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21 Most Unusual Stocking Stuffers You Never Knew Existed

Sometimes it can be a bit boring going over the same old gift ideas for stocking stuffers. We’ve uncovered some of the most unusual gifts you probably had no idea they made, which will definitely be out of left field for those that receive them. Make stockings a fun time with these zany gifts.

21 Most Unusual Stocking Stuffers- you never knew existed.

Emergency Yodel Button

Sometimes you just need to hear a yodel, and this button comes in handy at just those times. It can be hung on the wall for easy access, and it will let out an alpine tune when you need it the most. Great for those that think yodeling is a nice sound to hear.

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Santa Pickle Ornament

It’s a pickle dressed like Santa! This can be used as the pickle ornament if your family plays find the pickle in the Christmas tree, but he might be easier to find than the traditional small pickle ornament you’re supposed to use. It’s made of glass so be sure you don’t break him!

Prices Vary

Abraham Lincoln Bandages

Four score and seven seconds ago, you got a boo boo on your finger. Put honest Abe to work protecting your cuts and scratches as they heal with these bandages featuring everyone’s favorite top hatted president. Each pack comes with 20 bandages plus a free prize inside.

Prices Vary

Wasabi Candy Canes

These candy canes pack the spicy punch of wasabi, so they can be used as a gag gift for those that think they’re getting a minty treat, or they can be given to those that like the taste of wasabi. They’ll definitely clear your sinuses with their horseradish taste.

Prices Vary

Finger Tentacles

These tentacles immediately give your fingers the look of having been transformed into octopus arms. They are sure to creep people out and what’s more fun than that during the holiday season? The perfect stocking stuffer for the prankster in the family, just be warned that they’re surely try to scare you with them.

Prices Vary

Hog Dog Ear Buds

These ear buds give the look of having hot dogs stuck in your ears, and are a fun gift for those that like to use silly things in place of ordinary things. They’re real working earphones, they just add a bit of zaniness to them.


Human Organ Meal Transport

This is sure to keep people out of your lunch bag, and will keep your sandwich safe from lunchroom thievery. It looks like the carriers they use to transplant human organs, and may cause some to move their lunches away from yours in the work refrigerator.


Crazy Cat Lady Candy

These candies are specifically designed for crazy cat ladies to get their sweet on when they can’t be at home enjoying sweets with their kitties. They are fruit flavored and cat shaped so when they can’t admire their cats they can be chewing on cat-shaped treats.

Prices Vary

Inflatable Evil Unicorn Horn

Turn your black kitty into an evil unicron with this inflatable unicorn horn. You haven’t seen anything like this before and it’s sure to freak out anyone that sees your cat with this horn stuck to its head. It takes their attitude to a whole new level and let’s them be a bit more evil.


Cursed Cookie Cutter

This cookie cutter makes edible voodoo dolls, which you can use to put a hex on people, or just to eat them up. They can be poked and prodded with toothpicks or forks, and can be broken apart and eaten limb by limb, whatever you choose to do.

Prices Vary

Syringe Needle Pens

These pens look like syringes filled with liquid but the liquid is the ink. They will definitely draw some attention when you use them, as people will wonder how you’re writing with them. Makes a great stocking stuffer for the medical or nursing student.

Prices Vary

Zombie Finger Puppets

Here’s a set of zombie finger puppets that let you have fun whether you’re in the dark or in the light. That’s because they glow in the dark for extra creepy fun. Each one features a different type of zombie, with different clothes and facial expressions.


Pick Your Nose Paper Cups

These paper cups give your nose a different look, and you can choose one that looks something like your nose, or one that looks totally unlike the one you have. This is the first time you can pick your nose in front of others without facing ridicule.

Prices Vary

Funny Side Up Egg Mold

This egg mold is a way to make a skull and crossbones out of your eggs and bacon. It uses two eggs, the yolks become the eyes and the mold turns the egg whites into the rest of the skull. Serve with the strips of bacon for the full effect.

