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59 One-of-a-Kind Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her

We get it: your mind is numb from all the gift buying and giving you did during December and you’re not psyched about figuring out what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry. We’re here for you. We’ve combed the interwebs for unique Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her.

There’s no question about it, these one-of-a-kind Valentine’s gifts rock my world, and there’s something on this list for both him and her, so everyone wins!

Valentines Gifts for Him

Engraved Wood Knife

Every man needs a good pocket knife in his life. Get him one that none of his buddies will be able to walk away with, because it’s got his name and a sweet message from you engraved in the wooden handle. This Valentine’s Day gift is handmade in Monroe, New York.


Beard Grooming Set

Does your man have beard? Does he have a tangly, unkempt beard that’s in desperate need of grooming? Keep the small animals from nesting in his facial hair with this set of three beard oils. It comes with a comb to keep the beard smooth and dapper looking.


Personlaized Leather Wallet

Get classy this Valentine’s Day with an old-fashioned leather wallet. He can keep his credit card, driver’s license, and cash all in one place with this handmade beauty. You can choose from a traditional monogram, with a large middle initial, or a design with the initials all the same size.


My Knobhead

Give as good as you get this Valentine’s Day with a personalized aluminum insult keychain. The example on this one is “You’re a Knobhead, but you’re My Knobhead” but you can draw from your personal repertoire. Customize to fit the style of witty banter that suits you and your Valentine.


Leather Lunch Bag

Go green this year with a lunch bag he can use every day. The trees will be happy with you for getting your man this Valentine’s Day gift—it’s a waterproof lunch bag that replaces the boring brown sacks of old. It’s totally waterproof and made from leather, chenille, and nylon.


Square Hammered Silver Cufflinks

If you think cufflinks are a boring old Valentine’s Day gift, have a look at these. They’re solid silver, hammered to look like an antique heirloom handed down from his grandfather. These cufflinks will bring a touch of style to his daily fashion repertoire.



Your special Valentine guy is cute. He’s funny. He’s smart. In a word, he’s ADORKABLE. You might as well go ahead and let the world know this Valentine’s Day by giving him the t-shirt that says it loud and proud in big white letter across the front.


Steampunk Kit Bottle & Glasses

He can pour his homemade craft brew or personally distilled whiskey into a bottle and pair of glasses that are as unique as the liquid gold he creates. These bottles and glasses are made to order by a craftsman in South Africa from glass, stone, clay, and liquid polymer. No two sets are alike.


Rosewood Domino Set

Take it from the Boneyard right through to the final “Dominoes!” call with this lovely handmade set of tiles crafted from dark-stained rosewood. They come in a solid box with a personalized engraving on the lid. Valentine’s Day means spring is coming—so get ready for lazy days on the porch playing this classic game.


Personlaized Metal Bookmark

If your guy is an avid reader, get him this gold plated bookmark inspired by the Harry Potter movies. It’s in the shape of a lead and can be personalized with something romantic. Choose your name, his name, or an inside joke only the two of you know about.


Oak Tablet Stand

He can watch movies, stream shows, or read books with this awesome handmade oak tablet stand. It can easily double as a recipe book holder, too, if your Valentine guy is a foodie. This solid stand is stained with wood oil to bring out the rich grain has no-slip rubber feet.


Elephant Boxers

Elephants never forget, and he won’t forget this hilarious pair of boxers. This funny Valentine’s Day gift will have him laughing all day. They’re made from gray cotton yarn, with black eyes and a trunk with a cute pink end right where—well, right where the trunk should be.


Paracord Watch

Here’s a cool Valentine’s gift made here in the USA. It’s a watch with a devil’s stitch paracord band in Valentine colors—deep red and grey—with a classic white face accented by black Roman Numerals. The band is seven inches long with a black buckle.


Rustic Beer Bottle Opener

Beer o’clock happens every day of the year, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. He’ll know you care when you give him this wood and metal beer bottle opener. It’s got a chain so he can mount it easily on the wall in his man cave or next to his beer fridge.


Personalized Dock Station

Everyone has so many electronics and things filling their pockets these days that it takes a whole new piece of furniture to accommodate them all. That’s where this docking station comes in. This Valentine’s Day gift gives him one place for his wallet, watch, tablet and phone.


