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26 Useful Gifts to Help Prevent Skin Cancer

Protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun doesn’t have to be a boring chore! Give the gift of youthful looking skin for decades to come with these unique, stylish, and unexpected skin cancer prevention gifts for men, women, and children. There’s even one gift on the list for pets!

Having trouble getting them to wear sunscreen? Give them a gift that will give back for years to come. These gifts are useful, unique and will help protect their skin from deadly rays.

Sun Sleeves

Looking for a gift for the active friend or family member in your life? Check out these sun sleeves! They have a UPF rating of 50 and are easily removable, unlike sun shirts. They make the perfect gift for a cyclist, runner, or fisherman.

Prices Vary

Men’s Long Sleeve Cool Fitness Shirt

When spending a day outside, it is important to have full coverage. This Coolibar long-sleeved shirt has a UPF rating of over 50 and utilizes a surface grid that wicks away moisture. The Coolibar brand name is known for protective clothing that is comfortable and stays cool.

Prices Vary

Tinted Face Gel

Everyone wants that sun-kissed look. Unfortunately, getting kissed by the sun over and over again can result in skin cancer later in life. Provide your loved one with the sun-kissed look they’re going for, without the harmful rays of the sun, with this tinted face gel.


Wide Brim Floppy Beach Hat

There’s a lot more to skin care than purchasing the right sunscreen. If you’re looking for a fashionable way to keep your loved one’s sensitive skin out of the sun, gift her this floppy beach hat. It even comes with a cute bow.

Prices Vary

Natural SPF Lip Balm

Smearing sunscreen on the lips is a real nightmare, but it’s important to protect your lips from the sun’s harmful rays. Give the gift of easy, delicious protection with natural SPF lip balm. He or she is sure to love the vanilla bean scent!


Zero Gravity Lounger

Just because UVA and UVB rays can be harmful to your skin doesn’t mean you should spend your life hiding indoors. Encourage a friend or loved one to spend time outdoors with this cool zero gravity lounger. It comes with a sturdy umbrella to guard against the sun’s rays.


Sunscreen and Nourishment Body Bars

When it comes to preventing skin cancer, nothing gets the job done like sunscreen. Unfortunately, the bottles of sunscreen at the store don’t make the best gifts. Choose this sunscreen and nourishment bar instead! It’s a unique and decorative way to keep the sun’s harmful rays at bay.


Large Bill Flap Hat

Sun protective hats aren’t just for women! When it comes to protective hats for men, covering the neck is important, as this area is often overlooked. This large bill flap hat protects the top of the head and the face, but it has a flap that also protects the back of the neck.

Prices Vary

Patagonia Sun Mask

There are so many ways to protect the face and the neck from the sun without the hassle of sunscreen. Not only does this mask prevent sunburns, it can also be used to shield your face from the wind and the cold in the winter.

Prices Vary

Bacon Sunscreen

Want to prevent your friend or family member from frying in the sun? This bacon sunscreen is sure to make everyone laugh. It smells just like bacon, but it’s also a fully functional sunscreen that has an SPF rating of 30.


Camping Emergency Kit with Sunscreen Bug Spray

Searching for the perfect gift for that special someone who loves to camp? Not only does this emergency kit contain skinny sticks of soap and an anti-itch stick, it also includes a container of sunscreen that doubles as a bug spray.


Sun Gloves

Nothing ages hands faster than sun damage. If your mom loves to garden, or if your dad loves to fish, protect his or her hands from further sun damage with these sun gloves. The tips of the fingers can also be removed, making them extremely convenient to wear.

Prices Vary

Sun Protective Wrap

Sometimes, it’s just easier to carry a shawl or a jacket than it is to carry around a bottle of sunscreen. This sun protective wrap makes the perfect gift because it’s fashionable and functional. It’s soft, lightweight, and breathable, but it also has a UPF rating of over 50.

Prices Vary

Window Film

Believe it or not, but you can also get sun damage sitting by a window inside your home. Not only does this window film protect the skin with a 99% UV rejection rating, it can also keep furniture from fading and it can help lower cooling bills.

Prices Vary

Sun Protection Suit for Dogs

It’s not just humans that can suffer from skin damage. Don’t forget about your furry, or not so furry, friends! This sun protection suit for dogs is the perfect size for the hairless terrier, Chinese crested, or Xolo in your life.


Retractable Patio Awning

Have a friend that loves spending time outdoors entertaining? Encourage him and his family to spend more time outside with this retractable patio awning. Not only will it protect against sunburns, it will also cool down the entire patio area, making it more comfortable.

