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43 Yoga Gifts They’ll Actually Use – The Best Yoga Mats, Pants and Gear

Yoga has been loved by people for centuries, it seems like an easy exercise but it requires a lot of discipline and strength. Choose from this list of yoga gifts for someone who loves this ancient art, and help them find their inner peace while performing the Cobra and Cow poses.
The best yoga gear and gifts for the yogi in your life.

Smart Yoga Mat

With all of the technology there is these days, it’s no wonder there’s a smart yoga mat; it pairs with an Alexa and has super soft cushioning for knees and elbows.

Prices Vary

Healing Crystal Water Bottle

This water bottle will help individuals find inner peace simply by having an amethyst inside; this natural stone is said to help create balance and stabilize emotions, which is perfect for yoga.

Prices vary

Yoga Cards

Perfect for both beginners and experts of yoga, these professionally illustrated cards show various poses in detail, making them easy to learn; they’re ideal for teachers and students.


Yoga Anatomy

Yoga is well known for being a great exercise, but which muscles benefit from which pose? Yoga Anatomy is the book to read, explaining everything in detail.


Yoga Socks

When practicing yoga, it’s easy to slip and slide all over the place. Put a pair of these on before daily practice and there’ll be no accidents while doing downward dog!


Yoga Joes

Everyone knows the green army men children love to play with. Well, here’s the chilled out version; the whole squadron is taking some time out to practice their daily yoga.


Chakra Bath Salts

Having a bath can do wonders, but what happens when soothing bath salts are added? These ones have been filled with positive vibrational energy, ideal for relaxation.

Prices Vary

Funny Yoga Pose Coffee Mug

If they’re a fan of yoga, this mug would make a perfect gift. It’s covered in diagrams of various well known poses, all designed to help with every chakra in the body.


The Yoga Kitchen Cookbook

When improving overall health, it’s not just exercise which helps; a balanced diet is needed too. This book contains over 100 vegetarian recipes which are good for the body and the mind.


Ayurveda-Inspired Chocolate

Chocolate is well known for being the chosen treat when things get rough but it doesn’t have to be “bad”. These bars are infused with superfoods, all chosen for their health benefits.


All You Need Is Yoga And Gangsta Rap Tank

Just because they’re a yogi doesn’t mean that they’re into whale music; gangster rap could be their jam of choice, making this workout tank look like it was designed for them.


Fire Tie Dye Yoga Pants

The secret to perfecting yoga poses is the right pair of pants, and these tie dye ones are perfect; they have just the right amount of stretch without being see through!


Yoga Coasters

Set the right tone inside the home with these wooden coasters. Everyone who visits will know a fan of yoga lives at that house…and the reason why they practice it daily.

Prices Vary

Wake Up to the Joy of You

Meditation almost goes hand in hand with yoga, as it gets the mind in the right place. This book has 52 different meditation exercises, one for each week of the year.

Prices Vary

Soothe the Soul Yogi Candles

Light these soy candles as the yoga mat is unrolled – the carefully chosen fragrances will restore peace and tranquility, providing the perfect serene mood for daily practice.


Yoga Sak

Available in 4 colors, the Yoga Sak has plenty of space for everything that’s needed at a yoga class such as a yoga block, towel, and a water bottle.


Yoga in a Cup Elixir

Whether this is consumed before a yoga session or in place of one, this elixir promises to restore peaceful vibes in both the body and the mind.


Hidrate Spark 3 Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated is a simple way the body and mind can stay nourished, and this smart water bottle will track water intake and glow when more water needs to be consumed.


Inspirational Yoga Mats

Positive affirmations aren’t as crazy as they seem, they can actually be very effective. These cushioned yoga mats all have one affirmation on, making daily practice easier.


Yoga Pose Hanging Sculptures

If the weather is nice, there’s nothing better than practicing sun salutation outside. Hang these sculptures from a tree as a reminder that yoga is good for the soul.


Mindful Breathing Necklace

‘Breathing is relaxing’ sounds a little hippy dippy, doesn’t it? It’s true though, and this mindful breathing pendant encourages conscious breathing which will reset the mind and body balance.

