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30 Most Epic Valentines Day Gifts for Him Over $200

Use this list to give yourself inspiration for this Valentine’s Day. Choose his gifts from this lists; yes, they’re over $200 but you can’t put a price on love. Whether he’s into his sports or his food, there’s a gift in here for every man out there and he’s bound to love whatever you choose.


Robot Bartender

It’s all very well and good offering cocktails at your parties but if you don’t know what you’re doing, that could be a disaster. Luckily, this Robot Bartender is here to save the day. Simply load it up with various spirits and liquor, choose a drink via the app and watch this machine masterfully mix.


Mini Museum 4: The Fourth Edition

This gift would be ideal for a man who is into his science and loves collecting things, especially items which are rare. This Mini Museum 4: Fourth Edition contains a number of various items, starting with 4,568,200,000 year old amino acids and ending with a piece of a human heart.


Authentic Stadium Seat Cufflinks

It’s always nice to salvage and repurpose old things; it gives new things history and it also helps to reduce our landfill. Each pair of these cufflinks are unique as they’re made from salvaged seats from famous baseball stadiums, the color of the cufflinks will depend on who you support.

Prices vary

Ultimate Homebrewer’s Kit

If your other half has been dabbling in amateur home brew kits for a while now, you might want to help him take that next step into the big leagues. This Ultimate Homebrewing Kit provides him with everything he needs to make up to five gallons of his favorite beer.


Ikon Ski Pass

Do you and your other half enjoy getting away to the mountains and hitting the ski slopes? If so, this is a Valentine’s gift which will benefit you both. The M.A.X pass gives you access to mountain slopes all over the world so you can get away whenever you want.

Prices vary

Driftsun Stand Up Paddleboard

Paddleboarding is a very popular sport, with a lot of people choosing it over surfing. Take a look at these Stand Up Paddleboards from Driftsun – there are a few to choose from, so you can be sure that you’re choosing the perfect one for your partner.

Prices vary

Authentic NFL Stadium Seat Cufflinks

You can’t go wrong with a pair of cufflinks for your other half, especially when those cufflinks are made out of repurposed seats from famous NFL stadiums. Whether he’s a Giants fan or he likes Tom Brady and the Patriots, these cufflinks are sure to be a big hit.


Bed Jet – Dual Zone Climate Comfort Control for Couples

Sharing a bed with someone can be really romantic, but it can also be a nightmare trying to share the duvet equally, and then, if they overheat easily, it can make co-sleeping miserable. BedJet promises to provide you with a cooling and heating system for your bed, making you both feel more comfortable.

Prices vary

Baseball Stadium Lights End Table

This end table will quickly take pride of place in your front room, especially if your husband is a baseball fan. Choose from seven different stadiums from around America and you’ll receive a hand assembled replica of it, made from sturdy poplar wood. It even has built in LED lights for the full experience.


Quintessa Meritage Red 2012 Cape Cod Luxury Wine Basket

You can’t go wrong with a food hamper on any occasion, but even more so on Valentine’s Day. What’s more romantic than sharing a bottle of wine and some gourmet foods? You’ll find both in this basket, including a Quintessa Meritage Red 2012 and a Duckhorn Chardonnay.

Prices vary

Preston Bag from Impressed Bag Co

If your husband travels for work a lot, he needs a strong and sturdy bag for his travels. The Preston bag is absolutely perfect; not only can he use it as a gym bag when he’s at home but there’s even room inside for him to store his suit, without it getting creased.

Prices vary

Lucid Mirror

Imagine walking into a room and seeing this stunning frame on the wall; you’d be so impressed. It combines a mirror, a work of art, and an ambient light source into one frame so you can literally put yourself into the picture while making your home that little bit more beautiful.


Large Dog Blueprints

Dogs really are a man’s best friend, and if your household has a pet pooch you all absolutely adore, these Large Dog Blueprints would make a great addition to your home. There are so many breeds to choose from and you’d learn so much about your furry friend.


Skateboard Stool

Have you ever seen a skateboarder learning how to perform their impressive tricks? It takes time, patience…and a whole lot of boards! Instead of throwing them in the trash, they can be used to make some amazing furniture, like this skateboard stool, which has been created from discarded boards salvaged from across America and Canada.


