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100 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her of 2014

Giving the best Valentine’s Day gifts is less about the gift itself, and more about how you frame it and present it to her. Women aren’t looking to see if you spent enough, or if you got the perfect thing, they want to see that you care about them and put the proper amount of thought into what you’re giving them. It’s the one day of the year you can let your guard down, get mushy and sentimental, and express yourself while still keeping your manly persona. The following gifts should help steer you in the right direction.

A great list full of unique Valentine’s Day gifts for her…

Heart In Hand

What better way to show her you love her then to present her with your heart in your hand? This piece is something she can keep on her dresser as a reminder of your love and is perfect if you are not very good at expressing yourself but want to show her how you feel.


Treat Her Like a Princess

Rent out Sleeping Beauty’s castle at Disneyland and she’ll feel like she’s the only girl in the world. If you don’t have $135,000, you can also just take her to Disneyland and have the time of your lives. If that’s too much, you can just make her feel like a princess in your own way by giving her one gift or a combination of gifts from this list.


Elegant Heart Valentine’s Chocolates

This is the chocolate heart box to end all chocolate heart boxes. It includes 3 pounds of chocolate so she should be set for days. With a chocolate box of this size and stature, it’s the only gift you really need, but it always pairs best with her favorite flowers.


Bath Caddy

Begin setting the stage for an amazing bath experience by getting her this bath caddy. It makes it so she’ll have space for all of the essentials, while still allowing full soak-ability in the tub. Best way to present this: With a glass of champagne, her favorite book, and a serving of her favorite fruit with a bubble bath waiting.


Fondue For Two

Valentine’s is a time to get cheesy, but here you can do it in a delicious way. Dipping your favorite foods into melted cheese or chocolate is a fun way to have a meal, and the skewers are perfect for feeding each other. Make her a fondue dinner and she’s guaranteed to love the intimate nature of this set for two.


Sensual Massage Super Package

Time to blow her mind with this sensual massage instructional package. There are two ways that you can give this to her, the first is to study up before Valentine’s and showcase your skills after a night out. The second is to give her it as a gift and the two of you can watch it together and learn together. Only you know what’s best for your relationship.


Organic Flowering Tea Set

If she’s a tea lover you can’t go wrong with this tea set. It includes several different types of flowering teas, which blossom as she steeps them, but also create a drinkable tea. They are a way of providing art at the same time you’re providing tea, which is probably something she’s never seen before.


What I Love About You By Me Book

This book will open your heart and mind and help you tell her just how you feel about her. She’ll be able to use it as a reference guide long after you’ve given it to her, and it’s hardcover so it’s made to last for years and years of repeated use.


Send Her a Pajamagram

There’s a wide assortment of comfy pajamas for you to choose from, so use what you know about her style and pajama preferences to make the right choice. The bonus of buying her pajamas is that she’ll think of you when she’s putting them on and wearing them each night.


Custom Fingerprint

It might be hard to surprise her with this gift because it involves getting a good fingerprint from her, but the finished product is something to behold. It’s going to look great on the wall, and becomes a conversation piece that she’ll be reminded of each time someone asks about it.


Magnetic Love Notes Board

This magnetic love notes board is made out of wood that was reclaimed from a wildfire, It is rather simple in design with just the phrase “love notes” on it, with magnets that are shaped like hearts. You can load it up with personalized notes and photos of the two of you.


Picnic Backpack

This backpack comes with everything you need to have one heck of a picnic. It’s not really the backpack she’ll love, but thinking of having a picnic with you that will really get the job done. The backpack just serves as a fun way to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.


Jumbo Pink Teddy Bear

You don’t have to win a giant teddy bear at the fair, you can just buy one directly. This big teddy bear makes quite the impression and she can keep it on her bed throughout the year as a constant reminder of how much you love her.

Prices Vary

Stream Endless Chick Flicks with Roku

The Roku 3 is the perfect way to sync up all of your different video counts like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and more, which provides a virtually endless supply of romantic movies that the two of you can snuggle up with. There’s also plenty of action flicks if she is the reciprocating type.


