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38 Hilariously Funny Teen Gift Ideas (ROFL-Worthy)

Use our list to find perfect teen gift ideas. We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the most ROFL-worthy gifts out there which are guaranteed to put a smile on your teen’s face, no matter how much they want to stay miserable. We’ve got an idea to suit every taste and budget, so come take a look.

Our list is chock-a-block full of teen gift ideas for your down in the dumps adolescent.

Big Ol’ Hairy Costume Feet

Teenage boys love all things gross and slightly weird. If you need teen gift ideas, you don’t need to look much further than these Big Ol’ Hairy Feet. They can wear them around the house or even down the street – we’re pretty confident that they’ll get a reaction from most people.


Funny Homework Shirt

As our teenagers prepare to leave high school, their homework becomes even more important. But as we all know, they have a tendency to leave it to the last minute. This t-shirt will do the explaining to their all of their teachers so you don’t have to.


Kitty Sky Fashion Tee

Cats rule the internet. Videos of them doing funny things or hilarious memes are searched for A LOT, people just can’t get enough. Buy this t-shirt for your teen and you’ll earn instant mom points; who doesn’t want a shirt with a kitty brandishing a sword towards lightning?


The Manual to Manhood Book

It’s our job as parents to raise our children to be decent human beings, but no one prepared us for puberty. It’s a really difficult time for both teen and parent so why not make it easier on you both and get your son this; The Manual To Manhood.

Prices Vary

Emoji Slippers

The poop emoji is equally cute and gross but people love it regardless. And if you think your teenager’s feet smell like doo doo, let them slip their feet inside these poop slippers. Obviously they’re not made of actual poo but they’ll get the message.

Prices Vary

Earflap Handmade Fashion Hat

Getting your teenager to do anything is difficult, even if it’s for their benefit. Like getting them to wear a hat in the cold weather. Negotiate with them by buying them this hilarious hat which not only has a dreadlocked wig but there’s also a knitted beard attached, too.


Bucket of Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy

The unicorn trend is real. Almost everything has been touched by this magical and mystical being from phone cases to slippers. If your teen is a fan of the ‘corn, this bucket of unicorn farts will be a perfect gift for them. (Just a little secret, it’s only cotton candy).

Prices Vary

I’m Sorry Did I Just Roll My Eyes Out Loud T-Shirt

Teenagers are the kings and queens of sarcasm, it’s like as soon as they hit 13 they suddenly learn how to use it. And with this comes the perfected eye roll. Both traits have been paired together on this witty t-shirt which would make a perfect gift for any sassy teenager.


Superhero Socks

Every superhero needs good socks – feeling your toe poke out of a hole in an old pair would distract any hero from saving their city. And while your teen might not be doing something so extreme, a good pair of socks is still a must.

Prices Vary

Grump Stress Relief Putty

Relieve their stress and frustration with this Grump silly putty. Whether they’re feeling the pressures of exams, you’ve been nagging at them for days (we all know teens exaggerate), or they’ve just got a serious grump face on, this stress relief putty is sure to make them feel better – the perfect teen gift idea.


Cute Ankle Socks Gift Pack

Do you ever just get fed up with dull socks? They’re either plain black or black with a teensy bit of color thrown in to “liven them up”. Change your sock game with this 5 pack of super cute cat ankle socks. Each pair features a different picture of an adorable cat; everyone will love them.


Avacado and Taco Crew Socks

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ll know that avocados have become a popular food to eat. Not only for their health purposes but they make great Instagram pictures, too. This 2-pair pack of cute avo and taco socks is sure to go down a treat with your teen.

Prices Vary

Furry Feet Slippers

Teens are all about comfort and lazing about the house. These hobbit feet slippers make great gifts for teens as not only do they keep their feet warm but they also look hilarious. Your adolescent son will love using them to make his friends laugh when they come over.


A Snarky Mandala Coloring Book

Coloring in is a well-known way to relax and calm down, something which teenagers need to do more of. Buy your daughter this Snarky Mandala coloring book and it’ll give her something to help her de-stress when she feels that life is being super unfair.


Dabbing Taco T Shirt

Dabbing was a big thing among our young adults, although we still don’t understand the fascination, but what better way for a teen to show their appreciation for dabbing than with this taco t-shirt? Not only will your teenager love it, but their friends will as well.

Prices Vary

Meowica USA Cat T-Shirt

A patriotic t-shirt with a cat on it? Is there anything better than that? On the front of this grey t-shirt is a black and white image of a cat wearing sunglasses with the American flag reflected in them. And underneath is the word “Meowica”. Cute right?

Prices Vary

Funny Animal Paw Print Crew Socks

These unisex socks would make a hilarious gift for both teenage guys and girls. Who doesn’t want their feet to look like hooves? They’re suitable for women with size 6 to 10 ½ and men with size 5-8. As well as looking amusing, they’re super comfy to wear as well.

Prices Vary

Digits Of Pi T-shirt

Perfect for lovers of math, this t-shirt will only be understood by fellow number nerds. Your teen could wear it to school and see what their math teacher says, they might even ask you where you got it from! Made from 100% cotton, it’s easy to wear and breathable as well.


I Say Bad Words Mints

We’ve all heard the saying “wash your mouth out with soap”. As we know, eating soap really isn’t the most pleasant thing, but eating mints is. Every time your teen says a bad word, give them a mint out of this tin. We can’t guarantee they’ll stop being a potty mouth, but they’ll have better breath.


