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35 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Boys (Classic and New)

There’s always a gasp of delight when onlookers see a great costume come into a Halloween party and now your child can feel the same response with this list of Halloween costumes for boys. From the truly scary to classics and child favorites, this list caters for boys of any temperament.

halloween costumes for boys

Danlier Spandex Deadpool Insprired Costume

He’s the Marvel comic turn that’s made such a big hit that this Halloween costume for boys will be loved by any young lad. Made from Lycra and Spandex, this outfit has high stretch making it easy to wear, and it runs from the toes to the hands, covering up your whole body.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Costume Black Panther Costume

This officially licensed costume from Marvel will let your child run amok as the Wakanda king himself, protecting his people and country. With a printed muscle chest and attached gauntlets, boot tops, and mask, this polyester costume is full of accurate detail and brings the film alive on Halloween night.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Star Wars Child’s Darth Vader Costume

Join the dark side of the Force with this superb costume of the Dark Lord himself. The outfit has a printed costume jumpsuit with built in boot covers, a printed cloth belt, a cape and a molded plastic mask, allowing you to be Darth Vader in every detail.


Marvel Rubie’s Costume Muscle Chest Hulk

It’s time to smash as we get all green and rage out in this terrific superhero costume. Made from 100% polyester and hand washable, the outfit has a padded muscle chest jumpsuit and a half mask. Bring along your roar and be the hero in green this Halloween.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Star Wars Classic Jedi Knight Costume

May the force be with you as you take on the classic Jedi look from the fan favorite films. Complete with a costume tunic and attached shirt, pants with attached boot tops and a belt, this Halloween you can fight for the light against the dark Sith forces.


Inflatable Jurassic World T-Rex Costume

It’s time to bring the pre-historic world to life and terrorize your friends this Halloween with this fun and large T-Rex outfit. The polyester costume inflates, making it up to 58 inches tall and comes with an inflatable fan for ease of use and an opening for the child’s head.


Melissa & Doug Astronaut Role Play Costume Set

Head for the stars and explore the galaxy this Halloween, as this costume lets you lift off on a superb space mission. Including a jumpsuit, gloves, a shiny helmet, and a reusable nametag, this pretend play outfit is also machine washable for any dirty space journeys.


California Costumes Gallant Knight Costume

The days of chivalry are not dead as you roam the streets on Halloween night, dressed to step in and save any poor maiden. The tunic comes with an attached cape and a belt as well as a foam helmet and removable guard, making you look like a true knight.


Melissa & Doug Construction Worker Costume

Show off your prowess as a construction worker decked out in this high quality outfit whose construction ensures durability. There’s a vest with a tool belt, a hard hat, goggles, a hammer, a saw, and a personalizable name tag, making you look like you belong on site.


Super Mario Brothers Mario Costume

It’s the fun plumber who has taken the games console world by storm and who is sure to be a hit on Halloween night. Complete with the trademark hat and moustache, there are also the jumpsuit complete with blue overalls, the big signature yellow button and an attached red long sleeve shirt.

Prices Vary

California Costumes Ahoy Matey Pirate Costume

Unfurl the main sail and stand on the quarterdeck with this stunning pirate costume, this Halloween. Complete with a bandana, waist tie and printed patches on the pants, this superb outfit can be machine washed and tumbled dried to make life that little bit easier for mom or dad.

Prices Vary

Batman The Dark Knight Joker Costume

Be Batman’s greatest foe this Halloween by assuming the role of the Joker with this great looking outfit. The costume features a jacket with a tie and vest, pants and a Joker mask, making you into one frightening individual to be seen with this holiday time.


Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Muscled Costume

You might not be able to do everything a spider can but with this outfit you’ll certainly look like the New York hero on the streets. Made from 100% polyester, this Halloween costume for boys sports a muscle chest jumpsuit and a mask, turning you into the WebCrawler for a whole night.


Prextex Doctor Dress up Surgeon Costume Set

When we think of heroes we often miss out the everyday ones around us but now your kids can stand in their shoes with this great medical costume. Along with a number of pretend medical instruments, your child will look like a real doctor in a realistic cotton shirt, pants and a hat.


Gekko Classic PJ Masks Costume

Based on the popular cartoon series, this officially licensed outfit is made from polyester and includes a jumpsuit with a detachable tail and a soft headpiece. They’ll feel like they are in the TV show as they dress up as Gekko and take on new pretend play challenges.


Joyin Toy Police Officer Costume

Send them out to maintain order and serve justice on Halloween night in this great pretend play policeman’s outfit. Strong and durable and made from premium materials, the set includes a walkie-talkie and handcuffs to help catch any Halloween villains. There’s also an artificial leather gun holster and belt.


Born Toys Fireman Costume

Tackle any pretend Halloween blazes when you step out in this terrific fireman’s outfit, complete with an adjustable helmet and visor and a mess free working fire extinguisher. Washable and durable due to the high quality materials used, this costume will last much longer than Halloween night.


UPS Guy Costume

Get set for delivery and play pretend sending packages all over the world. This UPS outfit is machine washable in cold water and comes with a shirt, pants and a cap displaying the company logo. Smart and accurate, the costume will be loved by small kids.


