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9 Inspiring Gifts for Cancer Patients

Choose the right gifts for cancer patients and you’ll be helping them beat the disease by staying in a good mood and being positive. These gifts inspire and keep them full of hope and determination so they can beat it and be cancer free once again.

9 Inspiring Gifts for Cancer Patients- lift their heart and rekindle their fighting spirit with these inspiring gifts.

Comfort Candle

This candle is designed to do one thing, get them into a calm and relaxed state. It’s beautiful to look at, and features a message that reads “The best things in Life are the people we love, the places we’ve been, and the memories we’ve made along the way.”


You Are Loved Always Necklace

Let them know that no matter what happens, they’ll always have the love from you and others in their life. When you have cancer it can feel like you’re alone in the world, but knowing that you’ve got friends and family that love you can be a big help.


Cancer Get Well Gift Basket

This basket is full of items that will help to comfort them and also nourish them so that they can fight back. It even includes a book from Reader’s Digest called Laughter is the Best Medicine, which has jokes designed to fill them with the healing power of laughter.

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Keep Your Face To The Sunshine Art

Here’s a beautiful piece of artwork that they can hang up in their hospital room to keep their spirits up during treatments. It’s a quote by Helen Keller that reads “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”


What I Wish for You By Me Book

When you want to show how much you care, but aren’t much of a wordsmith, get this What I Wish for You book. It walks you through the process with fill in the blank exercises that help you get your emotions out and on paper for them to see.


Positive Energy Necklace

Get the positive energy flowing with this positive energy necklace. It’s specially designed to attract positive energy, and when someone’s been diagnosed with cancer they’ll need all the help they can get to stay on the positive side of life.


Everyday Strength

Standing up to cancer requires daily strength, and this book helps provide it.

It’s specifically written for cancer patients and is designed to keep their spirit intact even if their body isn’t doing what they’d like it to. This is a very thoughtful gift that can help them beat it.


Feng Shui Chi Energy Chimes

You may have heard of feng shui being used to redecorate the interior of a home, but it’s much more than that. These energy chimes use feng shui methods to help balance chi energy, which can help improve their immune system and make them stronger.


Inspirational Paperweight

Each day with cancer presents a new set of challenges and requires a different sort of awesomeness to make it through. This paperweight encourages them to focus on one positive emotion each day so that they can make it through trials and tribulations.


4 DIY Gifts for Cancer Patients

DIY Little Book of Hope

Every cancer patients needs to have something to hope for, and this little book helps remind them of the power hope provides.

They can keep it next to them so they can use it for quick reference whenever they start to lose hope.

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

This necklace helps keep sweet smelling essential oils close by so that they can smell the delicious fragrances and keep up their spirits a little easier.

They can be made into different shapes, but heart shapes seem most applicable in this scenario.

Aromatherapy Bath Soak

All they need to do to relieve some stress is take a nice hot soak in a bath full of aromatherapy ingredients. The scents are proven to put the body into a more relaxed state, and combined with the hot water relieving their muscles it’s sure to work wonders.

All Natural Body Wash

Give them the ability to take a nice bath without the use of a body wash or soap that has chemicals and toxins in it. This all natural body wash will leave them feeling like a million bucks, which goes a long way in the battle against cancer.


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