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21 Helpful and Healing Gifts for Diabetics

The truth is when you ask a diabetic what kind of gift they want for their birthday or holiday they want what everyone else wants: a flatscreen TV and a check for a million dollars! But this list is for diabetic-specific things that might help them manage their condition—all except for medical equipment. Insurance coves that stuff.

It’s a daily struggle living with diabetes. I feel good knowing I got my uncle a thoughtful gift from this list of gifts for diabetics.

Sugar Free Movie Night Bucket

Everyone loves to curl up for a night on the couch with some munchies and a great selection of movies. Give this movie bucket to your friends or family members with diabetes so they don’t have to worry about what they’re eating: they can just dig right in.

Prices Vary

ADA Cookbook

You don’t have to start from scratch when cooking for someone with diabetes—scratch that. It’s best if you do start from scratch, and understand that almost all traditional comfort foods, except for the sugar-heavy desserts, are easy to tweak for the special diet.


Circulation Socks

Diabetic nerve pain can be a real problem for people who suffer from diabetes. A pair of circulation socks can not only relieve this pain, but also increase circulation. A pair of these is a great gift choice for a diabetic who works on their feet all day.

Prices Vary

Cashmere Sweater

The circulation problems that come with diabetes can mean that diabetics get chilly: brrrrrr! A soft, fuzzy, cashmere scarf will keep that winter, early spring, and fall chill off. And even better, they can look super-swank and fashionable at the same time.

Prices Vary


The American Diabetes Association have been at the forefront of diabetes advocacy for generations. This tie lets diabetics—and their friends and family members—show their support while at work or at formal occasion demanding a tie. Show support while looking professional.


Thriving With Diabetes

It’s a common misconception that a diabetes diagnosis means that life changes so much that it dominates your every waking moment. While the learning curve at the beginning is steep, this book offers a four step process to lower the highs, limit the lows, and learn to reclaim the joy in your life.


Cute Supply Bag

Diabetics need their supplies close at hand at all times—but that doesn’t mean they have to carry them around in unattractive medical bag that make them look like an on-call doctor or EMT. This cute supply bag has all the right compartments for the equipment, but is also fun, cute and fashionable.


Magnetic Measuring Spoons

Cooking with diabetes has to be more specific than “a dash of this, some of that, a bunch of this other, then sweeten to taste.” Knowledge and control is the entire key. This set of magnetic measuring spoons makes a great gift for diabetics who love cooking and want to get all the spice amounts just right.


Chop and Toss

Some people—well, some frogs—lament that it’s not easy being green. How wrong they are! This gift for diabetics makes chopping salad greens and healthy fruits ridiculously easy. All the chopping and tossing happens right in the bowl, and then voila: instant healthy meal with no hassle.


Stop Diabetes Umbrella

When the sky goes dark and the rain falls, the umbrellas come out. This umbrella lets diabetics, their friends and families show their support when stormy weather sets in. It’s bright red to draw attention, and has the STOP DIABETES and ADA logo displayed prominently on the outside.


Collapsible Salad Spinner

Chop it, clean it, rinse it, spin it. Throw it in a bowl, dress it, eat it. That’s the fast and easy way to make the healthy kind of salad diabetics need. This salad spinner makes all of that simple, and it collapses to a convenient small size so it won’t take up too much space in the cupboard.

Prices Vary

Supply Pack Organizer

This compact insulin supply organizer is perfectly designed for the busy diabetic on the go. It’s got space for an insulin pen, syringes, testing paper, and meter. It’s insulate to keep the insulin cool, which is essential for health and safety, and it zips down to a convenient travel size.


Portion Control Organizers

In the US, one of our big problems—and one of the biggest contributors to the rise in diabetes in recent decades—is the fact that we’ve become accustomed to ridiculously large portions at home and in restaurants. This set of storage bins helps diabetics plan and keep the right portions fresh and ready to eat.

Prices Vary

Stop Diabetes Tumbler

If you have friends, family members, or even juts acquaintances on social media who have diabetics in their life, you know most of them are vocal advocates of diabetes awareness. This tumbler makes a great gift for them—they can spread awareness of their heartfelt cause without saying a word!


Portion Control Tool

When you’re in a hurry setting out the plates for dinner, then serving a home-cooked meal, this portion control tool is a must-have. There’s no thought necessary. Put it on the plate, fill the spaces with the diabetes-friendly food you’ve cooked, and you’re done.


Pineapple Slicer

It’s not true that diabetics can’t eat sweet things—they just need the right kind of sweet things. Like yummy fruit! Not only do fruits contain the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy diet, they’re the perfect dessert for someone on a special diet. This slicer makes it easy to prepare a great fruit dessert for diabetics.

Prices Vary

Citrus Press

For diabetics, sodas are an absolute no-go. The question is, how to make a refreshing drink that tastes great? It’s boring to drink water all day—so this citrus press is the answer. It’s a wonderful, diabetic-friendly way to make a delicious beverage they can drink all day with a clear conscience.

Prices Vary

30 Minute Meal Cookbook

There’s no need to slave all day over a hot stove to make a delicious, homemade, diabetic friendly meal. This cookbook is filled with great ideas that take less than a half an hour to make. It’s approved by the American Diabetes Association, and makes the perfect starter for someone who’s at the beginning of their journey and may feel overwhelmed.


Beginner’s Yoga Kit

Getting healthy and starting a fitness routine is a big part of the lifestyle changes that are required after a diabetes diagnosis. Not everyone wants to join a fitness club, go running, or ever take walks around the neighborhood. This beginner’s yoga kit has everything someone needs to get going in the privacy of their own home.

Prices Vary

ADA Nanolight

Shine a light on diabetes! This key chain scores the trifecta. It holds your keys, has a flashlight when you need it, and raises awareness about diabetes all that the same time. It’s made from machined aircraft aluminum and cranks out ten lumens of white LED light for up to eight hours.

Prices Vary

Fitbit Charge

A FitBit is ideal for diabetics who need to keep track of their physical activity. They can just put it on in the morning, make sure they keep up their new, active lifestyle, and check their data at the end of the day. And if they realize they have some ground to make up if work or life keeps them desk-bound, they know exactly how much they have to do to hit their targets.


5 DIY Gifts for Diabetics

Pullup Bar

Getting in shape is a big deal when you’re battling diabetes. A pullup bar is an essential piece of home equipment. This DIY shows you how to make a bomb-proof pullup bar from someone who likes to keep it old school and challenge themselves at home. Start with one, work up to ten—and you’ll get stronger every day.

Yoga Mat

Yoga equipment doesn’t have to all special and exclusive. Everyone can make a yoga mat to practice stretching and relaxing at home. This four step tutorial is quick and easy to follow. At the end of the process, you’ll have a very cute and functional yoga mat to give as a very thoughtful gift for a yoga-loving diabetic.

Hand Weights

Free weights are great because they emphasize the use of more than one joint at a time, giving full functional strength across a wide range of movement. Make this set of free weights for a diabetic friend starting out on their strength training regimen. What do you need? A Ziploc bag, and some rocks!

Fitness Bands

Fitness bands are a great way to do strength training that’s low-impact and easy to pull off at home. And the great thing about bands is they work both ways, giving muscles a double dose of work with each repetition. Follow this simple DIY using brass rings and a bicycle inner tube, and give the gift of at-home strength training.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga involves a lot of bending over to touch the floor. The thing is, when you’re first starting out, that can be hard. That’s where yoga props, like blocks, come into play: they bring the floor to your hands. Make these yoga blocks for a diabetic just getting stated with yoga, and they’ll have a much better time during their practice.

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