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45 Creative Gifts for Architects

When you need the right gifts for architects, it can be hard picking out something good, especially if you’re not an architect. Here is a selection of helpful and unique gifts that play to their profession and will make them happy.

45 Creative Gifts for Architects- and aspiring designers.

Blueprint Cufflinks

When it’s time for a night out on the town, these blueprint cufflinks look great and give a nod to their profession. Only an architect could pull off a pair of blueprint cufflinks, and that’s what makes these so spot on as a gift.


Concrete Desk Set

This desk set is made out of concrete, which makes it the perfect set to give to an architect, since much of what they create is made of the stuff. It’s sure to last a long time and also looks great on top of the desk.


Frank Gehry Class

They’ll be able to learn from world renowned architect, Frank Gehry, with this online masterclass which includes 17 online video tutorials and a downloadable class workbook.

Prices vary

Architectural Bird Feeder

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, this Prairie style bird feeder features an intricate glass pattern from his Darwin D. Martin house, making it a perfectly suited accessory for any architect’s garden.


LEGO Architecture Studio Building Blocks Set

It could be argued that LEGO is for children, but this monochromatic 1210 piece architecture set says otherwise. With a 272 page guidebook, anyone can release their inner architect and create endless structures.


Origami Building Blocks

These origami building blocks come with a challenge; instead of receiving ready-made blocks, they need to fold them along the scored lines and then snap them together to create futuristic builds.

Prices vary

Areaware Blockitecture Garden City Mega Set

Made from New Zealand pine, this 20 piece building set is made up of both cantilever and nest hexagonal blocks which can create beautiful city dwellings, complete with contrasting greenery.

Prices Vary

Funny Architect Mug

The word “architect” isn’t an easy word to spell and this funny, inexpensive mug would make an ideal gift for someone who is in this line of work.


The Story of Buildings: From the Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House and Beyond

The creativity behind architecture is fascinating, and with this book by Patrick Dillon, the reader will discover the ingenuity behind famous structures, such as the pyramids and the Pompidou Center.


Leica Laser Distance Measure

With a Leica distance measure, getting the necessary measurements couldn’t be easier. Simply point and shoot, then send the numbers through to the free DISTO app via Bluetooth.


Architecture Coffee Mug

This 10oz mug is designed to look like a blueprint, and features architectural drawings of famous buildings such as Notre Dame Cathedral and the Pantheon, all over the surface.


Brooklyn Bridge Bookends

Anyone who’s been to New York will instantly recognize the Brooklyn Bridge, and this pair of powder coated bookends look like each end of this world famous structure.


The Architect Says: Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom

It’s nearly impossible to understand what goes on inside the creative mind of an architect, but this book offers an insight with quotes and quips from some of the world’s most famous engineers.


FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro

Arguably one of the most valuable tools an architect can have, a 3D printer allows them to bring their visions to life and hold a scaled-down version in the palm of their hands.


Baseball Stadium Blueprints

To some people, a blueprint might seem a strange choice for art, but to an architect it’s everything! This version features the design from their favorite baseball stadium in a stunning vintage design.


Living Composter

Reduce weekly waste by feeding the worms living inside this scientifically designed composter; it’s a fascinating way to dispose of vegetable peelings, grains and teabags, and is ideal for a small household.


World's Greatest Architect Mug

Every architect needs a hot beverage while they draw up the plans for their next big project, and this durable customizable ceramic mug, available in two sizes, is the ideal one.


Yoda Best Architect

This double sided 10oz ceramic mug combines their love of Star Wars and their career – just the thing an architect needs while designing blueprints of their latest structure.


Notre Dame Cathedral 3D Metal Model Kit

Both budding young architects and grown adults who are already in the industry will enjoy this highly detailed metal reconstruction kit of the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral.


Frank Lloyd Wright Double Sided Puzzle

With a blueprint of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater on one side, and a blueprint of the same on the other, this 500 piece jigsaw puzzle will make an absorbing gift for architects.


Architect L9 Watch

Architects rarely look at things in a linear way, and the abstract design on the face of this Cronometrics timepiece is sure to get their creative juices flowing.

Prices Vary

Book Lamp Folding Portable Desk Light

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term “book light”, this maple wood-covered book looks fairly ordinary until it’s opened and a soft LED light is cast across the room.

Prices Vary

The Hand of The Architect

Just like artists, every architect's work is different. Inside the pages of this book are 378 autographed drawings by 110 world renowned architects, highlighting how unique each individual is.


Cat Blueprints

Made to look like an authentic vintage blueprint, this piece of art has a detailed illustration as well as “design specs” about a number of cat breeds – ideal for feline fans.


NYC Skyline Chess

New York is filled with amazing structures which are brought to life in this skyline chess board, which replaces each playing piece with an iconic NYC landmark.


NYC Vignelli Map Timepieces

Used by commuters from 1972 to 1979, Massimo Vignelli’s famous subway diagram can now be worn by fans of the designer inside a beautiful stainless steel watch.


The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings (TED Books)

Where will the planet be in 50 years? Only time will tell, but the human race needs to adapt pretty quickly and that includes architecture, something which this book explores in detail.


