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48 Most Epic (And Expensive) Adult Halloween Costumes of 2018

More often than not, we’re only concerned with getting our kids the best costumes because they’ll be heading out to trick or treat. But if you’ve been invited to a party this year, you’ll need amazing adult Halloween costumes to look the part and we’ve got some great ones here.

adult halloween costumes

Suit for Game of Thrones VII Daenerys Targaryen

If you’re looking for a powerful woman to portray this Halloween, go for Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons and exiled princess of the Targaryen dynasty. This costume is from season 7 of Game of Thrones so most people will recognize the glittering dark outfit.

Prices Vary

Collector The Catman Costume

This is the perfect Halloween costume for fans of the band Kiss. You’ll soon be rocking this all in one catsuit complete with rhinestones. You’ll also get a matching belt, wig and studded armbands; all you need to do is perfect the signature face paint!


Disguise Optimus Prime

When you were little, were you a fan of Transformers? You’ll be able to make all your childhood dreams come true with this epic Optimus Prime costume. It looks amazing – it even has light up eyes and both left and right gauntlets, with a weapon attached to one.

Prices Vary

Morris Costumes Chewbacca Costume

More and more people are discovering Star Wars, especially with the new movies coming out. If you’re looking for adult Halloween costumes, everyone’s favorite Wookie will make an amazing outfit. It’s great if you’re going to be around children as it’s not at all scary.

Prices Vary

Leg Avenue Top Gun Flight Suit Costume

Most men are fans of Top Gun; whether it’s the planes or the bromance, who knows? But with this costume, he can dress up as either Goose or Maverick as the all in one flight suit comes with interchangeable name tags so it doesn’t matter which one is his favorite.

Prices Vary

Disney Leg Avenue Belle

Every little girl has a favorite Disney princess, and they dream of dressing up as her one day. Belle is one of the most beautiful, just like her name suggests, and everyone knows her iconic yellow ballgown. Be the Belle of the (Halloween) ball with this magical costume.

Prices Vary

CosplayDiy Thor: The Dark World Loki Costume

Based on the Norse trickster God, Loki features in many of the Marvel superhero films alongside his brother, Thor. If you want to be a bit mischievous this Halloween, dress up as Loki in The Dark World movie; his black, green and gold cloak is unmistakable.

Prices Vary

InCharacter Vixen of Versailles

We all know that the French used to wear tight corsets and full skirts in the olden days, but these aren’t very appealing in these modern times. Bring this look into the 21st century with this Vixen of Versailles costume, perfect for your annual Halloween party.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Halo Master Chief Costume

This costume is perfect for gamers, especially fans of the game Halo. With this very impressive costume, you’ll be able to pretend that you’ve just stepped out of the game as a Master Chief. The quilted jumpsuit has EVA armor and a two piece helmet to match.

Prices Vary

EVEL Knievel White Leather Jumpsuit

We’ve all heard of the daredevil Evel Knieval and if he’s one of your heroes, you’ll be able to show your appreciation for him with this awesome costume. The iconic white jumpsuit and the patriotic red, white, and blue accents will ensure that everyone recognizes who you’re supposed to be.

Prices Vary

Forum Designer High Seas Pirate Costume

Pirates make great inspiration for dressing up, whether you’re looking for Halloween or a fancy dress party you’ve got at another time of the year. Not all pirates wear eye patches, as this costume shows, but the long coat and pirate hat will give away who you are.

Prices Vary

Elvis Now Aloha Elvis Costume

Even though the King is dead, he still has a very loyal fanbase around the world, and his extravagant stage outfits make for great fancy dress costumes. Complete with multi colored rhinestones, you just need to find a wig and some sunglasses, and perfect his signature lip curl.

Prices Vary

Game of Thrones VII Daenerys Targaryen Costume

Whether you’ve watched Game of Thrones or not, you must know who the Queen of Dragons is. Daenerys Targaryen is one of the main characters, and this strong female character knows how to dress; just look at this incredible jet black dress with matching cape.

Prices Vary

Armor Venue Dark Elven Leather Armour Package

Whether you’re into LARP or not, there’s no denying that this would make an amazing and very impressive Halloween costume. Made from 100% wool, it’ll keep you warm on cold fall nights, and the armor is comfortable to wear with attention to detail so that it looks as realistic as possible.

Prices Vary

Cosplaysky Game of Thrones Jon Snow Costume

“Winter is coming” is a line which is very appropriate to say at the end of October as the fall disappears and the snow starts to fall. So there’s no better adult Halloween costume than that of Jon Snow from the seventh season of Game of Thrones, complete with fur lined cape.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Jurassic World Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Thanks to the new Jurassic World movies, dinosaurs are popular again among adults as well as children. You’ll be able to fulfil your childhood dreams this Halloween by putting on this inflatable T-Rex costume – there won’t be anyone dressed the same as you at the party, now wouldn’t that be ‘saur-kward’?


