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38 Cool Gifts for Geeky Dads

Guys who grew up on geek culture are proud to be called geeks into adulthood. Show your geeky dad how proud you are of him with a Father’s Day gift that celebrates the games, toys, movies, technology, and culture that he loves.

38 Cool Gifts for Geeky Dads- cool gift ideas for dads that are on the nerdier side.

Suit Pajamas

Dad will feel like a million bucks when he suits up in these silky suit pajamas from How I Met Your Mother.
Prices Vary

Olloclip Lens For Iphone

If his iPhone camera leaves a little to be desired, this 10x multiplier macro lens is the perfect solution.
Prices Vary

Comic Strip Photo Frame

Use your favorite family photos to create a fun and unique photo gift for dad. Photo boxes are arranged like comic strip panels, and various thought bubble shapes let you tell your photo story in comic book style.
Prices Vary

Phosphor E-Ink Watch

A slim, sleek watch looks like it comes straight from the future. Dad can wear it equally well with work wear or weekend attire.
Prices Vary

Electronics Cleaning Putty

Geeky dads are all about their toys and gadgets. Help them keep their electronics and accessories neat and clean with this high-tech cleaning putty.
Prices Vary

Star Wars Family Car Decals

Put a geeky twist on the stick figure family you see in the rear windshield of so many cars these days. The force is strong with your family, so show it off with a pack of Star Wars family car decals.

Boogie Board Writing Tablet

A stylish, ultra-thin tablet with a pressure sensitive LCD writing surface lets you write, draw, and erase your digital notes and pictures with ease.
Prices Vary

Blue Screen Of Death Tee

All geeky dads are familiar with that wonderful blue screen of death. Whether he’s a Mac or a Windows guy, he’ll appreciate the humor in this vibrant tee.

Bookbook For Iphone

Handmade with genuine leather, this handsome iPhone case takes Dad’s geeky accessories back to old school. It holds his iPhone snugly, and has a slot for his ID, cards, and cash. It’ll be his new go-everywhere iPhone accessory.
Prices Vary

Camera Dolly Slider

Dad can document his own epic family sagas with the help of a portable camera dolly slider.
Prices Vary

Star Trek Bathrobes

Traveling from the bedroom to the coffeemaker is a perilous journey, so make sure Dad feels up to the long and arduous task with his very own Star Trek bathrobe. Choose gold, red, or blue to match Dad’s preferred rank or favorite character.

Star Wars: Darth Vader And Son

This book puts a spin on the story you know, asking what if Darth Vader took an active parenting role in raising his son? It’s a great gift for dads who grew up on Star Wars, and he’ll love the opportunity to introduce his favorite sci-fi saga to his own son.

Into Focus Mug

This realistic looking camera lens mug combines his love for photography with his need for coffee.
Prices Vary

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Cooking is both an art and a science. Give Dad a unique gift that allows him to explore the science of cooking. He’ll concoctoriginal dishes using some truly unique ingredients.
Prices Vary

Magtitan Neo Legend Band

The Neo Legend bracelet looks just like the one Tony Stark wears in the beloved Avengers movie.
Prices Vary

Grippy Pad

Get a grip! The Grippy Pad holds items like your phone, GPS, iPod, and other gadgets in place, whether on horizontal or vertical surfaces.
Prices vary

Usb Mini Fridge

A portable mini fridge is the perfect choice for the office (or the home office). Simply plug it into any computer, insert your favorite canned beverage to be cooled, and enjoy.
Prices Vary

Foldable Pocket Whiteboard

Space in the home office or work cubicle is usually limited, so give Dad a foldable pocket whiteboard. It helps save space, so Dad doesn’t have to sacrifice his much-needed whiteboard.

Lav Nav Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

The Lav Nav fits under the toilet seat, and turns on whenever someone approaches.It’s a perfect solution for those late night bathroom breaks.
Prices Vary

Motorized Tie Rack

Ties are tough to organize, but a motorized tie rack makes it easy. It also saves on closet space. Dad can pick specifics or browse his options with ease.
Prices Vary

Livescribe Sky Smartpen

Put all your thoughts onto paper with the smart pen that does it all. It records both audio and written notes, putting everything in digital format so you can replay all your notes whenever you need them.
Prices Vary

Circuit Board Necktie

This beautiful necktie is emblazoned with a two-color, metallic circuit board. It’s a huge hit with dads who work in the tech industry.

Mimobot Flash Drive

Dad can always use another flash drive, so give him one with a little character. MIMOBOT flash drive styles include Darth Vader, Batman, Captain Picard, and so much more.

Thinkgeek 8-Bit Tie

This clever tie is printed with a head-turning 8-bit design. Geeky dads will wear it with pride, on Father’s Day and beyond.

Pebble Smartstick

The Pebble Smartstick is an emergency portable battery. It charges your iPhone, iPod, and a slew of smartphones in a pinch.
Prices Vary

Joby Gorillapod

A flexible camera tripod with bendable legs adds new perspectives to every shot. It’s lightweight and portable, so you can set up a photo shoot any place, any time.
Prices Vary

Geek Dad

Geeky dads can share their passions with their kids with the unique Geek Dad book. It’s filled with awesomely geeky activities and projects that dads and kids can enjoy together.

Motorized Grill Brush

Dad deserves the best on Father’s Day, so get your favorite grill master a heavy duty motorized grill brush. It makes cleaning the grill a breeze, and it appeals to the side of him that loves the newest high tech gadgets.
Prices Vary

Shark Attack Mug

Make his morning more exciting with a shark attack mug. A sip of coffee reveals a scary shark head at the bottom of this porcelain coffee mug. It’s great for a quick scare followed by hearty laughs.
Prices Vary

Binary Dad Tee

Here’s a shirt that really speaks his language. This handsome blue shirt spells out “DAD” in binary.

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Gamer Cufflinks

Mix modern sophistication with retro style with these SNES controller cufflinks. It’s a great gift for gamer dads.

Superman Socks

Put your best foot forward with these blue Superman socks, complete with the Superman Emblem and a red cape.
Prices Vary

Celestron Nexstar 4 Se Telescope

A high tech telescope makes for the ultimate stargazing experience. Explore on your own, or use the massive database to find new and exciting objects in the sky.
Prices Vary

Genetic Code Glasses

ADH1A is the name for the gene that allows the human body to metabolize alcohol. Help Dad hold his liquor with a pair of ADH1A genetic code glasses.

Build-On Brick Mug

Give Dad something to do during those boring meetings. The Build-On Brick Mug becomes a canvas for Legos and other construction blocks. He’ll have tons of fun pondering and building new creations while enjoying his daily cup of coffee.


Reconstruct the space shuttle to incredible detail using micro sized Nanoblocks. Detailed color instructions are included, so the finished piece will be a stunning work of art Dad will be proud to display.
Prices Vary

Retro Flip Down Clock

Take Dad back to simpler times with a cool retro flip down clock. It’s a perfect addition to his office, workshop, or man cave.
Prices Vary

Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

What could be better than a playable electric guitar built right into a T-shirt? It also includes a mini amp that goes up to 11.

Nontraditional dads call for nontraditional gifts. This Father’s Day, give Dad all the love and respect you know he deserves by giving him a unique gift that plays to his geekier side. Whether he’s a gamer, a computer guy, a sci-fi fan, or any other manner of geek, you can find a great gift he’ll cherish for life.

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