Cityscape Print

Each city skyline is unique, and Jason Watkins has taken the best parts of several and combined them in this intricate fine-tip drawing which took more than 120 hours to complete.

$60.00- $175.00

Contractor Pen

An architect wouldn’t be able to do their job without the right equipment, but with this multi-tool – which includes a ruler and a drywall gauge – they’ll be ready for anything.


The Golden Ruler

The Golden Ratio is something every architect will know about, and this sturdy brass ruler makes a versatile gift for architects as it features geometry’s most famous equation.


The Architecture of the Cocktail: Constructing the Perfect Cocktail from the Bottom Up

It’s not just buildings which need perfect architecture, cocktails do as well, and this book explores the intricate art behind mixology while promising to deliver the perfect drink every time.


Topography and Landmark Plates

Now it’s the grown-ups’ turn to play with their food on one of three landmark plates which feature each city’s topography – just add food to fill in the missing pieces!

Prices vary

Frank Lloyd Wright Graycliff Estate Opener

Give them a piece of architectural history with this unusual bottle opener, which is made using recovered copper from the Graycliff estate, one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most iconic builds.


Funny Shirt

Available in 5 colors, this unisex cotton tee offers a hilarious insight into everyday life as an architect, because yes, they’ll always have an opinion on other people’s houses!


Architect Pencils

It’ll come as no surprise that architects like to draw, and that’s why this set of 5 matte pens, all printed with puns, is a simple and inexpensive gift they’ll truly appreciate.


Rotring 800 Mechanical Pencil

Boasting a full metal body, this top of the range mechanical pencil will ensure their creativity is never interrupted by something as mundane as a blunt lead.


Golden Gate Bridge Bookends

San Francisco is synonymous with the Golden Gate Bridge, and ‘cisco fans can keep their beloved landmark close with this pair of bookends which make up either end.


Dog Blueprints

These dog blueprints are the perfect gift to give to the dog-loving architect in your life. It outlines the main features of the dog breed you choose from, much like a blueprint goes over the main features of a building and gives the overall concept.


The Great Architecture Mug

This mug features the blueprints for some of the most amazing architecture from early times until now. Perhaps they’ll be able to create a building that one day makes it onto a mug like this, but until then they can sip their coffee and be reminded of the greats.


Future Architect Babysuit

If you’re looking for a gifts for an architect with a new baby in the home, you can’t go wrong with this onesie. When they wear it you’ll be letting everyone know that they’re probably going to end up being an architect as well.


Trust Me I’m an Architect T-Shirt

We entrust architects with our very lives by living and working in the buildings they’ve designed, trusting that they won’t topple down on us. That’s a pretty good reason to give them our trust, and makes this shirt very apt.

Prices Vary

Lego Guggenheim Museum

This Lego set brings the Guggenheim museum to life, albeit on a smaller scale. They’ll have fun recreating this architectural wonder, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. This is one Lego structure that is true to its real life counterpart.


Drawing and Sketching Pencil Set

This pencil set is something that they can keep by their side for whenever inspiration strikes. They’ll be able to quickly jot down or sketch out a design idea wherever they might be. It comes in its own carrying case so it’s always ready.


Architect Parking Only Sign

Designate their workspace even further with this Architect Parking Only sign. There’s a bit of an architecture joke to it because it says that violators will be leveled, hinting at the fact that everything needs to be level in order to function right.


101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

A lot gets learned at architecture school, and if you don’t refresh what you’ve learned you end up forgetting. This book makes a good reference for reiterating the most important things learned in school, and is sure to find a spot on their office bookshelf.


8 DIY Gifts for Architects

DIY Lego Clock

Here’s a clock that looks postmodern, but is made out of Legos and gives a nod to the blocks that help inspire them to create new and exciting buildings. Keep it simple by not adding the minifigures and it has a very eye-catching simplicity to it.

DIY Metallic Desk Tidy

This desk tidy does a good job of keeping their workspace tidy, it also looks like it cost a bunch even though it doesn’t cost much at all because you make it yourself out of reasonably priced materials.

DIY Flip Desk

Knock their socks off with this amazing flip desk and they’ll never forget the time they received a desk as a gift. It has a part to it that flips up, creating an additional workspace. It’s an attractive piece that can give them an instant home office.

Pallet Board World Map

This world map looks great on any office wall, especially an architect’s office wall. They’ll be able to see a map of the world, and it fits with most any decor. It’s especially good if they’re a well-traveled architect or would love to travel more.

Modern Mousepad

This mousepad encourages them to make it work, which is basically what architects do. They see a building site and have to figure out how to put a house or building on it, given the parameters that exist.

DIY Terrarium

You’ll be able to spruce up their office and bring a bit of nature to an otherwise unnatural place with this DIY terrarium. It’s easy enough to make, even if you’re not very artsy craftsy, and will definitely find a spot in their office.

DIY Pencil Holder

Help them keep all of their pencils in the right place with this DIY pencil holder. It has a mirror finish to it, so it looks great on their desk, and of course does a good job of pencil holding. They’ll thank you for the thoughtful gift.

Sawhorse Desk

This sawhorse desk gives a rustic look to their home office, and is sure to impress them if you make it for them. It provides a nice wide workplace for them so they can roll out blueprints, or have a large place to draw up a sketch of a building.


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