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33 Cool Gifts for Picky Teen Girls

Perhaps the biggest challenge with a teenage girl is finding gifts for them that they’ll like. Luckily for you, even the pickiest of teen girls will love the items on this list. Who knows? You might even get a smile of thanks!

Degree of difficulty is high on this one, but when I chose from these gifts for picky teenage girls I at least had a good shot at getting something that doesn’t, like, you know, totally suck.

Babycakes Mini Cupcake Maker

What teen girl doesn’t love a little sugar rush? And cupcakes are all the rage right now. This mini cupcake maker also includes recipes, so not only can she make her own delicious treats, but she can decorate them too. It’s a great gift, but it also gives you the opportunity to share some quality time together, making yummy memories.


Tank Storm Headphones

In case you haven’t noticed, teens today are slightly obsessed with music. But those little earbuds are soooo yesterday. These mega cool headphones work with any iPhone, android, or MP3 device and deliver sound that will make them feel as if they’re in the front row! Oh, there’s also a microphone, so if you call them while they’re listening, they can’t say they couldn’t answer with the headset on. Parenting done right!

Prices Vary

Ultra Portable Speaker

Her next sleepover can be turned into a dance party at the drop of a hat. And just in case your teen girl is in the sharing mood…meaning that she wants everyone in the house to be able to enjoy the soothing sounds of Bieber along with her… this ultra-portable speaker will do the job.


Pink Slouchback

She doesn’t want to sit and do her homework in her bed, the living room is too noisy, the dining room table is uncomfortable…so this super cool slouchback cushion is perfect! In just 30 seconds, the slouchback inflates, turning any space on her bedroom floor into a comfy couch. Complete with an internal pump and insulated cup holders, it will create the ideal spot for lounging or studying.

Prices Vary

Ticket Stub Organizer

As she becomes a little more independent, she’ll be heading out to the movies, shows, sports events, and concerts, making great and lasting memories with her friends. And this lovely ticket stub organizer gives her a place to preserve all those memories in style! A two ring binder, the acid-free plastic pages have lined inserts where she can jot down notes about each ticket, and there’s even a back cover pocket for larger mementos like Playbills and programs.


My Future Listography

The teen years are a magical time, a time in-between dreaming and doing. She’ll have hopes and ideas, dreams and goals, all swirling around in her head. This ingenious Listography journal gives her a place to jot them all down. It includes 70 thought-provoking list topics she’ll love, cute hand-drawn illustrations, and brilliant writing prompts to help her get going. Dream on, dreamer!

Prices Vary

Letters to My Future Self

Not as time consuming or daunting as an open-ended as a diary, this collection of 12 fold-and-mail style letters is a great way to start your teen girl on a path of self-reflection. She can not only capture a moment in time, what’s gone on for that week or that month, but she can also seal the letters with stickers and post-date them to look back on them later. A perfect gift for a young girl starting a new phase in her life.


Nail Art Kit Set

A quick look at any teen fashion magazine will tell you that nail is huge right now. Everyone from Taylor Swift to Demi Lovato are using nails to make a chic and trendy statement. It’s gone way beyond just painting one nail a different color and calling it “edgy.” Nail art has become…well…an art, and this nail art kit will give her all the sparkle she needs to make a next-level masterpiece.

Prices Vary

DIY Nail Art Designs

If she’s got the polish, then all she needs is a little bit of know-how, and this easy, step-by-step nail art book will do the trick! With easy to follow tutorials, any teen can recreate the 75 awesome and beautiful designs included in the book. Now she can change her nails as often as she changes her mind or her mood.


Metallic Flashing Shimmering Tattoos

With heartthrobs like Bieber and style icons like Rhianna getting inked, your teen girl may be wanting to do the same. Or maybe she’s just wanting to perfect her “boho cool” look. Either way, this fantastic love-inspired metallic shimmering tattoo set will more than fit the bill! And no messy water and paper towels involved with temporary tattoos of yesterday…just press these on to clean, dry skin and she’s good to shine!

Prices Vary

Premium Bath Bomb 6 Pack

Even if she’s not quite a woman yet, she probably has that “I love spa baths” gene in her somewhere, waiting to come out. Give her a sneak peek of how glorious and relaxing a good spa bath soak can be with these 6 delicious-smelling bath bombs. Packed with sea salt and essential oils these won’t irritate her skin, but leave it smooth and smelling divine (another bonus of bath time she’ll come to know and love).

Prices Vary

Wallies Peel and Stick Chalkboard Mural

Sometimes kids just want to write on the walls. Or tape things up that will only tear off the paint when they come down next month when her likes change and she’s on to something else. This ingenious and cool peel and stick chalkboard mural is the answer! It’s removable, repositionable, and wipes clean. Perfect for messages, doodles, and drawings.