Heart Shaped Book Box

This book has a heart-shaped compartment inside it that she can use to hold her jewelry or other knick knacks. It creates a nice surprise when you give it to her because she’ll think its just an ordinary book, and you can put something special inside it to make it really memorable.


Votive Candle Set

This just in: women love candles, so you can’t go wrong with this votive candle set. Each candle has a different scent, so she can use them as she sees fit to create just the right mood for any occasion. Scents include bamboo, wasabi pear, orange blossom and more.


Serve Her Breakfast in Bed

Take a page out of classic romance novels and serve her breakfast in bed using this serving tray. It is just the right height so that you can place it right over her lap and her breakfast will be presented to her perfectly. She’ll love the extra thought you put into this, and the fact that you cooked for her.


Over-the-Top Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

This Valentine’s Day gift basket includes so many different items she’ll be absolutely overwhelmed that you care so much about her. It truly is a distinctive basket and we were unable to locate another Valentine’s basket that had so much to offer. It’s the sort of basket that will leave a lasting impression.


Organic Cotton Pooh Pillow

This pillow is made from organic cotton, and includes a touching quote from Winnie the Pooh that is sure to make her feel extra loved. It comes in an assortment of colors so you can pick the one that best suits her decor. Pairs well with a Winnie the Pooh plush toy.


Candy Heart Cutting Board

This cutting board features the old school candy hearts with your names printed right on to them. The reason it is such a great gift is because she’ll use it throughout the year and remember how thoughtful you were every time she needs to cut something up in the kitchen.


Valentine’s Day Snack Assortment

Keep her taste buds busy with this assortment of snacks that come in a special Happy Valentine’s Day tin. She’ll enjoy different types of gourmet popcorn, peanuts, gummy lips, and even those classic chalky candy hearts with cutesy messages on them. This is sure to please because of the diversity it brings.


Love’s Dream Luxury Cheesecake

If you thought the $5 milkshake from Pulp Fiction was something you’d want to try, how about the $120 cheesecake. This thing is designed to overload the senses, and is made with all-natural ingredients. It comes with a white chocolate ribbon and you can even eat the rose on top.


Dinner Cruise

Sweep her off her feet and onto the water by taking her on a romantic dinner cruise in a city near you. This is the perfect way to have a nice relaxing meal that is not your typical restaurant. It’s something different and a change of pace for most, and it’s something she’s sure to remember for some time to come.


Shakespeare’s Love Sonnets

When it comes to love, many feel that Shakespeare expresses it better than most. This book is a collection of his love sonnets, and it doesn’t get much more romantic than you reading these sonnets to her. You can take it seriously, or really cheese it up depending on her personality and yours.


Make Her Waffles

If she loves to order waffles when you go out for breakfast, bring the taste of restaurant quality Belgian-style waffles to your home. This waffle maker is the key, making sure that the waffles turn out exactly how you want them to, making it a very special breakfast anytime you spark it up.


Valentine’s Day Wine and Chocolates

Cover both bases by getting this wine and chocolate set, which puts together two very romantic gifts into one. The only thing missing is some flowers, which are pretty much a staple of any Valentine’s Day gift-giving experience. With that trio you’re sure to put a smile on her face.


Personalized Tree Initial Wall Art

This piece of artwork is customized to have both of your initials on it. It features a tree with the initials carved into it, and to make it extra special there are two birds sitting in the tree, colored red to really stand out. Anytime she walks past it she’ll definitely feel the love.


Penguin Love Journal

This love journal is something that she can keep for quite some time, and you can either fill it up with love notes and stories of fun times you had together, or simply put a brief message in it and let her use it as a journal of her own thoughts and feelings about you.


Valentine’s Day Brownie & Cookie Tin

Why decide between brownies and cookies when you can have them both? This tin combines heart-shaped sugar cookies with red and white icing along with scrumptious brownies that you don’t have to bake. It all comes in a cute red and white and heart-covered keepsake tin.


Flamingo Coir Mat

This mat features two flamingos that make a heart out of their necks and heads. It is super cute and something that she can put in front of her door during the Valentine season, or all year long so everyone knows two love birds are nesting here.