Prices Vary

Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure Board Game

Bet you never thought they’d make a board game featuring a character called Mr. Bacon. This is an actual game that you can play with your family that is sure to appeal to the bacon lovers in the home. He makes his way through Meat Land as he heads towards the frying pan. Uh oh!


Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Tray

These ice cubes are shaped like dentures and they’re a great gag gift for anyone with a set of false teeth. They really look like teeth when they’re submerged in the beverage, so you’re sure to gross someone out when you serve them their drink with these.


Elephant Cigarette Dispenser

This silly cigarette dispenser is a great gift to give someone that’s trying to quit smoking, or that should be trying to quit. The cigarettes come out the back of the elephant, so it really shows that cigarettes are gross. Meanwhile the elephant looks none too pleased that he’s used for this purpose.

Prices Vary

Edgar Allan Poe Lunchbox

This retro style lunchbox features the likeness of Edgar Allan Poe on it, and is sure to be a hit with anyone that’s a fan of his work. He’s often likened to dark themes since some of his most famous works are The Raven and The Tell-Tale Heart.

Prices Vary

Creepy Horse Man Wiggler Figure

There isn’t much rhyme or reason to this horse man figure, so it will appeal to those that like gifts that make others wonder what the heck it is. It’s a creepy horse man, and that’s about all you need to know. Could be added to a collection of bizarre items.

Prices Vary

Emergency Toilet Seat Covers

This gift is handy to take with you when you know you’ll be out in public, as it provides a safe haven for your derriere so you don’t have to make direct contact with the seat that the stranger before you sat on with their bare behind.

Prices Vary

World’s Largest Underpants

These are touted as being the biggest underpants in the world, and for good reason. If they can fit into these then this may be their last Christmas! It’s a funny gift for anyone that worries about their weight unnecessarily, or for anyone that’s lost a lot of weight and now is trim.

Prices Vary

9 Unusual DIY Stocking Stuffers

Sweater Soap

It may sound silly to put a sweater on soap, but it actually works out quite well. The sweater acts as a washcloth, so you get nice and clean. The sweaters are made from wool, and the soap is all-natural so it’s a very nice stocking stuffer.

Shape Sticks

This is a unique activity they’ll never see coming. It’s easy enough to make, and they’ll be able to make all sorts of shapes and creations with it. It tucks nicely in a stocking on Christmas morning and helps to take up some room so it’s not all chocolate in there.

Bath Bombs

You can make these bath bombs from scratch and they’ll likely first wonder what in the world they are. But after they take their first bath that’s been bath bombed, they’ll be hooked and they’ll likely ask you to make some more.

Olaf Snow Globe

Olaf is going to have his moment in the sun this Christmas, and you can jump on board by weighing down the bottom of their stocking with this snow globe. It features the funniest character from Frozen that everyone loves.

Superhero Cape for Toys

This cape is designed to turn their preexisting toys into superheroes. You can make one for their favorite toy, or make several for an entire team of villain fighters. You can also make an extra big one for your little one to wear so they can by a dynamic duo.

Good Night Kiss Lip Balm

Here’s an unusual stocking stuffer for that special someone in your life. It’s lip balm that you make yourself, and comes with a printable so that the container looks just like the one pictured. Don’t be surprised if this leads to several good night kisses.

Adjustable Yoga Mat Sling

If they’re into yoga you can give them this yoga mat sling so they can have an easier time carrying their mat to and from yoga class. It’s adjustable so they’ll be able to customize it so it fits just right for them.

Itty Bitty Sleepy Baby

Tuck this itty bitty sleepy baby into their stocking and they’ll fall instantly in love with her when they’re going through it. She’s just so cute and sleepy they’ll want to hold her and rock her for days and days after Christmas is over.

Personalized Journal

This personalized journal can be placed along the side of a stocking and is a great way to show them that you get who they are. That’s because the outside is personalized just for them by you. A stocking stuffer they’ll cherish all year long.


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