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26 Gag Gifts for Dads Who Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

Part of being a great dad means having a sense of humor in life. Help him celebrate the lighter side of fatherhood with a funny gag gift. He’s sure to share a few laughs while feeling like the luckiest dad in the world.

26 Gag Gifts for Dads- who don’t take life too seriously.

How to Traumatize Your Children

This hilarious guidebook features the best advice (plus helpful illustrations) parents need in order to raise fully disturbed and damaged children. Learn about several different parenting styles that are sure to send your child straight to therapy.

Awkward Family Photos

None of his family portraits can compare to the hilarious disasters in the Awkward Family Photos book. Next time he cringes at the sight of a camera, hand him this book and remind him just how much worse it could be.

Fridge Locker

There’s nothing worse than finding out your favorite snacks have been raided from the fridge or pantry. Help him keep his lunch safe from food bandits at home or work with the portable fridge locker.
Prices Vary

Suit Pajamas

Make Dad feel like a bro again in these suit pajamas, inspired by one of How I Met Your Mother’s main men, Barney Stinson.
Prices Vary


Are you still going commando under your gloves?Now you don’t have to! These hilarious Handerpants look and feel like men’s briefs, but you wear them on your hands like gloves. Wear them under regular gloves for extra warmth and comfort, or sport them around the house for laughs.

Flat-D Flatulence Deodorizer

Pop culture tells us that men are pretty unapologetic about their flatulence. This flatulence deodorizer helps protect your family from Dad’s bad gas.
Prices Vary

Go the F**k to Sleep

Every dad has uttered these words to his wonderful child at some point. There’s no shame in that. The Go the F**k to Sleep is a children’s book parody for adults, and an honest, funny read for loving but exhausted parents everywhere.

Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray

This versatile spray helps neutralize the odors that come from your little stinker, and it’ll be a much appreciated gift when it’s time to change diapers. Spray it in the air, on baby’s bottom, or on various baby changing equipment to make diaper changes more bearable (and less stinky).
Prices Vary

The Bathroom Guestbook

Who doesn’t enjoy a little toilet humor? Entertain your houseguests even when they’re in the bathroom with the fun and charming Bathroom Guestbook.

Black Leather Beer Holster

Dad can keep his beer within arm’s reach while freeing his hands for snacks, grilling, or helping with the kids. This black leather beer holster is handsome and masculine, and it’s a fun gag gift he’ll get plenty of use out of.
Prices Vary

Senior Moments Memory Workout

As Dad watches the kids grow, he’ll start to feel older and older with each kid’s birthday and milestone.Help him stay young and sharp with the Senior Moments Memory Workbook. It’s filled with brain teasers, puzzles, quizzes, memory games, and advice to keep his mind sharp and his memory strong.
Prices Vary

Trophy Husband Tee

If he already has the “World’s Best Dad” gear from the kids, show him exactly what he means to you with the “Trophy Husband” tee.
Prices Vary

Shark Attack Mug

A great white shark head stares up from the bottom of a porcelain coffee mug. It may look innocent on the outside, but a menacing shark attack is just a few sips away!
Prices Vary

Inflatable Moose Taxidermy

A taxidermy animal head is the ultimate trophy for Dad’s man cave. This inflatable option is even better than a real one-and it’s a lot funnier, too, making it a great gift from the kids this Father’s Day.
Prices Vary

Batman Snuggie

Snuggies aren’t just for kids and grandparents anymore. Let Dad show his superhero side in the ultimate warmth and comfort with a bold Batman Snuggie.

Civet Coffee

“This coffee tastes like…!” Civet coffee beans are collected from Sumatran cat poo. Despite how it sounds, the coffee is critically acclaimed for its taste and uniqueness. It’s a great gag gift that might actually make Dad gag-until he actually tries it, that is.

Bum Shorts

Take a seat! These boxer shorts feature a simulated plastic “bottom” in the back.
Prices Vary

Batman Apron

Like Batman himself, Dad gets his super powers from the tools and knowledge at his disposal. Help him show his superhero side as he mans the grill or kitchen in an awesome Batman apron.
Prices Vary

Darth Vader and Son

Proud Dads can pass on their love of Star Wars to their sons, all while enjoying a funny yet sweet take on the father-son relationship between Darth Vader and Luke.

Slang Flashcards

Help Dad keep up with his cool kids’ lingo with these dope Slang Flashcards. Dad will be keepin’ it real with the kids in no time.

Butt Station

The Butt Station makes a perfect gag gift for working dads on Father’s Day. A fun and functional office supply holder keeps tape, paper clips, pens, and business holders at the ready, while providing a little comic relief throughout the work day.
Prices Vary

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Great Moustaches Mug

Help him pay homage to great moustaches with every cup of coffee. This clever moustaches mug features illustrations of the best andmanliest moustaches. It’ll give him aspirations for his own facial hair, plus a few laughs with every sip.
Prices Vary

The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

If Dad is a master of his grill, then he needs all the right tools to match.This Grill Sergeant Apron is a perfect finishing touch;it holds all the tools and grill accessories he could need while he mans the grill at backyard parties this summer.

K is for Knifeball: An Alphabet of Terrible Advice

A hilarious take on the typical kids’ alphabet book, K is for Knifeball is filled with terrible advice for kids, and big laughs for parents.
Prices Vary

Sushi Tie

For the working dad, a necktie is one of the best ways to show off his personal style. For the Japanese foodie, a sushi necktie is a perfect novelty gift on Father’s Day.
Prices Vary

What’s Your Poo Telling You?

In this hilarious medical book, illustrated renditions of different kinds of “business” are accompanied by medical write-ups from a doctor. Any dad who enjoys a little toilet humor will appreciate the humor (and the advice) in this book.
Prices Vary

Sometimes, Dad just needs a good laugh on Father’s Day. Gag gifts are always a great source of fun, so give him a funny gift that will raise his spirits and remind him of what’s most fun about being a dad.

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