Rubie’s Stormtrooper Costume

Go over to the Dark Side this Halloween. You won’t need to dress up as anything scary, simply put on this very impressive Stormtrooper costume and you’ll attract Star Wars fans, both young and old, to admire your amazing outfit while you’re taking your kids trick or treating.

Prices Vary

Armor Venue Ratio Heavy Full Suit of Armor

If you want grown-up Halloween costumes which will wow everyone, this impressive Samurai warrior costume is exactly what you’re looking for. Made from 19 gauge galvanized mild steel, this full suit of armor can be used for trick or treating, fancy dress parties, or even LARPing.

Prices Vary

InCharacter Fortune Teller Costume

Gather together your tarot cards and dress up as a fortune teller this Halloween. Put on the headscarf and matching waist sash as well as the skirt with the ruffled petticoat and you’ll look just like the real thing. Just make sure you put on all your best gold jewelry too.

Prices Vary

AGLAYOUPIN Reaper Cosplay Costume

Cosplay makes great inspiration for Halloween costumes, especially if you’re looking for a well made outfit which hardly anyone else will be wearing. Take a look at this Reaper one; you’ll get the full works included, like the long coat, the white and black face mask, and shoe covers.


Miccostumes Daenerys Targaryen Dress

When you think of the Mother of Dragons, you imagine her in her iconic blue dress with matching hooded cape. You’ll get both with this costume so you can dress up as your favorite Game of Thrones character this Halloween, just get a blonde wig and a toy dragon to complete the look.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Costume Collector’s Edition Superman Costume

Superheroes make excellent fancy dress inspiration for both grown ups and children. If your family need a theme this Halloween, comic books is a great one and here’s a Superman costume for Dad…now you just need to find the right costumes for the rest of the gang!

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Adult Authentic Wampa Costume

As well as the main characters, Star Wars has some great species which would make excellent costumes for Halloween. Take the Wampa for example; living on the planet Hoth, these three meter tall carnivorous creatures look a little bit like a Yeti…just a lot more terrifying.

Prices Vary

Miccostumes Mei Mei-Lin Zhou Luxury Costume

If you’re into your cosplay, you’ll know that the costumes are made to a high standard which is why they make great adult Halloween outfits. Perfect for gamers or fans of the game Overwatch, this Mei-Ling-Zhou costume looks exactly how it does in the game, all that’s missing is her Endothermic Blaster.

Prices Vary

Disguise Mr. Incredible Muscle Costume

The Incredibles are a super family created by Pixar and are the perfect inspiration for families who want to dress up along the same theme. This one is Mr. Incredible, the head of the family, and he has Super Strength which is shown off in this costume with the very obvious muscles!

Prices Vary

Rubie’s The Flintstones Fred Flintstone Costume

Did you watch The Flintstones when you were younger? They’re great to dress up as, especially if you’re going for less scary costumes this Halloween. Pretend that you’ve come from Bedrock with this Fred Flinstone costume – get your wife to dress up as Wilma and you’re all set.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Costume Co WWE Randy Savage Costume

Fans of WWE will remember Randy Savage as one of the greats. With 29 titles under his belt, he achieved all of this in a 32 year wrestling career, and now you can pay homage to him with this amazing costume, complete with wig and beard which will finish off the look perfectly.

Prices Vary

Collector The Starchild Costume

Every die hard KISS fan needs this costume in their lives. This black and white jumpsuit is decorated with rhinestones which makes the whole thing glitter in the light. Put on the wig and perfect their signature makeup because without that, no one will know who you’re supposed to be.

Prices Vary

Velvet Mrs Santa Claus Halloween Costume

Dressing up as Mrs. Claus at Halloween is a sure fire way to confuse someone! You expect to see ghosts and goblins in October, not jolly Mrs. Santa, but that’s the perfect reason for you to choose this costume. Red velvet with white fur trim, you’ll feel all festive this Halloween.

Prices Vary

Gothic Medieval Suit Of Armour

We’ve all seen those old school episodes of Scooby Doo, where they’re walking around a castle late at night and a suit of armor moves, scaring the c**p out of Shaggy. You can recreate those scenes with this full suit of armor made from solid steel, although it’s all fully wearable.


Stalkaround Ultra Demon

If you’ve got some money to spend this year, go for the scariest adult Halloween costume you can find within your budget. Take a look at this demon and imagine it appearing out of the darkness. This costume is 8 feet tall and everything is articulated, including the head which can move in all directions.

Prices Vary

Armor Venue Ratio Half Armor Suit

Made from 19 gauge galvanized steel, this Samurai armor is great if you want to wow people but you don’t want the heaviness of a full set. With just the helmet, shoulder pads and breastplate, you’ll be able to achieve the look you want while still being comfortable.

