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105 Best Halloween Costumes of 2018

When searching for Halloween costume ideas, it can be easy to get stuck amongst the same old costumes that you see every year. Invite a breath of fresh air into your fall festivities with this humungous collection of outfits, both store bought and homemade. You can be anyone, or anything, you want to be.

halloween costume ideas

Spirit Halloween Fortnite Skull Trooper Costume

Is your little one a big lover of Fortnite? What child isn’t? Make all of their closest Fortnite comrades/rivals jealous this Halloween by grabbing them this awesome Skulltrooper costume. Officially licensed and with accessories included, they will definitely be the last man standing at this year’s costume contest.


Bob Ross Artist Couples Costume Bundle Set

Couple’s costumes are awesome, but they can sometimes be a bit of a pickle to choose…you both have to agree! There will be no debates over this costume set, however. With one person dressing as Bob Ross and the other as a painting, it will be a hilarious nod to the 80’s and 90’s.


Rubie’s Harry Potter Hermione Granger Costume

Would you like to spend this Halloween dressed as the brightest witch of our time? Awesome, then you need to grab one of these Hermione Granger costumes that has been officially licensed by the wizarding world of Harry Potter. With a Gryffindor emblem and more details, it’s a win win.


Oompa Loompa Costume

‘Oompa Loompa doompadee doo, this is definitely the costume for you’. If you or someone you know absolutely adores Willy Wonka and his delightful chocolate factory, they will love to dress up as one of his exotic and hardworking factory workers thanks to this cool Oompa Loompa costume.


InCharacter Gladiator Costume

Are you struggling to think of some really great Halloween costume ideas for your little one? Do not panic; instead, check out this awesome baby gladiator costume from InCharacter. Designed with brilliant levels of detail as well as accessibility for diaper changes and even an included headpiece, it’s a great costume.

Prices Vary

California Costumes Egyptian Goddess Costume

Egyptian goddesses held so much power and were admired by millions. If you would love to go to this year’s Halloween party dressed as one of these wonderful women, you can use this costume to do so. With pretty much everything that you need to pull off this look included, you can’t go wrong.


California Costumes Stealth Ninja Costume

Ninjas are the silent warriors of the world. Throughout history they have been looked up to as protectors of people; if your child would give anything to become a ninja, give them this! This incredible jumpsuit and included mask will transform your little one into a midnight mercenary.


Catboy Classic PJ Masks Costume

Your toddler deserves a truly awesome Halloween costume this year. If you do not know what to get them, grab them one of these cool Catboy costumes. Officially licensed and with a headpiece and tail included, it will make them happier than ever to get dressed up and go trick or treating.


Leg Avenue Costumes Deadly Ninja Costume

Check out this brilliant 5 piece set that will transform the wearer into the ultimate deadly ninja. With a jumpsuit, mask, sash and more included, this ultimate costume is ready and raring to transform you into a deadly ninja that will win every costume party it is ever entered into.


Ladies 1950s Pink Satin Jacket with Neck Scarf

Have you always dreamed and hoped of being a pink lady? Even if there are no T Birds about, this pink satin jacket and neck scarf combination will make you feel like you have just stepped out of the 50’s. Whether you are dressing up alone or as part of a group, this is the way.


Star Wars Rubie’s Costume Complete Yoda Costume

How adorable is this? If you would love for your little one to look just like Yoda, this is the perfect way to do it. With Yoda’s stereotypical big ears attached to the included hood, your little one will go from young to ancient in no time at all.


Disney Incredibles 2 Dash Muscle Costume

The Incredibles are, well, incredible! Right? This polyester all in one Dash costume is the perfect present for your little one this Halloween. With hook and loop fasteners at the back, a classic superhero mask included, and built-in, sculpted muscles, your child will make everyone jealous with their brilliant costume.


Cute Noodles Babysuit

Are you a big fan of instant ramen? Great. This brilliant and adorable costume will turn your precious little baby into a delicious looking packet of noodles. With realistic looking noodles, carrots, onions and egg pieces on top of the hat, the cute noodles babysuit is perfect for parents everywhere.


Pandaloon Panda Puppy Dog Costume

It’s not only the children you need to dress up this Halloween, you also need to consider what the dog is going to wear. Have your pooch strutting its stuff wearing this brilliantly cute panda costume that will turn your dog into a walking, panting panda.