The Best Electric Wine Opener

If the two of you are wine lovers make things a bit easier with this electric wine opener that’s been rated the best you can buy. Feedback indicates that it is very easy to operate, and takes all of the grunt work out of opening a bottle of wine so you can focus on enjoying it together.


Copper & Glass Heart Reliquary Box

This box is made out of copper and glass and can contain anything she wants to hold it. The inscription says “You are the center of my heart” and features a bead that goes right in the middle of the heart. There is even an inscription on the inside.


Personalized Mug Set

This mug set is extra special because it has your names printed right on them and the handles are shaped like hearts. What’s great is that when they are placed next to each other they look awesome, but even when they are not together they still look great.


Large Leather Jewelry Box

If she has plenty of jewelry to store you can’t go wrong by getting her this large leather jewelry box to hold it all. These are precision crafted boxes that are made out of full-grain leather. They have a faux suede interior so that her jewelry won’t tarnish. This is even able to be monogrammed so you can personalize it for her.


Be My Valentine Petits Fours

Here’s something different that will really make her mouth water, a total of 16 bite-sized petit fours that are all decorated with hearts, x’s and o’s, and the word Love. Break away from the ordinary chocolates and go with these petit fours and she’ll be on cloud nine.


Indoor Gardening System

If she likes to garden but the weather doesn’t permit it most of the year bring things indoors with this indoor gardening system. It makes things easy by giving you reminders to water the plants, and makes it so she can grow herbs and other flowers indoors keeping her spirits up and helping to brighten up the indoors.


Musical Wine Glasses

These musical wine glasses feature lines that show you where to pour the wine in order to hit the right note. If you get enough of them you can put different amounts of wine in each glass and play her favorite song as a way to present these to her. You can also use them long after Valentine’s Day each time you drink wine.


Anything from The Body Shop

You pretty much can’t go wrong with any gift from The Body Shop. While the brick and mortar stores might be a little overwhelming for most guys, the online store lays out everything in a neat and organized manner. Just go to the best sellers page and you will be presented with a wide assortment of gift ideas that you know women love.


Foot and Leg Spa

Treat her too a foot and leg treatment whenever she wants with this foot and leg spa. It will help soothe away aches and pains in the feet and calves, and is great after a long day of work. For about the same price as one trip to the spa you can bring the experience home so she can use it whenever she likes.


Viva La Juicy Perfume

Perfume is a popular Valentine’s gift, but it can be hard to know exactly which perfume to get her. This perfume is highly rated, and appears to have mass appeal when it comes to its smell. Along with flowers and a bit of chocolate you’ve got it all.


Personalized Tandem Bike Tumblers

It’s hard not to sing the “bicycle built for two” song when you see these tandem bike tumblers with your names printed right on them. If the two of you like taking bike rides together this is the perfect Valentine’s gift because it shows that you two are in sync and riding along your path together.


Plush Genuine Turkish Towels

If you’ve never tried a Turkish towel then you owe it to yourself and her to grab a pair of these genuine plush Turkish towels. They are the perfect end to a nice hot bath or shower, and are so soft and luxurious that she’ll feel like she is at a fancy spa even if it is just the bathroom.


Towel Warmer

There’s no better way to step out of the shower then to a into a pre-heated towel. When you combine this with the Turkish towels shown above you really make bath or shower time extra special by orchestrating the perfect finish. Heat your towel once and you’ll never go back.


Personalized Red Camisole and Shorties

This set features a red camisole and matching shorts so she looks great, and it also features customization in the form of your name on them so she doesn’t forget whose girl she is. It is a cute way of letting her know how you feel about her and also giving her something sexy to wear.


12 Ways To Say I Love You Journal

If you sometimes have trouble expressing just how you feel about her, this journal gets your mind thinking of just how much she means to you. It includes Mad Libs style fill in the blank exercises for you to do, as well as other activities to get your mental juices flowing.


Personalized I Love You Chalkboard

Here’s a chalkboard that lets you fully customize it to your specific relationship. It lists the reasons that you love them and is also personalized with your own message at the bottom. You can use simple chalk to list all the reasons why you love her, or maybe just a few, and keep it updated regularly.


