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24 Halloween Costumes for Girls That Don’t Want to Be a Princess

Looking for spooktacular Halloween costumes for girls? Then you’re in the right place! We’ve decided to step out of the box and away from princess costumes for this one, since not all girls love everything pink and pretty – sometimes they just want to be the fearless fire-breathing dragon they are inside!

halloween costumes for girls

Aeromax Apollo 11 NASA Astronaut Suit Costume

Have her geared up and ready to rocket into space with this awesome NASA astronaut suit costume. This awesome suit features realistic embroidered badges, zipped pockets, harness straps and a padded collar – giving her everything she needs to jet off in 3..2..1…blast off!


The Lion Guard Disney Costume

Do you have a fan of Disney’s The Lion Guard? If so, you’re sure to make her day with this fabulous Kion costume. With this outfit, she can roar her way around town, guarding the people (and other trick or treaters) against horrible hyenas, crazy crocodiles, and other nasty wild animals.


WWE Wresting Sin Cara Child Costume

From Rubie’s comes this totally awesome Sin Cara WWE wrestling costume. It’s safe to say that girls can love wrestling too, so it’s only fair they get to dress up as their favorite wrestlers, just like boys do. Plus, this costume even comes with Sin Cara’s iconic mask, so how could you resist?

Prices Vary

Giraffe Halloween Costume

Sometimes, you just want to be warm and comfortable while out in the cold trick or treating, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look cute while doing so. This adorable giraffe costume ticks all of those boxes and more, as once Halloween is over, it can be used is a comfy pair of pajamas.

Prices Vary

Doctor Role Play Costume

Why not have your daughter dress as a doctor, and Mommy and Daddy (or siblings) could be the patients? How spook-tacular would that be? It would definitely make for some neat photos, don’t you think? The costume even comes with all of the accessories and extras she needs to treat the poorly.

Prices Vary

Emoticon Costumes

From Flatwhite comes this unique emoji costume. For kids who just can’t wait to join in with the Halloween fun, it’s best to have an outfit that doesn’t take forever to set up and get into, just like this one. You simply pull it over your clothes and voila! You’re ready to go.

Prices Vary

SWAT Commander Costume

Join the paramilitary squad and become not just a normal member, but the commander of the SWAT team, with this big boss costume. You can see this outfit means business, plus it even comes with extra accessories, like a baton, handcuffs, walkie-talkie and a helmet with snap-on smokey visor – no one would dare question your authority.


Jurassic T-Rex Inflatable Costume

Girls like dinosaurs too, though it can be pretty hard finding dino-themed clothing for them, but luckily Halloween is one of those days you can get away with wearing ANYTHING. Say hello to this roarsome inflatable dinosaur costume – she’s bound to love scaring everyone in this!

Prices Vary

Cow Costume

Everyone loves to dance, especially kids, so why not have her bust a ‘mooove’ at the party in this funny costume with a sculpted cow face hood? This costume is made from a lightweight flannel material, so no matter how long she’s on the dancefloor, she won’t become too hot.


Rubies Ravenclaw Harry Potter Costume Top

We couldn’t have written a list of Halloween costumes for girls and not included something for the wizarding Potterheads, could we? From Rubie’s comes this Harry Potter Ravenclaw costume. This wicked disguise will have her looking like she’s just got off the express train from Hogwarts!

Prices Vary

Dinosaur Halloween Costume

Being such a loose-fitting costume, your little madam can comfortably run amok and cause some dinosaur chaos while candy hunting this Halloween, since that’s what it’s all about, right? Of course, the looseness also means there is plenty of room to wear clothing underneath, perfect for the chilly evening goings-on.

Prices Vary

EASON Banana Costume

‘Split’ on what costume to choose this year? Then for the sake of laughs, why not make a ‘banana’ of yourself with this hilarious fruit-tastic costume. This get-up is an all-in-one-piece so it’s easy to put on and take off, which is exactly what you want after a day of chilling in the fruit bowl.

Prices Vary

Whoopie Cushion Costume

Want something wacky? Then take a look at this whoopie cushion costume. It’s sure to get a few scares, as no one wants to sit one on of these and risk embarrassing themselves! Still, you know it’s going to be a huge hit with all the other kids and grown-ups who love a good laugh.

