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38 Creative, Fun and Practical Gifts for Woodworkers

Gifts for woodworkers don’t necessarily have to include tools, although we do have some awesome ones here in this collection if you’re looking for a practical idea. If you’re searching for more creative offerings, however, there are also sophisticated wooden wine glasses, soundwave wall art made from reclaimed wood, and even fun t-shirts and mugs emblazoned with woodworking puns and word play.

Practical and fun gifts for woodworkers.

I Can Build That Woodworker Shirt

If he likes a bit of DIH – that’s Do it Himself – this t-shirt will save him from having to tell you time and time again that he’s up to the job in hand.


Custom Woodworking Branding Iron

A fabulous gift for woodworkers, this brass and stainless steel branding iron will allow them to make their mark on any wooden creation they make, and can include your own customized artwork.


Wooden Genius Dice

Woodworkers will truly appreciate this pair of dice which have been handmade using walnut, maple, and cherry woods, making full use of the natural beauty of all three.


Pipe Carving Kit

If he makes wooden items for other people, give him a gift he can make for himself with this kit which will allow him to lovingly create a handsome wooden pipe.


Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Work Apron

Keep him clean when he’s working with a heavy duty waxed canvas apron, which comes with multiple tool pockets and crossover straps to minimize neck pains and strains.


Crafting with Wood Pallets

Wooden pallets are good for more than just stacking goods on – with the right tools and knowhow they can also be used to create fabulous rustic furniture, and this book shows them how.


Glubot Bottle

Easy to fill, the Glu-Bot comes in three different sizes and was designed by cabinet makers to make both horizontal and vertical application of glue a doddle, with no drips in sight.


Wooden Labyrinth Game

The path to contentment runs right through this beautiful wooden labyrinth puzzle. Handmade from sheesham wood by Indian artisans, five metal balls need to be guided through the maze to reach the middle.


Non-Slip Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

Woodworking isn’t just hard on the hands, it can play havoc with tired feet, too. Give them the gift of comfort with an anti-fatigue mat to take some of the strain.


GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock

Keep hands safe and heads free from flying debris with the GRR-RIPPER Pushblock, which uses both downward and inward pressure to keep wood where it’s meant to be.


Carhartt Men's Duck Nail Apron

This men’s duck nail apron is durable and hardwearing, and features 4 large pockets, one small, and an extra one for keeping a pencil close at hand, along with an adjustable nylon belt.


The Furniture Bible

If someone you know is serious about furniture restoration and would love to know all the best techniques, this book will become their invaluable go-to guide to getting it right.


Flex Grip Work Gloves

Made with synthetic leather, these heavy duty work gloves feature shrink-resistant technology which makes them ideal for outdoor work, along with cold weather insulation to keep hard working hands warm.


Festool Domino Joiner

The unique, patented rotating and oscillating action of the Festool Domino makes joining easier and faster by ensuring that every single cut is perfect the first time.


PONY 52 Pipe Clamp

A decent clamp is one of the most important tools a DIYer can have; the PONY 52 can be used on any ½ inch pipe and boasts a durable baked enamel finish.


Papa's Workshop Sawblade Sign

Make sure everyone knows whose work shop it is with this fun powder coated steel sign, which is made using a real saw blade and reads ‘Papa’s Work Shop’.


MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband

There are few things as annoying as dropping a screw just when you need it. This magnetic wristband will hold all their screws, nuts, bolts and more and keep them close at hand.


Hearing Protector with Bluetooth

With a Noise Reduction Rating of 24 dB, these 3M headphones will stream music and allow them to make and receive calls wirelessly, while protecting their ears from noisy machinery.


Wixey Digital Angle Gauge with Backlight

This handy little gadget will allow anyone to measure angles accurately and effortlessly, and comes with a range of +/- 10 degrees and a backlight for easy reading.


Festool Tape Measure

A decent tape measure is one of the best woodworking gifts you can give, and this one includes both imperial and metric scales, and features a clear window for measuring tight spots.


Makita Cordless Impact Driver Kit

With a charge time of only 30 minutes, the Makita cordless driver allows for a multitude of fastening jobs, including deck, TEK, and cabinet screws, as well as lag bolts and more.


The Wood Father Woodworking Shirt

If he fancies himself as the Don Corleone of the woodworking world, this t-shirt will make a fun gift to wear as it features the iconic logo of ‘The Woodfather’.

Prices Vary

eTape Digital Tape Measure

The digital measuring screen on the eTape 16 measuring tape ensures there’s no room for error when reading measurements, while the triple memory and centreline calculation mean accurate results every time.


Timbrefone Acoustic Phone Amp

The Timbrefone Acoustic Phone Amp will look totally at home in the workshop thanks to the sleek Baltic birch, no-wires design which comfortably amplifies all iPhone devices up to the 6+.


Black and Decker Compact Refrigerator

DIYing can be thirsty work, so make sure they have access to cold, refreshing drinks with this compact refrigerator, which holds 2 liter bottles and a variety of smaller cans and jars.


State Topography Sculpture

Anyone who works with wood will appreciate the natural beauty of this brass and cherry wood sculpture, which features the intriguing topography of the state they call home.

$90.00- $115.00

The New Bandsaw Box Book

There are boxes, and then there are beautiful boxes, and this book – which is suitable for beginners and professionals alike – will show them how to create some stunning wooden designs.


Rockler Glue Applicator Set

Woodworking is all about precision, from the measuring to the cutting, and even the application of glue. This set will ensure the glue goes exactly where it’s supposed to, with minimal squeeze required.


Bosch Laser Level and Square

With accuracy guaranteed, the Bosch Laser Level and Square projects both horizontal and vertical ‘chalk’ lines onto any project (up to 30ft), to ensure the most perfect of 90 degree angles.

Prices Vary

Woodworking is Not a Hobby Mug

Everyone needs a woodworking friend, and this mug explains why – in the event of zombies, asteroids, or catastrophic natural disasters, a woodworker could be the most valuable commodity you have!


Hardware and Craft Cabinet

With 32 small drawers and 12 large ones, this plastic organizer can be freestanding or mounted to a wall to keep nuts, bolts, screws, and other components safely stored in one convenient place.


Custom Song Wall Sculpture

Woodworkers appreciate a beautiful wooden sculpture, but this one carries special meaning because it’s been made from reclaimed wood to represent the soundwave from their favorite ever song.

$280.00- $460.00

Neiko Electronic Digital Caliper

This digital caliper switches from inches to millimetres or fractions with just one touch of a button, to measure inside, outside, depth and step with a large, easy to read digital display.


Kreg Multi-Mark Marking and Measuring Tool

The Multi-Mark makes an invaluable woodworking gift as it features a multitude of measuring functions for every kind of job, and comes with three different scale configurations and a built-in level.


Measure Twice Cut Once Shirt

A great mantra to live by for any tradesperson, this ‘measure twice, cut once’ tee is soft, comfortable, and makes a fun gift for any woodworker to wear for work or play.


Woodworking Print Set

These woodworking tool blueprints will make a fabulous addition to the home or workshop and come in a variety of color and size options, including vintage parchment, and chalkboard.


Wooden Wine Glasses – Set of 2

Handmade from black walnut wood, these wine ‘glasses’ not only look fabulous, but can also temper the taste of wine by mellowing bitter notes to allow more subtle flavors to shine.


Folding Knife Making Kit

Unleash the mountain man in him with this incredible set which includes everything he will need to create his own folding knife, including tools, sandpaper, and the knife assembly parts.


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