Steve Minecraft Costume

How cool is this? If you know somebody that absolutely loves Minecraft, you should consider grabbing them one of these deluxe Steve costumes. All pretty and pixelated, Steve is ready to accompany his wearer to any and every Halloween party going. The entire neighborhood will be jealous; perfect if you are struggling for Halloween costume ideas.


Fun World Peanut Butter And Jelly Set

Do you and your other half go together like apples and pears, milk and cookies, peanut butter and jelly? If so, grab this couple’s costume set and turn the two of you into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Big, hilarious and full of fun, it’s enough to make your tummy rumble.


Leg Avenue Delightful Hatter Costume

Are you a little bit nuts? Show just how crazy you are by dressing up in this delightful and deluxe Hatter costume from Leg Avenue. With the bow tie, top hat, dress and jacket included, you will have everything you need to look great, feel great and have a great Halloween.


Rubie’s The Flintstones Fred Costume

If you’ve been known to watch the Flinstones, this is the Halloween costume for you. Brought to us by Rubies, this Fred Flinstone costume will transform you into your beloved prehistoric family man. With oversized shoe covers and wig included, you will need nothing to complete the look…awesome.


Miliano Embroidered Hooded Cloak Robe

Would you love more than anything to be a wizard? If wands, broomsticks, and magic staircases are all that you want in life, live like a student of spells whenever you put on this cool hooded cloak. With multiple sizes available, you can find the perfect cloak for your Halloween adventure.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Muscle Chest Costume

Rubie’s and Marvel have come together to create this exciting Spiderman costume in time for Halloween. With muscles built in to the costume, your mini web slinger will be well equipped to use their spidey senses to hunt down the candy in your neighborhood. The perfect way to give them a fall they will never forget.


InCharacter Tiger Tot Costume

Aww! Look at this! Brought to us by InCharacter, this adorably stunning baby Halloween costume will turn them into a cute baby tiger tot. The bodysuit comes with plush detailed hood, skid resistant feet and even easy accessibility for diaper changes. Your little one will easily be the cutest this Halloween.

Prices Vary

GOPRIME T Rex Costume

You must have seen these awesome T-Rex costumes on social media somewhere? You want one, right? Head over to the following page and pick up one of these exciting and awesome inflatable T-Rex costumes that will turn you into a towering, prehistoric beast. Air pump included.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Costume Co. Queen of The Undead Mummy Costume

Are you ready to be crowned the queen of the undead? You will definitely have earned that title when you put on this women’s mummy costume. Designed to make you look like you are covered in aging, peeling bandages, the surprisingly stunning costume is both fashionable, and freaky.

Prices Vary

Fun World Women’s Peace Love Hippie Costume

Bring back the peace, love and positivity of the 70’s with this awesome Hippy costume from Fun World. The dress comes supplied with an attached vest, headband and even boot covers to ensure that you complete the look from head to toe. Floral and full of free ‘lovin.


Rasta Imposta Taco

Straight from Rasta Imposta comes this tasty looking tunic, designed to make you look just like a delicious and mouthwatering taco. If you would like a simple Halloween costume that will double as a powerful costume starter, this is the perfect way to do it. See it in full here and find out how tasty it really is!


Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Role Play Costume

Looking for Halloween costume ideas? If your little one loves pretend play, then this costume will bring them joy long after the candy has been eaten and the pumpkins have gone off. Brought to us by Melissa & Doug, this 6 piece fireman roleplay costume is seriously awesome.


Rubies Costume Company Sushi Pet Costume

Your pooch deserves to be a part of your Halloween celebration. With this fun and hilarious costume, you can make your dog look absolutely delicious. Designed to make pups look just like a piece of sushi, this costume even includes a Japanese sun headband for that added touch.


California Costumes Ahoy Matey Pirate Costume

If it’s a pirate’s life for you, then you need to look the part. Sail the seven seas on the lookout for the bountiful candy wearing this awesome looking pirate’s costume that is perfect for Halloween! With tons of detail and even a bandana, you’ll be shouting ‘candy ahoy’ in no time.