Surfs Up Vintage Beetle

Here’s one that’s perfect if your special Valentine is a surfer dude. It hearkens back to the good old days, when all you needed for a perfect day was a beach, a board, and a nice set of waves. And a perfect way to get there of course, in the form of a classic VW beetle.


Personalized Chopping Board

Walter White was a bad, bad man. He was so bad, he “broke bad”, as the old southern saying and title of the hit TV show goes. This chopping block board is a Valentine’s Day gift tailor made for a Breaking Bad family. You can get your name printed over Walter White’s pretty mug.


Cereal Killer Spoon

He’s a killer! This Valentine’s Day gift will make him laugh for sure—and if it doesn’t, it’s time for you to get a new Valentine, cause this is funny. It’s a silver spoon with the word “Cereal Killer” hand stamped into the head. The non-tarnish metal is dishwasher safe.


Customized Steel Guitar Pick

Pickin’ and grinning and a pickin and a grinnin—if your special man is a guitar player, picking and grinning is what he’ll be a doin’ this Valentine’s Day when you get him this personalized steel guitar pick as a gift. Take it all the way and get his name or initials engraved.


Wooden Flash Drive

The world we live in may be dominated high-tech plastic and metal, but you can have the best of both worlds if you like. This wooden flash drive case will keep him from losing his important data while reminding of the days when the best things in life were handcrafted from wood by real people.


Vintage Leather Satchel

Messenger bags are way cool and laptop briefcases are totally essential—combine them both this Valentine’s Day and get your man a vintage leather satchel that’s totally functional for the modern world. It’s got outside pockets for keys and his phone and a comfortable shoulder stra⹰ĩ


Glass Vodka Bottle Lamp

This lamp is truly one-of-a-kind. It’s hand made with a color-changing LED bulb inside, and you can decide what kind of bottle you want. You can choose for the artisan’s selection of bottles, or you can send in an empty bottle of his favorite hooch—making this a Valentine’s Day gift just for him.


SciFi Macbook Decal

Choose from his favorite SciFi and comic book action heroes and give him a durable vinyl decal for the back of his laptop or tablet. Get more than one so he can recreate a battle scene, or contact the artisan directly and custom design one of your own—the only limit is your imagination.


Wooden iPhone Case

Make his iPhone virtually unbreakable this Valentine’s Day with this wooden iPhone case. These custom cases are handcrafted from light blonde cherry. You can choose from several popular designs—the Superman symbol, an Indian Mandala, or the Hogwarts symbol from the Harry Potter books.


Golf Club Coat Rack

If your special guy is an avid golfer, then this is the Valentine’s Day gift for him. It’s made from two real upcycled golf irons, set in a stained Golden Oak backing. No two racks are the same, because they’re all made from actual clubs that carry the wear and tear of a lifetime out on the links.


Sweetheart Tree Stump Table

Back in grade school—way, way, back, when kids were still allowed to play out in the woods on lazy summer afternoons—kids used to carve their initials into trees, alongside the initials of their sweetheart. Bring those sentimental days back with this table, made from a real tree trunk, personalized with your initials.


Personalized Hammer

Every Valentine’s Day gift list for guys has to have a tool of some sort, and we found a unique one to round out this guy’s list. It’s a real, functional hammer emblazoned with the personalized message of your choice along the front and the back of the handle. You can say “I love you” and give him a little “honey-do” list.


Valentines Gifts for Her

Heart Folded Book

Guys, she will absolutely love this Valentine’s Day gift. It’s a book with a heart. No joke. The pages in the book are carefully folded into the shape of a heart. The cover is dark teal, faux leather. If she’s a book lover and a tad romantic, then this is the perfect choice.


Beaded Eyeglass Chain

Seeing is believing—and if she wears sunglasses or reading glasses, she’ll remember you every time she reaches for them when you give her this handcrafted eyeglass chain. It’ll dazzle her friends and she’ll be proud to say she got it for Valentine’s Day from her main squeeze.