Prices Vary

Schöneberger Bavarian Lederhosen

Oktoberfest is a traditional German festival where you can drink a lot of beer and eat a lot of meat, including sausages. As Halloween also falls in October, these Lederhosen would make a perfect costume; you could wear them to Oktoberfest and then to go trick or treating.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Costume Co Neo Costume

A lot of people are fans of the film The Matrix and the main character Neo is a great person to dress up as. Whether it’s for a simple fancy dress party or Halloween, the long black coat and dark sunglasses will be perfect. Just add some plain black shoes and you’ll be ready to party.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Ghostbusters Jumpsuit

“Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!” With the recent release of the all female reboot, Ghostbusters has a whole new fan base. Perfect for Halloween, you can dress up in this all in one jumpsuit, complete with exterminating backpack which will protect the city from ghosts and demons.

Prices Vary

Regency Collection Sherlock Holmes Costume

Possibly the most famous detective in the world, Sherlock Holmes wasn’t just good at solving mysteries and noticing the finer details. He also had an eye for fashion as this costume shows. The deerstalker hat and long coat with attached cape were very popular in London during the Victorian era.

Prices Vary

Cosplaysky Ragnarok Costume Valkyrie Outfit

According to Norse mythology, the Valkyries were a group of females who helped the god Odin by deciding who died in battle, therefore heading to Valhalla among fellow warriors. You can now dress up as one of the Valkyries using this costume inspired by the Marvel film, Thor: Ragnarok.

Prices Vary

Miss Jessica Costume

Every man and woman will know who Jessica Rabbit is, she’s one of the sexiest animated characters ever created. Famous for her long red hair, purple gloves, and glittering scarlet dress which accentuates her femininity, Jessica is great inspiration for fancy dress whether you need it for Halloween or another time of year.


Rubie’s Darth Vader Costume

An impressive figure in the films, Darth Vader is supposed to be dark and oppressive which is definitely the vibe this costume gives off. The faux leather jumpsuit has an attached chest piece, matching gloves with gauntlets, and a long flowing cape. Add a red lightsaber and you’ll look just like the real deal.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Batman v Superman Armored Batman

In every Batman film, the Caped Crusader has added adaptations onto his classic black costume. In the Batman v Superman film, he develops an armored jumpsuit to protect him against Superman’s superhuman strength. This Halloween costume looks really cool, and it even comes with his signature black cape.

Prices Vary

CosplayDiy Daredevil Superhero Costume

Draw inspiration from the Marvel universe when you’re looking for adult Halloween costumes. While Daredevil is blind, every one of his other senses is heightened giving him his superhuman abilities. His dark red and black costume is understated but still impressive and you’ll get to show it off this Halloween.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Costume Brigadoon Costume

If you’re not into superheroes, animated characters, or people from TV shows, why not go for historical figures when you’re looking for a fancy dress costume? You’ve got so many eras to choose from but this ladies’ costume could be used to represent a lot of time periods.


Super Deluxe Cleopatra Costume

Strong female characters are dotted all over history but are underrepresented. Cleopatra is one of them; she was the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt before it ended up under Roman rule. You’ll have great fun dressing up as this great Egyptian ruler and strong female.

Prices Vary

FunCostumes Gene Simmons Demon Costume

Gene Simmons is best known for being the bassist and co-lead singer of the band Kiss. Famous for their black studded jumpsuits and monochrome face paint, this costume is a must for any fan of this rock band. You’ll be able to feel like you’re a part of the band for one night.


UHC Assassins Creed Edward Kenway Outfit

With more and more people becoming interested in video games, it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of fancy dress costumes based on the characters within these games. Edward Kenway is a character in the Assassins Creed games, and anyone who is a fan of these will instantly recognize who you’re supposed to be.

Prices Vary

British Rev Officer Costume

Feel like you’re a part of British history with this very impressive outfit from the American Revolutionary War. You can pretend that you were fighting alongside the British Army during this time in history when you put on this red, blue and white costume.

Prices Vary

Reach Zentai Costume

It’s just your friendly neighborhood Spiderman and he makes a great character to dress up as. Perfect for Halloween or just an ordinary fancy dress party, this all in one jumpsuit is in the classic red, blue and black Spiderman colors, complete with spider logo and mask.

Prices Vary

3 Creative Diy Costumes

Diy Mom and Baby Halloween Costumes

If this is your baby’s first Halloween, you’ll probably want to take advantage of it and dress them up in an amazing costume. This tutorial has 6 great ideas for matching mom and baby costumes so you can both be the best dressed at that party you’ve been invited to.

Diy Mermaid Halloween Costume by Lauren Conrad

Mermaids are amazing, who wouldn’t want to live in the ocean and swim amongst the dolphins? Fulfil your dream for one day with this DIY mermaid costume, complete with shell top and green sequinned mermaid tail which are both super easy to make but look so beautiful.

Diy Iron Man Mark Costume Pepakura Cardboard

Iron Man is one of the most popular Marvel superheroes and let’s be honest, it’s because he’s so cool and charismatic. Following this YouTube video, you’ll soon be able to recreate your very own Iron Man costume which looks just as good as the real thing.

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