Prices Vary

Fun World Complete 3D Zombie Costume

Wow! How creepy is this? If your goal this Halloween is to scare the life out of your friends and family, this costume is the way to go. With a 3D design and a ton of detail, this complete zombie costume will terrify your town as you trick or treat…cool.


NACOCO Pet Doctor Costume

Transform your pet into a practicing doctor with this ingenious yet hilarious Halloween costume. Your cat or dog will look just like a walking, talking, diagnosing doc and will be a brilliant conversation starter at your Halloween party. If you want your furry friend involved, this is the way to do it.


Bubble Tea Babysuit

Bubble tea, the exciting, tasty and to be perfectly honest, awesome bubbly drink is here in costume form to turn your baby into a take out cup of this delicious beverage. The 2 piece costume features a hat with a straw attached, along with a comfortable babysuit that your little one will love.


Spirit Halloween Fortnite Dark Voyager Costume

Does your little one live for Fortnite? Make their Halloween the best one yet thanks to this exciting and officially licensed Dark Voyager Halloween skin costume. With the jumpsuit, harness, helmet and more all included, it is the perfect way to keep your Fortnite fan happy this fall.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Rubie’s Costume Darth Vader Romper

From both Star Wars and Rubie’s comes this hilarious yet extremely cute baby romper, designed to make your baby look just like the Sith Lord Darth Vader. With a headpiece and detachable cape, the romper has even been designed to have easy access for diaper changing.


Marvel Spider-Man Costume

If your toddler is a big fan of the Marvel world, in particular Spiderman, then this is the perfect Halloween costume idea. With built in, padded muscles, this full length jumpsuit comes with a soft, elasticated mask and is full of brilliant detail. Perfect for any and every spidey fan.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Costume Batman Costume

Gotham’s protector comes in the form of Batman, the caped crusader. If your little one is a big fan of the DC Universe and its heroes, you need to invest in one of these cool and officially licensed Batman costumes that come with a cape, belt, mask and even shoe covers. How cool is that?


Rasta Imposta Mona Lisa

From Rasta Imposta comes this hilariously artistic masterpiece of a costume. You can become one of the most beautiful women in history when you place your face inside the world famous Mona Lisa. Think outside of the box and inside the frame this Halloween and amaze your friends and family.


Pizza Costume

Pizza, almost everyone likes it, in fact, some people practically live for a cheesy slice of doughy heaven. This high quality, effective, yet surprisingly simple costume will turn you into a living, breathing slice of pizza. Check out the menu here and see if it is something you would like to order.


Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Costume

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic. If your little one is a big fan of this Disney/Tim Burton crossover, then this is the costume for them this fall. The officially licensed and deluxe looking costume will turn them into Jack Skellington just in time for trick or treating.


Spider-Man Homecoming Muscle Chest Costume

Spiderman: Homecoming was an awesome movie. If you are reading this, the chances are your little one loved it just as much! Make their Halloween extra special by introducing them to the ultimate Spiderman costume that has been inspired by the movie itself. Official and seriously cool.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Star Wars Han Solo Costume

Every ship needs a pilot; if you are searching for a costume that will help you navigate the bar, dancefloor, and costume contest at your Halloween party, you should invest in this brilliant Han Solo outfit. Also extremely useful on May the 4th. See? Going Solo isn’t so bad after all!

Prices Vary

Jr. Astronaut Suit Costume

Covered in official NASA badges and logos, this Jr. astronaut costume is the perfect way to launch them into Halloween heaven. If they dream of visiting the stars above, they will love nothing more than dressing up in this costume that will make them look and feel like they are about to blast off.

Prices Vary

California Costumes UPS Pal Pet Costume

Help your dog to break a stereotype by showing the world that your pooch doesn’t hate parcel delivery men this Halloween. Hilarious and great to look at, this cool costume will make your pup look exactly like a UPS delivery worker. It even comes with a parcel, perfect for going door to door in search of candy.


Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Suit

With built in diaper snaps, this costume is out of this world. Officially licensed by NASA, this one piece romper will transform your baby into the youngest astronaut in history. With a NASA logo and ‘commander’ badge, they will look like they are about to take a ride in a rocket ship.


Leg Avenue Native Princess

Are you searching for a great Halloween costume idea for this year’s party? Take a look at this brilliant Leg Avenue native princess costume. Both stylish and a great conversation starter, this fun costume is full to the brim with great details and has to be seen to be fully appreciated.


