble Tea Babysuit

Bubble tea is delicious and if you haven’t tried it yet, please go out and seek some out so you can experience it for yourself. In the meantime, dress your baby in this adorable costume. Whether they wear it for Halloween or throughout the year, you’ll never get bored of it.


Rasta Imposta Basketball Hoop Costume

Basketball is a great game for our children to play, it gets them active and encourages team play. Instead of going for a typical basketball player costume, why not dress them up as a basketball hoop instead? Use the inflatable ball to practice your slam dunks!


Cute Noodles Babysuit

Everyone loves ramen don’t they? Silky noodles in a rich broth, what’s not to love? Your baby is probably too small to enjoy this Asian delicacy but they’re not too small to wear this adorable noodles costume. The bodysuit and matching hat combo just look amazing and the attached noodles finish it off beautifully.


Ride a Chicken Costume

Go for funny Halloween costumes for kids this year instead of the scary kind. There can be few things more hilarious than seeing your child riding a chicken, and that’s something they can definitely do with this costume. Add a straw hat and your child will look egg-cellent this Halloween.


3 Hilariously Cute Diy Kid’s Halloween Costumes

Diy Cool Pat Sajak Costume

You wouldn’t think that children would be big fans of game shows, but it happens. If your child likes watching an episode of Wheel of Fortune occasionally, he’ll love this DIY Pat Sajak costume which is so simple to make and not expensive at all.

Diy Potato Head No-Sew Costume

Toy Story is a firm favorite with both kids and adults – it’s earned its place amongst the classic movies and Mr. Potato Head is one of the main characters that everyone adores. Use this online tutorial and you’ll soon be able to turn your kids into this much loved movie character.

Diy Old Lady Baby

Do you feel like your baby is an old head on young shoulders? If she seems wise beyond her years, make her this DIY old lady costume this Halloween. She won’t look scary at all, far from it, but people won’t be able to resist cooing over her while she’s all dressed up.

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