$85.00- $115.00

Namaste Off Shoulder Sweater

Perfect for throwing on before practice or for lounging around the house, this super soft grey sweatshirt simply reads “namaste”, bringing a touch of calm to everyday life.


The Mindfulness Coloring Book

Who said coloring was just for children? Take some time out and practice some mindfulness with this adult coloring book, it’s the ideal way to while away an afternoon.


Cork Yoga Wheel

Yoga is the perfect way to stretch those muscles, and this cork wheel will be a great companion for yogis; the beautiful design will catch the attention of everyone in the class.


Instructional Cork Yoga Mat

Ideal for yoga at home, the hypoallergenic mat has diagrams of over 100 stretches and yoga poses, providing a ready to go routine, whatever the time of day.


Yoga Mat Towel

Placing a yogitoes towel on the top of the yoga mat will absorb any sweat and stop slipping; then just throw it into the laundry machine when the session is over.

Prices Vary

Yoga Pose Garden Sculptures

By adding these yoga pose sculptures into the yard, the calmness and serenity of yoga will wash over the home, regardless of whether daily practice has been achieved.

$98.00- $110.00

Yoga Toe Socks

While barefoot is preferable for yoga, these fluffy socks are guaranteed to keep feet warm while the heel and toes are exposed, ensuring a good grip on the mat.


Palo Santo Cleansing Set

Burn some of this South American wood before stretching out on the mat – it promises to cleanse the air and provides a relaxing scent, ideal for finding inner peace.


High Yoga

Learn the ancient art of sparking up and yoga – it’s not surprising how well these two activities go together as yoga is all about relaxation and inner peace, too.


Full-Zip Yoga Mat Carry Bag

Anyone who attends a yoga class will know how awkward it is to take along a yoga mat; this bag promises to make it easy, and it even has multi-functional pockets, too.


Yoga Dice

Shake up that routine with these 7 wooden dice. Each side has a diagram of a different yoga pose on, meaning each daily practice will be different from the last.


Forest Goddess Yoga Top

Made from natural fiber, this yoga top is available in a variety of sizes and colors. The lace up detail on the back won’t be restrictive so each pose will be achievable.


Yoga Girl

Learn about the life of Instagram yoga star, Rachel Brathen, within the pages of this book. It’s the perfect read for someone who is interested in the art of yoga.


Yoga Toiletry Bag

Bring yoga into every aspect of daily life with this toiletry bag. With designs of different poses all over the bag, it’s the perfect yoga gift.

Prices Vary

Mindful Yoga Mugs

Finding a moment of calm doesn’t have to take place on the yoga mat. Pour a cup of green tea into one of these mindful mugs and take a moment to reflect.


Yogi Spirit Candle

At first glance, this looks like an ordinary pillar candle, but watch what happens as the wax starts to melt; a cast iron sculpture of someone meditating is revealed.


6 Diy Yoga Gifts and Gear

Diy Yoga Socks

Use this tutorial to turn an old pair of socks into wrist warmers and yoga socks, minimizing waste and repurposing something which would have ended up in the trash.

Diy Yoga Mat Cleaner

Without thinking about it too much, yoga mats harbor a lot of germs. Make a DIY mat cleaner to keep any mat fresh in between daily practice sessions.

Diy Teek Yoga Mat

Don’t waste money on a boring store bought yoga mat. Read this tutorial and have a go at making one at home, creating an entirely unique mat.

Diy Yoga Mat Sling

Use this DIY yoga mat sling to make it easier to transport the mat between classes; it keeps it rolled up and it’s a handy way to carry it with ease.

Diy Yoga Mat Bag

Create this yoga mat bag at home and choose the fabric and pattern, making it unique to the person who will be using it; it’s a lovely gift for a yogi.

Diy Yoga Mat

This tutorial provides great instructions on how to make a yoga mat at home; it’ll motivate anyone to step onto it and start their daily practice.

More Gift Ideas for Your Health and Wellness:


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