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16 Creative Gifts for Architects

When you need the right gifts for architects, it can be hard picking out something good, especially if you’re not an architect. Here is a selection of helpful and unique gifts that play to their profession and will make them happy.

16 Creative Gifts for Architects- and aspiring architects.

Blueprint Cufflinks

When it’s time for a night out on the town, these blueprint cufflinks look great and give a nod to their profession. Only an architect could pull off a pair of blueprint cufflinks, and that’s what makes these so spot on as a gift.

Prices Vary

Lego Architecture Studio

What sort of profession lets you play with Legos as a legitimate source of finding inspiration? Architects can let their imagination loose on this architecture studio that is designed to give them ideas for real life buildings.


Frank Lloyd Wright Doll

Everyone’s favorite architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, has been made into doll form, and can be just the sort of mascot they need in their corner. When it comes to buildings that catch the eye and work with the surroundings, Wright was a master, and this doll makes a fun companion.

Prices Vary

Concrete Desk Set

This desk set is made out of concrete, which makes it the perfect set to give to an architect, since much of what they create is made of the stuff. It’s sure to last a long time and also looks great on top of the desk.

Prices Vary

Dog Blueprints

These dog blueprints are the perfect gift to give to the dog-loving architect in your life. It outlines the main features of the dog breed you choose from, much like a blueprint goes over the main features of a building and gives the overall concept.


The Great Architecture Mug

This mug features the blueprints for some of the most amazing architecture from early times until now. Perhaps they’ll be able to create a building that one day makes it onto a mug like this, but until then they can sip their coffee and be reminded of the greats.


Architect Triangular Scale

This scale is made in a way that lets them get three different readings all at once. That way they can instantly convert measurements without the need of any extra calculations. It’s sure to provide a lot of time and brain energy savings.

Prices Vary8

Architects Birdfeeder

Here’s a birdfeeder that any architect can be proud to call their own. Rather than rely on conventional bird feeder designs, they’ve gone in a different direction and made this in a style that is sure to add a bit of complexity to any back or front yard.


Future Architect Babysuit

If you’re looking for a gifts for an architect with a new baby in the home, you can’t go wrong with this onesie. When they wear it you’ll be letting everyone know that they’re probably going to end up being an architect as well.


Giant Tumble Tower

You’ve seen Jenga but perhaps not on this sort of scale. This stands over five feet tall, and they can use their architectural skills to find out which block to remove without taking down the whole tower. Avoid the load bearing blocks to win!

Prices Vary

Trust Me I’m an Architect T-Shirt

We entrust architects with our very lives by living and working in the buildings they’ve designed, trusting that they won’t topple down on us. That’s a pretty good reason to give them our trust, and makes this shirt very apt.

Prices Vary

Lego Guggenheim Museum

This Lego set brings the Guggenheim museum to life, albeit on a smaller scale. They’ll have fun recreating this architectural wonder, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. This is one Lego structure that is true to its real life counterpart.


Drawing and Sketching Pencil Set

This pencil set is something that they can keep by their side for whenever inspiration strikes. They’ll be able to quickly jot down or sketch out a design idea wherever they might be. It comes in its own carrying case so it’s always ready.


Frank Lloyd Wright Business Card Holder

The designs of Frank Lloyd Wright have inspired many an architect, and this business card holder pays homage to those designs. It will be a conversation starter as they place a business card into it, especially if it’s another architect’s business card.

Prices Vary

Architect Parking Only Sign

Designate their workspace even further with this Architect Parking Only sign. There’s a bit of an architecture joke to it because it says that violators will be leveled, hinting at the fact that everything needs to be level in order to function right.


101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

A lot gets learned at architecture school, and if you don’t refresh what you’ve learned you end up forgetting. This book makes a good reference for reiterating the most important things learned in school, and is sure to find a spot on their office bookshelf.


9 DIY Gifts for Architects

DIY Lego Clock

Here’s a clock that looks postmodern, but is made out of Legos and gives a nod to the blocks that help inspire them to create new and exciting buildings. Keep it simple by not adding the minifigures and it has a very eye-catching simplicity to it.

DIY Metallic Desk Tidy

This desk tidy does a good job of keeping their workspace tidy, it also looks like it cost a bunch even though it doesn’t cost much at all because you make it yourself out of reasonably priced materials.

DIY Flip Desk

Knock their socks off with this amazing flip desk and they’ll never forget the time they received a desk as a gift. It has a part to it that flips up, creating an additional workspace. It’s an attractive piece that can give them an instant home office.

DIY Desk Organizer

Their desk will never be more organized than after you give them this desk organizer. It includes space for all sorts of office supplies, or they can use it as an inbox and outbox tray. One tray can be for things they need to work on, while the other one is for completed items.

Pallet Board World Map

This world map looks great on any office wall, especially an architect’s office wall. They’ll be able to see a map of the world, and it fits with most any decor. It’s especially good if they’re a well-traveled architect or would love to travel more.

Modern Mousepad

This mousepad encourages them to make it work, which is basically what architects do. They see a building site and have to figure out how to put a house or building on it, given the parameters that exist.

DIY Terrarium

You’ll be able to spruce up their office and bring a bit of nature to an otherwise unnatural place with this DIY terrarium. It’s easy enough to make, even if you’re not very artsy craftsy, and will definitely find a spot in their office.

DIY Pencil Holder

Help them keep all of their pencils in the right place with this DIY pencil holder. It has a mirror finish to it, so it looks great on their desk, and of course does a good job of pencil holding. They’ll thank you for the thoughtful gift.

Sawhorse Desk

This sawhorse desk gives a rustic look to their home office, and is sure to impress them if you make it for them. It provides a nice wide workplace for them so they can roll out blueprints, or have a large place to draw up a sketch of a building.


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