InCharacter Dinky Dragon Costume

Would you just love for your little one to look cuter than cute this Halloween? To do so, they need to be paired with the most adorable costume you can think of. This dinky dragon outfit will make them look like the sweetest fire breathing baby beast in the entire world!

Prices Vary

Disney Disguise Maleficent Black Christening Gown Costume

Officially licensed by Disney, this Maleficent costume will help you to feel closer to your favorite character this Halloween. The surprisingly gorgeous black dress features sculpted shoulders and impeccable detailing throughout; it even comes with a headpiece complete with horns. Your fantasy will come true this fall when you put it on.


Forum Novelties Ghostly Gal Costume

When you think of ghostly ghoul costumes, do you think of a white sheet with holes cut into it? Those days are long gone; now, you can rock up to the Halloween party wearing one of these. Designed and created by Forum Novelties, this ghost costume is both high quality, and extremely creepy.


Game of Thrones Night’s King White Walker Full Head Mask

With Halloween around the corner, some might say that winter definitely is coming. Show your love of the hit tv series Game of Thrones by dressing up in this full face White Walker mask. The latex mask was designed by an SFX specialist and as such, boasts an exceptional level of detail and realism.


Popcorn Babysuit

Ahh popcorn…what a treat. This world renowned movie theatre snack is here in costume form to make everyone’s Halloween a little sweeter. This delightful baby costume will turn them into a towering tub of buttery, melty popcorn that is guaranteed to turn a lot of heads.


Rubies Costume Company Rasta Dog

Is your pup a spiritual, peace loving dog? Show your pooch’s admiration of the free world by grabbing them one of these Rasta costumes by Rubie’s. The top comes with the words ‘one love’ and is paired with a knitted hat, complete with dreads! Ideal if you are throwing a Halloween party.


Rubie’s Costume DC Heroes and Villains Pet Costume

From Rubie’s costumes comes this excellent pet outfit. Part of the DC heroes and villains collection, this costume is designed to make your pup look just like Wonder Woman herself! With a matching headpiece, the costume is available in a range of sizes to fit most breeds.


Rubie’s Ghostbusters Costume

Ghostbusters costumes have been a favorite at Halloween since 1985 and it’s easy to see why. If you are searching for the best Ghostbusters costumes for your little one, this could be it. Officially licensed and complete with an inflatable backpack, your child will look like they have just come from the set of the film.


Pizza Babysuit

Pizza really is the nectar of the gods. If your entire family loves pizza night more than any other take out night, this is the costume for your baby. The simple and comfortable baby suit features a thick crust and some delicious toppings. A great way to include your infant in this year’s Halloween celebrations.


Big Bad Granny Wolf Costume

We’re all familiar with the well loved children’s tale. If you would love to dress up as the big bad granny wolf, you need the perfect costume! On the following page you will discover this full length costume that is supplied with a mask and attached hat. Just try not to frighten the children.


Dress Chef Cook Outfit

Does your little one love to help you bake? Make sure they get at least 5 candy stars this Halloween by dressing them up in this awesome chef costume. With pants, a jacket, and the coveted chef’s hat, your child will walk around beaming with pride this fall. Great if you are struggling with Halloween costume ideas.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Elf Movie Buddy The Elf Costume

Do you love Christmas more than any other time? If you are struggling with what to wear for Halloween, bring Crimbo forward a couple of months and go to your fall festivities dressed as Buddy the Elf. This officially licensed costume will turn you into everyone’s favorite oversized Elf.


Leg Avenue Glow-In-The-Dark Skeleton Catsuit

Who said skeletons can’t be sexy? This glow in the dark spandex skeleton costume comes straight from Leg Avenue and is the perfect way to keep Halloween stylish. Pair it with face paint or a mask and you are on to a straight winner, or keep it simple and wear it as it is.


Forum Novelties Victorian Ghost Bride Costume

The ghost bride, what a scary premise! If you would love to creep out your neighborhood with a truly great costume this year, do it with this brilliant ghost bride costume from Forum Novelties. The grey tattered wedding dress and accompanying veil are sure to keep you creepy this Halloween.