Prices Vary

Travel Cheer Gym Duffel Bag

If she’s a teenage girl, then there’s bound to be afterschool activities. Whether it’s cheerleading, basketball, softball, gymnastics, karate, or anything in between, these gorgeous duffel bags will haul her gear in style. It’s also perfect for nights away or weekend trips. Each bag has foot pegs, a front pocket, a detachable shoulder strap, and a water resistant bottom, and with over 44 designs to choose from, you will surely find one that she’ll love.


Girly Guitar Picks Set

Whether she’s an aspiring musician or a guitarist well on her way to Taylor Swift superstardom, these awesome guitar picks will beautifully compliment her unique style. The 12 picks feature 6 lovely designs, and are made from a strong celluloid material, of medium size gauge thickness, and they work great on acoustic, electric, as well as bass guitars.


80-Piece Deluxe Art Set

Perhaps you have an aspiring artist on your hands? A painter or sketch artist? Perhaps a graphic illustrator or architect? If so, this fantastic 80-piece deluxe art set will provide everything she needs to transfer her visions to paper. It includes color pencils, oil pastels, watercolor cakes, paintbrushes, pencils, and necessary accessories such as sharpeners and erasers. Carried in this handsome wooden case with latch closure, it’s ideal for the artist on the go!


Doodle Diary

It’s definitely not a boring old diary. This doodle diary is something completely cool and completely different. It’s an introduction to art journaling, which blends doodling, drawing, and journaling all in one creative and inspiring space. Each page prompts an idea, a journaling project, one she can give her own unique and individual twist.


Teens Cookbook

Be honest. You’re kinda sick of hearing “There’s nothing to eat!” from your teenage girl, right? Even with a whole house full of food, she still can’t manage to find what she wants to eat. And, if she does, then she will no doubt need for you to make it. Well, with this teen instructional cook book (of sorts), she can not only find what she wants to eat, but she can figure out how to make it as well! Miracle of miracles!


Professional Makeup Kit

What with Kylie Jenner changing her look every 5 minutes, makeup trends can flood your teen’s feeds on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, just to name a few. But really, only a Kardashian has the kind of money it takes to keep up with their own Kardashian-created makeup trends! But this massive kit includes everything for the beginning makeup enthusiast, more than enough eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, glosses, pencils and brushes to keep up with any Kardashian while finding her own style!


Water Garden

She wants a pet…a lot. Why not start her off with something nice and easy, and beautiful to boot? This completely zen and utterly cool aquarium water garden is perfect for her dresser or desk. But it also is a bit of a science experiment: the topside garden and bottom side fish bowl create a symbiotic ecosystem. As the small herbs and decorative plants in the top grow, the water is circulated past their roots, which purifies the water, water which is then recycled back to the bottom tank, which makes for one happy fish. If she can keep both parts alive…well, you’ll talk about getting a hamster.


DIY Smartphone Projector

Come on. How cool will she be when she breaks out this awesome smartphone projector at her next slumber party or weekend chilling at her friend’s house? The cool retro-style projector can accommodate any phone up to 3 x 5.5 inches, giving her the ability to project and display her videos, photos, or even text onto any wall or flat surface.


Diana Instant Camera

The selfie. It’s out there. Your teenage girl has probably perfected it. And sure, you can post the pics to your “wall” on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, but you can’t exactly display them in your room or locker very easily, can you? Well, why not introduce her to the “back in my day” joys of the instant camera? This neat little camera takes Fujifilm Instax Mini Film, which is actually pretty easy to find in store and online these days. Instant is makin’ a comeback, baby!


Shower Squids

Just how many products does a teenage girl require to shower and bathe these days anyway? Well, these cute, quirky, and super convenient shower squids will not only hold all her stuff, but their tentacles can grip bottles upside down, so she can use every last drop of that sparkly, bubble-gum-smelling body wash!

Prices Vary

Diy Lip Balm Kit

If she loves lip gloss and lip balm like we know she does, then she will absolutely love this DIY lip balm kit. Included is everything she will need to make 5 adorable tins of cocoa-mint lip balm, using all organic and Fair Trade products like spearmint essential oil, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, and beeswax. Perfect to keep or to make as holiday treats for her friends!

Prices Vary

Game Of Phones

We know you worry about what kind of trouble she can get up to when out with her friends. And if the bunch of them get bored, the level of trouble can increase exponentially. That’s where Game of Phones comes in. The deck of cards creates a clever and super fun scavenger hunt for her and her friends using only their phones and things like emojis, their own photos, and Google search results. A game after a Gen-Y girl’s heart!

Prices Vary

Tabletop Cornhole

Your teen and her friends will love this fun little tabletop cornhole game. The game includes the board, launchers, 8 mini bean bags, and 4 score pegs, but it takes up virtually no room. And it comes with a secret parent bonus…it’s a simple and exciting game the entire family can play…together (but shhh… don’t let her know that).