Prices Vary

Portable Clamp-On Sun Umbrella

Umbrellas are a great way to protect your skin from the sun, but they aren’t always the most convenient to use. Give the gift of convenient sun protection with this clamp-on umbrella. It easily hooks to nearly any chair, and it has a full 180 degrees of rotation for optimal sun protection.


Car Sun Shade

Tinting car windows can be an expensive hassle. Instead of paying to tint a loved one’s car, pick up these car sun shades as a gift. They are perfect for protecting backseat passengers from the sun. They are especially effective at protecting children’s sensitive skin.

Prices Vary

Organic Self Tanner with Free eBook

The summer is a great time to lose that pasty complexion, if only it wasn’t so damaging to the skin! If you know someone who loves to tan, help them get that sun-kissed glow with this self-tanning kit. It even comes with a free eBook to ensure flawless coverage!

Prices Vary

Long Sleeved Surf Suit

Surfing, water skiing, and boating can be a lot of fun in the summer. However, reapplying sunscreen all day can be a real pain. Free your friend or loved one from endless applications of sunscreen with this long sleeved surf suit.


Scalp Sunscreen

There’s nothing worse than a sunburn on the top of your head. Whether you’re looking to protect a baby or your friend could simply use a little extra protection, this scalp sunscreen is the perfect gift for men, women, and children.

Prices Vary

SPF Mineral Foundation

Even though sunscreen should always be applied to the face before makeup, this step is often overlooked. There’s no need to worry about skipping the sunscreen with this mineral foundation. This makeup has an SPF rating of 20 so your girlfriend will look great, while protecting her skin from the sun at the same time.


Beach Umbrella

Setting up camp at the beach for the day is a lot of fun! This beach umbrella is the perfect gift for the beach bum in your life. Not only does it protect skin from the sun, it’s also a great way to ensure that your friend never loses her spot on the beach.

Prices Vary

Pool Sun Shelter

Do you spend a lot of time at your friend or family member’s backyard pool? Help her jazz up her pool space with this fun pool shelter. Not only does it provide shade, which decreases your chances of a sunburn, its sleek design will also enhance the style of her backyard space.

Prices Vary

Kid Carrier with Sun Shade

Help the new mom or dad in your life tote the little one around with this cool kid carrier. Its sturdy backpack design makes carrying a small child a breeze, but it also includes a sunshade to ensure that the baby doesn’t get painful sunburn.

Prices Vary

Color Wheel Umbrella

Decades ago, it was common to see women walking around town with a parasol. Help a loved one bring back classic sun protective fashion with this cool color wheel umbrella. Plus, it will bask your loved one in all the colors of the rainbow as she walks down the street.


7 DIY Sun Protection Gifts

DIY Sun Hat

High-fashion sun hats can cost a fortune. Instead of spending your savings on a designer hat, DIY one yourself! This sun hat starts with a cheap hat that you can find almost anywhere. Then, it is easily transformed into a look that you’re likely to see in all the magazines.

Green Tea SPF Lip Balm

This lip balm is made using green tea so it’s full of antioxidants and has a nice taste to it. It’s all natural while providing SPF protection to keep your lips safe from harmful UV rays.

Blinged Out Shades

Sunglasses are a great way to protect your eyes from the sun, but they can be so boring! Instead of settling for the one-style-fits-all sunglasses at the store, glitz up a pair and give them as a gift. It only takes a few minutes to transform a pair of sunglasses from drab to fab!

Homemade Sunscreen Oil

Not everyone likes the feeling of sunscreen lotions. If you’re looking to create a truly unique and unexpected gift, give this homemade sunscreen oil a try. It uses skin-friendly ingredients and has an SPF rating of four to ten, which is higher than some other homemade sunscreens.


Have a friend with a tan left arm? Protect him or her from the dreaded car tan with this homemade armvelope. Using an old long sleeved shirt and a little dye, you can completely customize the armvelope in your choice of colors and patterns.

DIY Summer Sunblock

Making your own sunblock is a great idea considering how many harmful chemicals are found in store bought name brand sunscreens. With this DIY summer sunblock you’ve got everything you need for safe and healthy fun in the sun.

Baby Sunhat

Make sure baby doesn’t get too much sun! With this sun hat you can help to block some of the sun and keep baby’s skin safe. It doesn’t hurt that it’s totally cute and ready for summertime pics of baby enjoying the beach and other great places.


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