Drink Wine at Sunset

This special carrying case is made to hold a bottle of wine, two glasses, a pair of napkins, and a bottle opener. All that is needed is a sunset and you are all set. While she may enjoy opening this gift, it is really the act of spending time with you in a romantic setting whilst drinking a bottle of wine that she will really enjoy.


Chocolate Indulgence Valentine’s Tower

This Valentines tower just keeps the chocolate flowing in several different forms. It makes for a fantastic presentation with its white bow that says Happy Valentine’s Day on it, and three tiers of boxes that will give her plenty to open and enjoy.


6 Flavor Popcorn Tin

Here’s a popcorn tin that crams six different flavors of popcorn all in one container. This isn’t your typical Orville Redenbacher popcorn, this is gourmet caliber popcorn that you’ll want to savor. Combine this with a DVD of her favorite romantic movie and you’ve got one heck of a night in store.


80-Piece Deluxe Art Set

Appeal to her artistic side with this 80-piece deluxe art set. It includes everything she’ll need to sketch, draw, and color her own pieces of art. If she’s expressed any interest in becoming more artistic this is a very thoughtful gift. Be sure to provide some special paper along with it.

Prices Vary

Classic Valentine’s Chocolates

Here is the most classic Valentine’s gift ever created. You can’t get much more traditional than a heart shaped box filled with delectable chocolates inside. Give these with her favorite flowers and you’ll have done your duty for another year.


Molecular Gastronomy Kit

This kit shows you how to make interesting looking and amazing tasting foods in forms that you never thought possible. She’ll love that you took the time and made the effort to cook for her like a gourmet chef. The best way to give her this gift is to try out some of the techniques and serve her a five star restaurant style meal.


Couple’s Key Chains

When placed together these chains form a heart, and when they are separated they double as a bottle opener. This blends the practical with the elegant and it is a way to keep each other in your thoughts throughout the day whenever you see your respective key chains.


Sleep Therapy Mask

Give the gift of better sleep with this sleep therapy mask. It is more than just an eye cover, it includes a blue lights that is designed to help her fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. You wouldn’t believe what a difference sleep can make a person that hasn’t been getting enough.


“To The Moon and Back” Pendant Necklace

This pendant features a very loving quote “I love you to the moon and back.” and it is artistically done by placing part of the message on a moon shaped crescent. It’s a necklace she can wear everyday, or on special occasions like a night out with you.


Make Her Pancakes

The simple act of making her a pancake breakfast could be enough to show how much you appreciate her this Valentine’s Day. With these specially designed pancake plates she’ll have a reservoir to catch the syrup so she can dunk her pancake bites into the syrup without making the other pancakes too soggy.


Gardener Folding Chair with Tools

Spring is just around the corner so If she loves to garden get her this gardener’s folding chair that comes with the tools she’ll need to get the job done. It is easily transportable so she can move around the yard and garden as needed to attend to the different tasks.

Prices Vary

Three Layer Chocolate Valentine’s Cake

They really went the extra mile when making this three layer chocolate cake for Valentine’s Day. If she’s a chocolate lover this is sure to satisfy, and it is a nice way to give her chocolate without giving her smaller pieces of chocolate in a box. It is decorated extra special with a heart on top and xoxo written on the heart.


Love Is Kind Engraved Mirrored Storage Box

This mirror storage box is something she will cherish because it looks great, and comes engraved with her name on it. You can write your own love verse on it, and they give you plenty of room to come up with something awesome. You can also simply borrow from one of the great poets and then add your name to the bottom.


Gold Tub Spa Bath Gift Set

The gold tub that this bath set is presented in is a big tip off as to where this is meant to be used. It’s a very decorative set, but also very useful because it includes a loofah, shower gel, and bubble bath so that she can really pamper herself and feel like a million bucks when she steps out of the bath.


Double Heart Sandalwood Box

This piece adds instant rustic charm to any bedroom, and will make a great place for her to hold necklaces, rings, bracelets and other accessories. It is handcrafted so no two are exactly alike, making it a unique piece she can treasure and even pass down.


Personalized Heart Shaped Cutting Board Set

Here’s a cutting board set that comes with its own knife, making it a great board to serve up cheeses in a romantic setting, such as in front of the fireplace. Its engraved with your names or any other message you want that captures your relationship best.


Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ Tablet

This tablet from Amazon contends with the Apple iPad Air but it lighter, has a higher resolution, and runs Android apps so it can do just about anything. It’s sure to become the center of her world, after you of course.

Prices Vary

PillowStep Satin Cuff Clog

The way to a woman’s heart is through her feet, so it makes sense to make sure that they’re well taken care of. These clogs can be worn as slippers around the house and will make sure that her feet are properly pampered with each step that she takes indoors.

Prices Vary

Shiatsu Foot Massager

Giving a foot massage is a great way to build intimacy between the two of you, but what if there was a machine that could do the heavy lifting for you? This foot massager is equipped to give a shiatsu style foot rub to your special lady, so you can relax while she is taken care of.


Wonder Woman Apron

Give her the appearance of Wonder Woman in the kitchen with this specially designed apron. If you want to balance things out you can get yourself the Superman apron and you’ll be the dynamic duo in the kitchen whipping up a tasty meal together.


Love Will Find a Way Personalized Art

Pay homage to how you two found each other with this personalized wall art that showcases the distances you traversed thanks to love. It’s amazing the coincidences and intricacies that led to your connection, and what better way to be reminded of that than with a decorative piece like this.


Champagne Romance Gourmet Gift Set

Champagne kisses will definitely be in order with this gourmet gift set featuring all of the requisite items for a delicious and passionate night together. Indulge in the sweetness of the champagne paired with the luscious and rich chocolates that come in the set. Surely she won’t mind sharing with her special love.


He Loves Me Pillow

A petal countdown with a happy ending is the main message of this He loves me pillow. It will conjure up nostalgic feelings as she remembers plucking the petals as a young girl hoping that the man of her dreams loves her back.


Square Angel Diamond Chronograph Watch

A watch is a timeless Valentine’s gift that always makes sense, but can sometimes be hard on the wallet. This watch splits the difference between being excessively expensive and suspiciously cheap and provides a well-reviewed timepiece she can get plenty of use out of.


Engraved Heart Bookmark

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the bookworm, this heart bookmark features her name engraved into it, making it truly personalized. She’ll think of you each time she turns to her book, so make sure that she’s an avid reader so she’ll think of you lots.


Cymbal Of Love Pendant

This pendant is made from repurposed materials, for example broken cymbals that can no longer be played. This makes it a great gift for the music lover in your life, since the rest of it is also made from old musical instruments, such as guitar strings.


Personalized Jewelry Box

This jewelry box not only has both of your names printed on it, it also allows you to choose the different reasons why you love her, to affirm these qualities and make her realize that you don’t take them, or her, for granted.


Soft Chevron Sheer Infinity Scarf

If you want to get her a clothing item but don’t know what kind is right as a gift, go with a scarf. For starters, you don’t have to worry about it not fitting. Add to that the fact that you get to choose from a long line of colors so you can match it to her personal tastes and you’ve got a winner.

Prices Vary

Chocolate Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket

Combine salty, sweet, and crunchy with this gift basket that has two different types of chocolate covered pretzels, two different types of popcorn, peanut brittle, and plenty more to munch on. This goes great with a movie, or with a glass of wine, or with both at the same time.


Love Letter Necklace

This handmade necklace uses just three words but sends a message that you’re not just here for the short term, but are planning to be with her forever. It’s the sort of touching gift that might make her cry, since it has an element of surprise by having to open the letter to complete the saying.


Coffee Variety Sampler

Does she have one of those one-cup coffee makers that use the pods to brew a single cup? If so you can let her sample 30 different coffees one at a time. That’s an entire month’s worth if she has a morning cup and she’ll never taste the same coffee twice.

Prices Vary

Our Special Moments Personalized Photo Box

This photo box serves double duty, first as an attractive picture frame for a shot of the two of you, and also as a keepsake holder for miscellaneous items from times you’ve shared together. She’s sure to love it, and you’ll get bonus points for being thoughtful if you preload it with a sentimental item.


Warming Backrest Massager

This backrest attempts to do it all by warming her up, and massaging her down so that she’s totally relaxed while she reads, watches TV, or just snuggles up and thinks about you while you’re gone. Gift this along with her favorite novel in paperback form or a Kindle and she’ll have all she needs to unwind.