Prices Vary

Sneaker Customization Kit

Teens love to make whatever sneakers they are wearing their own. They usually do that by taking a Sharpie to them and scribbling something that will end up getting wet and blurring, thereby ruining whatever nice pair of sneakers they used to be. So why not give your teen the ability to customize her sneakers the right way? She wants to express her style? This kit includes waterproof paint, a high quality brush, paint remover wipes, and the instructions she will need to make those kicks sing!


iPhone Charger Sticker Faces Set

No more boring white plugs! No more arguing about which iPhone charger is whose! This kit of 4 sticker sets will brighten up any iPhone, iPad, or iPod charging accessory, as well as make even the coolest of teen girls crack a smile! Super easy to apply and remove.

Prices Vary

Pocket DJ Mixer

The next time she’s at a sleepover, or hanging with her friends, she’ll be able to keep the tunes goin with this awesome pocket DJ mixer. There’s no need for any outside power source, all she has to do is plug it into the headphone jack of any phone, MP3 player or laptop, and she’ll be in control of the mids, highs, lows, and every beat in between!

Prices Vary

Cozy Cuddler Color Changing Pillow

She might be too old for those light-up pillow pets, but she’s never too old for some cool mood lighting in her room. And this color changing lighted pillow will add just the right touch to take her bedroom to the next level of “chill.” Colors of red, green, blue, yellow and purple softly defuse to make the pillow look like glowing tie-dye. So cool!

Prices Vary

Kiss Naturals: Natural DIY Hair Chalk Kit

With so many celebrities dying their hair exotic and crazy colors, it might be tempting for your teenage girl to attempt the same. Or maybe you just got tired of her begging for “green mermaid hair like Kylie Jenner.” Kiss Naturals DIY hair chalk to the rescue! And even better, this kit allows your teen to make 6 of her own brilliantly colored hair chalk, using Mica, which is a safe, natural mineral. She can color and streak her hair to her heart’s content, and it all washes right out.

Prices Vary

Portable Selfie Flash

As any selfie-obsessed teen can tell you, it’s so hard to get a good selfie on the front-facing camera in low light! It’s like, totally a bummer. But this cool portable selfie flash will solve that dilemma! It comes in 3 colors, and is so small that it fits nicely into any purse or pocket. The LED lamp can also act as an emergency light!

Prices Vary

Balloon Monkey Money Bank

Sometimes it’s tough to save money when you’re a teen. There’s just so many cool things out there to buy, and before they know it, that money is gone. Well, saving is about to get a whole lot more fun with this balloon monkey money bank! The shiny, gold, adorable shape might actually encourage them to save!

Prices Vary

Music Fountain Mini Amplifier Dancing Water Speakers

Imagine the sound and light show your teen can have every night, as the 4 multi-colored LEDs create incredible colored water jets that dance to the beat of their favorite tunes. Compatible with any audio device with a 3.5mm audio jack connection, the USB cable can also be used with any cell phone or MP3 player.

Prices Vary

6 DIY Gifts for Teen Girls

DIY Monogram Clay Keychains

A super fun and chic project for you or for your teenage girl to create monogram keychains or charms using clay, toothpicks, and an inexpensive clay embossing kit. Your teen can even make tags or charms for herself, or load up her friends with cool personalized gifts for the holidays! Find the full instructions here.

Covered Button Bobby Pins

Any handmade item will of course be special, but it will be even more special with a personalized touch from you. Maybe your teen girl has a favorite color, or maybe she’s crazy about polka dots or houndstooth? With some bobby pins, fabric, pliers, and Gorilla Glue, you can use these easy-to follow instructions (found here) to create the most perfect bobby pins she’s ever seen!

Girls Floral Wall

A teenage girl’s room is her sanctuary. Her escape from, well, everybody and everything. And creating these stunning wall flowers are a beautiful way to make her room really a home-sweet-home for her. With just some scraps of plywood, a bit of paint, and a paper flower kit, you can create her very own enchanted garden! Find the full instructions here.

Be Bright. Be Happy. Be You

The teenage years can be pretty scary and traumatic for girls. Especially in this day and age with social media constantly posting images of celebrities. It can be a daunting journey to find yourself amidst all that noise. So what a lovely, meaningful piece of art is this to create for your teen girl’s room? Be bright, be happy, be you. A simple reminder, but a powerful message. See the full instructions here.

DIY Stencilled PIllows

Teenage girls love their personalization, don’t they? Well these totally fab DIY stencilled pillows are a chic and easy way to add their own flair to their own personal space. Simply find some fabric they’d like, a few stencils that will highlight things they love, and fabric paint. In no time at all, she can have completely personalized pillows that will rock! Find the full instructions here.

DIY Flower Crown

These gorgeous flower crowns are in every magazine and every store lately…and they usually cost a bundle. That’s what is so great about this simple DIY flower crown craft idea! You choose the flowers, the layout, and you don’t have to break the bank doing it. With just a few artificial flowers (which you might be able to pilfer from wreaths and such around the house), some floral wire and tape, and the instructions (found here), you can give your teenage girl a fitting (and stylish) crown!

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