Prices Vary

Sharemen Butterfly Wings

How beautiful are these wonderful butterfly wings from Sharemen? Your little lady is sure to look amazing fluttering about in these. Being a shawl scarf, the wings are lovely and lightweight so she can happily buzz about looking for sweets, treats, and yummy candy all day long – wahoo!

Prices Vary

Lab Coat for Scientist

Treat your little scientists to their very own lab coat and who knows what magical experiments they’ll conjure up this Halloween. The lab coat features buttons, classic long sleeves, and pockets, so they can carry their candy haul around with them – what could be better than that?

Prices Vary

Ride A Pony Costume

Giddy-up, this little pony is ready for a long ride around the ‘neigh-borhood’. All you’ll need is her favorite cowgirl outfit, a cool pair of boots and this utterly awesome ride-a-pony costume, and she will for sure be in the top runnings for those costume competitions – yeehaw!

Prices Vary

Duraplast Dragon Costume

From Duraplast are these SUPER cute dragon jumpsuit costumes. For once, your little girl can be the scary dragon guarding the tower, rather than be the helpless princess stuck inside – how empowering. These jumpsuits are not only darling to look at, but they’re uber soft, great for using as comfy PJs after Halloween.

Prices Vary

Kangaroo Pyjamas Halloween Costume

This sweet kangaroo costume from Newcosplay is seriously soft, comfy and warm, perfect for hours of trick or treating. Of course, being a kangaroo costume you expect it to have a pouch, and it does, a big one on its belly that’s just the right size for keeping hold of all their candy, result!

Prices Vary

My Little Doc Kids Veterinarian Lab Coat

If she loves animals (like most kids do) then you know she’s going to jump for joy when she sees this veterinarian lab coat. Not only will this ‘future vet’ costume be great for Halloween, but she can use it for roleplay all year round, so she can tend to the animals whenever she likes.


Inflatable King Kong Costume

This unusual inflatable King Kong costume from Rubie’s will make a spectacularly spooky Halloween costume for girls. This wicked costume is based upon the thrilling new King Kong movie, so everyone will know who ‘he’ is, and it’s sure to set them off running (which means more candy left behind for you, hoorah).

Prices Vary

Witch Costume

Of course, no wicked Halloween costume list is truly complete without that most loved classic, the witch. This simple yet effective costume comes with a purple and black ripped-edge cape dress and a magical matching hat – all you will need to add is a touch of scary face paint and the good ol’ broomstick.

Prices Vary

Cow Costume

There’s no better way to spend Halloween night than with a spooky ‘mooovie’ marathon with your family and friends (and popcorn, of course). The only outfit really fit for this purpose is this adorable cow onesie, it’s oooober comfortable and soft, making it the perfect lounging attire, for sure.

Prices Vary

Tonwhar Stitch Kigurumi Costume Onesie

Every little girl is going to recognize this cute creature, the ever-so-sweet Stitch. This fabulous onesie costume is loose fitting and button-up so it’s super easy to get in and out of (great for those emergency bathroom trips). It’s also made from a thick fleece material, helping them to stay warm when trick or treating.

Prices Vary

Black Cat Costume

You could say we’ve found the ‘purrfect’ costume; for kids who don’t want to go too crazy with their outfit choice, this one is a hit. The costume consists of a black onesie, a swishy tail, and a huge hood which features the pretty kitty face, though you could even draw whiskers on your own.

Prices Vary

3 Unique Diy Costumes for Kids

Diy Wyldstyle Lego Movie Costume

You’ve probably seen The LEGO Movie, so now you’re left wondering how you could possibly pull off a WyldStyle costume – well, take a look at this brilliant DIY version from kidsstuffworld.com. It’s super simple, looks AMAZING, and your little girl will definitely love creating and wearing it.

Diy Despicable Me Minion Costumes

No one can resist the adorable, lovable, cheeky Minions, and luckily enough the characters are pretty easy to replicate as a costume. If you need a little inspo, though, or you’re wondering what supplies you’ll need, take a look at this fabulous tutorial over on One Creative Housewife – it even features tutus!

Easy Diy Cardboard Emoji Costume

Want to make a costume and help save the planet at the same time? Then this DIY cardboard emoji costume is definitely the one for you. You can even get the kids involved with this make because it’s incredibly easy, super fun, and involves paints too – perfect.

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