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27 Spin-worthy Gifts for Cyclists

Here are some of the best gifts for cyclists that are sure to be appreciated. They either help them ride longer more comfortably, or display their love of all things bicycle.

27 Spin-worthy Gifts for Cyclists- and bike lovers.

Cyclist Watch

This watch has it all, and more. They’ll be able to see what sort of elevation change they went through on their ride, and help avoid getting stuck in the rain thanks to the watch’s ability to measure weather conditions and predict a storm.

Prices Vary

This is How I Roll Mug

Here’s a cute mug that lets people know how they roll: on a bicycle of course. It’s an example of witty wordplay combined with a picture that ties it all together. They’ll enjoy waking up with this mug, looking forward to another day of cycling.

Prices Vary

Cycle Care Kit

Help them keep their bicycle in proper working order with this cycle care kit. It contains various bottles that each have a different effect, like keeping the bike clean, and well-oiled. With regular care their bike will last longer and ride smoother.


Road Rash First Aid Kit

If they ever take a spill they’ll be prepared with this road rash first aid kit. It is specifically designed to help patch up areas of road rash from where their skin rubbed against the road or street, stopping the bleeding until they can redress it.

Prices Vary

Bicycle Chain Ring Cufflinks

These cufflinks are designed to look like the chainring on a bicycle. They make a great gift for the cyclist that likes to look their best when they’re not out cycling. It adds a good amount of style without being overly showy.


Bicycle Cup Holder

Cars have cup holders, so why not bicycles? This cup holder will let them hold that venti mochacino on their way to work. Perfect gift for the green commuter that rides their bike into work each day, it puts the cup in just the right place to grab and sip at red lights.


Bike Chain Coffee Mug

The entire mug looks like it’s been wrapped up in a bike chain, and will send a clear message that they’re a fan of cycling. This is going to be one of their favorite coffee mugs, and you can bet they’ll look for it in the morning when it’s time to caffeine up.


Bicycle Bookends

These bookends are sure to look good on a bookshelf, and have the front end of a bike on one side, and the other on the other. It will do a good job of holding the books in place, with a sturdy bottom panel that goes underneath the books to weigh it down.


Bicycle Shaped Wine Bottle Holder

This wine bottle holder is an elongated tricycle, and it’s a great gift for the cyclist that’s also a wine enthusiast. You’ll be able to appeal to two of their loves with one gift, and if you want to go all out you can get them a bottle of wine for the holder to hold.

Prices Vary

Bicycle Tumblers

This gift set features a colorful bicycle on each glass, and gives them plenty of glasses to drink from. It’s a virtual rainbow of colors, and these are the perfect sized glass for water, juice, or milk, making them very versatile and something they’ll use every day.


Cyclist Evolution Hoodie

Here’s a hoodie that shows the evolution of a cyclist. It’s pretty accurate when you think that we’ve come all this way, learned to crawl, walk, and now cycle. It seems like it’s the natural progression, but with a man made invention helping out.

Prices Vary

Bike Owner’s Handbook

They’ll learn a lot from this bike owner’s handbook, which includes detailed cross sections of a bike so they can get a better idea of how it works and how to fix it if anything goes wrong with it. They’ll be able to keep it in better shape for years of trouble free use.


Custom Cycling Diploma

This is a sort of gag gift for cyclers, and a way to show that they know all there is to know about the sport. You’re able to add their name into it before ordering, so it will look official when you give it to them. Go the extra step and get a frame for it.

Prices Vary

Bicycle Link Wind Chime

This wind chime is sure to be a conversation piece, as it’s made out of upcycled bicycle parts, including links from the chain. It still sounds good for a wind chime, and looks good too, and only on close inspection can you tell it is from bike parts.


WordLock Bike Lock

This is one of the fastest ways to lock and unlock a bike, using a word for the combination instead of a series of numbers or a key. They simply choose a four letter word, program it in, and then they’re ready to use it.


Bike Tube Handlebar Bag

This is one impressive bag because it’s made out of upcycled bike tubes, so it’s a green product that is keeping those rubber tubes out of the landfills. It’s also very good at holding their stuff right where they need it, attaching to the handlebars.


Cyclists Training Bible

This book has all the information they’ll ever need in order to train as a cyclist. It will help them train harder, with fewer injuries and accidents, allowing them to get ready for a race or simply hone their craft.