Pink Tool Kit

If you’re the handy type you can get “her” this pink tool kit, with the understanding that you’ll handle all of the jobs she needs done. It’s a way of giving the gift of being Mr. Fix It, or if she’s a DIY type that watches far too much HGTV she might use it herself.


Intersection Of Love

What happens at the corner of you and her is nobody’s business but your own, but in this example they’re calling it the Intersection of Love. It’s a classic piece that looks like a retro album cover or a piece of pop art Americana. She’ll love it!


Nest Learning Thermostat

For the woman that’s perpetually at odds with the temperature inside, get the Nest thermostat and she’ll have a thermostat that listens and learns. She can program it to heat the house before her arrival, and it will learn her schedule, heating things up or cooling them down as needed.

Prices Vary

Fancy Monogram Necklace

This necklace features her initial in a fancy script, making it look like a nice piece of jewelry without having to spend a fortune. She’ll look great and you’ll get the double bonus of giving a great gift and getting to look at how pretty she is.

Prices Vary

Kissing Lovers Sculpture

A classic sculpture featuring two lovers kissing, this will become her favorite new decorative piece around the home. It’s not large, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and goes well with several different style tastes. It is made from soapstone, so it has a very unique feel to it that even gives it a special look.


Valentine’s Day Gourmet Gift Basket

When you want to err on the side of caution, go gourmet. This Valentine’s gourmet gift basket covers all of the bases, and does so in style. She’ll be inundated with wave after wave of gourmet goodies to excite the taste buds and satisfy an assortment of food cravings.


Kama Sutra Honey Dust

Time to kick things into a sexier gear with this honey dust from the Kama Sutra line or products. It includes a feather to lightly apply the dust to her body, and then you get the pleasure of licking it off. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more sensual, it’s time to switch roles.

Prices Vary

Green Tea Starter Kit

If she loves tea, get her this green tea starter kit which includes everything she’ll need to prepare it in the Japanese style. This isn’t the sort of green tea from Lipton that comes in bag, this is matcha powder that you add hot water to, whisk, and enjoy. It’s super healthy too!

Prices Vary

Personalized Stump Ring

Carving your initials into a tree is harder than it looks, so take the easy way out and go with this stump ring that brings the tree right to her finger. It’s personalized with your initials so the basic message is the same: You two are in love 🙂


Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Keep her entertained in the shower with the water resistant Bluetooth shower speaker. She’ll be able to sing along with her favorite artists with decent sound and not have to worry about getting her phone wet. Great for American Idol hopefuls that love the acoustics a shower provides.


Ultra-Compact Portable Charger

This little guy is the size of a lipstick holder and provides backup power when it’s needed most. If she’s always mentioning that she ran out of battery at the most inconvenient times possible, she’ll appreciate that you’re attempting to solve the problem and providing juice for an important call or text message.

Prices Vary

Giorgio Armani Perfume Spray Gift Set

If you’re going to go with perfume, go with a trusted brand like Giorgio Armani. While usually associated with men’s suits, he knows a thing or two about women’s perfume, and this gift set gets top ratings so you know she’s going to be thrilled.

Prices Vary

Vanilla Milk Bath Gift Set

This bath set is designed to transport her to a different realm of relaxation, and it’s going to provide her with everything needed to have a nice time. Pair this up with one of the Turkish towels above, as well as the towel heater and bath caddy and you’re really going above and beyond.

Prices Vary

Kona Coffee Sampler

She hasn’t tried coffee until she’s tried Kona coffee. This sampler pack is all certified Kona, so it’s the real deal. They’re pretty specific about what gets labeled Kona and what doesn’t so you know this is legit. Just be careful, she may develop a taste for it and it’s the priciest coffee around.

Prices Vary

Sexy Custom Coupons

This takes the old classic of making coupons as a gift and dolls it up a bit so it doesn’t look cheap or generic. It adds images and looks really professional, while still being totally customizable so she’ll see that you put some thought into it and didn’t just scramble to make a last minute gift.