Red Love Birds

You and your Valentine go together like two peas in a pod, like red beans and rice, and like black-eyed peas and cornbread on New Year’s Day. Like birds of a feather, you flock together—just like these two red love birds carved out of pine, perched on a manzanita stump happily singing love songs.


Glowing Steel Rose

Roses are red, violets are blue—but not for you and your honey this Valentine’s Day. Change up your rose style with this blue rose—it’s almost a foot long and handcrafted from steel, complete with petals and a stem with thorns and all. This is for the lady who like something a little out of the ordinary.


Knitted Night Socks

Does your lady have cold feet? We’re not talking about wedding plans or your relationship. We’re saying are her tootsies frosty under the covers? If yes is your answer, then this Valentine’s Day you can do yourself a favor by giving her these night socks, made to keep feet warm in bed.


Gourmet Trivet

Give this Valentine’s Day a spiritual twist with this unique wrought iron and tile trivet. It’s got two hearts, a rose, and the center tile says “Ahava”, the ancient Hebrew word for love. This trivet is so beautiful it deserves to be mounted on the wall and only used for special occasions.


Natural Skin Care Set

Go green, eco, animal friendly, and beauty conscious all at the same time for Valentine’s Day with this natural skin care set. It’s made for to refresh dry skin or keep aging skin looking fresh and young. Four bottles of beauty come in a blue silk gift bag.


Personalized Leather Wallet

This is the year you can get her organized and say “I love you” at the same time. This handcrafted leather wallet has ten pockets for credit cards, driver’s licenses, insurance cards, and the like, and two big pockets for cash or receipts. The artisan can personalized it with the lovey message of your choice.


Primitive Kitty

We found the purrrrfect gift for a lady who likes things just a tad bit unusual. This Valentine’s Day gift will have her meowing for more after you cook her a nice dinner. It’s six inches tall and five inches wide—the exact right size for snuggling up when you aren’t around.


Fingerless Texting Gloves

The need to communicate does not stop when the weather gets cold. Your lucky lovely Valentine will be able to text you from her runs, while she’s shopping, when she’s at the park with the kids—anytime she likes. They’re crocheted from a deep red yarn for Valentine’s Day.


Beeswax Rose Candle

You want to give her a rose for Valentine’s Day, but you know she’s not a traditional red rose kind of gal. Here’s your solution: a handmade beeswax candle that looks so realistic she probably won’t even want to light it. She’ll gaze lovingly at it all year, remembering what a thoughtful fella she has.


Felt Wool Slippers

Keep those footses and toesies warm around the house all winter long with these rustic, rough-edged wool slipper boots. The texture will massage the feet to improve circulation, and the natural wool fibers will ensure the feet are toasty. They’re treated with a latex, no-slip bottom.


Love Journal

This small, pink journal is a great Valentine’s Day gift for a woman who likes to record her thoughts on a daily basis. The cover has the inscription “You are Loved” written in bold black letters, so every time she puts her pen to the paper, she remembers the man who loves her.


Linen Lingerie Bag

Oh la la! Give her something distinctly French to keep her smoking hot lingerie in this Valentine’s Day. This red linen bag has a retro boutique style print on the outside. It cinches up with a lined drawstring enclosure—it’s the perfect size for all her pretty little things.


Red Leather Tote

This red leather bag can do anything. It can be a ladies handbag, it can be a gym bag, it can be a diaper bag. It’s big and it’s made of heavy duty leather. The seams are all enclosed with rivets. This is the kind of bag that last forever, but fair warning: it’s the kind of bag things can get lost in!


Free Spirit Candle

Set your honey free this year with this rustic wood sign. If you have a woman who’s a free spirited bohemian hippie type chick this Valentine’s Day gift will prove to her you’ve been paying attention all along. It’s made from reclaimed wood and says “Free Spirit” in rainbow colors.


Felt and Leather iPad Bag

Keep her classy this Valentine’s Day with this retro leather and felt iPad case. She can keep her tablet safe and sound at work, at the gym, and anywhere she goes during the day or night. It’s got a cross-body strap and there’s enough room for makeup, keys, and a wallet.


Blue Daisy Shoulder Bag

You’re a daisy if you do—get her this spacious day bag for Valentine’s Day, that is. This bag is light blue on the outside, with a lovely white and yellow daisy print. The inside is yellow cotton, with a zippered pocket on the inside.