Funny Coloring Books for Kids: Dabbing Creatures

An excellent way to keep your teens busy is with this coloring book full of dabbing animals. Any time your teen needs some time out, send them to their room with this and some pencils. They’ll love the pictures inside and they’re likely to make them laugh as well.


Literary Insults Chart

If you’re fed up with hearing your teen repeat the same insults over and over again, expand their mind with this literary insults poster. Featuring insults from some famous people such as Oscar Wilde and Dickens, your teen will sound intelligent while spouting snarky insults.


I Love My Mom T-Shirt

At a quick glance, this tee looks like a teenage son’s way of declaring his love for his long-suffering mom. However if you look a bit closer, you’ll see that it really says he loves her when she lets him play video games. Boys and their technology, eh?


I Paused My Game To Be Here T-Shirt

We all know that teens spend a lot of their spare time in their bedrooms, on some sort of technological device. If you’ve forced them to leave their video game behind to go on an errand, they’ll want to wear this t-shirt to show everyone the sacrifice they’ve made to be there.

Prices Vary

Onerbuy Face Bank

As kids get older, it’s important to teach them about money and how to save – it’s a vital life skill. Teens will love this “piggy bank” because it’s so darn creepy. Its realistic face is on a skin-like textured material, and there’s even a built in heat sensor just to add to its weirdness.


Busy AF Weekly Planner

Teens need help organizing their lives. While it’s easy to get caught up in their social lives and partying, schoolwork still needs to be a priority. Help them achieve that perfect balance with this daily planner. There’s even some added sass on the front cover which will appeal to your teenage daughter.


Shocktato Party Game

If you need gifts for teens ideas, Shocking Potato is perfect. This party game is sure to bring out a smile on the faces of even the most miserable of teenagers. Pass the potato around, waiting with baited breath to see whether you’ll be the one who gets shocked or not.


Ninja Farts Cotton Candy

Open this bag to reveal the horrific stench of a ninja’s farts…it’s enough to make your eyes water. We’re only joking obviously, no one would be silly enough to bag that up. Inside this bag, you’ll find blue cotton candy which you can all enjoy after you’ve laughed at this gag gift.

Prices Vary

Accoutrements Handihorse

If you’ve ever wanted your own pony, now is your chance. Without all the commitment of a real horse, this Accoutrements Handihorse is the perfect alternative. Simply stick the four legs onto your fingers, add the head and voila! Your very own stallion.


Sassy Since Birth iPhone Case

This is the perfect phone case for your sass filled daughter. If you’ve been putting up with her attitude since birth, give her this case as a gift and show her (and others) what you’ve had to deal with. Of course, you wouldn’t change her for the world…or would you?


Goldstitch Beard Hat Beanie

Perfect for the colder weather, your teenager will love this hilarious octopus beanie. As well as keeping their head warm, its woollen tentacles will also make sure their face is toasty, too. Great if they haven’t quite managed to grow out that bum fluff yet.

Prices Vary

Game Over Socks

We all know that men love to game, it’s like it’s engrained into their DNA. But as it’s becoming more popular for girls to be avid gamers too, these unisex socks would make a great gift for your teenager, no matter what gender they are.


Stealing Panda Bear Bank

We’ve all seen the traditional piggy banks but sometimes, you want something a little bit more interesting to hold all your loose change. Place any coin on top of this box and the panda bear hiding inside will pop up and take it! People of all ages will love it.


F in Exams Book

No one loves exams, they’re simply a way for you to get through education. If your teen is feeling particularly bad about an exam they’ve just sat, cheer them up with this book filled with some of the worst answers given in exams, ranging from Math to Science.


No Prob-Llama Alpaca T-Shirt

In the same way unicorns became popular, llamas are doing the same. This t-shirt follows that trend. It’s available in a number of different colors so it’ll suit whoever you gift it to, and on the front there’s a picture of a llama with the words “No Prob-Llama”,

Prices Vary

Call Your Mother Pillow

When our teens finish high school and go off to college, it’s a worrying time. Will they remember to eat correctly? Who will wash their socks? Remind them to call you so you can check on them with this cute pillow. It’ll give their dorm room a cute homely touch.

Price varies

A Snarky Mandala Coloring Book

Help them to calm down and relax with this coloring book with a twist. It doesn’t contain the usual generic images you find it most coloring books, this one has snarky sayings in amongst the mandala patterns. Perfect teen gift idea for your sassy son or daughter.


Trekbest Money Maze Puzzle Box

If you don’t know what to buy but money seems like a thoughtless gift, this puzzle money box is the perfect solution. It combines puzzles and money in a super fun gift box. Slip the money inside and in order to get it out, they have to crack the puzzle.


Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Karaoke Player

Sing along to your favorite tracks with this karaoke microphone. It connects to your phone using either Bluetooth or through an audio connection. Charge it for up to 5 hours and you’ll be able to take it anywhere, perfect for your teen to bring to their next pool party.

Prices Vary

3 Hilarious Diy Gifts for Teens

Diy Boyfriend Pillow Gift

Are you fed up of your teenage daughter moaning about how much she misses her boyfriend? Or perhaps you are her other half and you want her to be comforted when you’re not there. Either way, follow this tutorial and you’ll be able to make this super comfy boyfriend pillow for her.

Diy Marshmallow Shooter Kit

Why eat marshmallows like a normal person when you could use this tutorial to make this fun shooter? It comes with a printable label and instructions so whoever you give it to will know what it’s for and how to use it safely.

Diy Compliments Candy Bars

We all love receiving compliments, they make us feel good about ourselves. Why not pair that with candy bars and make the person you gift them to feel amazing? This tutorial gives clear and easy to read instructions on how to make these yourself at home.

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