Tortilla Baby

Is your baby too young for a full on costume this Halloween? Fear not, as this swaddle and hat combo will keep your little one comfortable whilst still joining in with the holiday fun. Breathable in design, the cotton material has been designed to look just like a tortilla in which you can wrap your baby.


Harry Potter Robe

Does your heart belong in Hogwarts? You are not alone. Escape from the Muggle world this Halloween and bring a bit of magic to your life. Officially licensed, this Harry Potter robe is available in your choice of house colors, and comes with the house badge and even a wand pocket.

Prices Vary

California Costumes Lethal Beauty Costume

Are you hoping to find a costume that will keep you looking good this Halloween? Don’t worry; while many outfits are unflattering, this one is not. The lethal beauty costume from California Costumes features an ivy decorated dress, leggings, mask and more! Available in five sizes, from x-small to x-large.


InCharacter Lil’ Garden Gnome Costume

How adorable is this? If you are on the hunt for the perfect costume for your child, you may have just found it. With big ears and a beard attached to the hat, alongside a delightful jumpsuit, this garden gnome costume is a truly great way to get even the youngest of children involved this Halloween.

Prices Vary

Rasta Imposta Nerds Couples Costume

Couples costumes can be hard to find…but not impossible. If you and your other half are big fans of Nerds candy, you can dress up as a box! With 2 flavors included, you will definitely be the tastiest treat at this year’s Halloween party. The funny twist to this costume is the included ‘nerdy’ glasses.

Prices Vary

Forum Novelties Disappearing Man Stretch Body Suit

Whether you want to wear it as the base layer for a bigger costume, or just as it is, this disappearing man body suit is the way to go. You will look just like a skeleton wearing the costume, even more so when you stick on the accompanying mask! No body’s costume will be better!

Prices Vary

Super Mario Brothers Mario Costume

Say hello to the world’s most famous Italian plumber, Mario. If you have been a fan of the Super Mario Bros. for a long time now, this is the Halloween costume idea for you. His classic overalls, pot belly, mustache and hat are all included to help you to really complete the look.


TOLOCO Inflatable Sumo Wrestler

Swell up in time for Halloween and rule the ring thanks to this sumo wrestler costume from TOLOCO. Designed to look just like a humungous wrestler, the battery operated motor within the costume can easily inflate it in seconds! Breathable, roomy, comfortable and simply awesome.


Star Wars Rubie’s Stormtrooper Costume

If you are ready, there is space for you on the dark side. Officially licensed by Star Wars and brought to us by Rubie’s comes this women’s Stormtrooper costume. The great looking jumpsuit comes complete with molded armor and tons of details, not forgetting the infamous Stormtrooper helmet.

Prices Vary

Marvel Rubie’s Costume Muscle Chest Captain America

Become the most patriotic superhero in the entire world with this Captain America costume for kids. Officially licensed by Marvel themselves, this child’s costume is perfect for the little one in your life that would love to save the day. With built in, padded muscles and a mask, you can’t go wrong.

Prices Vary

AmzBarley Moana Costume

Did your kid love Moana? Was Maui their favorite character? If so, they can now become this cool dude by grabbing this epic outfit that will make them look just like their idol. This top and pants combination includes all of his tattoos and will help your child to feel awesome this Halloween.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Black Panther Costume

Black Panther is awesome, right? If your child feels at home when they think of Wakanda, this officially licensed Marvel product from Rubie’s should be right up their alley. With epic detailing throughout, the jumpsuit and mask will transform your kid into the Black Panther itself.


Rubie’s Costume Teen Titans Pet Costume

Come on, make your pet a part of the Halloween festivities this year with their very own costume. Your trusty sidekick would look great donning this brilliantly cool Robin costume from Rubie’s and is part of their awesome DC comics series. There is even a mask and cape included!


Marvel Rubie’s Muscle Chest Deadpool Costume

Deadpool…the antihero that everyone seems to love. If you are a fan of Marvel’s mutated funny guy, then you need to dress up as him this coming Halloween! Officially licensed, this jumpsuit comes with a muscle chest piece and of course Deadpool’s cool mask. A classic cosplay item.