Revolving Walnut Wine Decanter

There’s so much more to wine than just drinking it – each barrel made has a different flavor profile to the next. This revolving wine decanter will allow your wine to breathe and aerates the liquid so you get a stronger and more in depth flavor from your favorite bottle.


Slow Dance Sculpture

This frame is a beautiful piece of art, especially when you add your favorite plants or flowers into it. It transforms a simple piece of nature into an optical illusion which will capture the attention of anyone who comes into your home and notices how gorgeous it is.


Sink or Shoot Party Game

Remember the old game Battleships? This is a version of that but made better with the addition of beer! The rules are the same, but if someone manages to hit one of your ships, you have to drink a shot of beer; and if they sink it…bottoms up!


Yosemite Coat Rack

Not only does this coat stand look beautiful when it’s in a home, but it’s also got a very interesting history. It’s made from mangosteen, which is a tree that only produces fruit for a few years, so then they’re cut down. and each coat stand is unique as they’re all made from different trees.


The Gourmet’s Smoking Cloche

A cloche is traditionally used to cover food until it is ready to serve, but this one will actually add another element to your food and drink. Add the included applewood chips and watch the smoke build, adding an intense flavor and looking super dramatic at the dining table.


DJI Drones Best Drones for All Skill Levels

Drones are still really popular, even now. They’re top of most wish lists for Christmas and other holidays; Valentine’s Day is no exception. Choose your husband a drone from DJI, the online store which caters for every drone ability, so the risk of him breaking it within minutes is minimized.

Prices vary

Football Stadium Art

This 3D artwork of your husband’s chosen football team will look amazing in any room of the house. While he probably visits their stadium often, there’s nothing like having a piece of it in your home, and this is a pretty good substitute if you can’t get the real thing.


Artiphon Multi-Instrument

You’ll be able to become a one man band with this multi-instrument. Connect it to a number of apps and share any cool music you create with your friends and family; they’ll be amazed at the wide range of instruments and notes this gadget allows you to create.


Constellation Quilt

There’s nothing like lying on your back, looking up at the night sky and trying to work out where the different constellations are. But on a night where it’s freezing or maybe too cloudy, we’ve got a great substitute for you. Wrap yourself up in this quilt and you’ll still be able to find the Big Dipper.


Custom Pet Portrait Cufflinks

If there’s anyone you can truly rely on in life, it’s your pet. Whether they’re furry, feathered or maybe even scaly, there’s always there to lend an ear when you’re in a crisis. Help your husband pay tribute to them with a pair of custom cufflinks, featuring a portrait of his pet.


Dom Perignon 2009 Windsor Luxury Gift Basket

Inside the dual-toned leather serving tray, you’ll find everything you need for a romantic evening in with your other half; a bottle of Dom Perignon, a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and some gourmet foods including cheese, crackers and chocolates. Who said you have to go out to enjoy yourself?

Prices vary

Game Used Base Stools

Imagine owning a piece of sporting history in your home? How cool would that be? Well, with this stool, you can do just that. It’s made out of a reclaimed baseball base which has been used in actual games between your favorite team and their opponents. Pretty neat!


Moon Rocket Sculptural Bank

This retro looking money bank will look at home wherever you decide to put it, whether that’s on a desk at work or a shelf at home. Looking like the rockets we once imagined, this sculpture has been cast out of recycled aluminium and bronze, and there’s even a matching astronaut, too.


DNA Art Portrait

Finding that perfect gift to give to your other half is like a minefield, especially when you’ve been together for a long time. With this DNA Art Portrait, you’ll be able to give them a truly unique gift – you could even get yours alongside it which would make a lovely piece for the home you share.

Prices vary

Gothic Mechanical Clock

The intricate workings of a clock mechanism is something we don’t get to see much of these days, as they’re now surrounded by plastic or wooden coverings. Take a look at this Gothic mechanical clock and you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back in time to the medieval period.


Large Baseball Stadium Blueprints

Perfect for any fan of baseball, these large blueprints will take pride of place in his office. Showing you the intricate details of his chosen team’s home ground, they’re printed on museum grade paper so you know it’ll last long enough for him to share old memories and make new ones with his children.


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