Disney the Beast Prince Costume

For the Disney loving kids in the house, this Halloween dress them in this fantastic Beast costume. A cool gift for babies or young kids, the outfit has a zip up front for easy dressing, as well as horns and ears on a faux fur hood and a tail on the rear.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Deluxe Groot

“You are Groot” in this officially licensed outfit that has a printed, padded jumpsuit with attached shoe covers and a mask. Made from polyester, you’ll be a stunning sight on Halloween night in this faithfully rendered outfit of the strange space alien, a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy team.

Prices Vary

Riekinc Zentai Costume

When your child wants to be the wise cracking subversive superhero of the silver screen what can you do except reach for this faithfully rendered Halloween costume? With high stretch making the outfit easy to put on and wear, they’ll look great in this fully covered design on Halloween night.

Prices Vary

Morphsuits Burnt Zombie Monster Costume

For those who want to scare others on Halloween night, check out this ghoulish outfit depicting a zombie from beyond. Complete with foam teeth to give an added scary 3D element, the outfit has a quick release Velcro hood and reinforced stitching at stress points so you don’t slip out of character.


Forum Novelties Cowboy Costume

Yee-ha! Take it back to the wild west this holiday with this terrific Halloween costume for boys. Complete with cowboy chaps, vest and hat, the outfit is made from polyester and uses stain resistant man-made fabrics. Easy to put on, this gives you a complete costume in minutes.


Disguise Master Chief Classic Costume

Based on the popular Halo series, a top seller amongst console games, this costume will give you a fierce look at Halloween. This officially licensed outfit sports a jumpsuit with attached shoulder pieces and a half mask, making you look like the character from any distance.

Prices Vary

Fade In And Out Unknown Phantom Costume

On Halloween the Grim Reaper stalks the land looking for his next victim, and if you appear in this outfit you’ll scare the wits out of your friends. With a scythe to complete the look and glowing red eyes, this outfit is sure to be a Halloween favorite each and every year.


BlackSunnyDay Alien Full Body Costume

The days of invasion from little green men are not over and you can be part of the landing party with this fun Halloween costume. Hand washable with a zipper back, and made from polyester and spandex, this outfit comes in a range of sizes for all kids.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Costume PAW Patrol Marshall Child Costume

Based on the fun children’s TV series, this fun outfit is officially licensed and contains a jumpsuit, headpiece and a backpack. Suitable for young children, this is a gentle, non-threatening outfit for Halloween made of 100% polyester, and with a Paw Patrol symbol so they know they are part of the team.


Franklin Sports NFL Deluxe Uniform Set

For football fans there can only be one outfit to wear on Halloween night, that of their team’s colors. With this set you can personalize the shirt to indicate your number, and the outfit contains a helmet, jersey, pants and a chinstrap. Note helmet should not be used for actual game time contact.

Prices Vary

Morphsuits Zalgo Kids Monster Urban Legend Costume

To really scare your friends on Halloween night try one of these Morph suits that make you appear as a zombie or other entity. CE tested and with a quick release Velcro hood, the outfit is hand washable in water for air drying, and has a strong reinforced stitching at stress points.


Disguise Catboy PJ Masks Costume

From the popular TV series comes this faithful rendition of Catboy’s suit which is officially licensed and sports a jumpsuit with a detachable tail and a soft headpiece. Made from polyester with appropriate PJ Masks detail, this is a refreshingly innocent outfit which still fits the Halloween theme.


California Costumes Stealth Ninja Costume

Sneak around as the Oriental master of the dark with this great Halloween costume for boys. Suited as a ninja, complete with a jumpsuit, matching belt with foam stars and a removable face mask, you’ll strike fear into anyone you meet on the scary night.


Rubie’s Batman Costume

This fun Batman outfit is perfect for young kids looking to go to a Halloween party and is machine washable and line dried in case of any accidents. With spiked foam gauntlets, a cape attached to the jumpsuit, and a printed Batman logo on the front, they’ll feel like the Dark Knight himself.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Five Nights Freddy’s Freddy Costume

Smiling Freddy is a great dress up, bringing a little fun to Halloween night, and with this budget friendly polyester outfit, there’ll be plenty left over to throw a great party. The costume comes with a jumpsuit, mitts and a mask to make sure you are truly in character.


Disguise Kid’s Incredibles Costume

This Incredibles outfit looks just like those in the movies and kids will love to play Jack-Jack, Dash or any of this special family. Sized for small kids, the costume consists of a jumpsuit and eye mask and is made of polyester and polyurethane making it hand washable.

Prices Vary

Disguise Disney Tron Legacy Movie Costume

Bringing Tron into the real world, this officially licensed costume will look great on Halloween night. The black jumpsuit can be combined with the toy disc, which is sold separately, to recreate great moments from the film. Made from quality materials to see you through many a holiday season.

Prices Vary

3 Adorable Diy Costumes for Boys

Diy Vampire Costume

If you have a tight budget for Halloween night then check out this blog that shows you how to make a great vampire costume without breaking the bank. With some excellent photographs highlighting the simple instructions, you’ll be fixing this design up in no time.

Diy Bulldozer Costume

For young boys, Halloween isn’t all about the scare and this blog will show you how to make a family friendly bulldozer outfit, from simple materials. There are detailed instructions to help you along the way and great graphics to show the finished product for ideas and comparison.

Diy Snow White Prince Costume

Take them back to the land of fantasy this Halloween by making your boy his own prince costume, inspired by the Disney classics. This blog will guide you through all the production steps and provide good graphics so that you understand the instructions being given. Make him a prince fit for a princess.

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