Vintage Lipstick Case

She’ll give you a big smack on the lips with the lipstick she keeps in this vintage lipstick holder. She’ll absolutely adore this Valentine’s Day gift. It’s made from silver, embossed with floral designs on the outside. You can choose her birthstone and have it set in the middle—but you better get that right.


Romantic Poster

Say it simple and straight this Valentine’s Day. This romantic poster has black script set against a bone-white background with a black frame. The message is one hundred percent pure romance: It Was Always You. You can choose from five sizes, from 8X10 to 20X24.


Rose Heart iPhone Case

There are a million ways to give her roses this Valentine’s Day. Make that a million and one with this iPhone case designed with antique roses. Look a little closer, though, because this one has a twist: the roses are growing out of a grey-scale picture of an anatomically correct human heart.


Balmies Balm Box

You want her kisses to be soft and sweet, and this is the best way to do it. This Valentine’s Day gift is a set of four organic, handmade sticks of lip balm. They’re free of all the yucky stuff like titanium dioxide, and filled with the good stuff, like jojoba oil, shea butter, and GMO-free Vitamin E.


Knit Infinity Scarf

Warm and toasty is the name of the game with this deep sea-green infinity scarf. It’s hand knitted and versatile. She can bunch it up around her neck on cold winter days, and let hit hang low and loose as a stylish accent when the weather gets warm.


Heart Tablet Stand

You won’t find a better Valentine’s Day tablet stand than this heart shaped one here. The design is simple and elegant—a heart made of wood, finished with metallic paint—the ideal iPad/tablet stand for a lady. It’s got rubber feet so it’ll stay put.


Valentine’s Watch

It’s time for love every time she looks at this watch. The red leather strap holds a watch face filled with red and pink hearts of different sizes. The trim and hands are in deep gold, which set off the red and pink of the face and strap in a stylish and tasteful way.


Women’s Messenger Bag

This Valentine’s Day you can give her a special leather shoulder bag with her name or a romantic message on a bronze tag on the flap. It’s a small version of a messenger bag, with a mini zip pocket and four interior pockets for keys, a phone, and makeup.


Love Macbook Decal

On Valentine’s Day, there’s only one word you really need: LOVE. That’s what this vinyl decal says, in a flowing red script. This is the perfect, subtle gift for a woman who wants to show off the love of her life on her laptop every day at the office.


Stained Glass Red Rose Lamp

Make that a million and two ways to give roses this Valentine’s Day—in stained glass in the form of this rose patterned, stained glass fan light. The glass is set on a small wooden base, and makes a beautiful accent to a bedroom or living room.


Ten Minute Vase

Before we even jump into these DIY gifts—fellas, you’ve got to know that if you make her something, anything—she will really love it. Make it romantic, and she’ll love it even more. This vase will take you no time at all, and you can fill it with her favorite flowers, or the eucalyptus leaves in the example.

Silhouette Pillows

This his ‘n’ hers pillow set is an ideal gift for her on Valentine’s Day. Every night you go to bed, she’ll remember this special gift. You’ll just need thread, felt, and a little bit of sewing skill to pull this one off. If you can draw well, you can make the silhouettes yourself. If not, just download the examples on the tutorial.

Love Bingo

Winner gets a kiss! Love Bingo is the best kind of bingo possible, especially on Valentine’s Day. This DIY is a piece of cake. All you need to do is download the Love Bing template and get some Valentine’s candy for the playing pieces. Then you and your special girl can play the game all night.

Love Bobby Pins

If your special woman wears bobbi pins on a regular basis, you have to do this project for your lady for a Valentine’s Day gift. This tutorial teaches you how to attach shrink-plastic words to bobbi pins—you can do any words you like. Your names, a love message, anything you like.

Mi Amor Terrarium

This Valentine’s Day give her something that no one else has—a “Mi Amor” terrarium. You’ll need a glass bowl, sand, small rocks for accents, a succulent plant, and the downloadable flag which reads “Mi Amor.” You can also change it up and put anything you like on the flag, from a simple “I love you” to a personal message.

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