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22 Hilarious Gift Ideas for Nurses

Gifts for nurses don’t have to be hard to find, you just have to look for ways to brighten their day and put a smile on their face. Some of these gifts are for laughs, others are useful, and all will be appreciated by your favorite nurse.

22 Hilarious Gift Ideas for Nurses- any nurse you know will LOVE these gifts.

Plush Organs

Any nurse would love to get one of these adorable plush organs. They can be used to role play different diseases and disorders, and help with the bedside manner and gaining patient’s confidence. If you can make a patient laugh they’ll heal faster.


Sexy Nurse Costume

Depending on the nurse this can either be a gag gift or something they might actually use when they’re off duty. Sexy nurse is one of the most common fantasy outfits, and when they’re actually a nurse they’ll know all of the double entendres that make it work.


Hello Kitty Bandages

Hello Kitty may or may not be a cat, depending on who you ask, but these bandages are sure to win over some patients, and will be a great gift for any nurse that works with children on a daily basis. It adds just the right amount of cuteness to the situation.


Human Organ Lunch Box

When they walk around with this lunch box surely everyone will get out of their way. They’ll think that they have an urgent errand to run, but in reality there’s just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich inside or some other lunchtime fare.


Rubber Band Gun

Just about every hospital and clinic that nurses work at has its fair share of tomfoolery going on behind the scenes. This rubber band gun let’s them be playful without hurting anyone. With two of these guns they’ll be able to get into an epic battle of the bands.


Prescription Coffee Mug

For the nurse that needs their morning coffee to fully perk up in the morning, this prescription coffee mug is the answer. It resembles a prescription bottle, with funny sayings in regards to the dosage and number of refills remaining.


Giant Gummy Heart

This giant gummy heart is the size and shape of a human heart, and a red color as well. It can be used as a gag, or to make their coworkers sick when they watch them eat it. But it’s made with real gummy, the kind that is used to make bears and worms so it’s yummy.


Pee Sample Candy

This candy might not seem so delicious because of the way it’s presented. It looks like your typical urine sample, which might make people gag when they see you start to eat it. But it really is a tasty candy, all appearances aside.


Target Alarm Clock

Taking a nap on a long nursing shift can be tricky because you don’t want to oversleep and not be there when you’re needed. Get them this target alarm clock and they won’t be able to turn it off until they hit the bullseye, making sure they’re up and awake.


Shut the Hell Up Gum

Before long, every nurse will want to give a pack of this gum to someone that needs it. Just offering it to someone is enough to get them to stop talking long enough for you to tell your side of the story. A great gag gift that can actually help regain peace and quiet.


Flexible Flashlight

This light looks a bit like a stethoscope, but actually is a flashlight that bends and flexes so they can put it right where they need it. It might not be a hilarious gift idea, but it is definitely practical, and can help them see what they’re doing without the need to hold a flashlight.


Keep Calm Phone Case

This phone case looks like it’s spattered with blood, but at the same time reassures you that you’re in good hands because you’re with a nurse. Nurses are great at dealing with emergencies, and when you have an accident it’s good to know you’ll be taken care of.

Prices Vary

Dog Desk Butler

This dog is great to have around a hospital or doctor’s office desk. He adds a bit of cuteness to an otherwise drab environment, and serves multiple functions. Perhaps the cutest function is that his nose is magnetic, for storing paper clips.


Emergency Underpants Dispenser

Accidents happen, and perhaps they happen more in ERs than anywhere else. That’s why it’s always nice to have some emergency underpants on hand. This dispenser keeps them coming, and it just looks funny to have it on a desk or counter.



Nurses need to keep their hair up and out of the way, and what better way to do so than with an undercap. It’s like underwear for your head, and it’s sure to get a few chuckles from patients when they see that their nurse has underpants on their head.


Kama Pootra

Nurses are all too familiar with pretty much every bodily function, which makes this Kama Pootra book so hilarious. It details 52 different ways that you can do your business, many of which require some flexibility and an open mind.


Funny Nurse Buttons 4-Pack

Any of these buttons is sure to get a laugh. The sayings include “Nurses Rule!”, “I’m the nurse, I’m here to save your butt not kiss it”, “Nurses are kind of a big deal.” and “Feel safe at night. Sleep with a nurse.”


Bandaged Rubber Band Holder

This rubber band holder resembles a poor fellow with a nasty bump on his head. The rubber bands look like bandages wrapped around his head, and this is a great desktop add on for a nurse’s desk in a hospital or doctor’s office.


Idiot Zone Crime Scene Tape

Ask any nurse and they’ll tell you that part of the problem with the medical industry is all of the idiots they have to work with. This tape can be used to partition off a doctor’s door, or any other part of the workplace where idiots abound.


Giant Microbes

These giant microbes are a great way to explain how diseases originate to younger patients. They can also be fun for role playing, especially when combined with the plush organs at the very top of this list. There are many microbes to choose from.


Clap On Cube Alarm Clock

For taking naps between shifts, this alarm clock turns its display on and off when you clap, so you can quickly get an update on what time it is, and then turn it back off so you can continue sleeping without the light in your eyes.


Be Nice Refrigerator Magnet

This refrigerator magnet let’s everyone know that you’re the one in charge of when they get their sedative or painkiller. That should pretty much get them on board with what you want them to do, and have them treated the way you should be treated.

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5 DIY Gifts for Nurses

Little Book of Hope

This little book of hope makes a great gift for nurses, because they see so much human drama each day, it’s nice to have a book to remind them of the good parts of life. It will show you care and will help them through the difficult times of a shift.

Dried Flower Coasters

Bring a little sunshine to their day with these DIY dried flower coasters. They not only look pretty and use real flowers, they are practical, giving them a coaster for the breakroom at work. It’s a heartfelt way to show you care and they’ll see it every day.

Sprinkle Sealed Fortune Cookies

You can be as heart warming or as funny as you want with these fortune cookies, because you get to come up with the fortunes that are inside them. They’re very colorful thanks to the sprinkles and extra tasty thanks to the chocolate.

Felt Flower Centerpiece

This is a nice flower centerpiece, and it’s made from felt so you don’t have to worry about the flowers dying and drying out. They can decide to keep it out in the office all year long, or to take it out for special days or special times of the year.

Quilted Mug Rugs

These mug rugs make a great addition to any office or breakroom, and are sure to be appreciated by nurses that have their daily coffee or tea. They not only provide a coaster for the mug but a place to put the spoon when they’re done stirring.


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