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21 Hilarious Gifts for Police Officers

The funniest gifts for police officers will leave them cracking up, and will have a direct link to their line of work. Check out these gifts that pokes fun at their profession so they can have a good laugh.

21 Hilarious Gifts for Police Officers- their job is stressful enough! Light up their day with these funny gifts.

Donut Mug

It’s a running joke that cops love doughnuts and spend their down time stocking up on them. Play into the joke by getting them this donut shaped mug with a donut that would make Homer Simpson proud. It’s one donut that won’t add to their waistline.


Boob Inspector Badge

Only a cop would be able to pull off this gag, since they are adept at flashing their badge. But upon a closer look, this badge actually reads Boob Inspector, so they will have a lot of fun trying to collect evidence and solve this case.


Tactical Vest Koozie

This is a funny drink koozie that is shaped like a tactical best, with the word police sewn into the front of it. It’s the perfect drink holder for a police officer, especially if they do any of the tactical type missions where they’re wearing the same sort of gear.


Bad Boys Dancing Bear

This bear dances to the tune of Bad Boys, the song that has been indelibly linked to the police force thanks to the Cops TV show. It is one of those ridiculous gifts that doesn’t really serve a purpose, other than to get an initial chuckle out of the recipient.

Prices Vary

Crime Scene Scarf

They can don this crime scene scarf when they’re off duty, and it falls right in line with their profession. It’s a somewhat tasteless gift, but sometimes those are the best sort of gifts you can get if you’re trying to make it a gift they laugh about.


Handcuff Boxer Shorts

Here’s a hot pair of boxer shorts that is sure to crack them up, depending on what sort of relationship you have with them. A pair of boxers filled with pictures of handcuffs is pretty suggestive, and is sure to get a response out of them.

Prices Vary

The Gun Mug

A police officer is the perfect person to give this gun mug to. The handle is modeled after a handgun, so you get a better grip on it than you do from an ordinary coffee mug. It’s a great way to start off their day, and they’ll thank you for it.


Police Bicycle Lights

This is a hilarious way to outfit their bicycle so that it is a sort of cop car on two wheels. This makes for an even funnier gift if they are already a bike cop, because those bikes don’t generally have lights on them.


Police Badge Bottle Opener

This bottle opener is in the shape of a police badge and has the words Open Up stamped into it. It’s a fun gift for the officer that likes to have a couple cold ones after a shift to unwind. It makes a great add-on gift to other gifts on this list.


Fuzzy Sexy Handcuffs

It’s hard to resist a man or woman in uniform, especially when they’re handling these fuzzy sexy handcuffs. Let the sexual innuendos fly when you get them these handcuffs, it’s a great gift for a gift exchange too because it’s fun to see who wants them.

Prices Vary

Police Parking Sign

This is one police parking sign that is just for fun and likely won’t be obeyed by anyone. It says that violators will be taken in for questioning, and has images of a gun, handcuffs, and a badge. Perfect for the mancave of a police officer.


Police Officer Nutcracker

Officer Nutcracker is on the job. This time it has double meaning because cops are always cracking down on things, or cracking the case. So it’s quite fitting that there should be a nutcracker that is in full police gear.

Prices Vary

Respect My Authority Mug

If they’re a fan of South Park you can’t go wrong with this mug. It will make them remember the episode where Cartman plays a police officer and comes up with the phrase “Respect my authority!” But he says authority like authoritah which sounds funny when he says it.

Prices Vary

Cop Jokes Pocketguide

There are almost as many cop jokes as there are lawyer jokes, so keep them handy with this convenient pocket guide. It has all of the jokes that you’d expect it to have, plus ones they probably haven’t heard before.


Dog Police Tank Top

Make their favorite furry friend look like they’re part of the force with this dog police tank top. It’s all black and has a badge on the back of it so that they totally look the part. The smaller the dog, the funnier the gag.

Prices Vary

My Dad Stops Bad Guys

For the police officer with a new baby in the home, this is the perfect gift. It’s a onesie that shows a stick figure cop tackling a would be criminal, with the cute saying My Dad Stops Bad Guys. It’s a fun gift that will be different than anything else they’re getting.


Crime Scene Bandages

These bandages will come in handy when they have a boo boo, and actually make sense if the injury occurred because of something that was done to them. They’ll place the bandage right at the scene of the crime, or in this case the injury.


Badges Ice Cubes

When fixing a drink for a police officer, what better ice cube to use than ones that are in the shape of badges. These are basically novelty ice cubes, but they can use them as often as they’d like. It’s a good add on to a bottle of their favorite scotch.


Crime Scene Pan Holder

These pan holders are sure to get a chuckle out of them, as they resemble a chalk outline, but they’re designed to keep your table free from burn marks and heat damage. Made from silicone, they’re easy to handle and can take the heat.

Prices Vary

Cop Love Wood Sign

Although not the funniest gift, we had to include this one because it’s so sweet and special. It’s a wooden sign with a sentimental message on it that looks good on the wall and is something they’ll be able to see every day on their way to work.


Cop Nightlight

Here’s a great night light that let’s bedmates know that they’re in the right place. Perhaps the safest place to be is next to a cop, so it only makes sense that if you want to be safe at night, sleeping with a cop is a pretty good way to go.

Prices Vary

10 DIY Thank You Gifts for Police Officers

Lifesaver Thank You Gift

Let them know they’re a lifesaver by making them this awesome Lifesaver thank you gift using Lifesaver mints. It’s a great way to show them that you appreciate the hard work they do and the risk they take every day.

Make Them a Cornhole Board

For backyard get togethers, tailgating, and other fun they have with their cop buddies, you can’t go wrong with a cornhole board. It’s a game that can be enjoyed for hours, and only uses one hand so the other one can hold a beer.

Gift Card Snow Globe

Gift cards might not be the best gift to give, but you can make them extra special by spending time with the presentation. This snow globe encases a gift card from their favorite store and makes it look like a better gift.

Candy Bar Poster

This candy bar poster is made up of different candy bars and your own personalized message. Let them know how thankful you are for the service they provide the community with their favorite chocolate and cute message.

Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Police officers might have to be gruff and tough on the job, but when they come home they’re just human, and they love a good pampering. They’ll be able to unwind more easily with this body scrub made with all natural ingredients.

DIY Etched Mason Jar Mugs

These etched mason jar mugs can be custom made to include a badge, their name, or anything else you want to add to personalize it and make it even more special for them. They can be used for any drink, from water to juice, or even wine.

DIY Smores Kit

When you give them this premium make your own s’mores kit they’ll have everything they need for a delicious, toasted treat. They’ll think of you the next time they’re camping or at a bonfire having a blast with this kit.

Garlic and Herb Dipping Oil

This makes a great gift basket and a yummy way to say that you’re really thankful for what they do all day long. The oil is made with garlic and herbs, and you can pair it up with a freshly baked loaf of bread.

Homemade Beeswax Candle

These candles look great around the home, when they’re lit and when they’re not. They look like a candle you’d buy at the store, but they’re homemade so they have that extra amount of caring already installed in them.

46 Pun Intended Thank You Gifts

If you’re looking for even more ways to express your gratitude, you can’t go wrong with this pun-laden list of thank you gifts. Each one includes a play on words that will make the gift fun at the same time.


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