Ticket Stub Diary

Start keeping a collection of ticket stubs from the events you’ve attended together. It’s a fun way of mapping out what you do, and if you already have them lying around or in a shoebox this is a great way to organize them and keep them safe.


Ultra-Plush Warming Blanket

Newsflash: Women get cold. Warm her back up with this ultra-plush warming blanket. It will keep her toasty when you’re not around, and when you’re both under there you’ll need to turn it to a lower setting. It’s so soft and cuddly it’s sure to make her melt.


She Comes First

We all know that you’re an awesome lover, but you could always be a little better, right? This book not only gives you some instructions you can apply, but also attempts to give you a fresh perspective on the point of all this love making. This alone can lead to a more fulfilling sex life, both for her and for you. So don’t give this to her, buy it for yourself, read it, and make any necessary adjustments.


Kama Sutra Massage Oils

If you took our earlier advice and are getting her the Sensual Massage Super Package near the top of this list, you’ll need some massage oils to go with that. If you just want to wing it and give her your own version of a sensual massage, go for it, but you’ll still need a massage oil to get the job done, and the Kama Sutra brand has you covered.


Couples Letter Book

This set includes the stationary and envelopes you need to correspond with each other using snail mail and have an olden times romance just like long distance lovers, even if you’re always in the same zip code. It has compartments to store it all so you have it all documented for future generations.


I Dare You: 30 Sealed Seductions

These sealed seductions are sure to keep things hot and steamy between you, and it takes the game of Truth or Dare and focuses just on the dares. It keeps it classy though and is not something that will look too licentious. Pair it up with a thoughtful gift listed above and you’re golden.


12 DIY Valentine Gifts for Her

DIY Marquee LOVE

Make her this marquee love sign and she’ll love you even more than she already does. It’s the sort of gift that is like shouting your love from the mountaintops, and women love this sort of thing. She can keep it out all year long.

Favorite Memories Balloon Pinata

This is a way to really knock her socks off, and gives her a memorable gift she won’t soon forget. The balloon contains plenty of memories that you two have created, and when she pops it they float to the floor so she can read them.

Easy Valentine Plate

This plate is easy to make, so don’t be intimidated by it. It’s the craftsy gift that women get excited over, and when she sees that you took the time to try something artsy she’ll swoon. Put your own personal touch on this one.

Hearts Coffee Cozy

Here’s a gift she can use every day if she likes to have her morning coffee or tea. It’s sure to be greatly appreciated since it serves the dual function of keeping the coffee warm and her hand protected from a cup that’s too hot.

Heart in a Jar Pin

Let her know that she has your heart when you give her this heart in a jar pin. It’s almost as if your heart is a butterfly or lightning bug, and she’s captured it. It’s a cute pin that will light up her day and something she’ll really appreciate.

Wood You Be Mine Notebook

If you’re always joking around with her, try giving her this notebook that has a faux wood cover and says Wood you be mine? It’s the sort of cheesy play on words that you can have a simple laugh over, and a notebook she can use daily.

True Love Board

This is a great board to celebrate the true love you two have together. It’s a very subtle piece, and isn’t flashy or showy like many Valentine’s Day gifts. It’s something that she can display every day and forever.

DIY Heart Cutting Board

If she loves spending time in the kitchen, make her this heart shaped cutting board so she always remembers she’s loved. This would be a good DIY gift only if she enjoys cooking and doesn’t view it as a chore.

Valentine Photo Backdrop

Blow her away when you set up this perfect Valentine photo backdrop. The backdrop isn’t really the gift, it’s the fact that you want to take some cutesie Valentine pics this year and plaster them all over social media.

Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar

Help her get even more excited for Valentine’s Day when you make her this countdown calendar. It works like an Advent calendar for Christmas. Each day she’ll get to open a new piece, and the excitement will build.

Valentine Heart Pillow

Here’s a beautiful pillow that she is going to really enjoy on her sofa. It isn’t as hard to make as you might be thinking, and the look on her face when she realizes that you made it instead of bought it will be truly priceless.

Valentine Gloves

Keep her hands warm for the rest of the winter with these Valentine themed gloves. They’re pink with a little white heart in them. If you’ve never knit anything before they offer a video as well as several pictures to help you along.


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