InCharacter Costumes What A Hoot Owl Costume

If cute is what you’re after for your baby this Halloween, cute is what you will get when you dress them up in this cool costume. Brought to us by InCharacter, this baby’s owl costume will prove a real hoot at this year’s Halloween party and will help them to be a part of the day.


InCharacter Lil’ Stinker Skunk Costume

Babies are cute, but boy can they be lil’ stinkers. If you are looking for funny Halloween costume ideas for your little one, do not overlook this hilarious skunk costume. Your baby will not only look adorable, but will help to spread a little bit of Halloween holiday cheer through laughter and smiles.


Rubie’s Costume Noah Ark Lion Cub Romper

From Rubie’s costumes comes this brilliant and sweet looking lion costume for your baby. The soft and cuddly looking lion cub romper comes complete with a delightfully fluffy mane, built in feet and ears, and even an included mouse rattle for your little one to play with. Simply put, this costume is great.


Fun World Killer Clown Complete Costume

Clowns are the Achilles heel of many a person; designed to be entertaining, the clown has slowly become the embodiment of all things scary. If you would love to terrify the town this Halloween, this deluxe complete killer clown costume is the ultimate way to do so. It has be seen to be appreciated.


Melissa & Doug Pirate Role Play Costume

Ahoy there matey, are you surfing the high seas of the internet looking for a Halloween costume that your child would love? Turn them into a classic looking pirate with this great outfit. With a captain’s hat, eyepatch and a foam sword accompanying the costume, they will look and feel awesome.


Personalized Football Babysuit

Do you love football? Great, team up with your baby this Halloween and grab them this awesome football costume. The delightful baby suit will make your little one look just like a real life football. On the back of the suit, you can have the personalization of your choice…just like a jersey!


Rasta Imposta Ice Cream Sundae

What is sweeter than an ice cream sundae? Not much really. For the sweetest, coolest costume around check out this ice cream sundae suit that even comes with a cherry on top. The simple costume will make a big impression on anyone that sees it (and will probably make them hungry).


California Costumes Collections Holy Hound Dog Costume

Make your dog the most righteous of all the pooches with this hilariously funny dog costume. The holy hound outfit comes with a red and white printed vestment featuring a bone cross, along with a matching headpiece. There is even a detachable stole to really complete the look.


InCharacter Tiny Tentacles Octopus Costume

When your little one puts on these tiny tentacles, you will not be able to contain the cuteness. Brought to us and designed by InCharacter, this delightfully cool jumpsuit will ensure that your child can join in with the spooky fun this fall. It even comes with easy access for diaper changing.

Prices Vary

Rasta Imposta Squirrel Costume

Have you got the nuts to pull off a costume like this one? From Rasta Imposta, this full size squirrel costume is ready to bring more laughter and less screams to your Halloween party. With nuts included and an enormous tail, you just know you will be in everybody’s pictures!


Baby Shark Tail

No matter what your baby does whilst wearing this ‘costume’, they will be funny. Comfortable, warm and handmade, this shark tail will not only bring your little one comfort, but will make them look like they are being eaten whole by a toothy tyrant of the sea. Just when you thought it was safe…


Forum Novelties Cowboy Costume

Howdy kid, are you ready to become the coolest cowboy in the entire west? If that is the case, you need a jolly good costume to make sure that you fit the bill. This costume from Forum Novelties contains all that you need to complete the look, from the hat right down to the chaps.


Disguise Baby Jack Costume

Are you a fan of the Incredibles? Pshh, silly question…who isn’t? Treat your child to this fun costume this fall if you are struggling to think of Halloween costume ideas for the family. The jumpsuit and head piece are officially licensed and will make your little one look exactly like Jack from the movie.


Gold Fish Dog Costume

Couldn’t decide between a goldfish and a dog? This Halloween, you can have both for the day thanks to this fun costume for dogs. With the classic iridescent sheen coming from the fish, it really is a head turner and is comfortable too as it is fastened underneath the dog’s belly using Velcro.


Secret Wishes Nightmare on Elm Street Miss Krueger Costume

We all know about Freddie, but what about Miss Krueger? Become the stuff of nightmares this fall and dress up in this stylish yet scary costume. The dress itself is full of slashes and comes complete with Freddie’s hat and infamous evil glove. It’s a (bad) dream of a Halloween costume!