Magnetic Bike Lights

These bike lights are magnetic so they stick to the bike wherever they choose to put it. The most popular spot will be at the front of the bike below the handlebars, mimicking lights on a car and helping them see and be seen at night.


Keep Moving Paperweight

Leave it to Einstein to come up with a perfectly apt bicycling quote. This paperweight reminds them that they have to keep moving if they want to find balance in life and while cycling, and looks great on top of a desk.


Cycling Bag

This bag is the perfect size for cycling, and is worn on the front so that it keeps everything close to the chest and not bouncing all around. It makes sure that they won’t lose whatever is inside, and keeps it safe and close to them.


Recycled Bike Tube Belt

This belt is made from recycled bike tubes, so not only will it help keep their pants up, it helps cut down on the amount of rubber that’s disposed of. They’ll not only look stylish, but will have a durable belt that stands the test of time.


Fix It Sticks

When they’re out on a ride and something goes wrong with their bike, they’re going to want one of these sticks with them. They’re lightweight and super portable, helping them fix whatever is wrong and get back to riding.


Bike Chain Bottle Opener

This is a great bottle opener for the cycling enthusiast, and is made out of a section of bike chain. It has a striking look to it, and is sure to spark conversation with other cyclists. They’ll think of you each time they use it


Mini Bike Pump

This bike pump is mini sized so it can go with them on rides and protects them from getting stranded with a tire that’s low on air. They’d want to also bring a tire repair kit so they could patch up any holes or tears along the way.

Prices Vary

Concrete Bike Coasters

These bike coasters are built to last because they’re made out of concrete. Despite their rough and rugged makeup, they look nice on a table thanks to the design on top, and will protect from condensation rings as they’re supposed to.


Reflective Safety Belt

This is the gift you’ll want to give the cyclist that enjoys their nightly ride. It makes sure that they’ll be seen by cars and other bikers, runners, and walkers. It’s one piece of night ride gear that all cyclists should have after dark.


Fixie Pizza Cutter

This pizza cutter is in the form of a fixed-gear bike, and makes quick work out of an uncut pizza. It rolls along the pizza just as if it were rolling down the street, but the front blade is an effective slicer, and cuts the pizza as it glides.


10 DIY Gifts for Cyclists

Bicycle Wheel Calendar

This calendar is made out of a bicycle wheel, and is a clever way to move the days of the week along. It features chalkboard areas that allow them to write the main to-dos for the day, and then rotate the calendar as needed by turning the wheel.

Urban Rider Pillow

This pillow features a nice design of bicycles, and is sure to be one of the treasured pieces on their sofa or couch. It’s not very hard to make, so it’s a good DIY gift for the uninitiated. They walk you through the steps so you can do it too.

Vintage Bicycle Ad Art

Take a vintage bicycle ad and make art from it using these step by step instructions. There’s no denying that the finished product looks great, and it looks like something that is store bought rather than something you made by hand.

DIY Wheel of Awesome

Give them a Wheel of Awesome using an old bike wheel. Not only will it become a place for them to display photos and other nifty stuff, but it will be totally apt because they’re a cyclist and it’s made from a bike wheel.

Customized Bike Helmet

Take an ordinary bike helmet and make it extraordinary by adding your own sense of style. In this example they are making it polka dotted, but you could easily use the same instructions to put whichever decoration they’d want on it.

Vintage Bike Basket

This bike basket is the perfect carrier for a picnic lunch or other belongings that would otherwise be cumbersome to ride while holding. It secures everything and keeps it out of the way by securing to the back of the bike.

Bats from a Bike Tube

When Halloween rolls around surprise them with these bats that are made out of old bike tubes. It’s a great way to use up some old tubes that would otherwise get thrown in the garbage, and helps celebrate Halloween with great looking bats.

Fingerprint Balloon Pillow

This balloon pillow is made using fingerprints, so it has a very personalized feel to it. It also features a bicycle as the main component, and makes a great handmade gift for someone that loves to cycle.

DIY Bike Basket

This bike basket is simple and is for the person that is not so much a cyclist but a bicycling enthusiast. It’s perfect for light rides through the neighborhood, and can hold a few things. For a bigger basket use the vintage bike basket tutorial above.

Cyclist Wrapping Idea

When you’ve got your cyclist gift in hand, what better way to wrap it up than with this unique wrapping idea. Ditch the bows for something a little more related to the gift inside with this interesting tutorial that produces great looking packaging.


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