Ice Cream Baby

Newborn babies shouldn’t be exempt from Halloween just because of the lack of costumes available! If you look hard enough you will find awesomeness, just like this fun swaddle and cap combo that will make your little one look like a deliciously tasty and sweet ice cream cone. The hat even comes with sprinkles and a cherry.


Silly Safari Triceratops Costume

From Rubie’s Silly Safari costume series comes the Triceratops. This full length jumpsuit comes complete with a tail and is full of color and detail; if your child loves all things dinosaur they will love this. It even comes with a frilled headpiece with plush horns attached.


Joyin Toy Police Officer Costume

Role play is great, and Halloween is one of the best times to do it! Grab your child this truly deluxe police officer costume that comes with a ton of kit. From the uniform, to the cuffs, to the gun holster, it includes everything that your little one could want.

Prices Vary

InCharacter Lil’ Lobster Costume

From InCharacter comes this epic and exciting lil’ lobster costume for children. Bright red and with all of the legs, this lobster costume will turn your child into a clawed critter of the ocean and even comes with skid resistant booties and snap leg closures for carefree changing. Brilliant for babies.

Prices Vary

Sriracha Baby

Is everything better with hot sauce? What about your baby? If you are on the hunt for a great Halloween costume for your little one, this could be it. The following costume will turn your child into an adorably cute bottle of Sriracha hot sauce. Awesome.


Disney Disguise Pixar Toy Story and Beyond Jessie Costume

Disney’s Toy Story is one of the most popular film series of all times! If you absolutely adored the movies, you can go to this year’s Halloween festivities dressed as a real life Jessie. The one piece jumpsuit features a ton of detail and is accompanied by her signature hat. Yeehaw..


Marvel Civil War Captain America Iron Man Costume

Do you dream of being a crime fighting, world saving, money earning metal man? Who doesn’t? Make your dream come true this fall by dressing up as Marvel’s Iron Man. This officially licensed deluxe costume will provide you with everything that you need to suit up and have a great Halloween.

Prices Vary

Leg Avenue Ninja Assassin

Hide in the shadows this Autumn when you are wearing your brand new ninja assassin costume. Brought to us by Leg Avenue, the stylish cat suit is red and black in color and comes with added accessories to really complete the look, including the stereotypical ninja mask.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Despicable Me 2 Minion Pet Costume

There’s one sure fire way to make Halloween better…dogs! If you would love for your dog to join in with this year’s festivities, but you cannot come up with any Halloween costume ideas, check this out. Officially licensed, this costume will make your dog look just like a minion from the world of Despicable Me.


InCharacter Lil’ Monkey Costume

How many times has your little one proved to you that they really are a cheeky little monkey? Dress them up as one this Halloween thanks to this hilarious lil’ monkey costume from InCharacter. Super comfortable, the costume comes with big ears, a long tail and tons of detail.


Cosfunmax Pennywise Costume

Does Stephen King’s IT haunt your dreams? It’s not surprising, Pennywise is terrifying. If you are looking for the perfect Pennywise Halloween costume, this could be it. Full of thrills, frills and plenty or terror, all you need to do is find out how to do his makeup!

Prices Vary

Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play Costume Dress-Up Set

Lots of kids love to dress up, so Halloween is a good time to get them a costume that they will really love (and hopefully use again). This particular costume from Melissa & Doug comes with everything that your child could need to pretend play as a doctor.


Rubie’s Costume Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Dress

The Wizard of Oz is a classic and well loved story. If you love the magic of the tale, you can ditch the scary costumes this fall, and instead dress up as Dorothy herself. Follow the yellow brick road to 1st place costume prize in this officially licensed delightful dress.


Fun World Costumes Train Engineer Costume

Trains are cool; there is no denying it. Does your child spend all of their time obsessing over their train sets and toys? If so, this is the Halloween costume for them. Brought to us by Fun World, this train engineer will turn your little one into the tiniest train worker in the world.

Prices Vary

Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey Costume

How much do you love Star Wars? If you are a big fan of not only the series, but of Rey herself, you can use this costume to look just like her this fall. With exceptional levels of detail throughout, the officially licensed costume will turn a lot of heads this Halloween.


Star Wars Secret Wishes Princess Leia Costume

Princess Leia has been a popular Halloween costume idea for many years now, and it is no wonder why…she’s awesome! If you are as much a fan of Princess Leia now as you were back in the day, this high quality, officially licensed costume is ready and waiting for you to put it on.


Rubie’s Costume DC Heroes and Villains Collection

From Rubie’s DC Heroes & Villains collection comes this awesome and exciting pet costume. Perfect for your dog, this Batman costume will turn your pup into Gotham’s Dark Knight. With a detachable cape and an included headpiece, it is a real conversation starter for this Halloween.


15 Creative Diy Costumes

Diy Lisa Frank Costumes

Are you trying to think of a great Halloween costume that isn’t going to break the bank? How about making one yourself? Head over to the following page and you will find all of the information that you need to create this Lisa Frank inspired costume in your very own home.

Diy Cotton Candy Costume Video Tutorial

Do you just love cotton candy? This delightfully sweet, fluffy and almost magical treat is just awesome, right? Why not show your love of the candy by using this fun YouTube tutorial video to create an epic and exciting cotton candy Halloween costume; a guaranteed hit at this year’s party.

Diy Carrie Bradshaw Costume

Do you still religiously watch Sex & the City? You are not alone. The following article contains step by step instructions on how to make Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic tutu dress. Fans of the show will recognize and appreciate your effort this Halloween, and will definitely admire your handywork.

Diy Pineapple Costume

If you are desperately searching for a simple yet effective Halloween costume that you can put together at home, you have reached the end of your search. Nestled comfortably on the following page you will find the information needed to create a fun and colorful pineapple costume.

Diy Easy Queen of Hearts Costume

It can be expensive buying a brand new Halloween costume each and every year. Maybe you should start making your costumes right in your very one home? If you are interested, check out the following article that will teach you exactly how to create an awesome looking Queen of hearts costume.

Diy Katniss Costume

Katniss Everdeen is the popular and awesome character from the Hunger Games. If you know for a fact that your child is a huge fan of this bow wielding warrior, you need to check out this article. In just a few simple steps, you will be able to create the ultimate Katniss costume in time for Halloween.

Diy Snow White Costume

The tale of Snow White is a true classic; a real family favorite. Go to this year’s Halloween party with more money to spend when you make your own costume at home! Follow the link to find all of the information you could need to make an epic Snow White costume in just 8 steps.

Diy Paper Doll Costume

Paper dolls have been popular for many a year; kids just seem to love mixing and matching their clothes and their style. This hilarious costume will turn you into one of the much loved paper dolls – want to know the best part? You can make it at home.

Diy Dog Man Costume

Are you familiar with the book series ‘Dog Man’? Your child probably is! Use the following article to find out how you can make a Dog Man costume for your kid this Halloween. Cheap and simple to do, it is a fun project for you to complete that comes with excellent results.

Diy Emoji Costumes

Emojis are great; since their introduction, it has been hard to get away from them, they are just so useful. If you would love to dress up as one this Halloween, this article is the way to do so. Within it, you will find 10 DIY Halloween costume ideas that all have one thing in common, emojis.

Diy Headless Halloween Costume Using Backpack

There is nothing much scarier than a headless person, imagine seeing it? If you would love to terrify your friends and neighbors, this homemade costume is the way. Simple, yet effective, it will give the appearance of a headless person and is perfect for Halloween.

Diy Cardboard Llama Costume

Let your children go trick or treating aboard their very own llama with this funny, yet exciting costume. With all of the information available to you on the following page, all you will need is a little bit of time and creativity. You’ll have no probllama making it!

Diy Mushroom Halloween Costume

This costume is perfect for children and is a fun way for them to enjoy their Halloween in a homemade costume. If you take a look at the following page, you will find step by step instructions on how to make this exciting mushroom costume for your little one.

Diy Tin Man Costume

Are you and your family big fans of the Wizard of Oz? This delightfully sweet tale has been a firm favorite for many years, so it’s no wonder why you would want your child to go trick or treating dressed as the tin man. Follow the link to find out how to make it.

Diy Classic Batman and Robin Costumes

Are you trying to find a great pair of costumes for your children to wear this Halloween? If so, this guide will teach you how to make them a classic pair of Batman and Robin costumes from the world of DC Universe. Fun to make and fun to wear, you can’t go wrong!

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